The VIP Room

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Stacey was one of those girls… wherever she went she got attention, from guys and girls alike. The guys because they wanted to fuck her, the girls mostly because they wanted her to stay the fuck away from their men, although a few of them wanted to fuck her as well… if they were honest.

But for the most part Stacey was actually a good girl, she’d been in a relationship with her boyfriend Dean for eight months and she loved him. The only time she’d nearly slipped up was one night when she’d been drinking and Dean was in a funny mood with her. She’d bumped into an old boyfriend at the club they were at and she was tempted to revisit his big cock.

Nothing happened in the end, she came to her senses and made a joke of it, Lewis was a grade one arsehole at the end of the day, big cock or not, and besides she loved Dean. But all the same the encounter sowed the seeds of dissatisfaction…

Dean wasn’t ‘small’ by any means, his cock was on the upside of average, just about, and once Stacey got used to the difference it was fine. Sometimes she missed having a big cock to play with, especially when she was sucking Dean’s meat, but, she told herself, Lewis was a dick with a big dick and she was better off without him.

One Saturday Dean and Stacey travelled down to London to see a singer that Stacey liked, well… liked was an understatement… she was mildly obsessed with the guy. Michael Stone was hot, no doubt. A mixed race guy standing six-four with a six pack and shoulders like a football player, even Dean could see why Stacey fantasized about him, along with the other three or four thousand women present at the gig no doubt…

As usual, the queue for the show at the Brixton Academy went around the block, finishing right back near the entrance. It took around 40 minutes for them to snake around the building and approach the entrance and as they got nearer Dean noticed some security guys walking up and down looking at the waiting punters, ‘trying to spot potential troublemakers’ he thought to himself.

After a few moments one of the security guys approached and spoke to Stacey.

“VIP tickets…?”

“Huh?” said Stacey as she turned to look at the guy. “No, sorry.”

The guy realised she’d misunderstood.

“No, I’m giving them to you. Who are you here with?”

Stacey turned and pointed to Dean, the security guy glanced at him and smiled.

“No problem,” he said, handing two laminates marked ‘VIP Area Access’ to the girl and then wandering off down the line.

Stacey was ecstatic and beamed happily at Dean. Dean smiled back, but felt just a little uneasy…

The show was excellent, and even though it wasn’t really Dean’s cup of tea he enjoyed it and enjoyed Stacey’s euphoria. As the show drew to a close the couple headed over to the side of the stage and the door marked ‘VIP Areas’. Once they were on the other side of the door they found a smaller room with music playing, low lighting and about 100 other people – mainly good looking girls, Dean noticed. In fact he was almost the only guy in the room… and strangely the guys that were in there were the ones with the hottest girls.

On the right hand side of the room was a free bar and the two of them decided to take advantage, indeed, within an hour Stacey had downed four glasses of champagne and a couple of vodka shots. Dean was a little more restrained, and kept looking at his watch, mindful of the last train home.

About 12:30am the security guy who had given them the passes walked past then stopped and came back, looking her up and down. She was just Michael’s type he thought, long dark hair, short black skirt, high heels and a tight top that her fleshy tits were straining to burst out of… perfect.

“Hey, I’ve been looking for you.”

Stacey smiled at him drunkenly.

“You having a good time?”

“Amazing,” beamed the girl.

“Cool… listen, Michael asked me to give you this.”

Stacey looked down and saw in his hand another laminate, she reached out and took it and looked back up. The security guy pointed at a red door to the left of the bar and disappeared before she could say anything.

“Oh my God… Oh my God… Oh my God,” Stacey said about a hundred times.

Dean was wary, but put on a brave face… this felt all kind of wrong to him.

Stacey drained her fifth champagne and dragged Dean towards the red door, where they were greeted by two huge security guys. Stacey offered her pass and one of the guys immediately opened the door for her and waved for her to go through. Stacey took a step forward, but before Dean could even move the other guard stuck out his hand to block his entrance.

“You got a pass?”

Dean looked up at the escort service guy hopelessly.

“No pass, no entry… Sorry.”

Stacey turned to try and reason with the guard but he wasn’t having any of it.

“No pass, no entry,” he repeated three times. Civil, but unwavering.

Stacey looked imploringly at Dean, who felt helpless. He knew how badly she wanted to meet her idol, and if he stopped her she would resent him big time. But he couldn’t deny he was worried about letting her go in there on her own. For all he knew Michael might not even be here, he was probably back at his hotel banging some girl and snorting coke off her ass… what if there was some stage hand back there waiting to take advantage of a drunk girl?

“Please babe,” she begged.

Dean was stuck between a rock and a hard place and looked again at the security guys, but they were unmoved by his plight, they probably went through this every night and they did not care one way or the other, if you had a pass you came in or you didn’t, whatever.

As they stood there a pair of pretty girls came to the door, presented their passes and were ushered inside. This made Dean feel slightly better and also made his position slightly unreasonable.

“See, there’s other girls in there too, it’s not just me.”

Dean’s face looked pained.

“Okay…” he said, he wasn’t happy, but he knew he was beaten.

Stacey leaned forward and kissed him sloppily on the mouth and then turned and went through the red door.

As soon as she was through the door the security guy closed the door and resumed his position, arms crossed, staring at Dean a tiny smirk beginning to form at the corner of his mouth.

Dean looked at the door for a few seconds more and then turned and walked away.

Inside the inner sanctum Stacey found a smaller room again, with even lower lighting. There were about ten girls in there, all of them gorgeous and there over in one corner she saw Michael dancing with one girl Stacey had spotted earlier in the crowd.

Seeing him so close Stacey almost stumbled and stuck out a hand to steady herself on her high heels. Watching Michael with this other girl made her feel bizarrely jealous and she found herself staring at them as if she was watching another girl making out with her boyfriend.

After a little while Michael caught her eye and smiled, but continued dancing with the other girl. Stacey felt a little odd watching them now, but continued until Michael eventually came towards her.

Even with her massive heels Michael towered over her and Stacey felt completely giddy in his presence.

“Hi,” said Michael. “I’m Mike, are you on your own tonight?”

Stacey couldn’t speak for a moment but then managed to string a few words together.

“I’m with my fiance, but he’s out there…”

Michael smiled and took her arm.

“Aaah, you’re very pretty…” he said fishing for a name.

“Stacey… thank you,” she slurred slightly.

“Let’s get a drink.”

Michael led her to the corner of the room where a selection of drinks were stacked on shelves and in a fridge. He poured her a glass of champagne and led her out of the room and into a smaller darker room with a sofa and a table littered with candles. They sat down and Stacey dropped her phone and bag onto the table, feigning interest in their conversation, while she stared into his eyes, completely mesmerized.

The conversation gradually petered out and ground to a halt and Michael leaned towards her as if to whisper something, but instead gently placed his lips on Stacey’s neck. Stacey shuddered and turned her head towards him, their lips locking together as she pulled him close.

Outside in the smaller VIP room the other girls talked amongst themselves, casting glances at the door which Michael and ‘that other girl’ had disappeared through.

While outside in the main room Dean sat staring motionless at the red door, occasionally catching the security guards eye and trying to stare them out. After about twenty minutes Dean approached the door and asked how much longer he was going to have to wait.

“Depends,” said one of the guys.

“On what?” asked Dean, fearing he already knew the answer.

The security guard shrugged and caught the other guy’s eye. They laughed loudly and then resumed their standard poker-faced security guard poses.

“Fucking pricks,” said Dean under his breath as he walked back to his stool.

Suddenly the obvious answer sprang into Dean’s head. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and rang Stacey’s number.

Stacey’s phone buzzed loudly on the table, turning slowly as it vibrated. But Stacey didn’t hear it, london escorts or didn’t want to hear it. Her complete focus was on Michael, who was kissing her deeply while gently squeezing her ample breasts. Soon his hand moved lower and as she felt his fingers on the inside of her thigh Stacey groaned into his mouth and opened her legs, offering herself to him willingly.

Michael’s hand slid higher, under the girl’s skirt and gently teased her pussy through her panties. Stacey was writhing beneath him and reached down to grope his cock. Her fingers found it and again she groaned into his mouth, and this time he responded in kind.

Michael’s cock was hard, and Stacey wanted it inside her. She pushed him back and sank down onto the floor between his legs, tugging at his belt and fly. She pulled his black trousers down and gazed at the impressive bulge in his boxer shorts. She looked up to see him watching her then reached out and pulled the soft material down to expose his thick, hard prick.

As she pulled his underwear down Michael’s huge cock sprang up and batted her on the cheek. Stacey lunged forward, greedily engulfing the head of his cock with her lips. Michael’s cock was just a fraction longer than her ex Lewis’s, but so much thicker. It filled her mouth and she struggled to get past the first three inches. She was so focused on forcing it into her mouth that she was completely oblivious to what Michael was doing above her.

As they moved he had grabbed Stacey’s phone from the table and was now filming her sucking his cock. He’d already taken a couple of photos, and between her lust for his cock and her drunkenness Stacey was completely oblivious.

Michael let her suck him for a while then shut off the phone and put it out of the way. He leant down and pulled her up to him, kissing her and tasting his meat on her lips. He slid his hand between her legs and roughly pulled her knickers down.

“You want my cock?” he growled.


“Tell me you want my fucking cock,” he urged.

“I want your big cock in me,” Stacey groaned.

“Where do you want it?”

“In my pussy… I want your hard cock in my pussy,” she whimpered breathlessly.

“In your cunt, say you want me in your cunt.”

“I want it in my cunt… Please, please fuck my cunt.”

Michael pushed the girl on to her front over the arm of the sofa, pushed her skirt up over her ass and pulled her panties off completely. He quickly stuffed them into his pocket and then moved behind her, his cock throbbing in his hand as he rubbed it up and down her slit. She was completely drenched, but it was still a tight fit as he forced the tip between her lips.

Stacey moaned loudly as she felt her pussy being stretched like she’d never felt before. Lewis was big, but this was so much more intense. She loved the feeling of Michael’s huge cock breaking her in all over again and soon she was pushing back against him, wanting him deeper and deeper.

“Fuck me,” she grunted, “fuck me hard.”

“Yeah,” Michael growled, “you like my big cock in your slutty little cunt don’t you…?”

“Yes…” Stacey murmured her agreement.

“You’re so tight, I guess your boyfriend isn’t packing like I am, huh?”

Reality hit Stacey, but she didn’t stop. Images of Dean flashed through her mind, but she pushed back harder, wanting him deeper, she loved Dean but she needed Michael’s cock. It wasn’t love it was just cock, she needed this so badly.

“Don’t stop… I love it, I love your big cock in me so much!”

Michael picked up the pace and slammed his length into her, his balls slapping against her clit.

“I’ve missed this so much,” she groaned.

Michael smiled and eased up a little, maybe there was more fun to be had with this one. He placed his hands on her ass and parted her cheeks exposing her pink little hole. His thumb slid across and just teased it a little bringing a lustful plea from between Stacey’s lips.

“Oh God, I want you in my ass,” she begged.

Lewis had fucked Stacey’s ass a few times, and each time it had been the most intense fuck she’d ever had.

“Really, you think you can take this in your ass?” asked Michael as he teased her bud a little more.

“Yes… I want it, I want it now!” she moaned.

Michael spat a huge gob of saliva directly into her crack causing Stacey to wriggle as she felt the liquid ooze around his thumb and ease its passage inside her. Stacey tensed a little, but pushed back against his thumb and Michael worked it into her asshole, deeper and deeper until it could go no further. He fucked her ass with it for a while, pulling sideways to stretch her hole until eventually he could get two fingers inside her. Now he could london escort go to work, using his fingers he stretched her ass out good to prepare it for his huge cock, occasionally reaching down to soak his fingers in the pussy juice that was dripping down her inner thighs.

“You sure you want this?” he asked her one more time.

“God yes, put it in me,” she wailed.

Michael slid his sodden cock out of her dripping snatch and pressed the tip against her asshole. He pressed it home and watched as it slowly edged its way inside. Stacey grunted like an animal beneath him as his cock stretched her ass further than it had ever gone before. She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, trying to make his entry as smooth as possible, while Michael tried his best not to hurt her too much. He worked the first few inches in and rocked back and forth, trying to allow her to get used to his size, but after that lust took over and he leaned into her and gradually forced the rest of his cock inside her.

Stacey reached under herself and found her clit, the pain was intense but easing slowly and as she worked her precious clit the pain slowly turned to pleasure. Michael bottomed out, impressed that she could take it all, but he knew without lube this could get ugly real quick. He worked his cock in and out slowly, reaching under her and scooping his fingers between her lips and working her juices onto his shaft between strokes to try and help as much as he could.

Stacey’s fingers worked hard on her clit, she was getting close now and her muscles were starting to tense up. Michael was speeding up a little now as well, he could feel her orgasm building and he didn’t want her to cum and then push him off once it got too much for her.

Stacey’s fingers found the exact rhythm she was looking for and then she was there, her whole body tensed and she howled out loudly as the pleasure exploded between her legs. Michael felt her tighten and gripped her hips as he pounded her asshole hard and fast, aware that any second she was going to slump and collapse on the sofa, until he felt his own orgasm reach the tipping point.

Now it was Michael’s turn to grunt as he pumped spurt after spurt of hot cum into Stacey’s tight hole. He kept fucking her until his legs gave out and he collapsed on top of her, his cock buried right to the hilt in her completely ravaged ass.

Dean looked around the club and spotted the guy who’d given them the passes. He flipped out a little and darted towards him, coming right at him despite the guy being twice his size. The security guy sidestepped him and flipped him back against the wall.

“Chill out,” he said, “or you’re gonna get your ass thrown out of here!”

Dean slumped and the guard relaxed his grip.

“Listen bro, your lady in there… nothing will happen if she don’t want it to man, Michael don’t force no girls to do nothing, he’s not like that.”

Dean looked into the guy’s eyes, begging for help without saying a word.

“Look man… I don’t know what to tell you. Things happen, but if she says no he’ll be cool with her, give her a peck on the cheek and sign her tit or whatever and send her back out to you. But if she says yes… then you got a problem.”

Dean looked at him, distraught.

“That dude is packing some serious meat bro, and your old lady gonna be loose for you for a while.”

Dean freaked out and started to struggle again, but the security guard was way too strong for him.

“Chill the fuck out dude, I’m just being honest with you here. But listen, if she done something with him, you’ll know… and just between you and I, he likes to let you know too. So check her phone, he likes to film her or take a few pictures… and if he can’t do that he’ll bite her on the ass or something, leave his mark for you.”

Stacey looked in the mirror of the bathroom. Suddenly she felt grubby, her hair was all over the place but she fixed her make-up as best she could. She was pissed that she couldn’t find her panties, but she’d just have to act normal. Like nothing happened… Dean would never know. She’d give him a blowjob when they got home and then fake a period or something, just keep him away from her pussy and ass until they felt normal again. She closed her handbag and picked her phone up off the sink and walked towards the door, only vaguely aware of the cum that was oozing out of her punished asshole and dripping down her long slender legs.

As she staggered slightly across the smaller room she saw Michael already chatting to another girl. Some of the girls looked at her, it was clear they knew, but none of them said a word, they just stared at her like she was a piece of shit. She was still drunk, but as she came towards the door she suddenly felt deadly sober and wanted Dean to hold her and tell her he loved her, even though she knew she didn’t deserve it. She grabbed the door handle, took a deep breath and stepped back out into the real world…

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