The Strip Club Ch. 03

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I was about to throw on a bathrobe, but decided there was no need to cover up after I saw Daryl and his daughter, Rochelle, were moving around the house…naked!

As I walked into the kitchen, Daryl asked me, “Would you like a cup of coffee, Steve?”

As I sat down at the table, next to Rochelle, I replied, “Yes, I’d love one. Thank you.”

As we sat at the table, drinking our coffees, I continually glanced at Rochelle’s naked body.

Daryl laughed as he noticed me looking at his naked daughter and said, “You’ll get used to seeing them naked when they’re with clients.”

I asked, “Yes. Talking about working, what do I have to do?”

Daryl explained, “You’ll drive, and escort, them to the various jobs they’ve booked.”

“Is that it?” I asked.

“Yes, you’ll mainly be there to make sure the girls are safe and get paid. This afternoon, you’ll take Holly to meet four men in their hotel room,” Daryl explained.

At that moment, Holly, just as naked as the rest of us, walked into the kitchen and said, “Good morning, everyone!”

That afternoon, I drove Holly over to the hotel and escorted her up to her client’s hotel room. She wore a short, denim skirt and a blouse that was tied around her waist to expose her midriff, which made her look adorable!

Holly knocked on the hotel room door and a man in a suit invited us inside. At first, I thought we might’ve had the wrong room because the men were all in their fifties and dressed as businessmen. Holly was introduced to Alex, Barry, Richard, and Bill (the oldest of the men).

I took a seat in the corner of the room and watched as Holly started to chat with the men. She was surrounded by them as they ran their hands all over her body and began to remove her skirt and blouse. All four men stared at her for a minute, as she stood there in her panties and bra, before Richard removed her bra, squeezed her small breasts, and pulled on her nipples.

Barry kneeled down and slid her panties down her legs, to her ankles, and as soon as she stepped out of them, he pushed a finger into her pussy and began to finger fuck her. Alex stood behind her, kissed her neck, and squeezed her small ass cheeks.

Bill was the first of the men to undress. He stood there stroking his cock as he watched his colleagues passing Holly back and forth between each other.

Bill placed his hands on Holly’s shoulders and told the men, “Get undressed! gaziantep escort telefonları We haven’t got all day.”

Bill pushed Holly down onto her knees; she opened her mouth wide, and allowed him to push his fat, old cock into her mouth. He grabbed her hair, to hold her head steady, and thrusted his cock in and out of her mouth in rapid succession as he face-fucked her.

Alex and Barry undressed and stood there stroking their cocks as they waited for their turn at fucking her mouth. They watched as Bill’s cock erupted and started to fill her mouth with his cum. Holly swallowed everything he gave her and, after he released her head, she slipped her mouth off of his limp cock and licked up the excess cum from its head.

As Bill stepped back, Barry stepped forward and shoved his cock into her wet mouth. Holly bobbed her head up and down on Barry’s cock as she fondled his large balls while trying to encourage him to cum.

She removed her mouth from Barry’s cock, took Alex’s cock into her mouth, bobbed her head up and down on his cock a few times, removed her mouth, and took Richard’s cock into her mouth to suck.

She switched back and forth between their cocks several times without making any of them cum. Alex was desperate to cum so he took hold of Holly’s head and began to aggressively fuck her face! It only took him a few pumps before he started to cum into her mouth.

After Alex was finished, Holly took Barry’s cock back into her mouth and began sucking him. That time, he fucked her mouth slowly and gently as Richard and Bill stood there stroking their cocks as they watched.

Richard exclaimed, “For fucks sake, Barry! Hurry up and finish. Fuck her face like you mean it!”

Barry started fucking Holly’s mouth faster and it didn’t take him long before he emptied his load of cum into her mouth. As soon as Barry removed his cock from Holly’s mouth, Richard took his place and thrusted his cock into Holly’s mouth with one long stroke. He was so close to cumming; he only managed a couple of pumps before his cock exploded into her mouth.

Bill lifted Holly up into his arms and said, “Let’s take this into the bedroom.”

I was able to easily see inside of the bedroom from where I sat. I watched as Bill laid Holly down on the bed and spread her legs apart. He pumped his fingers in and out of her wet cunt a few escort gaziantep telefonları times and then added another finger. After finger fucking her for a while, he removed them.

Holly squealed as she felt her cunt being penetrated and stretched as he buried his fat cock all of the way inside of her. Bill began to fuck her as if she was meant to be used as a slut.

Alex turned Holly’s head to the side, gave her a kiss, and offered her his cock once again. He held her head steady, as she took his cock deep into her wide-open mouth, and began fucking her mouth with long, hard thrusts.

I sat there and watched as Holly was fucked from both ends. My cock was hard and it strained to escape from my pants. I wanted to rip my clothes off, join them on the bed, and fuck her, too! It took all of my will power to control myself from trying to join in. I had to remind myself that I’d get to fuck her…later!

Soon, Alex was close to cumming, he grabbed onto Holly’s head, and buried his cock all of the way inside of her mouth. His cock erupted and squirted load after load of cum into her mouth and, after he’d finished, he removed his limp cock from her mouth and stepped back.

Holly was taking deep breaths as she tried to recover, but one of the men turned her head to the other side to face him and shoved his cock into her mouth in one quick thrust.

I heard Holly gagging as the man savagely fucked her throat. I thought about stepping in to protect her, but I remembered the men were paying to fuck, and use, her as they wished. As long as she wasn’t hurt or damaged in any way, it was okay. I was happy when the man fucking her mouth had started to cum because I knew the rough treatment would soon be finished.

Bill grabbed Holly by her hips, buried his cock deep inside of her cunt, and pulled her back (hard) against his cock as it started blasting his cum into her. It was hard for me to tell whether or not she was enjoying herself or only accepted being used as a slut because she was being paid.

The men switched positions, once again. Richard was fingering her pussy as he licked cum from her hole. Holly’s breathing had increased and she began to moan softly as she had another orgasm. She started to let out a loud moan, but only to have her mouth filled with a hard cock. She was having her face fucked, again! However, that gaziantep escort bayan telefonları time, Barry was a lot gentler.

I watched as Bill pulled Richard away from Holly’s pussy and rolled her over onto her stomach. He lifted her onto her knees, wet his finger with her juices, and roughly shoved his finger deep into her ass hole.

Holly let out a loud scream as she felt Bill finger fucking her ass. As she relaxed, Bill added another finger and began to open up her ass hole. Holly started to enjoy having her ass finger fucked as Richard offered his cock for her to suck.

Holly eagerly took Richard’s cock into her mouth and began to suck it. Suddenly, she stopped and screamed as Bill grabbed Holly’s hips and slammed his fat cock deep into her ass. Bill continued to slide his cock into, and out of, her ass and fuck her faster.

“Fuck! Your ass is much tighter than your pussy!” said Bill.

Richard started to cum into Holly’s mouth and, as soon as he’d finished and stepped back, Barry shoved his cock into her mouth and started thrusting in and out at a furious speed. I watched in amazement as Barry and Bill fucked Holly from either end and matched each other’s thrusts.

Barry was next to cum and, after he’d finished, Holly laid her head on the pillow as Bill continued fucking her ass.

Bill shoved his cock deep into Holly’s ass as he started filling it with his cum. As soon as he removed his cock, Holly collapsed onto the bed and laid there with cum running out of her ass hole.

Bill told his colleagues, “We better get cleaned up and dressed or we’ll be late for our dinner.”

After Bill had a shower and dressed, he walked over to me, handed me an envelope, and said, “You’re welcome to stay here for the night. The room’s been paid for until ten in the morning.”

After they all left the room, I opened the envelope and found one thousand five hundred dollars inside. I couldn’t believe how much money Holly had made in one afternoon!

There was a knock on the hotel door and when I opened it, I saw it was the hotel maid.

As she pushed a trolley toward the bedroom, she said, “I was told your bed sheets need to be changed.”

The maid turned and smiled at me when she saw Holly lying asleep on the bed, exhausted, still naked, and covered with cum.

I asked her, “Could you help me move her onto a chair?”

We rolled Holly over onto her back, the maid and I each took an arm, and we helped Holly move onto a chair. The maid stared at Holly’s naked and cum covered body for a few minutes before she started to replace the bed sheets.

As the maid left, she said, “I’ve left you extra towels and, if you need me to give you a hand giving the young lady a shower, I can come back!”

I looked at the middle-aged woman and said, “That’d be lovely if you can come back and help.”

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