The Surprise

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It was already getting dark as Kitten stepped off the train shivering with pleasure as the cold breeze touched her skin. It had been hot on the train, almost stifling, and at times on the journey it felt like she was burning up, the usual hunger and desire for Sir, which always grew stronger on her way to meet him, was magnified by the surprise she had planned and the heat of the compartment.

Never had she been more aware of her clothes, the smoothness of sheer stockings, the friction of lacey lingerie and even the cool satin coat lining all heightened her sensitivity and having to keep her thick winter coat tightly fastened (beneath it was meant for Sir’s eyes alone) only added to her arousal, leaving her hot, flushed and wet with need.

Not that Sir knew what to expect, the previous weekend she had told him there was a naughty idea she wanted to surprise him with, and he agreed with amusement.

She walked through the small country station and smiled to see his familiar figure waiting for her, tall and well built with dark hair and beautiful blue eyes, eyes which could be soft and warm or cold and hard depending on their play, both made her melt but in entirely different ways. Tonight they were soft and crinkled at the edges as he smiled broadly at her.

She hurried over to him, flung her arms around his neck and kissed him hard, her desire and joy at seeing him unmistakable. In response he wrapped his arms around her, one hand cradled the back of her head as his tongue slipped between her lips, she moaned softly and they gripped each other tighter as tongues writhed and passions increased.

He pulled back and she whimpered at the loss, “Tell me about this surprise Kitten” he said, she bit her lip and with an impish grin replied”When we get to the car all will be revealed”. Taking her by the hand he lead her out into the night. Once outside he spoke again “as requested, I have parked in the furthest, darkest corner.”

The car park was practically empty, perfect for what she had in mind. Walking round to the far side of the car she leant against the back door and started to unbutton her coat, lastly she undid her belt, and keeping her eyes on his face allowed her coat to fall open then slowly opened it wider, revealing what she was or rather wasn’t wearing underneath.

Black istanbul escort patent stiletto shoes, a half cup bra which barely contained her full soft breasts, and a suspender belt and stockings which framed her naked sex, the black lace of her lingerie contrasting sharply with the paleness of her skin.

Kitten watched his eyes widen and then darken with lust as she revealed herself, a thrill rippled through her, and the cold night air caused nipples already made swollen and sensitive, from the constant friction of her bras lace trim, to harden even further and offer themselves to his hungry gaze.

Sir closed the distance between them and started kissing her neck, fondling her breasts and rubbing his thumbs over her nipples, then rolling them between his fingers, nibbling on her ear he asked “Tell me Kitten, did you get changed on the train?” his voice thick with desire.

“Oh no Sir” she replied breathing heavily “I have been dressed like this since I left home”.

“I see, so you have been dressed like a little slut all the way here?” his questioning voice took on a dangerous edge and he pinched her nipples hard, she gasped, “answer me” he demanded, pinching her again even harder.

“Yes Sir” she moaned, the pinching and pulling were constant now, “answer me properly slut, I won’t tell you again” he threatened. His roughness was sending electric shocks of pleasure down her belly and between her legs, making her clit pulse in response. She forced herself to speak clearly “Yes Sir, I have been dressed like a slut all the way here”. Her confession brought another rush of desire and she felt a trickle of wetness run down her thigh.

As if he knew her need one hand moved between her legs, discovering she was soaking wet, he thrust his middle finger deep inside her, she moaned loudly as he began slowly and deliberately finger fucking her.

“Do you like that slut,” he growled “is your wet cunt hungry for my cock?”

“Oh fuck yes” she breathed. Swiftly the hand that had been on her breast gripped her throat, and the fingers in her pussy found her swollen clit and pinched it viciously again and again, she cried out. “What have I told you about answering me properly slut?” his voice hard and cold.

“I’m sorry Sir, please forgive me” she begged “my escort bayan wet cunt is so hungry for your big hard cock I forgot myself”

“Hmm, I’m not convinced,” he replied “you could just be saying that to humour me, so you will need to prove it”. Removing his hands, he licked her wetness from his fingers. “Take off your coat slut” he ordered.

Stepping away from the car Kitten slid the coat off her shoulders and held it in her hands. Sir opened the cars back door and gestured her towards it. “Put your coat in the footwell and turn to face me” he ordered “then sit on the edge of the seat and open your legs” She quickly complied. He unfastened his coat and she saw the bulge in his trousers, he stepped closer adjusting his stance to spread her knees wider, she caught her breath and shivered as the cold night air caressed her hot wet sex and inflamed her desire.

“Now,” he commanded “using only that slutty mouth of yours you are going to show me just how sorry you are and how desperate you are to be fucked.”

She slipped her hands behind her back and licked her soft full lips as he unzipped and guided his cock towards her, she leaned forward eager for a taste, and slowly swirled her tongue over the tip, savouring the musky saltiness of his skin. She took the head into her mouth and firmly massaged the sensitive spot at the base of his glans. He groaned in response and as she started sucking his hand caressed her hair.

Her lips slid part way down his length then pulled back an inch or so, before moving down again, each forward motion taking him deeper inside her until her mouth engulfed him completely, her lips squeezed the base of his shaft and she sucked hard, once, twice, three times, her hair was now wrapped in his fist.

She relaxed her lips and started fucking him with her mouth, his entire length sliding in and out, slowly at first but getting faster with each thrust, his hips moved, matching her rhythm then both his hands gripped her head as he pushed his cock down her throat until he felt her nose press against his groin and held it there. Even though she was completely at his mercy and barely able to breath Kitten’s tongue still massaged him. With a groan he let her go and pulled out, leaving her gasping for air and drooling.

Cupping her chin he Kartal escort kissed her hard, “Get in the car, lie back, spread your legs and show me what’s mine” he ordered, his voice thick with lust.

Quickly turning and scooting along the seat Kitten lay back, the top of her head pressing against the far door, she hooked one leg over the front seat headrest and the other over onto the parcel shelf, she looked over at Sir who had removed is coat and was leaning in to join her, placing her hands between her legs she spread her sex wide open and offered it to his gaze. Their eyes met and he grinned wolfishly.

Moving closer he lowered his head, and for the briefest moment she felt hot breath and the delicate tip of his tongue before it plunged inside her, she groaned with need and lifted her hips, his hands squeezed her bottom, holding her in place as his tongue fucked and lapped her juices, before moving up to her throbbing clit. Crying out with pleasure she grabbed his head, thrusting and grinding against his firm tongue, he started sucking and her cries got louder, sucking even harder he was rewarded with shaking legs and the staccato moans of an approaching climax, he swirled his tongue firmly over her sensitive bud and she bucked hard, screaming as her orgasm ripped through her.

He licked until she went limp and before she could catch her breath he was above her, kissing her fiercely and as she tasted her pleasure on his lips he took her, one long hard thrust and he was buried deep inside her. Swiftly his hands moved underneath her arms and gripped her shoulders like a vice as he fucked her with an animal lust. She had been aching for this all week, nothing compared to the sensation of being filled and stretched and possessed by him She moaned again as he pounded harder and her nails dug into his back and, he growled at the pain and rammed harder and faster, racing towards his own climax, he stiffened and roared in triumph as he came, she felt his cock pulse as he shot his hot, thick seed deep inside her.

Slowly he collapsed onto her, she could feel his heart pounding against her chest and his manhood throbbing within her, gently she wrapped her arms and legs around him and held him close. Once he had caught his breath he shifted slightly to look at her, then kissed her again, slowly and tenderly this time. “Oh, I’ve missed you kitten” he said smiling “and I loved my surprise”.

She smiled back and gently rubbed the tip of her nose against his, their lips found each other again, tongues reunited and they lost themselves in a kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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