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A message from Patchwork – This is a true story related to me by one of my readers, Heather (not her real name). It is written in the first person as these are her words. We have corresponded since last summer and she opened up to me to say she liked my writing and asked if I would re-tell her story. I have done as she asked with just a little editing. She says this is the story of the most exciting summer of her life. She is now, in her words, ‘a respectable married woman with a professional career.’ But she says the summer of 1977 was the most exciting of her life sexually and set her to pursue a hedonistic life for a few years before she felt the need to settle-down. But now she says she often recalls and fantasises about that time. She is not regretful and is glad she took the opportunity to be promiscuous for a while in her youth. But she wants to tell her story. Relating it has been thrilling for her and she wants to see if it excites others as much as it has her. It certainly excited me to write it for her. She hopes you enjoy her story. I decided to include her story in my new series featuring visitors — I think her story is the best possible debut to this series.

Before you read on just a word of warning — As a true story from the 1970s this tale reflects the sexual politics of the day. If you think this might offend you please choose a different story.

Hi, My name is Heather (not really obviously) and I want to tell everyone about my personal summer of love and revelation in 1977. I have read and enjoyed stories by Patchwork and together we have recreated the story of my sexual awakening. I hope you enjoy reading my story. I would be thrilled to read your comments.

June 1977 – Arrival

I had turned 18 and finished school in England. I was destined to start full time work in the autumn that year and my parents thought it would be good experience to spend the summer with my Dad’s older brother and his wife in Hong Kong. I left the weekend after my return from boarding school. My parents were kind and affectionate but looking back they were very protective. They usually arranged a summer trip for us as a family. Typically we would stay with their friends in Gibraltar. This could be a little boring as it was mostly adults talking. I didn’t mind, I was used to it. In fact I had enjoyed a few wonderful summer trips and made some new friends. But, as a young adult, Hong Kong was going to be a very different experience. One that actually changed my life for a long while afterwards.

I arrived on a Saturday afternoon via a twelve-hour flight from London and I was met by Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob and Auntie Pat were probably your classic English ex-pats at the time. They were rich and self-obsessed and had a good lifestyle amongst the ex-pat community in Hong Kong. Uncle Bob did something in exports. I don’t remember what exactly. He was important in the company and exuded that absolute confidence of a successful, mature man who knows what he wants and how to get it.

To my teen eyes then he seemed old. His salt and pepper hair and large moustache added to the old-fashioned effect. But I suppose he was probably only late-forties at the time. Of course people seemed to age more quickly then. I don’t feel old now despite being over 60. He smoked a pipe. I remember the heady smell of the tobacco smoke. Most adults smoked back then. So it was something you just learned to accept. Honestly I found the smell of his pipe exciting. It conveyed a sense of power and dominance; in fact even now the odd whiff of pipe tobacco is still arousing.

Uncle Bob was a gentleman and wheeled my baggage trolley to his car. It was a small and expensive sports car, don’t ask me what type. Possibly a BMW but I’ve never been interested in cars so I paid little attention to that. He was chatty, warm and welcoming. He loaded my bags and joked that I must be moving in for good judging by the amount of luggage. His humour made me giggle like a silly girl. We climbed into the car but he didn’t drive off immediately. We sat in the gloomy parking garage with the engine off. It felt hot. The Hong Kong summer heat and humidity was almost suffocating.

Instead he turned to look at me, “Well you have really blossomed into a fine young woman,” his rich baritone was very commanding. I admit I found him attractive. He had bright blue, humorous eyes. He was smart and amusing and he exuded charisma. You felt like you had all of his attention when he spoke to you.

“Thank you,” I grinned at him feeling shy but pleased at the compliment. Like most young women of 18 I was discovering my power. I liked the attention I got from men, and I found strong confident, mature men quite appealing.

He surprised me by leaning over to me to cup my face in his hand, “You really are very pretty.” He was close, his scent was a mix of musky aftershave and pipe tobacco. “And your body has filled out beautifully.” His hand traced down from my cheek, down my neck and across my shoulder so that his fingers lightly caressed the köle escort side of my left breast. After a second he closed his hand around my breast, squeezing gently, “Yes, really beautiful.”

I was a little shocked at how forward he was. Of course I had been touched before. I wasn’t completely naïve. I’d had a couple of boyfriends and had indulged in some heavy petting, as we called it then. Like probably most young women at the time I had also been groped by various adult men of my acquaintance. I suppose it was a sign of the times. Somehow then men felt entitled to touch women. Recently one of my friends laughed saying that back then if you didn’t get your bum pinched you’d be offended.

He went even further, “What about a kiss for your dear uncle?” without waiting for my reply his mouth was on mine. Without preliminaries he gave me a French kiss. Again not my first. Not even my first uninvited kiss. You would think it would have been smoky and unpleasant, but it was actually spicy and a little intoxicating. I don’t know why I didn’t resist. Maybe it was the sultry heat or the fatigue from the flight. Looking back I think I was maybe a little flattered, maybe even curious. Uncle Bob was a large man with a powerful presence. I suppose I had a slight crush on him.

As he continued to kiss me he felt my breasts. One then the other over my clothes. His hand then travelled down my tummy. On the flight I had worn a blouse and high waisted jeans with four buttons at the waist. His hand delved between my legs. His fingers were strong and forceful. He pressed his hand hard against my crotch. It made me gasp. He repeated the action pressing his fingers firmly against me. I honestly don’t think it was sexual excitement, although that was part of it. I’d been curious about sex since I was old enough to understand anything about it. At that point I had not had full sex, but I had been touched like this before. But previous episodes had been fleeting, clumsy or hesitant. Uncle Bob seemed confident, potent even. I was his niece, entrusted to him and Pat for the summer. He shouldn’t be doing this. We hadn’t even left the airport. My mind was racing with very confused thoughts.

He placed his own interpretation on my gasp, “Oh you are a game little filly, eh? You like that? We can have some fun this summer if you like.” He took my right hand and placed it in his lap. I could feel the hard ridge of his erection through his trousers. He closed his hand round mine and made me squeeze the hardness. It felt really thick. “Oh yes, lots of fun if you like.” After a pause to smile at me he added, “Let’s get you home and settled in.”

He drove me home where I was greeted by Auntie Pat. She was tall and slim and always seemed to be smoking a cigarette in a short holder. Her short bob hair was dark auburn. Probably a little greying too but it was her habit to dye it. She was heavily tanned and always wore bright blue eye shadow and dark red lipstick.

The evening passed happily and we had a light meal and caught-up on family news. Uncle Bob made teasing remarks about his little brother and Auntie Pat scolded him.

“Oh Bob, for heaven’s sake don’t tease the child.”

“She can take it Patty. She’s not a child anymore,” grinning at me he added, “You are a woman of the world, aren’t you sweetheart? You want adventure, eh?”

“You pay no attention to Bob, dear. He loves to tease people. You just answer him back, show him who’s boss.”

Bob just sucked on his pipe and laughed at this. But I caught his eye and he gave a cheeky wink.

At last the flight caught-up with me and I was exhausted so Auntie Pat fussed over me while I showered and prepared for bed. I slipped into bed and she tucked me in, kissing my forehead. She said she was glad I had come and that we would have fun.

I thought of Uncle Bob’s promise of fun and it was like Auntie Pat read my thoughts.”

“What happened in the car?”

“Em, we, ah, he…,” I was lost for words.

She smiled, stroking my forehead she said, “Sorry sweetheart, he’s a randy old bastard. Did he touch you?”

I gave the barest nod.

“Did he try to kiss you?” Again a slight nod. Then she surprised me, “Did you like it?” She could see my shock at this. “You know this isn’t stuffy old England. People here are freer. We enjoy more uninhibited fun. Bob and I have fun with some of our friends,” I could tell the way she said ‘fun’ that she meant sex. “You can enjoy yourself this summer if you want. It can be our secret. Just don’t be frightened, sweetheart. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want. But I’ll tell Bob to leave you alone. His brain is in his dick, you know. But you needn’t worry about him. Tomorrow I will introduce you to Eloise, our neighbour’s daughter, she is your age and she can look after you. Goodnight darling.” She kissed me again on the forehead and left me to sleep.

I slept well. Deeply and for many hours. In fact it was after 1 pm the next day when I woke. I made my way köle escort bayan through to the lounge and found Auntie Pat on the sun deck. She was wearing a red bikini and was chatting with another woman she introduced as Maude. Pat’s slim figure looked good in the bikini. She had very small boobs but long slender legs. I noticed her toes were perfectly pedicured. Maude was a curvy woman also in a swimsuit and both women were sitting in the shade. It was a very hot day. Maude had large boobs and a round, perfectly tanned tummy. In fact both women were perfectly tanned and it made me feel pale and pallid by comparison.

Pat greeted me with a joke, “Here she comes, awake at last, Darling? I don’t need to ask if you slept well?”

“Sorry Auntie Pat.”

“Oh please Darling, less of the ‘auntie’ you make me feel old. This is my good friend Maude,” she made the introduction.

Maude held out her hand and gave me a smile. I took her hand and to my surprise she pulled me down to meet her lips and kissed me briefly, “You are charming dearie.”

I went back into the house for some breakfast but couldn’t help overhearing snippets of their conversation. They spoke in whispers but I could make out some of it.

“He was already pawing her at the airport, poor child.”

“Are you surprised…” I missed the end of this remark.

“I told him he can’t…” the rest was whispered and I heard no more of their conversation.


Later that day Pat introduced me to Eloise as promised. She was just a little older than me 18 last autumn as opposed to my birthday in April. She was slim with light strawberry-blonde hair. I was definitely curvier and felt large next to her petite frame. But we were soon chatting and getting on well. We had a lot in common. Even though I had been to school in England, and she was educated at an independent British school in Hong Kong. Unlike my school hers was co-educational. I was intrigued to hear her gossip about the boys at school.

The next week went by in a social blur. I met so many of my Aunt and Uncle’s friends and saw Eloise every day. We really hit it off and she introduced me to some of her school friends. I especially liked meeting the boys. Especially the rugby players who were handsome and strong looking.

I had been to pubs in England and Eloise took me to some of the bars that she frequented with her friends. I asked if she had a boyfriend and she told me that she had been seeing one boy (Francois) for a while, but he was away in Canada for the whole summer. She joked that she was free to screw around all summer. I didn’t know if she was serious or not. But more of that later.

Not long after our meeting with the boys we were in her bedroom chatting. Eloise had asked me if I was a virgin. I thought of lying but told her the honest truth. I thought she might laugh at me but she confessed that she only had her first sex earlier that year, “But boys our age are rubbish. We need to get in on the adult fun.”

“What do you mean?” I thought I knew but wanted her to tell all.

“Well you know they all fuck like rabbits.” I giggled at this, but she added, “Seriously, there is a group of the ex-pats that have a swingers club. They are always screwing each other.”

I thought about my Uncle Bob and Auntie Pat. Pat’s comments about this not being ‘stuffy old England’ rang true. My imagination was running wild., “But how do you know?” I wanted the particulars.

“They can’t really hide it,” Eloise explained, “Plus I saw my dad kissing one of our neighbours so my mum explained that dad and she love one another but allow each other to have fun with other people. I think she wanted to reassure me that they wouldn’t get divorced. So I asked her if she did it too. She admitted that she did and that I shouldn’t be scared of my desires, they are natural and that I am only young once.”

You mean…” I didn’t really know what I meant.

Eloise continued almost breathlessly, “But she won’t let me join their parties as she says that would be too weird and uncomfortable for my Dad and her. But she guides me and helps keep me safe. She lets my boyfriend sleep here; she indicated her bed.”

“You mean you’ve done it right here?” It was a stupid comment and I felt childish even saying it. But I was wide-eyed with amazement, and a little jealous too I suppose.

Eloise savoured telling her story and lay back on the bed and dreamily recounted her first time, “Yes right here. Hmm, Francois has a lovely body,” she closed her eyes and shared the details. “We were here in the dark, naked and kissing he got so excited and really hard for me. I love feeling him get hard. I opened my legs for him.” At this she spread her legs wide, her bare legs exposed as her short dress rose up to her hips.

I was intrigued and amazed at her brazen behaviour but I encouraged her, “I’m so jealous I want all the dirty details.” I flopped down beside her; I couldn’t keep the excited laugh out of my voice escort köle and Eloise seemed all too eager to play along. She seemed to be relishing her role as the experienced one.

“I could feel him pressing down on me,” her arms hugged her body squeezing her small boobs into an exaggerated cleavage at the neckline of her dress, “We French kissed and we were both really hot and excited.” Her hips squirmed as she recalled her experience. I was enthralled.

Her hands strayed to her thighs and she seemed to press her legs even wider apart. I could see signs of her wispy pubes emerging either side of the gusset of her panties. Of course I had seen girls naked before in changing rooms and in the dorm at school. Girls were all too willing to show off their developing bodies, especially to the girls who were less developed. I had grown less shy in the past couple of years as my body filled out. I had worried that I might be considered chubby, especially compared to other slender girls but I soon realised that there was a pecking order of womanliness and that I was nearer the top than some other girls. But I was less adventurous than some of those girls and hadn’t been brave enough to go all the way, so I was enjoying my new friend’s story. I wanted to know more.

“What did it feel like when he put it in?” I was eager for details but Eloise wanted to tell her story in her own way.

Her eyes shut, remembering, she continued, “He fingered me. We had done that before and I stroked his hard-on.” She looked at me, checking I was paying attention, “I can bring him off doing that, ” she boasted, “But that time I didn’t want him to finish. I had decided we would go all the way. My Mum had given me condoms. He was nervous and by the time he got one on his willy was getting soft,” she giggled as she continued, “I had to stroke it again. I could feel it was ready. Have you felt a really hard one?”

I didn’t feel like mentioning my quick feel of Uncle Bob’s dick and gave a small shake of my head. I had to confess that I didn’t really know. I had of course played with a boy’s cock, but I couldn’t be sure I knew the full potential of erections. “What’s it like,” I asked to encourage her explanation.

Eloise sat-up on one arm and leaned towards me, as if to share her secret story more intimately, “I could feel it was proper hard, not bendy. I knew he was ready and I lay back.” She imitated laying back again, “He got over me and slipped inside.” She gave a shuddering gasp. I realised that she had pushed her finger inside her panties and had buried it in her quim. Her breathing was heavy and she moaned, “Fuck I’m so horny.”

Opening her eyes she looked at me as if weighing-up a decision, “We’re going to be special friends this summer, right?”

“Of course,” I grinned at her. She looked really pretty.

“I’m really horny and I want to play with myself. You can go if you want and I’ll see you later.”

“I don’t want to go.” I was almost pleading with her to let me stay.

“Touch yourself then. I’m going to frig myself and I want you to do it too.”

We arranged ourselves side by side on her bed. I hitched up my dress and started to touch my crotch when Eloise lifted her bum and slid her panties down her legs, “You too,” she instructed. I copied her and she watched me intently. I could feel her eyes burning into my half-naked body, then she giggled and added, “Let’s get naked.”

Hurriedly we stripped off our clothes. Her dress came over her head and I wriggled out of mine. She was already naked but for her bra and I quickly unclipped my bra and shrugged it off and she did the same. My boobs were definitely much larger than hers. I recall her nipples standing out like little pale spikes against the small mounds. My boobs seemed huge in comparison and my nipples were dark and thicker.

“Lie down,” I did as she said and she surveyed my body, “Show me how you touch yourself.” Nervously I began to circle my clit with two fingers. “You have a big bush,” she grinned at me with real delight in her eyes. Her comment was matter of fact and non-judgemental. It was true I had a dense bush of dark pubes compared to her fine triangle of fair hair. “I need to get-off now.” She declared and lay back and began to play with her pussy.

For several minutes there was no sound but our quickening breaths and the occasional squelchy sound of fingers on wet quims. She was close on my left and I could feel the rhythmic contact of her hot skin as her arm brushed my side. It was nice and I wriggled a little closer to put my hip in contact with hers. Whether she noticed or not I don’t know. She was rapidly playing with herself and I was getting more and more aroused too. Of course I regularly played with myself back then. I also knew that other girls at school did the same, but it was always a private game. There were rumours of girls who did it together, but none of my friends did, or admitted to it at any rate. So this was my first ever time naked and intimate with another girl. To be honest it was my first naked intimacy with anyone, boy or girl.

Suddenly Eloise shuddered and gasped as she orgasmed. Her knees came-up and she folded into a foetal position facing away from me. She lay still, breathing heavily for a few moments before rolling around to face me. “I needed that; did you finish too?”

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