The Truth About Nikki – pt1

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The Truth About Nikki – Nikki’s First Night Out

To understand anyone it is my belief that you first must know a little bit about the way they grew up. Therefore I will explain very quickly about my family.

My parents had a rocky marriage (to say the least), in an attempt to stabilize the relationship, my mother conceived me. I was supposed to be the binding glue of their failing marriage. It didn’t work, because even before I was born my father packed up and left. I have never met nor even heard from him. My mother has always blamed me for ruining her marriage and her life, a point, which she has never hesitated to mention to me many times during my 16 years with her. My mother became a religious zealot about the time I turned 10 or so, which only turned my life with her into a living hell. No TV because it was all about sins of the flesh, no music because it promoted drug use, no dating because this led to sexual desires, etc..etc..

We had been constantly fighting for months when school finally got out in 1996. I was just 16 and wanted a life, she was 40 and just wanted to be rid of me. She arranged for me to go spend almost two weeks with an aunt, uncle, and cousin of mine in central Oregon. I had never met these people but I would have gone anywhere to be free from mom’s bullshit for a while.

It was early afternoon on a Friday in July when I stepped off of that Buss and met my uncle Bill and cousin Sandra for the first time. Bill explained that Sandra would be showing me around for the first week or so because he and my aunt were leaving that very day for a week long cruise to Alaska. Sandra was 18 and had just finished her first year of college at the local university. Once we were alone in my room, unpacking my stuff she said that later that evening she and her boyfriend were going to a off campus party and wanted me to go with them. I jumped at the chance to see what I had been missing out on, and soon we were planning our outfits for the party. Sandra called my entire wardrobe totally lame so we shopped from her closet. She set me up with a red mini-skirt, black boots and a white lace top with a strapless bra. After the way I had always dressed, I felt positively naked in this outfit, but when I looked at myself in Sandra’s mirror I suddenly realized that I looked damn hot.

I changed back into my normal clothes and went down stairs and met my aunt Sara as she got home from work. I was really surprised how nice everyone got along in Sandra’s house. It was really a whole different feeling being around a family where there was joking around and laughter. Mom and I never laughed or joked like that. Around six pm, Bill and Sara left to catch their flight out of Portland, and Sandra and I were left alone. We both went upstairs and slipped back into our party outfits. I had never been allowed to use makeup so Sandra applied some cheek highlights and eye shadow for me. When I looked at my self, I felt like I was having an out of body experience or something. I had never felt so beautiful before; it was a feeling that, for the first time in my life, I felt like I was a real person. I couldn’t wait to go to the party and see if those people liked me and accepted me.

Sandra’s boyfriend Eric came over about 8 and we all headed over to the party. We could hear the music even before we could see the house. The party was already in high gear and there were people everywhere, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. We all crowded through the door into the house, the music was blasting and the mood was just electric. Eric went somewhere and when he showed back up he pressed a wine cooler into my and Sandra’s hands. We began to mingle and Sandra and I began dancing with Eric in the center of the room. I was having so much fun, dancing, and just watching everyone else. The place was just packed with people, so much so that I was constantly bumping or being bumped by others. I found that when I danced the skirt Sandra had given me rode up onto my hips, so I constantly had to tug it back down. I felt just so sexy in it that I didn’t mind this small problem at all. Every time my wine cooler got low another seemed to appear, I liked the fruity taste and was feeling a nice buzz starting.

We had been there maybe two hours when Sandra came over and said that her and Eric were gonna split for a while but would be back later for me. I was cool with that, I was having so much fun that I really didn’t want to go anywhere. After they left, I would dance with different people until I was just about to pass out then move around the other rooms until I had cooled down again. It was during one of these cool down walks that I met Ray. He was twenty something, over six foot tall, broad chest, big bulging arms, and had an infectious smile. I dont know why but I instantly felt an attraction to him. As he spoke to me I felt things stirring within me that I had never felt before. I couldn’t explain this feeling; it was like a little series of tinny electric shocks that made me tingle all over. Soon Ray and I were dancing together. I felt like everyone else was slowly fading away, leaving just Ray and I. As he would pull me against his chest, I couldn’t help but feel his manhood press against my navel. It gave me shivers every time he would press against me and grind his bulge against me. That tingly feeling was becoming a constant buzz now and I became aware of the pounding of my heart in my ears.

Ray maneuvered us into a corner where some speakers were stacked and led me behind the pile into near darkness. I felt his arms wrap around my waist and back, pulling me to him. I wanted to be close to him so bad, I needed to be close to him, I leaned into him and we kissed. As his tongue explored my mouth, it felt like my entire body had been lit on fire, I pressed myself to him, feeling the bulge of his man hood against my belly where a bonfire was raging. As he broke our kiss his mouth moved to my neck and ears, I remember that I was gasping for air, but had totally surrendered to him. His hand slid down over my ass, I knew where he was going, but I didn’t have the willpower to stop him. I needed to feel his hand touch me there. He gently slid his hand under my skirt, which had rode way up again, and I gasped as his fingertips touched my ass through my panties. For the first time in my life, I felt my pussy flood, and knew right then that I would do whatever this man wanted. Ray continued to kiss and explore my body with his tongue and hands; at each touch I would feel that growing electric tingle. Finally he broke away from me, took my hand, and without a word led me from our little hid away through the throng of people to the staircase.

I still remember walking hand in hand with Ray down the hallway of the second floor, listening to that little voice in my head, which was screaming at me to stop, go down stairs, and wait for Sandra. I just let the pounding of my heartbeat in my ears drown it all out. I didn’t really know what was in store for me behind that door, but I knew that I wanted it, my whole body was screaming for whatever was inside that room. As Ray clicked the door closed he kissed me deeply and I felt myself melting into him. As he pulled his lips from me, I felt his hands lifting my top, I was like a little baby, I just lifted my arms and without a word let him slip my top from me. I was trembling so bad that I thought my legs would buckle, but Ray pulled me to his body again and I felt so safe and happy. His hand moved between us and I felt the catch of my bra release and then him pull it free. Ray took about a half step back and gazed at my nakedness, I should have been embarrassed but I wanted this man to have anything he wanted from me. He cupped both of my breasts and murmured to me how fucking beautiful I was and how he was going to fuck me crazy. He released his grip on my breasts and pulled his ‘t’ shirt over his head revealing his strong chest. I rubbed my fingers through his thick black chest hair and over the firm muscles of his powerful black chest. I looked up into his beautiful brown eyes and remember thinking to myself ‘why a black man, why are you doing this with a black man?” I didn’t have an answer; I just knew that I had to have this man.

Ray led me to the bed and sat me down on the edge, then knelt in front of me. He leaned in and kissed me while his hands found and released the waist catch of my borrowed red mini-skirt. As I felt him pull the waistband of my skirt I lifted my hips from the bed allowing him to finish stripping me. He casually flipped my garments over his shoulder into some dark corner and just looked me over. I had overlapping goose bumps waiting for him to say something, needing him to say that he liked what he saw. He finally took his eyes from the parts of my body that no man had ever seen before, looked directly into my eyes and said ‘your one beautiful little white baby gurl’. His hands, which had been resting on my knees Sex hikayeleri slowly parted, opening my legs wide before his gaze. He gently slid his right hand up the inside of my thigh until he came to my waiting pussy, giving me chills as his fingers just barely touched my skin and ruffled my blonde mound. He rubbed his thumb up and down my slit sending bursts of electric shocks up my spine, making me twitch and squirm before him. He cupped my breast with his left hand and pressed me back until I was lying flat on the bed. I felt him lift my legs and place my heels on his strong shoulders as he began kissing me on my inner thighs, working his kisses closer and closer to my pussy. I wanted him to touch my pussy so bad, but he was in charge now, not I. I was feeling numerous overlapping emotions as Ray explored my body, his hand gently kneading my right breast, his hot breath on my pussy, the constant trembling of my legs, yet there was still a part of my being which was urging me to stop this, warning me that I did not know this man, that I shouldn’t lose my virginity this way, to this man, this black man. And above all these other warning was the nagging voice, which kept telling me that I had no protection. But I couldn’t move, could hardly talk, all I wanted was to please this man and I would do anything he wanted, so I disregarded all the voices and let the lust wash over me as I felt Rays tongue finally slip between my pussy lips, making me yip and buck against his face. He pulled his mouth from me looked up at me and said he was gonna fuck my little white ass silly then lowered his mouth to me and drove his tongue into me like a mad man. I had my first climax within a minute or so, it was like someone had touched my pussy with and electric wire, there was this huge burst of energy which exploded outward from my pussy, ripped through my belly, up my spine and slammed into my brain like a sledgehammer. My vision dimmed, I felt myself trashing about, totally out of control, then that wonderful feeling of total harmony washed over me and I understood the term afterglow, and I loved it.

As I became aware of things around me, there was Ray standing now, removing his trousers. My attention was riveted to his crotch as he slid his trousers and boxers down as one unit, suddenly this huge black cock popped free of the cotton and it swung straight out pointing at me. Ray dropped his trousers and kicked them free, then just stood there smiling down on me. He crooked his finger in a come to me gesture and I sat up, bringing me face to face with his huge bobbing cock. It was absolutely beautiful, its jet-black shaft, thick as my wrist, and a deep purple/black cock head, wildly flared and blunt on the tip. It had this large drool of clear liquid getting ready to drip form it, I couldn’t help myself, I just leaned forward and licked it from the bottom of that beautiful cock. Ray let out a moan, told me to suck his cock, placed his hand on the back of my head, and guided my mouth back to his manhood. The taste of his precum was intoxicating, it was slightly salty, very slick, yet sticky, all at the same time. I loved it. The feel of his hard, smooth, pulsing cock in my mouth, coupled with his moans and words of encouragement as he gripped my head and gently fucked my mouth made me want him inside me so badly that I ached for him to be between my legs. He pushed my mouth from him and told me to slide onto the bed cause he needed to fuck my nasty little white ass.

I knew this was the moment of truth, that there was no going back from here. I was trembling with anticipation as I arranged myself in the center of the bed. Ray walked around to the foot of the bed and stood there holding his cock in one hand and looked me up and down before talking. He asked me if I really wanted his 9 inch black cock buried in my little white pussy. I nodded my head yes because I wasn’t sure if I could talk, but he said he needed to hear me say it, that if I wanted it Id have to ask for it. I summoned all my strength and said ‘please fuck me’. Ray got a nasty smile on his face and knelt onto the bed and crawled in between my legs. As he moved up my body I felt his cock touch me several times sending shivers up my spine. He whispered into my ear that he wanted me to grab his cock and guide him to my pussy hole. I reached between us with trembling hands and grasped his huge throbbing cock; it felt so good in my hands that I just held it there until Ray groaned in my ear that he wanted to be in my pussy. I put his cock head right against my vulva and felt his cock slip between my hands as he pressed his manhood into my virgin pussy. The feeling of his cock forcing it s way into my pussy, stretching me to fit his girth was the most awesome feeling that I had ever felt. He moaned as his cock pressed three or four inches into me and said that I was a real tight ass little bitch. I was drifting into some kind of netherworld as the waves of pleasure began lapping over me like waves on a beach. Feeling his cock working back and forth inside me, the muscles of his back rippling with his power, the growing tingle in the deepest part of my belly that was building with every thrust of Rays cock. My body was moving on it’s own, my knees folded up beside his chest, my hips rolling to meet his thrusts, my hands roaming over his strong back. I was just drifting in this little cloud of passion, listening to ray whisper nasty little things into my ear like how tight I was, how I was one hot little slut, how he was gonna make me his little bitch, etc, when my first orgasm hit. It came without warning and slammed into me so hard that I bit my lip. As I was racked by this huge tidal wave, Ray drove his cock deep into my pussy shattering my hymen in the process. I yipped at this sudden jolt of pain and ray froze in his tracks. With genuine concern in his voice he asked me if I was ok. I don’t know why I didn’t tell him that he had just taken my cherry, but I didn’t. I just looked up into his eyes and told him that he was just so much bigger than anyone I had ever had and that he had to be careful. He began working his tool in slow but firm strokes into me, every stroke he would press a little deeper. I was amazed that there wasn’t any more pain after that one big spike, and soon even that was forgotten as that fluttering electric tingle began building deep within my belly again.

Rays cock felt like it had stretched and filled every possible nook and cranny of my pussy yet he kept forcing more into me with each powerful stroke. I thought that I would split wide open if he didn’t stop soon when I felt his balls press themselves tight against my ass and Ray moaned into my ear that he was balls deep in my tight white ass. He suddenly changed strokes and began pulling his cock almost all the way out then plunging it back into me until his balls smacked against my ass. This sudden rush threw me into another huge climax and I gripped his back and clung to him as I was racked by wave after wave of pure pleasure, all the while feeling Ray pounding himself into me with fast hard strokes. My orgasm began to wane but I could feel another one already building to a crescendo right where Ray’s cock was pounding into me faster and faster. Ray suddenly arched his back, rolled his head back, growled that he was bustin a nut in me and slammed his huge cock all the way into me, I felt his cock pulse inside me and came again myself. We lay there, Ray motionless on top of me, his raspy breath in my ear, his cock still thumping inside me, and having this feeling wash over me that everything was perfect in the world.

I remember thinking that I should go to the bathroom and attempt to wash Rays semen from my womb before it could impregnate me, but then I disregarded this as a stupid idea because Ray had planted it so deep into me that I had no chance of getting it all. Then Ray began to stir.

Ray slipped from me and rolled onto his back pulling me onto his chest. I looked up into his twinkling eyes and gently kissed his chest as he petted my head like a puppy. His hand moved to the top of my head and he applied gentle but firm pressure, forcing me down towards his crotch. I knew what he wanted immediately so I twisted around and slid my face down to his groin. His cock was still a beautiful sight, lying there across his thigh, coated with streaks of his white sperm. I held myself up on my right elbow and lifted his cock to my mouth with my left hand; the smell was that of pure unadulterated sex. I inhaled it like it was a drug and when I placed that cum oozing cock into my mouth, I just knew that this was where I belonged. Ray’s cock continued to thump in my mouth even though it was only semi hard, its heat and taste were overpowering, his thick sperm mixed with my juices was truly nectar to me and I found myself sucking his tool with wild abandon. I didn’t know if I was sucking him right, but his moans told me that I was doing it ok. Because Sikiş hikayeleri I had twisted around to stay on the bed, Ray had easy access to my used pussy and had begun to slip his fingers in and out of me, making me squirm with pleasure. As Ray played with me he kept telling me how good a fuck I was, how tight I was, and how he loved my cock sucking. This talk made me feel so good, I don’t really know why, but it made me feel like I was desirable, a somebody, I don’t know.

Ray began running his sperm lubed fingers from my pussy over my asshole, first drawing little circles around it, then later probing them into my hole itself. This was a whole new feeling, not uncomfortable, but different in a nasty way, made even more so because it was a man slipping his finger in and out of my little butt hole. It seemed like only minutes until Ray’s cock had swollen to its beautiful full size again, I removed my left hand and just let it bob in front of my face while I licked and sucked it from end to end. Ray told me to get my slut ass up on my knees and face the headboard, which I did instantly because his fiddling between my legs had really made me ready to fuck again. He wasted no time moving in behind me, having me put my knees up on the pillows and pushing my legs open to where he had total access to me. Ray didn’t work his cock into me slow and gentle this time, I felt him rub his fat cock head up and down my slit a few times to lube it up then he plunged his cock into me to its full length in one strong, forceful stroke. This hard entry forced all the air from my lungs and I flopped my head down on the mattress to catch my breath, while Ray had grabbed my hips in his strong hands and began fucking me hard and deep. It seemed like only seconds had elapsed when I began to feel ‘that tingle’ winding tighter and tighter inside my belly. Ray was telling me what a fine little fucking slut I was, how he always loved fucking us white sluts, how my white pussy felt so good on his black cock, etc. This nasty talk combined with his wild, powerful fucking, made me explode like a small bomb. Even while I was still trashing beneath him, reveling in my climax, I felt Ray shove one and then another thumb up my ass, I forced my self up from the mattress and mewed at this new and wonderful feeling he was giving me. His powerful cock pounding in and out of me and now he was stroking his two thumbs in to my ass with the same tempo as his cock. I felt another orgasm coming and yelled that I loved it in my ass when the world dimmed out again. I almost fainted; I collapsed onto the mattress again and was powerless as this latest orgasm rocked me again and again. I became aware that Ray was leaning over me still slamming my pussy with his big cock, laughing and calling me a total nympho cock whore. As the room began to come back into focus I felt Ray slip his thumbs from my ass, then he pulled his cock from my pussy, I felt so empty and was about to ask him about this when I felt his cock press against my puckered ass and felt him pressing it into me. I felt the pressure and knew that he was forcing my ass to fold way into me; the pressure was becoming uncomfortable when there was a subtle pop and his cock slid inside me. Ray let out a groan and said my ass was even tighter than my fucking cunt and that he was gonna break me in good. He shoved what felt like a foot of his cock into me, making me squeal and squirm on his cock. He said that I had a nasty hot ass and that he was gonna ream me out good, as he stroked even more of his huge cock into me, It was hard to breath as he would drive into me and I soon found my self breathing in cadence with his fucking, inhale on the outstroke, exhale on his in stroke. Sooner than I would have thought I felt his balls smacking against my pussy and knew that he was completely filling my ass with his wonderful black cock. I began to feel that wild tingle again and thought ‘how can I cum when he’s in my ass’ but soon this wonderful orgasm flowed over me, not racking me like the others but a very pleasant feeling as they rolled up my spine, washing through my brain in perfect harmony with Ray. Ray announced that he was gonna cum again and suddenly slipped his cock from my ass and buried it deep into my pussy again. This sudden change sent my belly into overtime again and I knew that within seconds I was going to cum again. I dropped to the mattress just as the first wave hit me hard and before I dimmed out I heard Ray growl and felt him slam into me with his cock pumping more of his sperm into my womb.

Ray pushed me forward off his cock and moved up and slipped in between me and the headboard, leaving no doubt in my mind that he wanted me to suck his wonderful cock again. He began rubbing it against the side of my face as I lifted my head up to accept him. He pushed his cock into my mouth and gripped my head with both hands. There was no gentle talk now; he just flat told me to suck his fucking cock, that it was time for me to swallow his fucking juice. I knew that I should pull away and tell him to fuck off, but the taste of his cum covered cock in my mouth was just so overpowering that I just let myself go and began sucking his cock with fervor. I could see one of Ray’s arms waving around above his head but with his other hand firmly holding me by the hair on the back of my head I couldn’t look up to see what was going on. Then I felt it, the bed moved, the foot of the bed moved. I tried to pull my mouth from Ray’s cock but he clamped it with his two strong hands and gagged me with his cock as I felt someone between my legs, then another cock enter me. Strong hands gripped my hips and yanked me back onto another big cock. I was shocked for just a second before the feeling of that second cock began making my hips roll without my consent. I heard the voice of this new cock as he growled that Ray had found another fine little white slut for them to fuck the shit out of. I had so many mixed emotions swirling inside my brain, I knew this was wrong, way wrong, and that I should resist, say no, something. But I didn’t, this new cock inside me felt so good, I was already panting with Ray’s cock in my mouth and knew that an orgasm was building within me, so I just surrendered to the pleasure while Ray told this new guy what a fine little cocksucker I was and that I even took it up my nasty little white ass too. This new lover was pounding his cock into me so hard that I slid forward onto Ray’s belly as I was hit buy another huge orgasm leaving me gasping for breath while I listened to these two men call me a total nympho cum whore and more. Ray shoved me back down the bed as my mystery lover continued to fuck me like a mad man. I knew I was going to cum again soon and in the heat of the moment I blurted out that I wanted him to cum in me. I still have no idea why I said it, but it threw this guy into overdrive and he quickened his fucking even more which pushed me over the edge into orgasmic bliss again. My new lover almost screamed into my ear that he was givin me his baby juice as he gripped my hip and pulled my head back with by my hair. When he had finished filling my pussy with his sperm, he slapped me on the ass hard enough to make me jump and wince with pain. Ray immediately told the guy to knock that shit off, that he didn’t want me all marked up. Ray was thumping his hard cock against the side of my face and told me that I had put on such good fucking show that he had decided to fuck my nasty little ass again. He told me to turn around and meet his bro DJ.

DJ was about six tall, slim and well built, but not as defined as Ray. He had about an 8 inch cock which at second glace I recognized as being uncircumcised. Ray was behind me again and guiding my knees up onto the pillows for his easy entry. It hit me during this whole thing that I wasn’t embarrassed or pissed off at just being raped.

DJ smiled down at me and without saying anything he just stepped forward and guided his gooey cock into my mouth, it wasn’t till he had forced himself to the very back of my throat and made me gag a little that he patted me on the head and said that I was a sweet little bitch and that he was proud to service my hot little cunt with his cum. Ray took this time to shove his big cock back into my pussy and begin fucking me with long, slow strokes, rubbing and patting me on the ass as he did. He began telling DJ how I was the hottest little freshman slut on campus and how they were going to be able to enjoy my sweet little fuck holes until they both graduated that fall. DJ had stopped trying to gag me and was just slow fucking my mouth with his cock. His cock was so different than Ray’s, to be able to lick his cock head I had to clamp my lips on his cock as he pushed into my mouth, which would roll his foreskin back allowing me to lick his head. He liked this and began moaning and telling me what a fine little cocksucker I was. I wasn’t at all prepared for him to cum in Erotik hikaye my mouth when he did. He was pushing into me when all of a sudden he exploded, filling the entire back of my throat with his thick salty cum. I tried to recoil from his cock but his grip was firm and so was his voice as he told me to suck it all and swallow every drop. I gagged on it until I was able to swallow enough to regain my composure and finish sucking his cock until it went limp in my mouth. DJ stepped away and sat down on the bed beside me. Ray’s slow steady fucking was building a huge orgasm deep down inside my guts and I dropped to my elbows as I felt it rock me with its first waves bursting through my brain. As it subsided Ray pulled his cock from my pussy and again placed it against my ass, I was expecting it to be like the first time, but as he pressed against my anus he slipped right in, giving a low guttural moan as he pushed himself all the way into me. DJ made some remark about me being a real nigga dick lovin bitch to offer up my ass to them like that and Ray remarked that I was a real life black cock slut, that no bitch could fake being like me. Ray went to work on my ass, he was doing this thing with his hips that worked his cock in all different directions inside me and I soon felt another orgasm coming. Ray was grunting and pounding me harder and harder so I knew he was close too. His cock felt wonderful in my ass, but something deep inside me didn’t want his cum in my ass, so as I felt my orgasm begin to wash over me I yelled for him to cum in my pussy. As with my first anal climax, this one was far less explosive than the ones I had experienced in my pussy, and I was able to truly enjoy the feeling of Ray’s cock fucking me while I rocked back and forth with this sweet little climax tickling my belly. Ray almost waited to long when he suddenly pulled from my ass spraying some of his sperm up my back as he re-entered my pussy and flooded my already full pussy. As he shot spurt after spurt of his sperm into me, thick drools of cum came running out around his cock and began dripping onto the sheets and pillows beneath me. DJ was beside himself; he had been sitting on the side of the bed where he could watch Ray fuck both my pussy and ass and was now desperate to fuck me again. He almost shoved Ray out of the way as he mounted me, shoved his cock into my ass, and began fucking me hard and fast. All the while he was calling me a nasty little butt-fucking whore and how I was only good for servicing black men from now on. He was so worked up that I was just getting into it when he gripped my hips and came hard up my ass, whooping it up as he did. When he had finished filling my colon with his sperm, he slipped from me, pulled on his pants, told Ray g-nite, and left without saying anything to me. His treatment toward me stung and I wanted to cry.

I turned and slid up beside Ray who was leaning back against the headboard smoking a cigarette. I placed my head on his belly and just closed my eyes and listened to his heartbeat and gentle breathing, he placed his hand on my head and petted me like I was his pet dog or something. We didn’t say anything for the longest time when he finally finished his smoke and he told me that it was time for me to go home. That was the first time I had thought of the time since Sandra had left me hours ago and I sprang to my feet looking for a clock. There sitting on Ray’s night stand was his alarm clock which read 0430 exactly. I instantly panicked; Sandra and Eric had left me about 10:30 promising to come back for me. I began running around grabbing my clothes, pulling them on as fast as I could find them. Ray finally interrupted my frantic dressing and said I didn’t have to leave in such a rush. That’s when I broke down and cried while I told him about my ride and how much trouble I was in, and how this was my first day in town and I didn’t know where I was. He slipped from bed pulling on a set of sweats pants while he said he would take me home.

He led the way out of the house, which was a deserted mess now, not one person around. All I could think of right then was how pissed Sandra was going to be when I showed up. It wasn’t until we got in the car and headed out to the address of my aunt and uncle that I realized what a mess I was. I began trying to put my hair in some order and finally Ray told me to just forget it, I had that well fucked slut look and smelled the part too. I kinda snapped at him that I really didn’t like being called a fucking slut all the time. He started laughing and asked what else he should call a girl who fucked a guy she just met, who sucked his cock, let him butt fuck her, and then had let his friend fuck her cunt, ass, and mouth. I was stunned, he was right, I was a slut, and it hurt me to admit it. Ray reached over and pulled me across the seat and told me to calm down, that it was ok to be a slut. He went on to say that he loved sluts like me, because we know how to please men and love doing so. He asked me what was wrong with that, and I didn’t have an answer, it kinda made sense in a way. He said that the whole night was perfect with one exception as far as he was concerned. I asked him what the exception was and he said that he had really wanted me to suck him off, and then he guided my hand to his crotch. I squeezed his cock and found it almost hard already. I couldn’t believe it, my pulse was racing, and I was excited about sucking him, and knew that I wanted to. I slid down and pulled Ray’s sweats down and slid him into my mouth. It still smelled of our sex and tasted of sperm. I began sucking him hard and fast with my mouth, rolling my tongue around his cock head, feeling him squirm in his seat and listening to him moan at my endeavors. I hadn’t even noticed that Ray had pulled to the side of the road when he placed both hands on my head and exploded into my mouth. Again the sudden spurt of hot cum into my mouth gagged me but just slightly this time. I knew to swallow and suck at the same time now, so I soon drained his wonderful cock into my mouth. When he released his grip and let me sit up, I found myself sitting almost in front of my cousin Sandra’s house. Ray smiled at me and said it had now been a perfect fucking night in every way and wanted to see me again as soon as possible. I didn’t even think before I told him that I would see him anytime he wanted. He wrote his cell number on a slip of paper and handed it to me. He told me to give him a call sometime that after noon if I wanted to get together. I said I would call as I slid out of the car.

I stood there until Ray’s car was well out of sight before turning to face the trouble that waited inside the house. I walked up the driveway toward the kitchen door where Sandra had showed me the hidden key. As I walked along I noticed that all the lights were out, which struck me as way strange, but I went over some bullshit stories to tell anyway, knowing that they all sounded like shit. I reached the kitchen door and tried the knob, it turned, and it opened. I gently slid in and closed it as quietly as I could. So far so good I thought. I crept through the house, up the stairs and into my room without any alarms going off. But where was Sandra? Was she out looking for me? I needed to know, so I slipped out into the hall and went down the hall to Sandra’s room. The door was half open so I peeked around the door and there she was, laying half on and half off of Eric’s sleeping body. Then I realized what had happened, they had left me to come back here and fuck, then had just fallen asleep when they had finished. As I turned to slink back to my room I couldn’t help myself, I stepped half into the room so I could get a good look at Eric’s cock. It was a pretty little cock, much smaller than Ray or DJ’s, but there was more to it than that. It didn’t excite me at all; just the sight of Ray’s black cock had made my pulse race in the car, but looking at Eric’s cock did nothing for me at all, it was just a dick.

I undressed in darkness, being as quiet as possible, then took the cum splattered clothes down stairs and started the washer to help hide my deeds of the night. I came back upstairs and sat on the bed for a long time thinking over every little detail of what had happened during the night. I knew with certainty that Ray had planted his child between my legs; there was no doubt about it. I thought about all the trouble that would cause when my mom learned this fact, but I just didn’t care. I thought about Ray’s classification of me as a slut. I went over every possible definition of being a slut and I fit them all, so I finally resigned myself to the fact that I was truly a slut. Then I realized what I was missing, what had kept me up so long, guilt. I didn’t feel a bit of guilt for what I had done. As a normal young woman who had been brought up with certain values, I should be totally guilt ridden about my actions, but I wasn’t. In fact as I lay down and pulled the covers over my sperm covered body, all I could think of was what time was best to call Ray the next day.

If you still want to read about my life, my next diary excerpt will be entitled ‘day at the beach’

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