The Visit

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I had to make a trip back East and wanted to stop in and see some old friends while I was there, but mostly to see my old boss. She was gorgeous. The thing I liked most about Jane was even though she came from a wealthy family, she didn’t have that rich person stuck-up personality. She was really down to earth, and on a lower level, she and I shared some of the same disgusting and degenerate passions like watching porn after work. I was fascinated by her. Jane was a great boss, intelligent, great personality, beautiful, and had a pair of tits that would stop traffic. I was fortunate enough to get to play with them on a few evenings. We are stills friends and I left the job on good terms. We talk on the phone from time to time.

In case you’re wondering how I could be so foolish to leave this job, I was recruited by the competition for almost twice the pay. That and I had a few personality problems with a secretary at one of the locations. We had a difference of religion. She thought she was God and I knew she wasn’t.

I called Jane a few days before I knew I was going to be there. I asked her if she would wear the Frederick’s bra I bought her and bring a few other little things to the office as well. I knew she wouldn’t, but I wanted to ask anyway.

I got there at 4:30, walked up to her outside office door. Jane always kept it locked, customers were supposed to go through the main door. I saw her sitting at her desk and knocked, held up a bottle of Crown Royal. She got up with a smile on her face and let me in. I held my arms out for a hug, then she gave me one reluctanty. When she pressed her breasts to my chest I wiggled to try and make her nipples hard, it worked. I said, “Why don’t you pour us some drinks and I will say ‘hi’ to the boys in the back.”

As I left her office, the first person was the new guy. He was trying to fill my shoes but lacked about 20 years experience. I walked to the shop and saw the remains of the crew I used to work with. I answered all of their questions; you know the usual type after someone has been gone for a few years.

I found my way back to Jane’s office. There was a drink on the edge of her desk. It looked like it had sat there awhile. Hers looked nearly empty. I grabbed it to freshen it up and she said, “Are you going to get me drunk and take advantage of me?” My reply was, “I need to at least try.” Although I got to play with her breasts a few times I never made a home run with Jane. She has stayed with her husband even though he is a dick. But that’s too much about him.

I came back and placed her drink next to her keyboard. She already had her hair up in a banana clip. I give great neck rubs and I could tell she wanted one. I started on the outside of her shoulders and worked both hands to the middle. When I got to her neck I used my thumbs to work up the middle to the base of her skull. I new she liked that. I rubbed her shoulders where the bra straps cut into her flesh. She would never admit to having a set of Double Ds but she did. She wore a singe D bra and overflowed the tops of the cups. Believe me I never complained. I worked my hands back up and ran them to the front of her face. I slid them under her jaw and caressed the sides of her face and ears with my thumbs. I thought I heard a moan, I looked at the front of her shirt and those huge nipples were trying to break free. I lowered my Porno 64

hands to work on her throat and blew hot air into her ear. I thought her head was going to come off. It tilted straight back so her face was looking at the ceiling. I bent down to give her a quick kiss on the lips; then another because she didn’t move. Then a third, this time I pushed my tongue into her mouth. I thought I heard another moan, her tongue fought back against mine. I moved my stance from behind her to her side and moved my right hand down her neck, into her shirt, and through the cleavage. I found her nipple with my thumb and forefinger then pinched it. I felt her moan through my mouth. Through the corner of my eye I saw her raise a knee and squeeze herself. The pinch on her nipple must have sent an electric shock straight to her clit.

I pinched her nipple again with the same results, this time I held it longer. I cupped her breast and squeezed as much of it as my hand would hold, then slipped it over the cup of her bra. Her face was starting to get flush as I brought my hand back to her cheek, dragging my fingers on the smooth skin of her chest. Our lips never parted during all of this though her tongue relaxed.

I pulled my face away from hers to see her reaction. She was glowing, her face and chest was red and most importantly she was smiling and had cloudy eyes. Jane said, “This is trouble.” I kissed her again before she could say anything else. My hand darted to the outside of her shirt where only a thin layer separated her left breast from my hand. I pinched her erect nipple again and she moaned louder this time. I said, “If we got you out of that I could suck on those and nibble.” Before she had a chance to answer I started to unbutton her shirt. As it opened up I couldn’t get over the amount of tit flesh exposed. There she sat with her bra covering one tit and the other exposed. Jane taught me how to unhook those front loaders. It was unsnapped in an instant and the weight of those humongous hooters made the bra spring away. God her tits were great. They were huge, white, and full. There was no sag in those double Ds and her nipples pointed straight out. They were very large nipples, like grapes, the kind you could snack on all day, and I was hungry.

I knelt beside her chair and covered as much of a breast as I could with my mouth. Tonguing that erect nipple and sucking as hard as I could. Another moan escaped her lips. I looked up and saw her head tilted back and her eyes closed. I moved my right hand over to the neglected nipple and rolled it between my thumb and finger, I heard another moan.

Jane was enjoying this, I knew she didn’t get any real affection at home and I wanted to turn her on as much as I could. I spent many nights rubbing her back and neck and talking to her. I wanted to be everything she needed. I even bought her a quality vibrator after I left. I only hoped she thought of me when she used it.

I thrust my right hand between her legs to try and rub her clit. It was very hot down there, another mini-moan. As I began to rub, her legs parted to give easier access. I truly love this woman. I wanted to hear her moan my name. I wanted to bring her over the edge with an earth shattering orgasm. I wanted her to lose her breath and collapse on me.

I stood up and pulled her with me, the whole time applying Konulu Porno pressure to her middle with my hand. I said, “Take these off and I will run my tongue over you until you scream.” She unbuttoned her jeans and wiggled out of them. This was a chore because they were very tight. Jane also has an ass to die for. It’s nice and round and in her tight jeans it looks amazing. Jane is not one of those skinny minis, she is a real woman. She has an hourglass figure and has lots of sand in the right places. When I worked for her I fantasized about her regularly.

When she got out of her pants and panties, I made her sit down on the desk; she shrugged off her shirt and bra and was now naked except for her socks. I kissed her passionately on the mouth. I worked my way down to her left breast and pulled on the nipple between my teeth. My left hand was groping her other breast, kneading the whole thing and pulling on the nipple.

My lips moved further south until I got to the short soft hair above her sex. It looked as though it was shaved a short while ago. Jane began to spread her legs opening her lips. I could see the man in the boat; it looked like he could drown with all of the wetness. I dove into that sweet smelling pussy like a starving man. I puckered my lips and sucked that clit until I got a moan. I ran my tongue between her lips and shoved it in as far as I could and hummed. Jane liked the vibrations my lips were putting on hers. I pulled my tongue out and started a full-scale assault on her clit.

Next I pushed my middle finger into her love box. She was very wet and very tight. I curled it up to find her G spot and heard a whimper. I could feel her legs shake and then I looked up. Jane was rolling one of the huge nipples between her own finger and thumb, eyes closed and head back. I went back to work on her clit, and lapping up her juice. I added another finger to that love hole. It was very tight. I had a hard time moving them in and out. I was thinking her husband must have a tiny dick if this is still so tight.

Jane began to shudder with her first orgasm of the night; her legs came together squeezing my head like a vice. My ears were covered and I could not hear a thing but I sucked on that clit as hard as I could until I felt her hips rocking. When she moved her legs apart I could hear her gasping for breath. I pulled my fingers out of her dripping pussy and stood up. I wiped the juice off of my face with the back of my hand. All I could do was watch her tits heave with each breath. Jane’s eyes were closed when I unbuckled my belt. She heard the zipper come down and asked, “What are you doing?” I answered, “I going to give you something that lame dick husband can’t.”

With that I pulled my pants and whitey tighteys down to about my knees. I had more soft meat hanging than her husband could ever wish for. Jane said, “I knew this is trouble we need to stop.” I said, “Just look.” Her eyes dropped and she said, “Damn”. With that my dick started to twitch to life.

She looked me in the eye and said, “I guess you weren’t kidding about that thing.” I said, “If you are ever going to have a chance at it now is the time.” Jane’s hand moved down to squeeze it. It was getting harder every second. She said, “I have to have it! God I wish Ken’s was this big. She pulled me to her using my cock as a handle. Her Porno İndir hand was steady as she rubbed the head in her lips getting it wet. I was leaning in trying to push into her then finally Jane got it all lined up. God she is tight. I got the head in and just stood there. After she adjusted to the size I could get a little more in. I slowly started to pump back and forth a little to get her love juice to lubricate my shaft. I bottomed out in her when I all was in. When I hit her back wall she shuddered again. She moved her hand to my shoulders so I could help support her. That pussy was squeezing the air out of my lungs, that’s how tight it was around my cock.

Jane screamed GGGGAAAAAWWWWWDDDDDD. She was out of breath and slumped on to me. Those huge melons we pushing against my chest with each breath she took. Her nipples were very bright red and standing out at least an inch. When she regained her composure I started pumping again, in and out, the full length. It didn’t take long and she shuddered again. This time when she came her pussy clamped down in waves. It felt like she was milking my cock but it was too tight for me to cum. I just stood there again and shoved it as far in as it could go she didn’t stop shaking for several minutes. My cock inside wanted to shoot a load.

When she gained her composure again I asked her if she wanted me to taker her from behind. Jane said, “That would be great, Ken’s dick is too short to get in past my big ass.” I replied, “Your ass isn’t too big, it’s just right. Now slide off the desk and turn around.” I pulled my hard cock out and looked down at the desk calendar, it was soaked under her pussy. I backed up and she turned around, placing her hands on the desk. I moved up behind her and placed my cock head at the entrance of heaven.

With one swift thrust I was completely in, clear to the back wall. Jane’s knees buckled and she gasped. I started rocking back and forth and those huge hooters started swaying back and forth. The desk started to walk forward with each thrust. I was pounding her for all I was worth. Jane was trying to say something but I could not make it out. Just sounds and partial words. After a few minutes of this she was starting to sag in the knees. I knew I had to come soon or she would not be able to take it.

I kept coming out as far as possible to relieve the pressure from the tightness. I felt that familiar feeling down in my balls and I said I going to cum. I could not make out what Jane said. I pushed myself in until I bottomed out again and I came, a lot. There was a war going on between that pussy squeezing my cock to keep the cum in, and my balls pumping to get it out. My balls won. My cum was coming back out on the outside of my cock. There was absolutely no room inside. Jane collapsed to her knees on the floor. Pulling my cock out when she did this. She was breathing hard, her tits resting on the desk, and sweat on her back. I looked down and both of her thighs were wet clear to the knees with her juice and I could see globes on my white cum slowly trickling down.

I backed up and sank into her chair. Jane stood up then sat down on her desk. Her pussy was still leaking. When she got her breath back she said, “That was the best fuck of my life, and I am 45 years old.” I was trying not to gloat but I said, “I tried to do this before and you said it would be nothing but trouble” After looking at me Jane said, “Yes it is trouble, but I loved it.”

I stepped up to her and gently kissed her on the lips, drew away and said softly, “I have loved you for a very long time.” Jane looked into my eyes and said, “Where do we go from here?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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