The Stimulator

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The following story involves members of the steampunk society. “Steampunk” is a sci-fi subculture that offers a romanticized view on technology.

The combination of clean fuel, steam, electricity and mechanical wind-up devices appealed to people in world complicated with the problems connected with coal, oil and nuclear power.

The term became popular during the 1980s, as sci-fi tales became popular, steampunk gradually spread into other art forms such as graphic art, fashion, music and literature.

The steampunk look reflects the Victorian and early Edwardian eras (roughly 1801-1910) Corsets, gowns, frock coats and top hats, lace-up boots and goggles,

Steampunkers accept the fact that everyday items can perform unconventional tasks. For example, a watch may double as a time machine, or a compass could navigate you not only through the world, but the stars as well.

As the steampunk subculture started to grew, groups of “steampunkers” began to meet for social events in homes and clubs catering to those who embraced this lifestyle.

Dressed in their steampunk clothes and baring their steampunk gadgets, they meet and celebrate this ideology.

My wife I became involved with the culture and attended an annual steampunk ball. We used the persona of two turn-of-the-centuries ecologists working for PEW (Preventing Earth Warming), an organization dedicated to that task.

I was concerned that as the population grew, and the forests producing oxygen diminished, all the exhaled carbon dioxide would overpower the existing oxygen supply, thus raising the overall earth temperature, resulting in cataclysmic consequences.

I had invented a Bakırköy travesti small working model of a machine that would detect heavy concentrations of carbon dioxide, draw it into containers which would then convert the CO2 into oxygen and release it back into the air.

My wife was attacking the problem from a different perspective. Her theory was that millions of women going through menopause and experiencing “hot flashes,” were also contributing to the increase in Earth warming.

Her device would scanned them, detected their body temperature, and if necessary, she would spray them with the hormone estrogen to help control their high temperature and the heat they were radiating.

We arrived at the gothic looking building where the ball was being held. It was very exciting to see our fellow steampunkers and the variety of machines and gadgets they brought with them.

After doing some mixing and sharing of information I was eating some hors d’oeuvre and wine when I noticed my wife was missing.

The next thing I noticed was the sound of a woman’s, (unmistakably my wife), audible sounds of orgasm echoing down the hall.

This noise evoked laughs and snickers from the other attending party members. It soon it disappeared and was forgotten, except by me.

A few minutes later, my wife appeared, flushed and excited and requested I follow her to one of the tents in the courtyard where some of the steampunk equipment was being exhibited.

“You have got to see this!” she exclaimed. She led me into a small dressing room behind the main tented area.

She picked up a bag on a table and emptied its contents. Two sets of Beylikdüzü travesti rubber undergarments spilled out on the table.

One pair of underpants had what appeared to be a suction cup and a small dildo inside of them attached to wires that lead to an electrical-powered control switch.

The bra-like undergarment had twin suction cups inside that were also attached to wires that also led to a control switch.

“What is it?” I inquired.

“It’s an erotic stimulator!” My wife replied, “Like nothing I have ever experienced. I had three orgasms is less than a minute! It’s amazing, we must have it!”

“Well that sounds unbelievable,” I stammered, “But do we really need this and is it available?””

“Oh honey, I really want it, and yes, the man who made this said he would trade it for our machines, helmets, and fifty dollars cash!” She replied excitedly. “And that’s not all. Here is one for you!”

She picked up the second undergarment. It too was made of rubber, but inside were a hollow tube-like object and a second hollow sack which connected to wires leading to another control device.

She insisted I put it on and after some reluctance I stripped from the waist down and pulled them up, slipping my cock and balls into the tube and sack. Then she through the switch.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed. I had never experienced anything like it. I immediately obtained the biggest, hardest erection of my life, followed by multiple ejaculations.

It was very hard not to yell out. I had to cover my mouth to keep from alerting everyone in the tent and courtyard.

“This is fantastic let’s make the trade before he changes Bomonti travesti his mind!” I gasped.

We found the stimulator’s inventor, Rubin and exchanged gadgets. This wondrous thing was now ours. I couldn’t help but wonder why anyone would want to get rid of such a fantastic piece of equipment.

We enjoy the ball but couldn’t wait to get home and really try out our new toys.

What a night!. We spent hours coming and going, strumming and toying, funning and enjoying, our stimulators. We did it separately and together. We took turns manipulating each other’s control devices.

By the next morning we were exhausted and sore. We slept most of the day, trying to let our poor genitals recover. Neither one of us had ever come so many times is such a short period of time.

We had to lay off the stimulator for a couple of days just to get our strength back. We tried making love the old fashion way but it was very anti-climatic to say the least.

Our mouths, fingers and genitals could not compete with the wondrous stimulators.

I was reminded of the limerick: “There was a man from Bellgreen, who invented a fucking machine, twas concave and convex, satisfied either sex, and played with itself in between, but on the ninety-ninth stroke, the goddamn thing broke and wiped up his balls to a cream.”

It didn’t take long before we were both hooked. It seemed the only way we could get off was to use our stimulators. After a while we stopped having normal sex.

Unfortunately, after a few weeks, we became so use to the stimulators we started to become desensitized to it. It became harder and harder to get off using it.

I was beginning to understand why the inventor was so eager to trade it. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Finally, my wife and I both agreed. We missed the love, affection and togetherness we had with pre-stimulator sex.

Anybody want to buy a pair of stimulators, cheap?

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