The Stepbrother Ch. 10

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The sky was dark in the early morning hours on the savannah plains, but hints of orange started to peak through as the sun grew near to the horizon. On the edge of the plains was a large acacia forest. Against the border of trees was a path worn flat from the heavy footsteps of elephants. This trail wound for several miles until it reached a pool of water surrounded in dry mud.

About 50 feet from the natural basin of water was a rectangular concrete lounging pool. It was adjacent to a patio where several people in khaki clothing were setting up a breakfast buffet. Next to the patio were a group of seven small buildings that appeared to be mere tents from far off, but when getting closer one could see great care was taken to decorate the luxurious interiors. Claw-foot bathtubs, flushing toilets, well decorated furnishings and large glass sliding door patios were all staples of this upscale camping arrangement.

In one of the rooms naked and moaning deeply in the darkness was a handsome young man with skin the color of caramel and a black soulpatch below his lower lip. He was naked except for a pair of silver crucifixes. His physique was muscular, similar to an athlete, and his short black hair was messy. A platinum haired beauty, with a silver nose ring, lay between his legs, a sheet over most of her body. She had pushed his impressive cappuccino-colored penis up against his chiseled abdominals, while she sucked one of his large gonads.

“Suck those balls Ashley,” he said in a deep voice.

She took his long cock in her hand, not able to fit around the girth as she stroked it back and forth. She moved to his other testicle, slurping until she drew it into her mouth and gripping tightly with her lips.

Suddenly there was a knocking sound.

“Did you hear something?” he asked.

There was the click of the door opening and then-

“Marlon?” a woman’s voice said.

“Shit,” Ashley swore quietly. Marlon shoved her down between his legs, cocked one knee up and pulled the sheet up over her body and his pelvis, so she was completely hidden.

Ashley heard footsteps but only saw Marlon’s dark phallus.

“Marlon you’re awake?” the woman said softly. Ashley recognized the voice. It was her mother, Cara. Without realizing it, Ashley was holding her breath.

“Oh, uh barely,” he said casually.

“You left your door unlocked.”

“I must have forgot to lock it last night.”

“We’re going to get an early breakfast before we head over to the construction site. It will be very hot today, so we wanted to start early.”

“Ok, I’ll get ready.”

“Sounds good,” she replied. “Did you see Ashley around?”

“No, she isn’t in her room?”


“Maybe she went for a walk or something.”

“Yeah, ok let me know if you see her.”


Then Ashley heard footsteps walk away and then the clicking sound of the door closing.

Marlon pulled the sheet down and Ashley took a deep breath. She smiled and began to stroke his big brown dick.

“You forgot the door?” Marlon said.

“Guess I was a bit too excited last night,” she said with shrug.

He sighed.

“Lock it and get back here, you almost had me ready to nut before your mom interrupted.”

“Ok,” she said. She hopped down from the bed and walked to the door. She had come to Marlon’s room after her sister had fallen asleep last night. They hadn’t slept much, fucking through the night and collapsing a few hours past midnight. She was tired, but when she felt Marlon get hard early in the morning, she decided to give him a “good morning” blow job.

As she locked the door, her pink robe fell open revealing her tall frame covered in matching pink bra and panties. She had a trim, slight hourglass figure, with average size breasts. She ran back to the bed with a giggle, jumping between Marlon’s legs. She smiled, and grabbed the base of his big brown dick.

“Cum down my throat daddy,” she said in a high girly voice.

“You silly bitch,” he said with a shake of his head.

“Give me my milkshake,” she said, biting her lower lip seductively.

“Alright then, open your throat.”

She engulfed his cock and he pushed her head down, thrusting his hips up. His wide cock filled her mouth completely and moved into her throat. She gagged a bit, but kept at it.

“Yeah that’s it. Choke on that dick,” he said, thrusting again. It was a bit too much. She gasped and pulled back, while her saliva dripped from his meat.

“Suck on those nuts again.”

She did as she was told, her mouth enveloping his testicles, one at a time.

“Jack that mutherfucker.”

She pulled the skin of his cock up and down, while sucking his balls. He groaned deeply. She could tell he was close. It felt like his testicle was pulsing in her mouth, the white cream inside being pumped into his shaft.

“Fuck yeah, I’m gonna cum.” He pulled her up by her platinum hair and pressed the almost purplish tip of his cock to her lips.

He tugged his big dick while holding the back of her head. He did this for only a second before the first escort ataşehir burst entered her mouth. She hastily gulped and swallowed what she could. He kept stroking his dick, so he filled her mouth again moments later. A bit ran across her chin onto the sheets. His dick pulsed a few more times, each a bit smaller, until he sighed, falling back.

After swallowing the last batch she ran her tongue across her teeth and lips, getting every last drop.

“Mmm,” she said, smiling broadly.

“Damn girl,” he smiled.

“Ok I should get back to my room before they knock on every door,” Ashley said, cleaning her chin with the bedsheet. She kissed the side of his dick goodbye, and left the room, her hips swishing as she walked to the next tent over and got ready.

When she had finished, and walked out of her room, she was wearing light makeup, a khaki shirt and matching shorts. She went to the patio area to get breakfast. After grabbing a plate of food she looked around and sat down at a table with her family. To her left was her sister Caitlyn, who was finishing the last of some scrambled eggs. She was wearing baggy overalls, her hair pulled back in a braided bun. She had a very pretty face, without makeup and frameless glasses over her green eyes. She had grown out of the pimples she had in high school, her face looking mostly clear. Ashley looked to her right where her mother Cara was sitting. She was wearing similar clothes to her own, her champagne blond hair tied back in a ponytail with only the hint of makeup across her lightly tanned skin.

“Where have you been?” her mother asked.

“I- I was enjoying the sunrise earlier. It was beautiful.”

“It’s quite something,” said her stepfather Mateus, with his thick Brazilian accent. He sat down next to Cara with a cup of coffee. He had already finished his breakfast. He was wearing similar khaki shorts and a shirt that contrasted against his dark brown skin. He was quite handsome with his black hair graying at the temples.

“We have a car coming for us in about thirty minutes,” Cara said. “I hope Marlon makes breakfast.”

“Want me to get him?” Caitlyn asked, pushing back her glasses onto her nose when they slipped a little.

“No that’s ok, I already told him.”

“There he is.” Caitlyn looked up and smiled.

***that afternoon***

The sun was shining bright and hot over the clay colored earth as Ashley digged in a long ditch with a few other workers. In front of her, but at a corner of the ditch and turned ninety degrees from her was Caitlyn, her honey blonde hair pulled under a similar hat.

The long ditch made a rectangular base, presumably for a building. Ashley looked with her sky blue eyes to the direction Caitlyn was facing. There was Marlon, his muscular arms glistening in the harsh sun as he worked. He was wearing dark bluejeans and a white undershirt that was getting wet with sweat as he shoveled dirt. Ashley crawled up and out of the long ditch.

“Hey you want a drink Caity?” she asked her sister.


“You thirsty?” she asked again. She noticed that Caity was staring at Marlon.

“No, I’m ok Ashley,” she replied sheepishly looking down as she started digging again.

Ashley walked along the piles of dirt to a table beneath a canopy. She took a bottle of water out of a cooler and unscrewed the top. Her mother approached from across a pile of dirt and met her underneath the canopy.

“Are you doing ok honey?” Cara asked as Ashley took a drink.

“Yeah, it’s just really hot mom,” she replied.

Cara sat down and looked in the distance where people continued to shovel dirt up into piles. She looked contemplative.

“Of course Caity would ask to build a school in Africa for her eighteenth birthday,” Ashley said with a laugh.

Her mother was silent, she just looked out in the direction of Caitlyn.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she said, wiping away a tear. “Just my baby is all grown up.”

“Oh great, not this again,” Ashley said with a sigh.

“My last daughter is off to college…”

“She’s more put together than all of us. She’ll be fine. You didn’t cry this much when I went to college last year.”

“I did…” Cara countered.

“A little.”

“She’s my baby, the last one.”

“It’s ok,” Ashley said. The two embraced.

***A week later***

The sun rose on a beautiful lawn and house nestled in the middle of evergreen trees. The house was two stories of mostly glass walls, an amazing feat of modern engineering. Near the center of the top floor was the kitchen where an older woman with an olive complexion and a smock over her long dress was placing silverware along a white quartz breakfast bar. In the center was a pitcher of water and a French press of coffee. From around the corner came Ashley, yawning sleepily and brushing her chest length hair. Her bangs were cut long, hitting the top of her eyebrows. She wore a white frill camisole cropped top and shorts.

“Hi Sophia.”

“Good morning Ashley. Would you like some breakfast?”

“Uh, have you seen my mother?”

“She kadıköy escort just left. She said she had a photoshoot and would be back after lunch. Did you need anything?”

“And where’s Mateus?”

“He’s not back from Los Angeles till tomorrow.”

“Ok,” Ashley said, looking at the clock and starting to walk away.

“You don’t want anything?”

“No, I’m not hungry. I think I’ll go back to sleep.”


She went back to her room and put her brush on her vanity. Then she closed her door and quietly went to the end of the hall, and turned down the stairs. When she got to the bottom of the stairs she walked down a short hall past the garage and her stepfather’s study to a set of double doors. She pushed past them into a large showroom filled with expensive cars. Her stepfather had bought at least two since they had lived at the new house. He had five lined up on the right facing the large glass window that made up the wall separating the house from the outside. From here Ashley saw the pool, the lawn and the beautiful trees that marked the property line. Before she went deeper, she turned the bolt on the double doors.

To the left was a narrow wooden wine room, a temperature controller between the door and viewing window to the interior. After passing the wine she turned to the left. There, where most people might expect another car was a white framed king size bed. Against the wall behind it was an exercise station and mini-fridge. A beautiful red convertible was placed on the other side of the bed. The bed looked a bit strange not being against a wall. It was almost as if the occupant was on display like the cars. There in the center of the bed was her step-brother Marlon, sleeping on his back.

Ashley smiled and after kicking off her slippers, crawled up onto the bed with him. A white sheet was draped across his pelvis, his muscular caramel-colored torso and legs showing. She saw a bottle of wine laying sideways next to him. She moved it to the floor, noting it was completely empty. She bent forward, on her knees and put her hands to either side of his waist. He was breathing deeply, completely asleep. She slowly kissed from the bottom of his chest down his perfectly chiseled abs. When she got to his happy trail of pubic hair, her hand pulled the sheet away revealing his large cappuccino-brown genitals. She giggled and grabbed his flaccid cock with one hand and leaned her head down near his crotch. She inhaled deeply as she closed her eyes. Then she smiled, the musk of her step-brother was almost enough to get her wet.

The last few days Marlon had been going early with her mother to the modeling agency for interviews and photos. She had convinced him to join the family business as a fitness model.

Sophia said her mom left early today, so Ashley would was several hours to enjoy him. She breathed in again, his masculine scent filling her nostrils. Marlon was a deep sleeper and if he drank as much as a whole bottle of wine last night, she expected it would be a long time before he woke up. She pushed her other hand between her legs and rubbed across her clit briefly. It already felt swollen. She couldn’t wait to get him rock hard and then ride him until he woke up.

“Marlon?” a hesitant woman’s voice said.

Ashley turned her head. A person’s shadow came from behind the wine enclosure. Ashley froze as her heart beat fast. The dark shape moved back behind the façade of the wine room. From her position the sun was coming in through the large glass window walls so it was difficult to make out the person’s features or expression.

Ashley’s mind raced. She had locked the door, but maybe Sophia had unlocked it with a master key? Should she hide? No, they must have already seen her. Maybe she could explain she was… trying to wake him up to go for a swim?

“Sophia?” she said tentatively as she pulled the sheet over Marlon’s genitals and got up off the bed.

There was no response. She walked slowly on her bare feet and turned the corner. There against the front of the wine enclosure was her sister Caitlyn. Her green eyes looked nervously at Ashley from behind her glasses. She was wearing a black silk PJ shirt and pants. Her honey blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she was holding the wall as if she would suddenly be sucked out into the open air if she let go.

“Caity, what are you doing here?”

“I- I was getting Marlon. S-sophia asked me to get him for breakfast. W-wwhat were you doing?”

“I was just trying to wake up Marlon to see if he… wanted to go swimming,” Ashley replied. Near the end Ashley didn’t feel very sure of herself. She knew it was very suspicious.

“Were you having sex?” Caitlyn asked.


“You were, weren’t you?” Caitlyn said with a bit more resolve.

“Why? Are you jealous?” Ashley had seen how Caitlyn looked at him.

“No that’s not it.”

“You wouldn’t know how to fuck him if you tried,” Ashley said flatly. “You didn’t let Dylan right? How would you know how to please a real man?” Caitlyn had always been a tattle tale. So she had kept maltepe escort bayan on the offensive. But the instant she said it, Ashley had regretted it.

“You’re a real jerk you know that?” Caitlyn frowned. She turned and walked away.

“Shit,” Ashley swore. She didn’t want to hurt Ashley like that, but it happened too easily. She walked after her.

“Wait. Caity I’m sorry, don’t go. I didn’t mean what I said…”

Caitlyn stopped and turned towards her sister.

“I was just lashing out…” Ashley said.

“Why would you do that, you know…”

“I know. I’m sorry. I’m trying not to be so mean anymore, but… I guess I still need practice. Could you forgive me?” Ashley asked honestly.

“I… I will if you tell me the truth.”

“The truth is… I wasn’t having sex with him,” she said flatly.

“Really?” Caitlyn said dubiously. Her glasses slipped down her nose, so she pushed them back against her face.

“I didn’t fuck him, although I wanted to,” she said.

Caity nodded a bid sadly.

“But I have before,” Ashley confessed.

“You have?” she said in a sullen tone. “So you like him?”

“Like him? I mean he’s good in bed, but I’m not in love with him or anything.”

“Uh,”Caitlyn sighed as if offended.

“Caity you don’t know what it’s like. Sex isn’t all about love.”

“But it’s supposed to be with someone you really care about,” she replied.

“It doesn’t have to be. There’s romantic love and then there’s just fucking,” Ashley tried to explain.

“Ashley, I don’t want – that other one,” she said. “Why do you? It just seems fake and everyone thinks of you as a…”

“A slut is that what you think I am?”

“No I know that’s not fair, but…”

“Fine. Think of me as a slut,” Ashley said in anger.

“I don’t, it’s just-“

“Why is it fine for a guy to sleep around but not a girl?”

“That’s not what I said. Guy’s shouldn’t do it either.”

“It’s not bad to just hook-up,” Ashley said. “It’s about exploring your body and what you like before settling down. I’m not ready to get married for a long time, but I want to figure out what exactly… rings my bell, so that when I finally do get married I don’t settle for someone that won’t make me happy.”

“Ok,” Caitlyn said with a nod of her head.

“Why not having fun doing it?”

“Yeah, I just never thought of it that way.”

“And if someone thinks of me as a slut, that’s their problem. But really think about it. Now you might be miss perfect, but after getting married what if you start having thoughts for a woman that you never explored? But you don’t want to ruin your marriage or family, so you just bottle it away.”


“Have you ever found a girl attractive?”

“Well… I don’t know, I guess…”

“Without exploring that you may never know. You may always regret. And I don’t want to look back and have regrets. I don’t want to go through a divorce like mom and dad had. So that’s why I do it. I know eventually I will get married, but until I really know what I want, I need to find it.”

Caitlyn nodded silently.

“Hey,” Ashley grabbed Caity’s wrist. She looked up into her sister’s eyes. “What really happened between you and Dylan?”


“Comeon, we never talk anymore. Mom told me that you broke up because he wanted to have sex and you weren’t ready. But there’s more than that isn’t there?”

“Yeah,” Caitlyn nodded, her face turning a bit red.

“It’s ok.”

“You’re right, he wanted to… do it.”

“Have sex?”

“Yeah. Even from when we started dating. And I kept telling him I wasn’t ready. But during Christmas break, when he kept asking me, I told him that after I turned eighteen I would do it with him.”


“I figured then I’d be ready, and at least it wouldn’t be illegal.”

Ashley smiled. Her sister was always so by the book.

“But then after my birthday I… I got scared. I didn’t feel much different being eighteen, but he still wanted it. He really wanted it,” she sighed. “He said that he was thinking of breaking up with me if I didn’t have sex with him. He said all his friend’s girlfriends had sex, so why couldn’t I. Because I was scared, I asked if there was something else we could do. We had kissed before, and touched each other, but nothing else because I didn’t want to go too far. So instead, I agreed to… suck him,” she said shyly.

“A blow job?”

“Yeah,” she said, getting red in the face.

“I didn’t think you’d have even done that yet. How did you like it?”

“Umm, it was ok.”

“You do it just once?”

“A few times,” she said, her cheeks becoming a bit brighter.

“Ok, ok,” Ashley smiled. “But that wasn’t enough for him?”

“No, I think that’s why he cheated on me.”

“I’m sorry,” Ashley replied. “And that’s why you broke up?”

“Yeah. I was driving to his house, and I saw a car I didn’t recognize in his driveway. It was Brooke. She was leaving as I got to the door.”

“Is she from your school?”

“She’s was in his English class. She told me sorry as she left. I asked him what she was doing there. He said that he was helping her with her college application. I could tell he was lying. But I wanted to work it out, even though he cheated. I really cared for him, but he broke my heart. He didn’t want to be together anymore.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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