The Third Wheel in My Relationship Ch. 02

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The next time I saw Robyn I thought she would be a bit quiet and reserved around me. But it was as if nothing had happened she was her usual self and I wasn’t going to bring the subject up in front of Claire. I noticed Robyn was wearing clothes that showed off her body. She had on a silver low cut vest top and a short black skirt and boots which came up above her knees. The bottom of her tattoo on her thigh was just visible below the hem of the skirt.

“So, are you meeting the new fella after the film then?” I asked. That would explain the outfit. I couldn’t get the messages out of my head seeing her in person. Thank god, I was sat at the kitchen counter hiding me from the waist down because I was hard again. It was strange because I didn’t think she turned me on but the situation and seeing her in those positions over powered the fact I found her annoying. I am male after all.

“No just going to see the film then back here for a few drinks.” Claire looked at me realising she forgot to mention they were coming back to ours afterwards. That ok with you?

“Cool, see you both later then.” Trying not to show my annoyance at her intruding on our alone time again I left them in the kitchen with a slight adjustment trying to hide the bulge in my pants. Giving Claire a kiss as I left the room she whispered in my ear she would make it up to me which I knew she would. I love it when she makes promises like that because it normally means incredible sex for me. Turning to leave Robyn was watching me and blurted out, don’t I get one? I looked at her a little bit surprised she was asking for a hug goodbye. This only normally happened at the end of a night out and we had all had a drink.

Claire didn’t blink at the comment so obviously didn’t think this was odd. I walked over and gave her a hug and she kissed me on my cheek. She then whispered, thank you for being so great about my mishap. You really put my mind at ease. She seemed to press her whole body against me. I guess this was her way of having some reassurance that we could still carry on as normal.

With this the first mention of the whole episode and not wanting to hug her for too long I eased back from her looking down I had a great view of her cleavage. My mind replayed the pictures of her tits and my heart raced and my cock twitched. You two have a good night I said as I left the room.

As the hours passed I just figured they had gone out for a drink after the film rather than coming home. When they finally stumbled in they had been out for about 6

hours. You could tell they had been drinking and after pouring themselves some more drinks they sat down in the living room with me.

The conversation quickly turned to the subject of Robyn being single after not hearing back from the man from her night out. Claire being the dutiful best friend, telling her how beautiful and sexy she is. How any man would be lucky to be her boyfriend and that all she had to do was walk into a room and she gets attention from males and females. I tried not to get involved because it was obvious they were slightly drunk and she was trying to boost Robyn’s confidence.

With just the occasional nod of agreement I navigated myself through the awkward conversation or so I thought. That’s when Robyn decided to blurt out that she was just so dam horny that she just needed a real cock in her. It didn’t matter if she cared about them or not. She just needed to get laid.

“There are apps to help you get laid you know.” To this day I don’t know why I decide that was a good point to enter the conversation. I had never used them but you hear stories.

“I’ve tried all of them Alex, they are just full of weird people, no one caught my eye.”

“They may not all be great for relationships but it is different looking for a hook up. You will have them lined up at the door if you go on saying that’s all you are looking for.”

“Alex, you know Robyn isn’t like that. She isn’t just going to sleep with some stranger no matter how horny she is. There still has to be some spark or she will just end up even more frustrated.”

“Like you know what being frustrated is like Claire.” Robyn burst out laughing as she said it. Being a little drunk Claire’s reply shocked me. Well before I had Alex I knew all about that feeling. It’s a huge boost to your ego knowing you keep your woman satisfied enough her mates notice. So although I was surprised by her comeback it still gave me pride to know she was happy with our sex life enough to tell her best friend anyway.

“I hope I find someone who makes me feel the way Alex makes you feel.” Whoa this conversation had really taken a turn. They were a lot more open with each other than I had ever thought. (Naïve Alex, very naïve I scolded myself in my head.) Claire looked at me to gauge my reaction and seeing that I was ok with it she continued.

“Yeah I hit the jackpot with this one. I cannot get enough of him. He can get me so turned on with a kiss. Having his hands on me, knowing he has the strength ankara escort to just ravage me at any point and has done on many occasions.” She drew breath.

“Jesus Claire, you are not helping my situation here. Craving release so bad and hearing about the mind blowing sex you get all the time isn’t improving my need.” Robyn said looking like she was a little out of breath. Getting up as she adjusted her skirt she informed us she was going to get some more drinks.

As soon as she was out of the room Claire moved in closer to me and her hand found my lap.

“You don’t mind me telling her about us do you? She wouldn’t tell anyone.”

“I don’t think I had a choice in the matter babe, you two seem to have spoken about a lot already.”

“It is all the good stuff I promise. I just love you and like to brag about how good you make me feel sometimes. She is in a bad place and I try to get my happiness to rub off on her. She just puts herself down all the time. I mean she looks hot tonight don’t you think?”

This seemed like a trap. How do I answer that? I didn’t have to answer as she carried on speaking. I think we should help her out. Her hand had slipped inside my pants and her fingers wrapped around my quickly growing manhood.

“What do you mean?”

“Well you are obviously turned on, by the feel of this (giving my boner a squeeze.) What do you think about letting her join in with us. I know how amazing you make me feel. I just want to have that feeling so she gets some confidence and who better to do that than someone who actually cares about her feelings.”

“Are you serious? You want to have a threesome, with Robyn? Where has this come from in all our time together you have never mentioned a fantasy about being with someone else and never an interest in women?” I was genuinely surprised because we had been so open about all our sexual fantasies.

“It isn’t really a fantasy of mine and it wouldn’t really be a threesome. I was just thinking tonight you could sleep with her and show her some affection. Make her feel the way you make me feel. I wouldn’t really be involved. I hate that she feels so unlovable and I really think this would help.”

“Our sex is great because it is between us. I love you and that’s why we have that electricity. It would be different for me and Robyn. I am pretty sure I don’t turn her on the way I do with you.” All my insecurities that had disappeared since meeting Claire came flooding back.

“She may not love you like I do. But she likes you or she wouldn’t be so comfortable around here. She saw a picture of your cock on my phone. She joked about being jealous because she had never been that lucky. That is when I came up with the idea for that vibrator. When I told you the first try didn’t work, it worked perfectly and I gave it to Robyn as a joke.

Claire had brought home this kit that made a mould of my cock and then you could make your own vibrator out of it. She said one of the girls from work told her about it and it sounded fun. At no point did she mention her and Robyn had come up with the idea so Robyn could have one.

I thought the toy in messages looked a lot like me. Now I realised that was because it was a replica of me. Playing this over in my mind I wondered if she knew about the pics and had they been testing me before tonight. See how I reacted to it. Have you two been planning this? I didn’t have to act surprised because I had no idea this was happening. It felt like the heating had come on in the house, beads of sweat forming on my forehead.

Claire hadn’t released her grip of me from the second Robyn left the room. No this was not planned in fact I just came up with the idea. Robyn told me tonight how good the vibrator made her feel and I told her the real thing is even better. I love you and I trust you unreservedly. That is why I am ok with this. It can just be a one night thing and never spoken about again if we all decide that. I just think after a night with you she would be in a better place and could relax about being single

As I heard Robyn walking down the hall back to the living room I shifted expecting Claire to remove her hand from my hard cock. Instead she held on even as she entered the room.

“What the fuck? Could you not have waited for me to go home to start that?”

“Well the thing is Robyn I have a proposition for you. You keep saying how horny you are and in need of a good cock. Well I have a perfectly good one, in my hands at this second actually and I am willing to let you use it for tonight. No strings attached.”

The surprise on her face let me know she had no idea about this. I waited for her to respond expecting her to be disgusted and just leave. That nervous feeling that you are about to be rejected never goes away. My stomach was churning. Why am I feeling like this I have a girlfriend? Her saying no really had no impact on my life. She was looking down at Claire’s hand in my pants and meekly asked if she was serious.

Claire began ankara escort bayan to repeat what she had said to me about her being her best friend and she hated seeing her down about herself.

“I would hate for you to just get used by a guy with no guarantee that it would be good. At least you would be with someone who would treat you right and knows what they are doing. It would stay between us never to be mentioned again if that’s what you are worried about. You seem comfortable with Alex and you know what is on offer.” As those words left her mouth she was shaking my cock. It seems to be the perfect solution.

“How would it work? I mean are we having a threesome?”

“It would just be the two of you. But I would be here too. He is mine after all. That’s my only stipulation. Whatever else happens is up to you two.”

As if trying to convince Robyn to say yes she went on. I trust Alex and I know you would have great sex with him. I also know he would never do anything to me hurt me or you. This is all my idea and he knew nothing about it till about 30 seconds ago. This solves 2 problems, your horniness and me worrying about you sleeping with random men. What do you think? Do you want to play?

Robyn was stood in front of me just contemplating her next move. Looking very nervous but sexy as hell. Her top seemed to be lower than before with her chest heaving trying to catch her breath and the skirt a little higher showing more of her tattoo. I swear I saw her lick her lips before speaking but that may have been my imagination.

How long have I got to decide? I mean is this happening tonight or at a later date? Are you even up for this Alex?

Almost as soon as those words left her lips Claire pulled down the front of my pants freeing my cock into plain sight. With the other hand still wrapped firmly around me. Robyn’s eyes dropped again to my crotch, this time I was fully exposed for her to feast her eyes on.

He is ready right now if you want to jump on. Claire burst out laughing and quickly broke the silence easing the tension. Like a deer in the headlights Robyn’s stood stationary, her eyes grew wider than I had ever seen as she stared at my dick with my girlfriend’s hand wrapped round it.

I was shocked myself as I wasn’t expecting to just be exposed like Claire had done. Probably the best way because I’m not sure I was ready for this situation. Since those pictures, I had started thinking of Robyn sexually, even if I didn’t want to admit it to myself. Claire began to slowly stroke my shaft emphasising how hard

I was. She used long slow strokes making it seem like I was even bigger than I actually am really stretching me out.

“Go on you can touch it.” Claire added as she released her grip. Without saying anything Robyn took a step forward and reached for me. I took sharp intake of breath as she tried to wrap her fingers round me. Her hand matched her small frame making me look huge in her fingers.

She just held me with her thumb and finger resting under the ridge of the head of my dick and her palm on the shaft. We made eye contact for the first time since she walked back into the room as she moved her hand. I just smiled at her, I guess this made up her mind because she tightened her grip a bit and really began wanking me.

It felt great but strange at the same time, having my girlfriend sat next to me whilst her friend played with me. Claire got up and moved onto the other chair just watching things unfold. My mind was racing, how far was this going to go? Are we going to fuck here in the front room?

As I was watching Claire move Robyn dropped to her knees on the floor and began kissing the head of my cock. She wasn’t wasting any time and within seconds was trying to get as much in her mouth as she could. The picture of her doing this to the vibrator shot back into my head, practise makes perfect as they say. The first 30 seconds or so were really frantic, like she was starving and I was the food.

It wasn’t a great technique to start with but after I put my hands on her head and slowed her down she calmed down and began taking her time. I was really enjoying the bj as any bloke would, but worried about showing it too much in case Claire got jealous. Even though it was her idea and she still gave the best blowjobs I had ever had including this one.

“He loves it when you go deep, but if you keep that up he will blow in your mouth and you will not get any benefit from that big cock.” She really wanted me to enjoy myself, I relaxed after she said that knowing she was getting into it too. Robyn pulled her mouth off me with and audible pop.

She must have seen the disappointment on my face because she looked me in the eye and with a wink said you can do that later if you want. Well that’s one option I said trying to be a bit cocky. The tension and nerves were out the window now. We knew it was not love it was simply two friends having fun and hopefully lots of orgasms.

I looked down on her with my escort ankara dick covered in her spit in her hand. She looked so sexy I just wanted to be back in her mouth. The room had heated up and the three of us were feeling it. Claire seemed to be rubbing the inside of her thighs watching

us perform, she was enjoying the show. We have masturbated with each other watching but this was a whole new ball park.

“Shall we move somewhere more comfortable?” Claire asked.

“I am quite comfortable here thanks.” I joked as Robyn engulfed me again. Keeping me in her mouth she raised her ass up so she was stood bent over. Very sexy move and the end pose was picturesque. A few more bobs of her head before we decided to move upstairs. The girls went up first with me in tow. I had tried to tuck myself away as best you can with a raging hard on.

I couldn’t resist running my hand up Robyn’s thighs as she climbed the stairs in front of me. Such smooth toned legs leading up to that ass. There was no movement to stop me, instead she hooked her fingers under the hem of the skirt and lifted it up to her waist. The pictures didn’t do her ass justice, she had a blue thong on that framed her cheeks perfectly. I slipped my hands between her thighs feeling the heat radiating from her pussy.

As we got to the bedroom Claire turned the bedside lamps on and headed over to her chair in the corner which she usually uses to put her make up on. Prime viewing position of the bed which Robyn was now at the foot of facing the bed with her skirt rolled up by her waist. I closed in behind her kissing the nape of her neck as I pressed my cock in between her arse cheeks. She gasped the same way Claire does when she gets this treatment.

I lifted her top up over her head and unclipped her bra which matched the thong she had on. I love a girl in matching underwear and Claire always dresses to impress. I wonder if Claire had told her about my preference before tonight or did she always dress like this.

I had taken control of the situation once we had gotten to the bedroom and Robyn seemed happy enough with my moves so far. I wanted to see her tits that where now exposed, placing my hands on her hips I lifted her up onto the bed lying her down on her back. Robyn’s small frame made her easy to manoeuvre. Lifting herself up off the bed allowing me to remove her skirt and thong, she showed no issues about being naked with Claire and me.

I studied her body whilst removing my clothes, she was totally shaved and her breasts looked huge on her tiny frame. They jiggled like only real ones do with each movement. I was still so sensitive from the blowjob and in no rush for this to end so I crawled up over Robyn and began kissing down her body. Avoiding her nipples to tease her a little, her body came up in goose bumps. My beard tickled over her skin adding to the sensations. I kissed down one leg then back up the other to the inside of her thighs. As I eased myself in between her thighs I heard movement from the corner.

Looking over I saw Claire was in one of her draws. I knew what she was reaching for and just smiled as she pulled out her vibrator. In no time at she shed her clothes as Robyn and I watched her. She placed a leg on each arm of the chair totally exposing herself and slowly inserted the toy. The ease it entered showed how wet and turned on she must have been. She showed no nerves being naked with Robyn watching.

“I love that feeling” Robyn said as the toy went all the way in, how could I forget she had the exact same toy because it was a replica of me and I had pictures of how wet it got her.

“I have something else you may like” I replied as my tongue found its way to her clit. It must have felt like an electric shock the way she jumped. Her legs wrapped round my head pulling me in to her lap further. I’ve always loved giving oral, the power it gave you over the person seeing them squirm as you change pace and technique.

“O Fuck that’s good, no one has done this for so long and never this good.” I stopped and looked up in disbelief knowing she had been with a few people and her ex. She saw my face and said that her ex thought it was nasty and wouldn’t do it, but fully expected her to go down on him. Mentioning him brought a sad look to her face. I had to change subject quick or tonight could come to a halt.

“His loss, my gain” I said as I sunk back down into her glistening pussy. With that she laughed and lay back down to enjoy my actions. I really went at it wanting to make her cum as many times as possible, show her how women should be treated in my opinion. When she came the first time her whole body shook and she lifted her hips up off the bed grinding my face. With my tongue still darting into her as she moved it shifted my mouth to her asshole. I didn’t miss a beat and carried on flicking my tongue over the puckered hole. I was no stranger to this and knew the recipient would love it if the moment is right.

I was no stranger to this and knew the she would love it with how hard she was cumming at this point. I wrapped my arms under her and up her back holding her hips up off the bed until she had finished. As she came down her whole body relaxed including her asshole allowing my probing tongue to enter making her body jerk again.

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