The Sunbathing Grandmother Ch. 03

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It had been three days since Victoria’s anal virginity was taken by Ryan, and her husband Gordon was now aware of the affair. He had given her and Ryan his blessing, and now their planned evening together was tonight. Gordon had told Victoria if she wanted to see Ryan, he would go to bed early in the spare bedroom, leaving the marital bed and bedroom to them both.

Ryan had ordered something for Victoria to wear for him that night, he had ordered it online for her. It had arrived earlier in the day from an Amazon delivery van – Gordon received it, having been sent to Victoria’s home address. He handed her the parcel, and she went upstairs to her bedroom.

Opening the parcel, she found a latex-like material, PVC even and as she removed it from the parcel recognized it as a latex body-suit, it was skin-tight and covered her hands with built-in gloves, and her feet also. The suit closed at her navel and the only skin that would be exposed of hers would be her neck, face and head.


Was all she could say inspecting the outfit ordered for her, noticing the zip both on the back as well as the smaller zipper at her mound. The suit was black, and shiny in her hands.

Inside the box was one final item; a pair of black, leather bound ankle boots that matched the suit.

She had the entire day to inspect the bodysuit, finally showering and peeling the suit on her body at 8pm. Feeling her soft fingers slide into the gloves, as well as bunching her toes as she slid the suit on. In the mirror of the bedroom she looked at herself; a grandmother dressed as a rubber fuck-toy for her younger lover.

Her mound pulled tightly against the latex layer, moaning at the cold, new sensation. Pulling the latex outward, the material clung to her small buttocks, and bottom, even sliding inside her crack pressed against her sore, gaping anus.

Shivering and quaking Victoria flexed both her fingers and toes in the latex, before sliding on the ankle boots. Zipping them tight around her ankles, she turned to see her reflection in the mirror once more now in the bodysuit.

The suit was like a second skin for Victoria; clinging to her curves, long legs, small chest and breasts as well as her mound and bottom. Smiling to herself she saw that even at her age she was a sexy as ever, the bodysuit accentuated her curves and she felt sexy.

Closing her eyes she imagined Ryan behind her, his thick, fat erect cock pressed against her hip, towering over her from behind like a bear. Ryan was always on Victoria’s mind, her husband was right she was falling for the younger man.

Flexing her latex fingers she imagined stroking her man’s magnificent cock in her latex grip. Purring and moaning she instinctively stroked the imagined cock in her hand that would soon be a reality for her.

Rolling her hips, she ground her latex-clad bottom back as if against Ryan’s lap. This was what she planned to do when Ryan arrived, mimicking how she would pleasure her man. Victoria quickly applied purple eye-shadow, eye-liner and a dark matching lipstick. And finally as per Ryan’s instructions she put her greyed, blonde hair into two pigtails that reached below her ears.

Taking her house coat from the closet door she pulled it over her and tied the coat closed around her waist. Looking back at the mirror she saw how the coat covered her up, but her gloved hands, navel and lower legs were visible. Against the white cotton house coat the latex shone through, and she felt sexy and alluring.

Leaving the bedroom she went downstairs to the lounge where her husband sat drinking a tumbler of Whisky, he wasn’t upset but Gordon had come to terms with their situation. Looking up at his loving, caring wife he smiled seeing the latex peaking out from the house coat.

“Wow, he’s a lucky young man.” Gordon said with a chuckle.

Victoria felt sexy, and her husband thought the same. Strutting in front of her husband, he poured her a glass of red wine. Victoria even undid her house coat and opened it to show her husband the latex body-suit she was wearing to a chuckle, and approval from Gordon.

Gordon gave her a loving kiss on the cheek, and they sat down waiting for Ryan to come over and take charge of his wife.

It was almost 9pm when the front door bell buzzed, Victoria took her glass of wine and went to answer the door with her house coat tied closed.

Opening the door it was Ryan stood on her doorstep, dressed all in black; baggy bottoms, a loose hooded jumper, and trainers.

He was bearded, and looking at her with lust in his eyes.

“Victoria.” Was all he could say in his husky, bear voice.

His voice made her shudder, trying to hold her glass of wine and not let out a moan.

“Ryan, come in sweetie.” She purred and the young man stepped in, carrying a bag with him.

Victoria knew what he had in the bag; his toys and tools to make her helpless with.

Gordon called out from the lounge.

“Ryan, son. Come in and have hd porno a drink.”

Ryan was surprised, but Victoria with a smile urged in on into the lounge even as she looked at her up and down with lust.

Victoria had told Ryan that Gordon had given his blessing to their relationship, but Ryan didn’t expect to be offered a drink by him knowing he was here to fuck his elderly wife.

In the lounge Ryan saw the small bar that Gordon had built in the corner, where there were varied bottles of alcohol, and cocktails.

“What’s your poison, Ryan?” Gordon asked behind the bar.

“Well I’m more of a beer man, myself.” Ryan answered putting down his bag on the sofa.

Victoria stared at the bag seeing the shape of the black-out BDSM goggles Ryan had put on her three days ago, and she knew he would have a roll of duct tape in the bag. His tools of bondage, and the thought of it made her shudder and moan beneath the house coat and bodysuit.

“No problem lad, I’ve got beers.” Gordon said pouring a double-measure of Whisky in a tumbler handing it to Ryan.

Ryan sipped it, as Victoria stood beside him. He took the chance and quickly slid his other hand up the back of her house-coat, and lifted it to see the back of the bodysuit.

His eyes were hungry, Victoria saw it as his hand groped and mauled her small latex-clad bottom, pushing his hand between her buttocks – the latex the only layer protecting her from him.

Glancing from the corner of her eyes she saw Ryan’s bulge grow in his loose, baggy black bottoms. Sipping her glass of wine, as his hand groped her from behind. Gordon was crouched down getting a beer from the small fridge, as Ryan took Victoria’s free hand and placed it on his growing tent.

“Stroke.” He mouthed to her, his order.

Taking hold of his cock through the bottoms she stroked him feeling him growing harder in her grasp, as his hands probed between her buttocks. The latex stopping his fingers sliding inside either her arse or cunt.

Gordon spoke.

“Ah beer, here we go lad.”

Instinctively the pair of them stopped, and it was then that Ryan did have some respect for her husband; not wanting to grope or do anything vulgar in front of him if it wasn’t necessary. She knew Ryan was aware they had all night together, with Gordon’s blessing.

Plus Ryan was going to be respectful, knowing he was going to get Victoria all night with him in the bedroom. Sipping the whisky, Gordon opened a bottle of beer for Ryan ice-cold from the fridge behind the bar.

“So lad, tell me how your studies are going?” Gordon asked as he poured himself a double Whisky for himself.

Victoria watched as Ryan even opened up about his studies and future plans, Victoria and Ryan sat together on the sofa as Gordon went to his lounge chair with his whisky.

He had refilled Victoria’s glass of red wine, and had put on some music.

As Ryan spoke of his history studies, he spoke of his aspirations to either be an English or History teacher, or at a stretched he contemplated joining the armed forces for a stint.

He soon had his hand on Victoria’s knee, over her house coat and Gordon didn’t mind, speaking about his own love of history, and music as well as Victoria’s love for gardening, and knitting.

Soon Ryan’s hand slid beneath the coat, now rubbing and squeezing Victoria’s knees through the latex. Victoria continued to sip her wine making no attempt to move Ryan’s hand as he spoke of his book collection, nearing almost three hundred books. Both Victoria and Gordon were surprised, and she found herself finding Ryan even more attractive, and interesting.

Ryan’s hand wandered up her latex clad legs, and to her mound where his hand rubbed her through the latex and zip.

His big tent was drawing Victoria’s eyes, and she knew he was rock hard and erect in his jogging bottoms. Ryan blatantly opened Victoria’s house coat, untying it and pulling it open to see her fully in the latex bodysuit that clung to her body.

Again Gordon made no objection, as Ryan looked at Victoria’s lithe, slender body encased in the black PVC.

Her small nipples poking through the suit, and looking her up and down he saw the ankle boots he had ordered, but then spoke.

“Victoria, there’s two items missing you aren’t wearing.”

Victoria was surprised having not really reached into the parcel, only stopping at the boots. Victoria stepped out of the house coat, putting it aside and stood.

She went to retrieve the parcel from her bedroom, and came downstairs to the lounge. Ryan stood and reached into the parcel she held, and took out two items.

A black choker collar and a black ball gag, that was strapped behind the jaw.

Ryan did not ask Gordon for permission as he put down the parcel, and grabbed Victoria. Gordon watched as Ryan put the black choker collar around her lithe, soft throat. Next the black ball gag, that Ryan quickly placed in Victoria’s mouth and strapped brazzers porno it into place behind her neck.

Even Gordon was surprised at Ryan’s forwardness, but made no voice of opposition as the young man marched Victoria over to the couch where his bag lay.

Gordon sipped his whisky watching his elderly wife being man-handled, as Ryan took from the bag roll of duct tape. Taking her small, soft wrists encased in latex Ryan bound them twice-over with the duct tape, binding her.

Kneeling down as Victoria grunted, and moaned against the rubber ball in her mouth; he bound her ankles next fully binding her, making her completely helpless. Gordon assumed that would be the end of bondage toys, and that Ryan would take her upstairs. But instead he watched in anticipation as Ryan took from his bag the black-out BDSM goggles, strapping them over her eyes he plunged Victoria into darkness once more.

Gordon sat shocked, stunned but also jealous of the young man who could truly pleasure his wife. But Gordon just smiled seeing his wife bound, and helpless as she moaned, grunting against the ball gag. Ryan’s hands groped her, openly in front of Gordon grabbing her chest, and small bottom.

Groping her like a predator, his hands roamed grabbing her buttocks, peeling them as his other hand rubbed her nipples through the layer. Humping her ass from behind, he ground into her small bottom with his tent, poking her and making her shudder, and moan.

“Do you want to film us, Gordon?” Ryan asked taking them both by surprised.

Shocked and stunned, bound and gagged Victoria heard him. Did he plan to film himself fucking her?

Ryan reached into the bag he had brought and inside was a small, portable video camera.

This was his chance to refuse, to go to bed and let him have his way with his wife; but instead he stood and took the video camera from Ryan.

“Top up of the Whisky, and another beer mate.” He told Gordon, asking for another drink.

Gordon obliged, refilling Ryan’s whisky, his own drink and got another beer from the fridge before turning on the video camera. Handing Ryan his drinks, Ryan replied.

“Cheers mate.” As he took a swig of his beer, before putting it back down to grope Victoria as they stood together.

Gordon filmed them as Ryan began to undress, stripping naked. Gordon filmed the young bull of a man strip as his wife stood helpless, bound and at his mercy. On camera and recorded, Ryan yanked down his bottoms to let his big, thick erect cock spring out like a dagger.

It slapped against Victoria’s buttocks, and she purred in arousal. Her senses of hearing and touch and contact were alive, and she felt him hold her like a captive woman. On camera it looked like she was a captive, and Ryan her captor with his dominant control of her.

Throwing aside his jumper, bottoms and kicking off his shoes he was naked as the day God made him, pressed against Victoria’s back he held her like a possession.

Gordon could now see as he filmed them, that Ryan was much larger than he was and could clearly wield it like a weapon; he was far more dominant than Gordon had ever been in life, especially sexually. He was a loving partner, and sex when he was able to perform years earlier was mutual, tender or just quick and playful. But the manner Ryan was exuding was dominance, control and he was now Victoria’s man.

Ryan made this clear for the camera slapping his thick member on the small latex-clad bottom of the bound grandmother, which was smaller in size to his thick cock.

Still bound by the ankles with duct tape, he held her standing enjoying the control her had over her.

His rough hand cupping her mound with a tight hold, his fingers rubbing as he found the zip above her cunt. Pulling the zip down Gordon who was slowly circling the pair filmed Ryan pulling down the zip, exposing his wife’s cunt to the camera. Her hair bush burst out through the opening, her cunt lips exposed to Ryan’s hand.

Finding her clitoris with his finger, he rubbed at it with the tips of his finger, feeling her become wet. Her grey bush was now glistening, as Ryan suddenly pulled Victoria over to the couch, and bent her over the arm of it, her face down in the pillows. Her small bottom was now perched upward, her legs bound and unable to spread them for comfort. Gordon watched as Ryan tore the tape around her ankles and used his bare feet to spread her legs open, as he shuffled up behind her preparing to penetrate her.

His thick bratwurst cock was poking Victoria’s cunt, as Ryan prepared to lunge forward. Gordon got closer, filming the unfolding moment. Taking her hips in his grip he held her tightly, hearing her moaning and grunting with her head in the pillows. He pressed his big, thick, bulbous cock-head against her pussy and slid in effortlessly since he was the first man to stretch her out as she was.

Burying his cock to the hilt inside her cunt, he began to fuck her pulling back seks filmi before slamming forward back inside her cunt.

Gordon filmed his wife being fucked by her younger lover, as the young man growled out.

“You’re mine Victoria, all fucking mine.”

He growled like a bear fucking her up cunt from behind, his strong hand on the back of her head as he pummeled her pussy. Pinning her down in place, he heard her gasping, grunting and moaning with every thrust and slam into her.

Pulling back Ryan pulled the zipper down further now exposing her bottom to him, and her small buttocks as she was more exposed to him. Suddenly Gordon was taken aback when Ryan pulled out of his wife’s gaping cunt, only to obscenely spread her small buttocks wide to expose her already-gaping anus. Gordon knew now as he held the camera filming it all, that his wife’s anal virginity was gone now, Ryan had taken it.

He knew this, and the recording would prove it as Ryan slammed his cock inside Victoria’s arse, making her squeal and grunt in penetration. He slid in easily, but Gordon knew it felt big inside her, especially when her anal virginity was taken only three days ago.

Filming Ryan pound Victoria’s arse, holding her hips tightly as he buggered her on his thick rod. Her squeals, grunts and moans emitting from the pillows. The lounge began to echo with the sounds of Victoria’s small buttocks slapping against Ryan’s tree-trunk, hairy legs. Gordon filmed everything, every squeal his wife let out and grunt Ryan made as he buggered Victoria.

Recording the fucking, Gordon filmed Ryan grabbing Victoria’s throat but not hurting her; he was simply showing her he controlled her. Grunting and growling to the hand on her throat, she moaned hard face down in the pillows. Every thrust, and slam into her felt like a battering ram, his big heavy balls slapping her cunt from behind.

“Gordon, film her face.” Ryan said, grabbing Victoria by her pigtails pulling her up to stand again against him, as he fucked her standing.

The goggles blacked out her vision fully, the bag gag muffled her grunts and moans, Gordon saw how truly helpless his wife was with Ryan.

Grunting as he pulled on her pigtails, pumping her ass with is hard cock as if she was his latex fuck-toy. Zooming out on the video camera he focused on Victoria’s gaping ass, as Ryan fucked her like a machine.

Bucking his hips, Ryan slammed into the latex grandmother – no longer caring if Gordon disapproved, but so far he didn’t and still filmed them. Pulling her face against his by her throat, as he fucked her Ryan kissed her cheek and neck as he held her tightly against him.

The pair of them pressed hard against each other, they’re bodies on fire – Gordon knew Victoria was now Ryan’s sexually, and she loved him. Like a bear pulling a grandmother queen to him, he was buggering her as he held her throat owning her.

Gordon filmed for several more minutes of Ryan buggering Victoria’s small, firm bottom; his cock spreading her cheeks open obscenely for the benefit of the camera. Pulling on her pigtails Ryan began to grunt, and both Gordon and Victoria knew he was going to ejaculate soon inside her anus.

“Here I cum Victoria, my seed up your arse all over again. I’m going to fill you up.” Ryan growled against her earlobe as he held her throat, continuing to hammer into her.

Slamming into her small bottom, ramming his member balls deep inside her Gordon saw that Ryan treated and fucked Victoria as if she was a young woman again. He wondered how his wife could take such a rough, forceful fuck but he could see she was riding back against him in response, enjoying every moment of it.

Finally a piercing growl echoed around the room from Ryan who howled, as Victoria screamed and grunted as if impaled as Gordon filmed Ryan’s cock erupting inside her anus.

“AHHH VICTORIA! TAKE MY FUCKING LOAD, YOU SEXY FUCKING CUNT! YOU’RE MINE, ALL FUCKING MINE!” Ryan growled pulling on her hair, as he pumped his load deep inside her bottom.

With a few quick thrusts, Ryan yanked out his cock before ramming it inside her pussy next and with a few final strokes he put his load between both her orifices. So much so it was leaking around Ryan’s cock still inside her pussy, as her gaping anus leaked his seed onto her bodysuit and the floor.

Gordon filmed every second, the piercing scream Victoria tried to let out but the ball gag muffled her voice. Convulsing, grunting and shaking in his arms he held her as his cock soon softened, and slipped out of her pussy.

Stepping back, his warm, hot hairy chest peeled away from Victoria’s latex back and held her by arm’s length as he took the chance to get breath into his lungs. Victoria’s body was limp, numb and she was held up on her feet by Ryan’s strength alone.

Ryan sat Victoria down on the couch, and she was breathing heavily and trying to get her breath back. He took the chance to plop the ball gag from her mouth, and immediately she gasped in air as she panted.

“Keep filming.” Ryan told Gordon.

‘Keep filming? Why keep filming? What more does he want?’ Victoria wondered and should have took the chance to ask, but her answer was immediately as Ryan shoved his cock inside Victoria’s mouth.

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