The teacher who became her classes slave Part 1

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[I would really appreciate if people took the time to comment their ideas about the story and what should happen next]

Mrs Bloom was a middle age woman, 40 years this spring yet kept herself fit by going to the gym each day before school.

It was a cold winters day as Mrs Bloom entered her 12th grade class at West-end High school. She hated this class, all ways misbehaving and going against her wishes. She sat down at her desk and began to attempt to control this seminally uncontrollable class. “Open your Textbooks to page 177″ she shouts, and of course, no one listens. Suddenly their is a knock on the door, principal Small, the class falls silent and he requests to speak to her in the corridor. ” Ready for your fucking at lunch” he whispers in Mrs Bloom ears. “I have been waiting all week she replies” turning red.

It was a long few hours before lunch came. She had to deal with almost half the class not doing their homework as well as a little fight at the back of the class. However the bell finally rang and all the students left the class for lunch. It was almost 5 minutes before principal Small and Mrs Bloom’s pussy was soaking once he finally walked through the door. “How are you Kate?” he asked asked as began to take off his shirt. “Fuck, bayan escort gaziantep this last few hours has felt like forever” she states as she takes off he shirt to revel her perky c cup breasts. Its is not long before Mrs Bloom was bent over the desk with the principal violently pounding her ass-hole. She loved the felling of her head being pulled back by her ponytail and being used as a fuck toy by the younger and more athletic Principal Small. She could fell his dick starting to widen and she hoped off the desk and onto her knees to begin sucking on the large dick.

Little did she know that outside the class was one of her students Tim and his mate Matt who had come to pick up their football they had left in class. The boys quickly discovered through a little window in the door that she was not alone and began filming the whole scene unfold. Once the boys thought they had enough footage they decided to enter the class and approach their teacher. As they opened the door Mrs Bloom was still on the floor sucking off their principal and the pair did not realise they had company until Tim made a loud and long cough. The two teachers jumped back in surprise and did not know what to say to the students. cim cif gaziantep escort
‘Dont worry, we wont tell anyone” Tim stated. “Thank you Tim” Mrs Bloom replied.”Mr Small you can leave now however if we ever ask for anything you will oblige,okay” Matt said with a cold smile .”Yes” whispered quickly getting changed and running off. “You however Mrs Bloom will not get out of this so easily” stated Matt.” You will be our sex slave for the rest of the year, you will do whatever whenever we say, if not we will tell the school committee what we saw and you will be fired,is that clear” Matt said in a calm voice. Mrs Bloom obliged knowing that there was no other option.

The bell rang and the trio quickly got to their seats for next period. The class was different this period, no talking, no misbehaving just lots of whispering and texting. The reason for this became clear to her 30 minutes into the period when Matt and Tim walked up to the front of the class

“You all by now will of seen the footage of our slutty teacher” Matt shouted as Mrs Bloom sunk in her chair knowing what they were about to do
“You also all know that if anybody finds out about this she will get fired, so now we cinsel bilgiler own her me and Tim and we are willing to share” Matt smiled as Tim grabbed Mrs Bloom by the hair and dragging her to the front of the class.
“Take your close off Bitch” Tim Demanded slapping her in the face. She did as she was told not wanting to upset these horning boys. Matt then forced Kate Bloom to suck his dick whilst the class watched. One girl decided to come and join the fun slapping Mrs Bloom in the face. Others joined in hitting the embarrassed teacher in the ass, face and tits. Soon the teenagers had her tied to her desk with her bum hanging of the end. She was getting fucked in the pussy and mouth whilst getting fingered in the ass by one of the cheerleaders. To humiliate her even further each boy took turns cumming on her face until she was covered completely whilst each girl took turns forcing the cum covered teacher to clean the out.

As a final act of humiliation, one girl used her drink-bottle to penetrate the ass hole of her teacher until tears were running through her cum covered eyes.

When the bell finally rang for the end of school, Matt and Tim untied their teacher and told her too return tomorrow with some whips and handcuffs or else the video will be released to the world.

The duo left the classroom knowing that the worst was yet to come for their sex slave teacher.

[thanks for reading, any advice or ideas is really appreciated so if you can please leave a comment. Do you guys want a part 2, if so what should happen in it. Comment bellow

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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