The Training of Jeff Stintum Ch. 12

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Chapter 12: The Morning After

Jeff heard the sound of birds singing, and with difficulty he opened his eyes. It was morning, and he was lying alone among the soft sheets and big, fluffy pillows of a king-sized bed. Sarah’s king-sized bed. Wait, was Sarah…? He turned his head from right to left, looking for her form, but he found nothing. After a second or two of lying in the bed, Jeff realized, somehow sensing without having to see, that Sarah wasn’t in the house. Her presence seemed to be missing.

He breathed heavily in and out a couple times as he laid on his back, getting his bearings. He was in Sarah’s house. In her bed. He had slept in her bed last night. He remembered her helping him into her bed with soft gentle hands that made his limbs feel tiny as she tenderly held them. Why had she needed to help him…? With a bit of a lurch in his stomach he remembered the crutches, and he looked over quickly to the nightstand on his side of the bed. There they were, leaning up neatly against the polished nightstand wood, reminders of his current status.

Which was what, exactly? Where did he stand right now? Jeff thought back to what Sarah had said, right before they went to sleep. As soon as his skin came into contact with the coolness of her sheets, his lids had started to feel leaden and began to drop.

“That’s right, little guy,” she had cooed at him from her bathroom as she made her nighttime preparations. “You’re all tuckered out, aren’t you?” And he absolutely was. Four monstrous orgasms to go along with the bombshell news that he and Sarah were not, in fact, dating…plus the pre-arranged decision made by Sarah and his parents that he was going to stay at her place until his surgery, which by the way was in one week…all these different factors had been enough to send Jeff’s brain into tailspinning hyperdrive. And all of this talk about “play partners” and “power dynamics” was just the baffling icing on an already-confusing cake.

“We can talk more tomorrow, Jeff,” Sarah had said from the bathroom. “I know there’s a lot of questions you probably have, but right now it’s time for sleep.” It unquestionably was time for sleep, at least for Jeff, who was struggling to keep his eyes open. He had a vague impression of Sarah’s completely nude form turning off the light to her bathroom and crossing the floor of her bedroom in two large strides to slide into bed next to him. He caught a glimpse of her taut stomach, her enormous breasts, and mighty hips with thighs all moving with calm, purposeful strength and agility. In the darkness that reigned in her bedroom he was not able to see much else.

But he had felt her presence, her body next to his, as she got into bed. The mattress groaned, the bed frame sighed, and Jeff actually felt his body sliding down the large imprint that Sarah’s body made in the mattress. He had felt his body collide with hers, eliciting a soft giggle from her in the darkness.

“Oh, does someone wanna spoon?” she whispered playfully. She reached her hand over and pinched his hip with her thumb and forefinger, giving it a little shake as she laughed at how tiny he was in her grasp.

“Ok Jeff. I’m down for that. I just think I should be the big spoon, don’t you?” She laughed softly again and turned on her left side, flipping Jeff likewise and holding his body close to hers. They were both lying on their left hip — Sarah had made a point to protect Jeff’s other deteriorating side. Her right arm draped around his upper torso, holding him to her bosom, and gradually his breathing cadence began to match hers. He was so tired, but the reality of the situation, that he was lying naked in Sarah Helleger’s bed, and getting spooned by her, was enough to keep Jeff awake for just a few more minutes. In this time his eyes adjusted to the darkness and he could see the smooth black shape of her immense hips rising tall above his. They were both lying on their side right next to each other, and yet her hips had to be at least three, and maybe even four times higher than his own, and all that even though her body made so much deeper of an impression on the bed…despite his exhaustion Jeff’s mind still jumped to these thoughts, and he could feel himself getting hard again in her grasp.

“Shhhhhhh,” she had breathed soothingly, sensing his arousal as she stroked his little chest with her long fingers. “Just sleep now Jeff. Just sllleeeeeppppp.” And he had, almost as if responding to the effect of a spell.

And now, this next morning, he was apparently all by himself in Sarah’s house. Bright sunshine came in through one of Sarah’s wide bedroom windows, filtering delightfully through the soft white drapes that hung on either side. It must have been past mid-morning by this point. Had he really slept that long?

Still lying down, Jeff began to look around Ataşehir Anal Escort Sarah’s bedroom. She had very simple yet elegant tastes — there wasn’t much decoration on her walls except for a couple of what looked like paintings of big, stylish country houses, and one of the beach and the ocean. Her walls were painted a light purple…a lavender. And looking straight forward, Jeff saw that he was looking directly into a large rectangular mirror which hung on the wall opposite the bed, giving its occupants a complete view of themselves.

Jeff looked at himself in the mirror. He looked like a little boy in his parents’ bed; the king-sized bed positively dwarfed his small form, and seemed to actually swallow his body up. He thought back quickly to the previous night, and how Sarah’s body had made such an impact on the mattress as she laid down to spoon him. He felt under himself and realized that his body made no indentation at all, and he looked over to the mattress space on his right. Yes! There it was — there was still a slight crater in the mattress from Sarah’s body! Jeff grew immediately excited and rolled over into the space where her body had been. Yes, that sandalwood scent was still there too…he felt his cock begin to rise up from its sleep.

He was languishing in this space where something bigger than him…much bigger…had laid. Sarah’s body. As he lay in the middle of her depression her body made on the bed, Jeff could see how far her body would have extended outward on both sides of him. It was utterly ridiculous. Was she actually three times his size?? It couldn’t possibly be…and yet there it was. She was obviously so much wider than him. And his stomach floundered and his face grew hot as the blood rushed through his flushed neck…he was realizing that this shape only really measured her width. It didn’t really measure her thickness…her depth. Jeff remembered actually sliding into the valley that her body made in the mattress, and his cock grew quickly to its full length.

Had his dick gotten bigger? Jeff hadn’t remembered it looking that long and that thick. It didn’t matter right now. Just by lying where Sarah’s body had been, and seeing how tiny he compared, had had worked himself into a mindless frenzy. Without any thought he simply grabbed his dick and desperately tugged at it a few times. He was surprised when a rope of white hot semen erupted out of his cock within seconds, bursting into the air in an exuberant trajectory that rose up a couple feet before coming back down, spattering on his chest, his neck, his face, and all over Sarah’s sheets. He laid there a few moments with his eyes closed, breathless, everything a whirl.

Gradually after a few minutes things began to clear in his brain. He had to deal with some initial panic at realizing that he had soiled Sarah’s splendid sheets with his semen, but he quickly recovered, reassuring himself that he would have plenty of time to clean up his mess before she got back home. Any other thoughts were getting quickly subsumed by his disbelief and elation. He was here! In Sarah’s house!! And he was going to be staying with her for an entire week!! Jeff could not contain his excitement, and a big grin spread across his face as he actually bounced up and down a little in the bed from sheer glee.

A sudden sharp pain in his right hip reminded him of how complicated everything was, but it wasn’t enough to douse his joy at having gotten in with Sarah so quickly and easily. What did it matter that she didn’t call it a “boyfriend-girlfriend” thing? So what if she wanted to use strange little phrases like “play partners” and “power exchange” to describe what they did together? Lying there in Sarah’s bed, Jeff decided that none of that weird stuff mattered to him. What mattered was that he had just gotten the most mind-blowing blowjob of his life from the hottest girl he had ever seen. And not only that, but she had taken a clear interest in him and had actually contacted his parents and made secret plans to have him all to herself for a week.

‘What a feisty girl,’ Jeff chuckled to himself as he languished in her bed. ‘She basically kidnapped me for a week.’ And all supposedly under the pretext that she was going to help get him ready for surgery. It was all very clever, and Jeff couldn’t help but smile again to himself as he moved to get off the bed so he could use the bathroom.

The cutting pain again coursed through his hip, and Jeff’s mood darkened a bit as he realized the reality of his condition. Surgery…hmmmm…the prospect really didn’t seem all that fun. An abrupt flash in his mind of Sarah’s serious and concerned face made him pause as he sat on the edge of her bed, his legs dangling in the air off the side. She definitely wasn’t making up anything wrong with him — his hip was Ataşehir Yaşlı Escort pretty bad. How had he seemed to deteriorate so fast? Had his hip already started to collapse? He remembered Sarah measuring him, and indicating quite clearly that he had lost height. All these moving parts, these contradictions, these uncertainties, began to rush around in his head like the beginnings of a hurricane, and he felt panic once again seizing him.

But just like that, a single thought seemed to banish all his worries and dark thoughts: Sarah was taking care of him. He saw her kind smiling face and remembered back to her sitting there on the sofa with her legs up, talking to him enthusiastically about her research on osto…osteo…whatever that thing she studied was called. Bones. She was actually a trained professional, and he was under her care. He thought of her calm empathetic face, her confident posture, her poise, and her self-assurance…just the way she carried herself. The way she had her house all neat and ordered…the fact that she wasn’t even 22 and already had a house and a mortgage! He breathed reassuringly to himself as he felt a happy warmth seep down to his dangling feet. Sarah was totally in control. She had this. And he, Jeff, could just sit back and enjoy the ride. He looked down at his dick, which was still semi-hard and gave it a little knowing pat.

“See,” he said to his dick out loud, “sometimes you just gotta show them what they want. And look what happens.” He was about to dismount onto the floor (which was farther down than he was comfortable with) when his eyes caught a bright pink piece of paper that was sitting on the night stand closest to him. In big purple letters, he was able to read one word:


His heart leapt into his mouth and he clambered across the bed to the night stand — she had written him a note before she went to work! He grabbed the piece of paper and read her words to him, which were written with a purple marker in a flowing hand.


Good morning! Or afternoon…lol. I hope you had a good rest last night — you needed it, haha! You didn’t even budge when I got up this morning. Very cute <3

Remember, call the hospital and reschedule your surgery for next week. And I want you to think about those rules I mentioned last night for staying here. To refresh: you have to stay on those crutches, no smoking, and no drinking unless it’s with me. This is all for your health. I really want this surgery to go well! If you think you can follow these rules, text me: “Sarah, I agree to follow your rules.” And I’ll hold you to them! No messing around 🙂 If you decide to stay, make yourself at home. Just stay off those little feet!


P.S. I have dinner cooking in the crock pot. I hope you like slow-cooked pork ribs. Mmmmmm…”

Where was his phone?? In his pants — but Sarah had peeled off his pants last night and left them in the living room…no, there they were! She had folded up his clothes in a nice neat pile by the night stand. Wow, wasn’t she sweet. Jeff reached down with difficulty, fished his phone out of his pocket, and wasted no time texting Sarah those exact words: “Sarah, I agree to follow your rules.” He laughed to himself; Sarah sure did love playing her flirty little games.

‘Not really my cup of tea,’ thought Jeff to himself, ‘all these silly games. But what the hell, this is Sarah we’re talking about. I’ll play whatever games she wants me to!’ He smiled as the traditional male-female dynamic hardened in his mind. What was wrong with the girl being the aggressive one from time to time anyway? Especially if the payoff for the guy was…Jeff saw her flicking her long and talented tongue at him with that crazy speed and shook his head to himself.

‘You’re one lucky man, Jeff. One lucky man.’ He once again aimed to dismount the bed and held back a moment, feeling the pain in his hip and seeing how far down the floor was. His eyes spied the crutches leaning against the night stand and he sidled over to them and used them to help lower his body off her bed. There. Simple as that. He now stood on one foot in her bedroom, leaning on the crutches, and feeling a little ridiculous. He cleared his head with a quick shake as he hopped to the bathroom.

“Doctor’s orders,” he remembered Sarah’s voice say to him playfully, and he smiled.

After peeing in her toilet (whose lid seemed a little higher to Jeff that usual), he slung himself on the crutches over to her sink. ‘God, of course Sarah’s a neat freak,’ he thought to himself as he looked with wonder at how precisely everything was arranged on her bathroom counter. Her array of lotions, creams, make-up, hair products, and general cosmetics were all ordered and arranged with such deliberate care…this kind of methodical Ataşehir Zenci Escort attention to detail was quite foreign to Jeff, whose haphazard habits were obvious even to him.

It was about this time that Jeff noticed Sarah’s toothbrush holder. It didn’t just hold one toothbrush — it held two. One was a big blue toothbrush, and the other was a significantly smaller pink toothbrush, and Jeff could feel his heart quicken yet again as he noticed that there was yet another note stuck to the pink one. He leaned against the counter, reached out, and picked out the pink toothbrush to read the note.

“Hi again, Jeff! This one’s yours. Could you tell? Haha <3"

Jeff’s breathing was coming in quick gasps again as his dick started to harden. He became frustrated with himself — it was a toothbrush, for god sakes! And she was nice to provide him with one…what was so sexual about that? She was just being flirty with him again, giving him the smaller one, and making it pink. This was just her idea of a joke, right?

Without thinking he reached out his pink toothbrush and lined it up against hers: it was about half as tall. It looked like a kid’s toothbrush next to an adult’s. A flash of her hand next to his hand, and her arm next to his arm shot through his head, but he shook it all away as his cock hardened more against his will. She was just being accommodating and playful at the same time. Nothing weird about that. And besides, she was bigger than him anyway, so her teeth were probably bigger, right? That’s how that worked, wasn’t it? He shook his head again, marveling at the absurd places his brain could go. He decided to ignore his erection and brush his teeth, knowing Sarah would be proud that he had accepted her thoughtful little gift.

There was only one problem, though. The toothpaste was out of reach. Sarah’s counter was definitely deep, but it was also taller than those Jeff was accustomed to dealing with. Standing up straight, the countertop reached his nipples, and although he strained past the toothbrush holder to get at the tube behind it, he couldn’t quite reach it. What’s more, he wasn’t even able to really see himself in the mirror. Sarah didn’t have a full-wall mirror that started straight up from the counter. Going up, there was about a foot of bathroom wall in between the counter and where the mirror started, and Jeff was only barely able to see his eyes in the mirror if he stood on the tiptoes of his left foot. Clearly, this bathroom was arranged for a much larger person, and Jeff couldn’t help but utter a short little exhale of frustration as he grappled with his crutches, trying different ways to reach the toothpaste.

His left foot suddenly bumped into something on the floor, and Jeff nearly fell down. As he steadied himself he looked down and saw that he had stumbled into a wooden stepping stool. And there it was: another little message from Sarah on a pink sticky note. Now he knew she was playing with him, but his eagerness to read what she had written to him quickly subdued any annoyance he felt at her games. He leaned the crutches against the counter and struggled to lower himself down to the floor, actually half-falling at the end into a kind of roll that sprawled his naked body across Sarah’s fluffy white bath mat.

Jeff could feel himself sink into the soft velvety material. It felt so good against his skin that he languished there a moment more than he had intended, but he quickly felt something like alarm when an irrational fear struck him that he was being sucked into the bath mat, and that he would get somehow stuck in it. He flailed his skinny limbs and after kicking and grabbing at the air for a few seconds managed to right himself so that he was kneeling on his thighs next to the wooden step stool. The stool definitely seemed larger up close like this: to Jeff it looked like the size of a fairly large toolbox. He ripped off Sarah’s note to read it.

“Just for you Jeff <3"

Without thinking Jeff actually crumpled the note up and threw it away, back into the bedroom. Sarah’s simple words were making him hard again, and he did not appreciate his lack of control over his own arousal, or her teasing him about his height. He wasn’t that short. She was just so tall! He was the normal one, not her! But almost as soon as he threw the note away he was crawling after it again, not wanting to take the trouble to get back on his crutches. He wanted to see her handwriting again.

Already, Sarah’s first rule was starting to sink into his brain. He had not even considered standing up to walk on his own without the crutches. He crawled across her bath mat and floor and into her bedroom, where he retrieved her note, uncrumpled, it read it over a few more times. What was it about her flirty little games that got him so frustrated? So hot and bothered? So…horny? A minute later he was standing one-footed on the step stool, leaning on his crutches, brushing his teeth and looking at his face full-on in the mirror, not knowing what to think of the face that looked back at him, realizing with slow anxiety that he was unable to read his own expression.

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