The Store Room

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The company I work for is not very large…it has maybe thirty people. Quite a few of them I would not mind getting a little closer to. This story is a favorite fantasy of mine.

She came to work today in a very good mood. She just had one of the most amazing nights of sex with her current boyfriend. Because he was lying in her bed when she got out of the shower that morning, she took special care in how she dressed for work as his eyes followed her movements across the bedroom. As she was preparing for her day, she decided to tease him. First she toweled off very carefully and thoroughly. Then she chose her favorite lotion to rub all over her body so she smelled delicious, being sure to face him while she was rubbing the lotion over her tits. As she rubbed lotion over her thighs, she couldn’t resist running her fingers over her slit and dipping them into her vagina. She watched her lovers’ eyes as she did this and could see his eyes grow heavy with lust. Then she turned away from him and bent over to find her best pair of thongs from her bottom drawer. She put them on, sliding them up over her hips and settling them into place. Next came the matching push-up bra to match her thong. This bra really made her tits nice and perky. She pulled her very sheer thigh highs on as she decided on what to wear that day. She went to her closet and chose a short black skirt that just covered the tops of her stockings. Next, she pulled on a hot red top that hugged her curves. Over this, she added a black jacket that had one button. She bent over to find her favorite pair of black heels to finish her outfit, giving her man a very good look up her skirt. Once she was finished, she went over to their bed and kissed him ardently while giving him one last stroke before leaving for work.

She got into her car and backed out of her driveway with a big smile on her face. After a few minutes, her mind drifted to her schedule for the day. Her boss was in serious crunch mode and when he was stressed, everyone was stressed.

She pulled into her parking space in front of her company and walked into the building and up to her office. She no sooner sat down at her desk and Kadıköy travesti her boss was in her doorway asking her to come to his office. She followed him across the hallway into his office and sat down. He complimented her on her outfit and then got straight to business. “Here’s what I want you to do…” her boss said.

He finished explaining the data he wanted her to acquire and she went back to her office to start the project. She did not have much time to complete the project and wanted to impress her boss.

She started working on a special project that her boss needed done yesterday. She was at a very critical period in the project when she ran out of the special paper she was using. “Shit!” she exclaimed to herself. “Well, I can use a short break anyway.” She pulled the keys to the store room out of her desk drawer and walked briskly across the large expanse of the office building where she worked. She was so lost in her own thoughts that she did not see that someone was watching every step she took.

She unlocked the door to the store room and turned on the light. The door usually swings shut by itself, so she paid no mind to the door closing her in the room as she started her search for the special paper. There were shelves upon shelves that needed to be searched as her boss did not tell her exactly where she could find the supplies she needed.

Just as the door was about to swing closed, a hand caught it and pushed it open a little as his eyes peered at her through the crack. He slipped into the room with her and closed the door quietly behind him. She had her back to him and still did not realize he was there. He knew she had been watching him just like he was watching her, waiting for the right moment to make his move. He was very aware of her every time she came around. She had been tormenting him for months with glimpses of her body when no one else was watching. She flirted shamelessly with the guys he worked with. Now was his chance. He was five feet behind her and she still seemed unaware of his presence.

So intent on her task, that she did not realize anyone else was in the room with her until he Kurtköy travesti reached out and put his hands on her shoulders. She jumped a little, getting ready to swing as he turned her around. Then she realized it was him and she just smiled at him instead. “What are you doing in here?” she asked. “I can’t take it any longer” he replied. “I have to have you.”

With heels on, she looked him right in the eye. He moved his hands from her hips and moved them slowly up her sides, brushing gently against the sides of her breasts before framing her face with his hands. He brought his mouth to hers slowly in case she wanted to say no.

She had been waiting for months for this moment and now it was finally here. She didn’t wait for him to finish bringing his mouth closer to hers…she tangled her hands in his hair and dragged his mouth the rest of the way to hers. There was nothing timid about this kiss; she just dove right in and loved every moment. His hands moved from her face back down her sides to her ass. He cupped her ass in his huge hands and drew her closer to him. She could feel his raging hard-on against her belly. She continued to kiss him as she reached down and started to take his shirt off. She got his shirt unbuttoned and reached into his shirt so she could feel his chest. She moved her hands from his chest down to his jeans and undid the button. Then she slipped her hands into the back of his jeans and cupped his ass.

He moaned into her mouth. His hands left go of her and he grabbed her shirt and jacket in his hands and lifted them both up over her head. Lucky for him, her bra had a front clasp to open it. He worked at the clasp until it came undone in his hands and he let go watching as her tits bounced out. Her pierced nipples hardened in the cool air. “I knew they were pierced” he whispered. Then his mouth covered her nipple while she threw her head back and arched into his mouth. He sent a twinge straight to her pussy. She couldn’t wait to have his cock inside of her. But he wasn’t done tormenting her yet.

While he continued sucking on her tits, his hands moved over her body, sending shivers up and down her Pendik travesti back. He hiked her skirt up over her hips and worked his way over her stomach with his mouth. As he got closer to her hot, wet vagina, she could feel the anticipation of having that mouth on the very part of her that needed it most. He looked up at her and told her to lean against the shelves and wrap her legs around his shoulders. She did as she was told and waited impatiently for him to move her thong to the side and take his first taste of her wet pussy. Very lightly, his tongue moved along her slit making her moan with need. She tried to push her clitoris into his mouth, but he moved his head, pushing his tongue inside of her opening instead. His tongue started mimicking what his cock wanted to do to her. She started gyrating her hips and mashing her cunt against his mouth. His eyes were on her as he was licking her, watching her facial expressions. Right when she felt her orgasm starting, he moved his tongue from inside of her vagina to her clit, sucking it into his mouth relentlessly. This action sent her sky rocketing. Now her hips were thrashing against his mouth, his hands cupping her ass to help support her while her orgasm seemed to go on forever. Right as she was coming down from her orgasm, he stopped eating her and still holding onto her ass, positioned her so her vagina was level with his thick, hard cock and slammed his cock into her waiting pussy.

He stayed still for a moment, savoring the feeling of her wet heat wrapped tightly around him. He knew he was hurting her; he could see it on her face. She was biting her bottom lip to keep from crying out. He started to move slowly in and out, giving them both time to adjust to the sensations. Pretty soon, she did not need help from him in moving her hips to meet his thrusts. She could feel another orgasm building and right as she went over the edge; he stopped moving for an instant as he grunted out “I’m cumming.”

He moved a little more still sending tremors through her body and then she let go of the shelving and they both slid to the floor, him still inside of her.

When she finally had enough energy to open her eyes and look at her co-worker, her eyes met another’s over his shoulder. Her eyes widened and she started to yell what are you doing in here, but decided in that instant that she wanted him also. She said, “Just give me a minute to recover, then I’m all yours…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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