The Strip Club

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I was nervous in the car as he drove to the club. Steven picked out my clothes – a very sheer yellow tank top with a short denim skirt. My hair, long, dark red, and curly, is framing my heavily made up face. He told me to put a ‘sluttish’ look to my face and smiled at the result. His fingers stroked my thighs the entire ride there and he talked about the fun we’d have. I’ve never been to a strip club, but he described it in raunchy detail. There would be lots of men in a sexy mood there to view, there to watch, there to see if, maybe, they can get lucky.

He led me in to the dark club, the smell of cigarettes and sweat hung in the air. I looked around, wide-eyed and saw a woman dance on the stage. She was tall and slim with dancer’s legs, a slim torso and small, but perfect breasts. The men in the front were all in awe of the way she moved, no doubt imagining them moving that way in their beds. My eyes were stuck on her when he took my hand and led me to my seat.

After her, came another, then another. I didn’t know which I liked more, watching the women dance, or the men’s reaction to them and to me. I was one of the only women in the audience and because of how I was dressed, there were eyes upon me. Every once in a while, Steven would whisper something illicit in my ear, “Marci, are you getting wet knowing that these men want you?” or “Would you like her to dance for you, Marci?” If I had panties on, they’d be drenched, but panties weren’t allowed today.

It was after about thirty minutes when a man sat at the small table next to us. Because the proximity of the tables, he was very close by. He was built nicely, had dark brown hair and piercing green eyes and when he smiled at me, showed perfectly straight teeth and deviousness in his eyes. I smiled back, and then looked at Steven and he just smiled wickedly at me. The placement of seats almost made me seem like I was in the middle of Steven and this new man who just sat down – and almost the same distance apart.

Steven was continuing with the verbal assault, knowing how words make me quiver and ache. The occasional nipple tweak and fingers on my thighs also kept my heat and juices flowing. At one point, the man next to me heard me moan and I sheepishly put my head in Steven’s chest. He said to the man, “Marci’s slightly embarrassed that you can see how aroused she is, aren’t you, Marci?”

I blushed clear to my toes, I’m sure! Thank goodness it was fairly dark in the club. “She likes to be talked to…she likes to be stroked right here.” His fingers ran along my inner thigh. I looked at him pleadingly, knowing I could deny him nothing, but unsure of what he was doing. “Would you like to feel how soft her thighs are?” he asked the stranger.

The man said, “Yes, absolutely,” and looked at me while his fingers gently stroked my one thigh as Steven stroked the other one.

“Spread your legs a bit, Marci,” Steven said. I couldn’t spread them much due to the tightness of the short skirt, but I did a bit and looked back and forth from Steven’s blue eyes, to the stranger’s green eyes, experiencing the sensation of different fingers on my flesh. I’m sure my temperature was rising as the lava flow was churning inside of me.

While they were both touching my legs, Steven kept talking and whispering in my ear, kissing my neck and shoulders, driving me completely ankara escort insane with need. The men introduced themselves and the stranger’s name was Joe.

“Go higher, Joe, feel her heat,” Steven would say.

Joe had large, well-shaped hands with wide palms and nice long fingers. He moved his fingers up under my skirt and I desperately wanted him – SOMEONE – to touch my clit – the teasing had gone on for close to an hour with no touching there. “Oh yes, Steven, I see what you mean. A lot of heat is generating here.” He said it almost nonchalantly as he came only centimeters close to my clit without touching. The casual attitude was even more of a turn on – as if playing with me was just a job to be done – that I was being used just for their pleasure.

They both knew the torture they were causing and exactly what I needed.

He kept going higher up my thigh making little designs that were a combination of arousing and ticklish. I was squirming and Steven held my hand firmly so I couldn’t use it and Joe went a bit higher. “She’s probably drenched, Joe, why don’t you see?”

Steven whispered in my ear that no matter what happens, I wasn’t allowed to cum unless he said so. “Do you understand, Marci?”

I nodded. Then Joe very lightly grazed my clit with his finger – just barely. I almost came right then and had to really try to rein it in. He removed his hand from my thigh and put his finger up to his mouth and tasted it. I stared in to his mischievous green eyes and swallowed really hard.

All the while different dancers were entertaining the masses Steven and Joe kept touching and teasing me. Joe picked up on the fact I love to be talked to and joined Steven in the verbal torture. “I bet you’re a wild one in bed, Marci? Is she, Steven?”

Steven would reply, knowing that my lust kept building and building winding me up like a toy. I needed to excuse myself to use the ladies room and told Steven. He just whispered, “NO CUMMING, Marci – you KNOW the rules.” I nodded and left the men to plot.

When I came back I noticed her – the dancer. She was different than the others. She wasn’t built like a slim dancer – although her movements were perfectly in rhythm and sensual. Her hair was red – but lighter than my own – and also curly – but curled intentionally. It was longer than mine and moved as she danced. She was pale and gorgeous and knew it. Her confidence exuded from her pores more than any other dancer and she caught my eye as I walked back to my table towards the front.

I sat down unable to take my eyes off of her and she danced closer and closer to Joe, Steven and me. She smiled at all of us and it lit up her whole face. She shimmied her naked breasts so close to Joe’s face – touching distance from me and Steven – then she winked at me. Steven gave me a bill to put in her g-string and I swear I felt a sizzle when I did. She turned to me, winked, then went back up on stage and finished her dance. Her dance was erotic and far too short – I was captured by her – more than ANY of the other dancers.

“You like her, don’t you, Marci? You wanted her on your lap? You wanted to see how those milky breasts tastes like and suck on those perfectly formed nipples.” Steven was right as he tortured me with his words. “Joe, feel how wet she is now – after that dance?”

Joe stuck ankara escort bayan his finger inside me this time – MUCH better than the light graze from before and again I almost exploded right then. “She’s DRENCHED, Steven. You’d think she came already!” This time, he put his finger up to my mouth so I can suck it. I did, hungrily – dying for release. “What a good little slut you are, Marci.”

I turned my head to Steven and pleaded, “Please, Steven….”

“Please what, Marci? Please may I have Joe? Please can I cum? Please can I have the dancer? Please touch me and end this torture? You must be specific or you don’t get what you want, you know that.” He knew that even I didn’t know what I was pleading for. My mind was mush – everything about me revolved around the ache between my legs.

“Joe, would you care to join us in the Executive Suite – I have it booked for the next couple of hours?” Steven asked Joe.

Joe politely said, “Of course, thank you for asking me.” We all got up and I followed Steven in to this private room. There were drinks there already and the waitress came in and took some bills of Steven’s then closed the door behind her. There was a clear view of the dance floor, but it was a very cozy room with plush furniture and a few tables.

When the door closed Steven and Joe were both standing before me. Joe stood taller and was slimmer; Steven was shorter and stockier – both extremely sexy men looking down at me. “Should we torture her some more, Joe? She is a bit wound up. Look at her nipples through this tank top.” Steven started pinching them through the fabric sending those signals directly to my pussy.

“Her nipples are extremely hard, yes.” Joe said as he pinched the other one. I cringed in pain/pleasure as they pinched hard, then harder, then letting go almost synchronized. Steven knows that right when they’re let go, and the blood rushes back in, my body wants to cum.

“Not yet, Marci, not yet.” I opened my eyes and saw them both smiling. He took my arms and raised them high over my head and Joe angled his head and took a nipple in his mouth, through the material, sending shockwaves throughout my body.

“Ooooooooohhhhh,” I moaned.

Joe then inched my tank top over my breasts and took the other one in his mouth, sucking and biting and pinching the other with his fingers. I was on fire and couldn’t hold it much longer. Steven knew this and wanted that first orgasm to be mind blowing. He knew that although I could cum from nipple stimulation, that it wouldn’t be as intense as if it were my pussy and clit being touched.

Steven then removed my tank and skirt – leaving me there in just my sandals. “She’s beautiful, Steven,” Joe said. I shivered in response to his compliment.

“Yes, Joe, she is – but she needs to be fucked. And she needs to be fucked thoroughly. Can I rely on you to help me out with that, tonight?”

“Absolutely. She does seem to be a little slut, isn’t she?” Joe asked. Speaking about me in third person made it that much more a fantasy – I was there for their use – for their pleasure – it was highly erotic being made to feel like a toy.

“Yes, she’s my little slut, aching to cum, but wouldn’t DARE without my permission. She’s dying, to, Joe. All I’d have to say is ‘cum, Marci’ and she’d shatter, but not yet. Almost, escort ankara though,” he said. “She likes to have her holes filled, Joe.”

I looked and saw Joe’s cock in his pants grow even more. He was obviously aroused and I wanted it. While looking down at his crotch, I subconsciously licked my lips.

“Is that what you want, Marci? Do you want to suck my cock?” Joe asked me as he put a finger in my mouth and I sucked it like I did before. “I see hunger in your eyes, Marci.”

“Marci, get on your knees and suck his cock like a good slut,” Steven commanded. “Do it like I taught you.”

I kneeled down and unbuckled his belt and undid his button and zipper and took this gorgeous, long thick cock out. I was amazed at the length – never had I had any this long. But I started to lick and suck his head. Hearing that first gasp made me even wetter and I started to suck. Up and down his long shaft, gagging myself all the way down, then tightening my lips and coming back up – back and forth, repeating. God he tasted amazing. Joe naturally grabbed my head and pulled my hair saying things like “that’s it, bitch, take it deep,” or “god yes, what a hot mouth.” I kept sucking and he was enjoying it – not letting go of his control. Removing it from my mouth in time and then back in so he wouldn’t cum – he didn’t want to release that soon. I loved that control. I was getting more and more aroused.

I didn’t hear the door open but as I was sucking heard a woman’s voice. I looked up while sucking and saw her – the redheaded dancer. She was stripping down completely and kissed Steven hello. They obviously knew each other and he had arranged this. “Don’t STOP sucking him, Marci!!!” Steven said.

They led me over (while sucking) to the couch and Angela (the redhead) was laying down there. My pussy was right above her face and I was aching with excitement. Steven started playing with my ass with a small toy he lubed up and the build just kept wrapping me tighter and tighter. Moaning as I was sucking Joe, Steven told me that I was allowed to cum when I felt completely filled – and not one second before. I felt Angela’s tongue give one small lap on my clit and I jumped. “NOT ONE SECOND BEFORE, MARCI!” I was sucking Joe so feverishly now and his control was incredible. The toy in my ass was replaced by Steven’s cock going slowly inside of it filling that tight hole. I moaned my pleasure on to Joe’s cock which was getting bigger. Angela then took a dildo she had and put it deep in my pussy.

“OOOOOOOOOooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!” I moaned deep on to Joe’s cock as Steven was filling my ass, Angela was lapping now at my clit as she fucked my pussy with the dildo and Joe was fucking my mouth with a force that I have never had before. Once I started cumming, I couldn’t stop. The pleasure washed over me in waves. “MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!”

Joe’s orgasm was spurned on by mine and started pulling my face hard against him as he filled my mouth and throat with so much cum – more than I’ve ever had at one time. Steven started grunted that delicious growl as he exploded in my ass. I couldn’t stop cumming even when I heard Angela moan. She moved herself to kiss me, tasting Joe on my mouth and shifting the dildo to her as well – it was a double-sided dildo and she was fucking herself and me with it with her dancer’s hips. She started to cum and I did again with her, shaking and trembling as I’ve never before done.

I collapsed on the couch almost purring, and vaguely heard Angela and Joe leave. Steven had made yet one more fantasy come true and I looked forward to more…. just not today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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