The Unexpected Christmas Present

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After being together for some twenty years, my wife, Janet and I knew each other pretty well. We knew each other well sexually as well. While some women may have to hint around for their guy to go downtown, most times I could hardly wait to lick Janet’s pussy. I enjoyed it so much, that I would lick slowly, up and down both sides of her pussy lips so I could make the pleasure last. After each of her orgasms, only soft licks or nuzzles would come close to her clitoris until she was ready to be taken to that point of no return again. Sometimes, she was just a little too noisy and I hoped that no one heard us in our passion.

To say that she knew me just as well would not be telling the complete story. Janet could masturbate me better than I could do myself. She would indulge me when I asked her for a prostate massage, sometimes rubbing my little gland until her fingers started to cramp. Knowing how anal-erotic I am, she was not too surprised one time to find me taking a long self administered coffee enema. When she walked in the bathroom the first time, I was lying on a towel in the bathtub with a nozzle in my ass and a tube running up to a red two-quart enema bag. She asked how I could stand it for so long as she looked at my soft penis. I was surprised I was not hard and so was she. She wanted to know how come I did not have to expel right away. I explained that with slow administration of the enema, the urge to expel could be put aside for quite a while. The coffee stimulates the liver to release bile, and it is said to have therapeutic effects if it is retained long enough. I had often dreamed of having Janet give me an enema, but she felt that enemas were medicine and should not be combined with sex. Whenever I engaged in enema play it was by myself.

Just after my hernia operation, I could get around, but sometimes bending and all pulled on my insides. Going to the bathroom, that is taking a dump, was difficult and sometimes painful. I’m sure that Janet thought that the lengthy time spent in the bathroom was productive, but the truth is, it was not. Something about the operation was making me big time constipated and I wanted some relief. Giving myself an enema would not be possible for a week yet, with out considerable pain, so I asked Janet for one. When she asked why, I explained to her the best I could. I reminded her of the benefits of a coffee retention enema, that is to be administered slowly, kept in for a total of twenty minutes and then expelled. I was delighted when she said yes, and I set about to prepare the equipment.

Our son was off visiting with friends for the day, so I did not have to conceal what was going on. I boiled the coffer on the stove for a while and proceeded to cool it down. Since we were home alone, she decided to give me the enema in the second bathroom, just off the kitchen. I placed a towel on the floor and lubricant and a box of exam gloves close by. I guess I was hoping for at least a small prostate massage, and sometimes that can get me going too. But I figured she would just lubricate me and put in the nozzle and adjust the flow. If it had not been for the operation, I doubt I would even get that. Oh, by the way did I say that I was still shaved? The operation required a hairless site, and the new procedures use three small incisions over a fairly large surface area. When my hair started to grow back in it caught on my clothes and pulled my skin in an uncomfortable way. I was keeping it trimmed, and I hoped she would appreciate the newness of my hairless genitals. The narrative that follows is as close as I can get to the events that followed.

“Andy do you have all the stuff ready? I am running out of time.” Janet said.

“Yes, all except pouring the coffee into the enema bag.” I had placed the bag in the kitchen and the nozzle in the bathroom. The hose was to be connected in the bathroom so that all the air could be expelled before it was inserted.

“OK then, why don’t you take off your shorts and lay down on the towel. I’ll bring everything in for you.” Fine I thought. I went into the bedroom and removed all my clothes. It didn’t bother me at all to walk through the house with no clothes on and I am quite comfortable that way. I went into the bathroom and got on my hands and knees, and slowly put my head down as far as possible. It was an enema position I had often fantasized about and I thought why not enjoy it. It was work to get in that position, and as long as I did not have to move too much I would be just fine. I had placed a rolled up towel to rest my head upon, but more important, I knew Janet could see my cock and balls in all their nearly hairless wonder.

“They really did a job with shaving you didn’t Ümraniye Escort they? You are so smooth and clean.” Janet knelt down behind me and fondled my balls for a few seconds. Her hand moved to my cock for too short of a time and then she stood up. “Let me go get the coffee.”

I was warm enough, but I had started to tremble just a little bit. I was excited and getting more and more horny as we approached a new milestone in our relationship. If I were not experiencing just a little minor pain, I would say things were going perfectly. I did not know how to react when I heard to doorbell ring.

“Don’t worry I’ll get it, you just stay right there.” I could hear Janet walking toward the front door. My mind slipped off to a period when every time Janet and I were alone a certain one of her friends just happened to drop by. She opened the door.

“Hello Janet. Merry Christmas”

I recognized the voice. It was Samantha, a young girl that used to work for us. I say girl thinking of her bouncy behavior and how young she looked a few years ago. Sam, as we called her, is part Asian. Even after having two children, she is still thin although now she has some hips. They look good on her too. However, as with many Asian women her breasts are smaller than what we westerners consider to be normal. The effect is to make her cute and young looking but not a knockout. But don’t get me wrong, she can turn the head of many men when she dresses nicely.

“This is for you,” Sam delivered her statement with expectation. Sam knew that Janet had Christmas presents for her two daughters, and the two had been playing phone tag with getting together for over a week.

“Thanks Sam,” Janet said in an uncertain tone. “I have something for your two daughters. I have it right here.” I could hear Janet walk over to her desk, and I could hear the door close. I don’t think Janet meant to invite Sam in, but I’m sure it was one of those awkward moments when Sam thought she should come in.

“Do you guys have coffee on? That’s all I can smell. I would love a cup of coffee,” Sam started to ramble. I heard her take a few more steps into our house, and I began to wonder what I should do next. I knew I could get up and close the door, but I did not know if I could do it quickly enough. I could just hide in the bathroom while they talked.

“Well yes, we do have coffee,” I heard Janet reply with a certain amount of amusement in her voice.

Sam took a couple more steps towards our kitchen and I’m sure she could see the enema bag sitting on the counter. Sam has a short laugh that flows easily from her in a series of hahahaha’s. She laughed and asked, “What is that for?”

Janet paused before answering, “Well you know Andy just had minor surgery don’t you? Well he still has some constipation from the anesthesia, and it hurts him to bend so much. He asked me to give him an enema.”

I didn’t know what to do. It was embarrassing to have them talk about my bowel movements, but that was the nature of Sam. She was always in the middle of things, one of those personality types that would not take no for an answer. I had not moved through out all this exchange and the bathroom door was wide open. I knew a few more steps and Sam would see more than she had bargained for.

“No way, get out. I’ve heard of them, but I don’t know anyone that still uses them. I always wondered what I would do if my daughters needed one. Hey, you can’t just go up to someone and ask them how to give an enema.” Sam punctuated her statements with her rolling laugh, it being obvious that she was a little nervous about this unexpected topic.

“Sure,” Janet said. “Enemas give immediate relief. I’ll put some coffee on for us.” I could hear a subtle emphasis on the ‘us’ in that sentence and I wondered what Janet was up to. She went into the kitchen and I could hear Sam following.

“Oh my God, you weren’t kidding. He’s ready for it now isn’t he.” Her nervous laugh could get almost anyone smiling or maybe even laughing with her.

I had been found out, and I knew Sam had the same perfect view of my ass, my balls and my cock as I lay face down with my butt high in the air.

“Hi Andy,” rang in my ears to confirm what she saw.

I was embarrassed and excited at the same time. My cock slowly started to get harder. It has a mind of its own. My face was flushed, and the whole time I was powerless to even move. If I get up to shut the door, my erection will be completely visible. In my current position, there may be doubt about whether I was erect or just hanging down. I can’t believe what happened next.

“Come on Samantha, you can help. Put on one of those gloves.” Janet’s instruction İstanbul Escort left me wondering what she was going to do.

“These are the same gloves we used at the store aren’t they?” Sam asked in wonder.

“Yes they are,” Janet replied as she worked her way past Sam in the small bathroom and sat on the lid to the toilet. “I still have to get the bag filled. Here, you can help out.”

Sam had snapped on latex gloves on both hands with the experience of one who uses them in her work. Janet picked up the tube of lubricating jelly and removed the cap. As she reaches toward Sam she aims the jelly onto Sam glove covered fingers.

“Work this lubricant all around him,” she instructed. “The lubricant is essential. The reason you smelled coffee is because I’m giving Andy a coffee retention enema. It will go in slow, and he needs to hold it for fifteen to twenty minutes. I think if he just relaxes, he would not be constipated anyhow.” That was easier said than done, Sam’s fingers were twirling their way all around my rosebud and I was anything but relaxed.

“Work some of that lubrication up inside of him and try to get his anal muscles to relax.”

“Oh, you mean just push it in like this? Sam was pushing her finger in and out of me very slowly. I could not believe it was happening. I was excited. I was breathing fast and I was short of breath all at the same time. She became a little more liberal in her movements, and I felt her brush across my prostate. I don’t think she knew what rubbing my prostate does to me, but Janet does. I have told her many times that when she rubs my prostate I am totally in her power, almost like I become very submissive. I tried to open myself to Sam’s fingers.

“Andy, don’t make Sam do all the work. Try to move yourself from side to side to make you muscles relax.” Janet’s words were unbelievable. She was telling me to fuck myself against Sam’s fingers. I tried moving from side to side, but that pulled the area of my surgery. I contented myself to gently rocking forward and back. Sam’s fingers matched my pace, and when I went backward her finger penetrated even further into my anal opening. This was exciting.

“Wait a minute Andy,” commanded Sam, but my rhythm was hard to break. “There it goes.” I could feel that Sam had inserted another finger to ‘relax my anal muscles.’ Janet got up off the toilet lid.

“I’ll be back in just a minute. I need to fill the bag.” I heard the unmistakable sounds of Janet filling our automatic coffee maker. We drink lots of coffee, and either one of us can prepare the pot and filter in about a minute. Despite the distracting sounds of Janet in the kitchen, the short time alone with Samantha seemed like it was going on for hours. Each sequence of moves pressed her finger against my prostate. The resulting pre-cum was running all the way down my cock and was leaking out. I didn’t care. I was beyond thinking what was proper. I had not felt better for weeks. It seemed like ages latter that Janet returned with the enema bag.

“I need to connect the tubing like this,” she said to no one in particular. She closed the clamp so that only a very small flow would exit the nozzle and let the air out of the tubing to prevent cramping and the need to expel early.

“How is that small amount going to do anything,” Sam asked.

Change you glove Sam,” was Janet’s reply.

“When this drips in over time it will build up, but not so much that he can’t hold it in. We need to let the liquid work into him and do its job before it can come out. Push the nozzle in gently, remember, it is not soft like your finger.” I thought to myself that her fingers were not so soft either, but mostly the experience was too intense for me to consider my responses. I just responded without thinking. Her fingers left my back hole and I exhaled strongly with relief from the constant sexual tension produced by her fingers in me. Her soiled glove was replaced in silence except for the snapping of latex upon flesh. Her fingers were replaced with the nozzle in my rectum. Surprisingly, Sam maintained the same in and out motion she had with her fingers, gently fucking me with the enema nozzle. It felt good. I was horny as a lonely toad, and my precum dripped all the way down to the towel on the floor.

“I think Andy looks good with his hair trimmed,” offered Sam. I knew she was checking me out. Can’t say that I blame her, she just happened to walk in on all of this. She reached down with her other hand and cupped my balls. “I think it is so nice to see a man’s nut sack smooth rather than see all that hair,” Sam said as if replying to a survey in a magazine.

“Andy can you feel the coffee going Anadolu Yakası Escort in? Janet’s concern was unfounded, because if anything, the flow was just a little bit too fast. I could understand her concern, this is the first time she had ever helped me with an enema.

“Yeah I can feel it,” was the only reply I could muster.

“Sam let me go get our coffee.” Janet hung the bag on the shower door and stood up. She stepped past Sam and was back with two fresh cups of coffee in almost no time flat. She put the cups down and returned to the only seat in the small bathroom, the lid to the toilet. The stimulation to my rectum was starting to get to me. I could feel the warm liquid in the first part of my colon, but not in the part that goes across my belly. I could smell the fresh brewed coffee and realized there was no way I could drink any of it. Then the cramps started. Janet sensed them right away. As I said, we knew each other pretty well.

‘Andy, turn over on your back. We’ll massage your belly to make those cramps go away.”

“Are you sure you want me to turn over?” I knew my erection would be all too obvious and undeniable, especially in front of Sam, a woman half my age that was formerly my subordinate.

“Yes, turn over. We’ll be extra careful.”

The assurances did not help me that much. I stretched out one leg, and pulled the other one up. I could roll over with some effort, and Sam did not let go of the nozzle the whole time. Janet adjusted the bag to keep everything flowing. Both women stared at my fully erect cock.

“Sam reach over to his left side just above his hip bone. Push your fingers in his belly there and wiggle them a little. The motion will make what is normally a one-way valve in his intestine open enough for the solution to get by.” Sam did not relinquish her hold on the nozzle, which was in her right hand. Her left hand, which was free, had to reach over my penis to target the right area. I think every time she touched my penis more precum leaked out. Her little massage got the fluid further into me. She stopped her massage. I suppose the intimate nature of what was going on broke down barriers for her too. The next thing I know, she has her hand wrapped around my penis. Not stroking, which would have been tremendously pleasurable, but just squeezing.

“Oh, I can see Andy likes his enema. Look at this Janet.” I contract my anal muscles to keep in the enema, and just like doing a Kegel exercise, my cock throbs in her hand and visibly grows with the head growing the most since her hand restrained the shaft. She wiped some of my precum around the head of my penis and I entered into sensory overload.

“Does this feel good?”

“Come on Andy, show us how you stroke it. I know you do. Don’t deny it, I know all men masturbate. Show us how you stroke your cock. Is it like this?” Sam taunted me with her banter all the while she played with my penis. I wanted to cum like there was no tomorrow, but her motions were not rhythmic enough for a real ejaculation. She produced plenty of precum, and it seemed like she never missed a beat with the nozzle in my butt. The slow pace of in and out was regular and shallow. My wife calmly took a sip of coffee, and Sam realizing that she had not had any coffee yet took her hand off my penis and reached for her cup. “Come on, show us how you rub it.” Sam looks at my wife and says,” I think it is so sexy to watch a man jerk off. I like to see how they build up their motions and then I like to see how far their semen shoots onto their chest.”

“Go on Andy do it. You have practically cum anyhow. Look at all the precum sitting on your belly,” was my wife’s response. They both sat back to sip their coffee. I could not help myself; I wanted to cum too badly. I reached down and stroked myself for their pleasure. It did not take long. No lie, I felt a small drop from the first shot hit my forehead. I had no shame.

Sam let out her nervous little laugh, “Hahahaha.” The tension was relieved for me but not for them. ” That is so cool.” Reality returned to my awareness and I felt just a little uneasy from bucking up when I came. I also felt the enema in me wanting out with a vengeance.

“I have to go.” Both women knew what I meant. The nozzle was withdrawn and placed in the bathroom sink with the bag. They were out of there in no time. Exhausted, I managed my way to the toilet and released. It seems like it took forever, and I flushed several times. I heard Samantha leave after a while, and all I wanted was a nap.

That’s the best recollection I can give. The dialogue was as close as remembered. I still get aroused just thinking about what happened and have been afraid to talk to my wife about it. I don’t know what to say to her. Anyhow, I hope you have found my experience amusing and maybe a little erotic. Any comments would be welcome, as this is my first time writing about something this sexually charged. You can email me at the address in my profile.

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