The Wake Up Ch. 04

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Author’s note: This story posted by RedTang is inspired by adventures between two Literotica authors, BlueTang and Ethyllene. The copyright is co-owned by both authors. Please visit our separate pages for other stories.

Important note: this story includes watersports.



Ava woke up early the next morning. Shifting in bed, she concentrated on the feelings in her abdomen and ass. Her ass felt a bit tender from being fucked hard in the shower the night before. At the same time, she felt empty inside. Hank’s surprising filling of her ass had acted like an enema. By the time she had come to bed, Hank was fast asleep, and Ava curled up against him and was out like a light herself. But later, in the middle of the night, she had awakened from a dream that left her heart pounding. A tall man, his face in shadow, was standing next to the bed as she lay sprawled on it. She knew she had to get out of bed to pee, but he was blocking the way. “I have to go,” she whispered in her dream. “I know,” the figure replied. She saw then that the figure had his cock in his hand, stroking it. He moved closer, standing over her. “I have to go,” she whispered again, more urgently. But he didn’t move out of the way. Instead he moved even closer. “I do too, Ava.” He took his cock in his hand, and moving to a stance Ava had only seen in the bathroom when Hank was peeing in the toilet. The mysterious figure pointed his cock at her belly. Oh God, he’s going to pee on me was her sudden panicked dream thought. Paralyzed, she could anticipate what was coming. He turned slightly, and she knew he was now angled towards her breasts. He lifted his cock, and she saw a stream of liquid spurt from his cock, arching toward her…

And then she woke up.

Her heart pounding, it took Ava a moment to realize where she was. There’s no one here, she thought. Why am I wet? She realized she was just sweaty… but her stomach was fluttering, and a tightness in her pussy let her know that she was also turned on. She realized that she really did need to pee, too, and after a minute, she got up to use the bathroom, the night air cooling her down as she walked across the tile floor of the room.

After Ava came back to bed from the bathroom, she lay and thought about the dream. Her hand made its way to her pussy, and she found herself thinking about what she had done with Hank in the past few days. He made me pee in the shower with him, she thought. Her hand touched her pussy. What would it be like for him to pee on me? She wondered. Hot, wet… and forbidden.

Hank was so kinky — he had done things to her this weekend that she had never thought of before. Their foray into watersports was one. He liked to fill her up — with fingers, with her vibrator, with his cock — and she had responded by opening up and letting him fill her, every time. She liked his forcefulness — not overbearing, but pushing her outside what she thought was her comfort zone. He liked to explore every part of her body. And she had let him. She was learning about him too — what he liked, and what he had been fantasizing about before he met her. Maybe with this, she could surprise him. As she thought about her dream, a thought crossed her mind. I wonder if this is something he’s been thinking about. There’s nothing wrong with it if we both want to play, she reassured herself. I just need to show him he can do it. And she drifted back to sleep.

In the morning, Ava could tell that her ass needed a small rest after the night before, so she got up before Hank, showered, and then pulled him out of bed for breakfast. She knew it wouldn’t be too long until he would playing with her again. At least, she assumed that was true.

After breakfast, the lovers strolled down to the beach. They spent the morning soaking in the warm sun while they relaxed. They watched people walk up and down while they sat in low chairs, floating in the water when they got too warm. Even though it was early, they had a rum punch — or two — brought by the resort’s strolling waiters. Finding themselves sweating as the day heated up, they switched to water to stay hydrated. Shortly after finishing a full bottle, Hank stood up and said he was going to walk back up to the hotel to pee.

This is my chance for a little turnaround, thought Ava. “No baby, you aren’t going anywhere. Sit back down,” she said firmly.

Looking surprised, Hank sat back down.

“After making me so full yesterday, I think you can stand to be full for a little longer. You’ll just have to hold it.” Ava spoke nonchalantly, returning her gaze to the novel she was reading, and handing him the water bottle.

“I, uh, well… ok. For a little while.” Hank stared at Ava for a few minutes, but she just kept reading. Shrugging, he tried to put the pressure in his bladder out of his mind, looking out the ocean.

Hank kept glancing at Ava. She felt his gaze, but ignored it, forcing him to Ataşehir Olgun Escort wait.

“Um, Ava, can I go up to pee?”

Ava glanced at her watch. “15 more minutes. You made me wait at least that long to pee yesterday.”

Hank shifted in his beach chair. “But that was… different.”

Ava laughed. “It was? See how you like it!” She leaned over Hank’s chair, stroking her hand along his thigh. “Did it turn you on to make me wait?”

“Yes. Of course.”

“Well now it’s turning me on to make you wait. Turnabout is fair play, you know.”

“Oh.” Hank glanced down at her hand on his thigh. It crept higher, and he could feel his cock respond, stiffening even as he felt the pressure inside him became more urgent. Not unbearable, but definitely time to take care of it soon.

It registered to him what she had said. “Are you really getting turned on?”

“I am.” She smiled and took her hand back from his leg. She stretched, her breasts pushing upward. Looking at them, he thought he could see the outline of her hard nipple through the swimsuit. She glanced around. No one was near them on the beach. “Do you want to know how much?”

Hank’s mouth was a little dry, and he wished he hadn’t drunk his whole bottle of water. He nodded.

Ava smiled. Rotating her body toward him, she spread her legs apart slightly in the chair. She reached down with her right hand and pulled the material of her bikini to the side. His breath caught at the sight of her exposed pussy. Ava paused. “I don’t usually get to have a breeze on my pussy. That feels nice, Hank. Maybe you should take me outdoors sometime.” She smiled at him. Hank could only nod.

Ava slowly moved her other hand from the chair arm, rubbing down across her belly, and lower. She ran her fingers over the smooth skin of her lips. Hank’s eyes were fixated on her pussy. Looking down, Ava spread the lips of her pussy open, revealing her clit. She took her other hand, no longer needed to keep her bikini to the side, and slid a finger down, past her clit, and up and down the inside of her lips before she slid it inside. She made a small noise as she penetrated herself, causing Hank to look up, and allowing her to catch his gaze with her own. Then, looking Hank deep in the eyes, she began to move her finger, pulling out to rub her clit, then pushing back inside while she pressed on her clit with the base of her hand. Hank was mesmerized as her eyes fluttered in pleasure.

“Do you know what I’m thinking of?” She whispered.

“No…” Hank whispered back.

“I was thinking of yesterday, when you made me pee while you had your fingers in me. You were so dirty to make me pee.”

“I made you cum.”

“Mmmm…” Ava purred, remembering, her hand still working at her pussy. “Thinking about it has me very wet.” She pulled her hand away from her pussy and lifted it to Hank. “See what you do to me?” She placed her finger on his lips, and when his lips parted, she slipped her finger inside his mouth. “See how good I taste?” Hank nodded, his tongue moving around her finger as he sucked on it. “I was thinking… I peed on you yesterday. Do you think you want to pee on me?” Hank gave a start and she removed her finger from his mouth. He looked at her very directly.

“Do you mean that, baby?”

Ava spotted the waiter coming down the beach. “If you’re interested.” She leaned over Hank’s chair one more time and reached for his cock. Suddenly, it seemed very hard. “And I think maybe you are.” She gave his cock a squeeze. Then, standing up, Ava adjusted her bikini, and gestured up the beach at the waiter. “Ok, well, you said to had to go, and we’ve been out for a while, so I think it’s time to go in.”

Hank swallowed and got up, awkwardly trying to stand and cover the bulge in his swimsuit with his towel as he gathered their belongings.

“Anything else for you today?” asked the waiter as he reached them.

“No thanks. I’ll just sign the check to our room. We’ll be back later. But for now, we’re kind of full.” Ava looked over at Hank and giggled as she said this.

“Uh, OK, just sign here,” said the waiter, glancing between them as if he were wondering what the joke was, and the chemistry that he sensed. “Have a wonderful day!”

Ava beamed at him. “Thank you, I know we will!”

As they walked past the pool, Hank started to turn toward the shower and restroom area. Ava caught his hand. “No baby, we’re going back to the room.”

“OK, but I really have to pee now. Your little show didn’t really change that!” Hank began walking a little faster.

Ava chuckled. “Like I said, you made me wait. And Hank… Maybe I’ll have a little surprise for you.”

“OK baby, anything. Just tell me.”

“I think I’ll have to show you the surprise. I think you’ll enjoy it.” Ava’s heart was now beating hard.

An empty elevator car was waiting as they walked through the lobby. Stepping inside, Hank asked “Do you want to give me a hint?”

In Ataşehir Sarışın Escort answer, as the doors closed, Ava stepped up to Hank and took his hand. Bringing it down to her pussy, she pressed against him and leaned up to run her tongue over his lips. She could feel him start to pull aside the material of her swimsuit, and she separated her legs slightly to let him reach her. Turning her head to his ear, she whispered “I’m turned on, Hank. I’m turned on by the thought of you being full and having to pee. I’m turned on because I want you to pee. I’m so dirty… and now it’s your turn.” Ava’s face had turned scarlet as she said this. She couldn’t believe she was so turned on at the idea of what she was going to have Hank do. That something so dirty could turn her on so much, and that she could tell Hank, was… a surprise, or maybe, a revelation.

Hank kissed her hard, sliding his finger over her lips just as the elevator jerked to a stop at the 10th floor. Withdrawing his hand, he put it around her onto her ass as they walked rapidly down the hallway to their room.

As soon as they were inside the door, Ava pinned Hank against the door, reaching to push down his shorts and grab his cock. He responded, pulling off her top and leaning down to lick one nipple, then the other. They each reached with one hand to push her bikini down over her hips. Ava kept her other hand on Hank’s cock, and Hank’s other hand reached for her pussy. His middle finger slipped between her lips and then was able to slide right in, and Ava moaned. “God Ava, you’re so wet!” She is very turned on about this, thought Hank.

Hank’s cock had hardened some as Ava held him and he stroked her pussy, but by now he had to pee so strongly that he knew he wouldn’t be able to stay hard long enough to fuck her. “Baby, I know you’re turned on, but I really have to go.” He began to edge around here, even as she held onto him.

“Ok baby, but it has to be how I say.” What?”

“Whatever you say, but I’m about to explode.”

“Good. I wanted you to be full.” Ava led Hank into the bathroom, but then instead of letting him head for the toilet, she pulled him into the shower. Ava knelt down in front of Hank and took his cock in her mouth. She could taste his precum, but could tell his cock was not reaching its usual hardness. He was having trouble standing still. Removing her mouth, Ava looked up at Hank, and then pulled him down to kneel too, right in front of her. She kissed him hard.

“You made me pee for you yesterday. And then you made me cum. And now I’m horny again.” Ava shifted, laying back against the tile and opening her legs. Hank was kneeling between her legs now. Ava reached down and opened her pussy lips. “It’s your turn to pee. And I, I… want you to pee on me… like this… like I peed on you.” Ava’s face was red as she began rubbing her pussy, sliding a finger inside her while he watched, then rubbing her clit. “I’m so hot. Please, Hank, go ahead. I know you want to.”

Hank was mesmerized at the sight of Ava begging him to pee. She’s so hot, he thought. I hope I can do it. He was still a little bit hard, which always made peeing harder. But he was so full. He positioned himself between her legs and pointed his cock at her. Although he was full, it was hard to let go.

“Come on Hank. Come on. You told me yourself. Just let go.” Ava was watching him closely, her hand moving on her pussy. “Come on!”

Hank tried to relax. He closed his eyes for a second, then suddenly he felt himself relax enough that his pee started to flow. First just a trickle hit the floor, and then his stream strengthened as his sphincter loosened. His pee hit Ava’s thigh, and then higher, onto her belly, splashing over her abdomen. Ava jumped at the unexpected heat of it on her. “Oh!” she exclaimed. “It’s hot!” His stream moved further up, under her breast, and then he sprayed over her nipple. The heat took her breath away, and her nipple hardened. She could see the pale yellow of his stream, and then the smell hit her as he splashed off her breast. Her nostrils flared at the distinctive, slightly acrid scent. Hank aimed left, and his pee hit her other breast, the liquid running down over her belly and pussy.

Ava’s hands had been working frantically on her pussy, but she slowed, taking her lips in her fingers, and pulled her pussy open. “Here baby… here, too…” Hank realized what she wanted, and he directed his stream lower. Playing it directly on her clit for a moment, he directed his flow even lower, directly onto her open pussy. Ava shuddered. “Oh God, I feel it, I feel it…” Feeling his pee hit her open, inner lips, Ava moved one hand back to her clit, rubbing frantically, her other hand trying to keep herself open for him. Ava looked down at his stream playing over her hands as she rubbed her clit, and then returned her gaze to his cock, watching the liquid coming out of his member. Hank continued to move his stream over her as she kept her eyes fixed Ataşehir Şişman Escort on his cock.

Hank could feel himself emptying as he watched the unbelievable sight of Ava masturbating as he peed on her. He was about to tell her that he was almost done when Ava said, “Oh, OH, I’m going to cum Hank, keep going…” Hank focused his stream at her clit, where her hand was working frantically.

“Cum for me baby, my beautiful dirty girl, you can do it. You can cum…” His mouth was dry again. You can cum while I’m peeing on you. Dirty girl!”

At that Ava sort of squealed, and she clenched her legs around her hand, her body jerking as the last bit of his stream hit her thigh. She rolled to a half-lying position as her shudders slowed, lying in a wet puddle on the shower floor. Hank moved beside her, leaning over to kiss her as she shuddered one last time. “You’re so beautiful when you cum,” he murmured.

Ava turned her face up to his, and they kissed as she recovered, both of them caught in the smells and sensation. Ava was wet all over. She reached out to take Hank’s cock in her hand, and he began to kiss her more urgently as his cock quickly rose to full hardness. Ava began to stroke it, hands still wet. Her hands ran along his shaft, and she reached one hand under to cup his balls. He pulled her up tight against him, and reached down to stroke her sensitive pussy. Ava let him touch her for a second, then pushed away from him. Lowering her mouth to his cock, she took him in. She tasted a tang of bitterness on her tongue from the last drop of pee on the tip of Hank’s cock, and then was rewarded with the salty-sweetness of his pre-cum as she stroked his balls.

After just a few seconds, she stood up, turning on the shower, but angling the water away from them. “Lie down,” she ordered.

“What?” he asked.

“Like I did. Play with yourself.”

Hank lay back against the side of the shower stall. His cock was rock hard now, and he took it in two hands and began to stroke it. Ava watched for a minute.

“Touch your balls.” Hank obliged, moving one leg slightly to the side so that he could cup his own balls.

“And your ass!” Now he moved his leg even farther to the side, and slid his hand down, probing back under his balls for his asshole. I’m going to have to do something with that ass later, Ava thought, but not right now. “Ok, now just stroke. I want you to get ready to cum for me.” Hank grunted his assent, returning both hands to his cock.

Ava stood up. She put one leg on either side of Hank, moving up so he was looking directly up at her wet pussy. She reached down and pulled her lips open. “Look at my pussy, Hank. You just peed on it. You dirty man. And I let you. Did that turn you on?” Hank just nodded. “I think it did. You pee was so hot on me, Hank, it was like fire… And I let you do that.”

Hank’s hands were moving faster on his cock now. “There’s just one problem, baby. I have to pee too, and I didn’t get to go. I have to, now.” His eyes were fixed on hers now. “You peed on me. Do you want me to pee on you too?” Not waiting for his answer, Ava moved slightly further down over Hank, now standing over his chest. From a glance, it seemed to her that his cock had gotten even harder. His hands were making jerky movements up and down.

“I have to pee Hank. I can’t control it. I’m too full.” Ava squatted slightly, opening her legs. “I have to go.” Closing her eyes, Ava pulled apart her pussy lips and relaxed. Hank was looking directly into her pussy. He could see a trickle of pee run down her lips, dripping out of her, and then suddenly there was more, and the first stream of her pee hit Hank on the chest, splashing his neck and face. He gasped, breathing in the bitter smell of Ava’s urine as the warm shower covered him. Hank’s eyes traced the liquid back to where it emerged from her. Hank’s hands continued to move on his cock as Ava peed. Then suddenly Ava clenched and her flow stopped. She moaned slightly and straightened, then moved back down his body, positioning herself so that her pussy was over his cock and squatting down close to him. She leaned forward to kiss him, then returned to her squat, one hand balancing on the side of the shower.

“Did you like that? It seems like you might need some help to cum Hank. Are you ready for me?”

Hank jerked his head, practically panting. “God, yes. More.”

Ava smiled. Reaching down with one hand, she pulled her pussy lips open, and concentrated on relaxing. For a second she thought she wouldn’t able to do it. But then she took a breath and relaxed, and felt herself letting go again.

This time her first dribbles hit Hank’s abdomen, and she quickly shifted down. Her pee sprayed out of her onto his hands, on his cock, soaking down over his balls. He made a guttural noise, and pointed his cock directly up, into her stream. Hank felt her stream hit directly on his head. She was lubricating him now, her hot pee all over his cock as he stroked himself, his up and down hand movements accelerating. She tilted her body so that her pee aimed lower, onto his balls, then sat up again. She had been so full, but even as she felt herself emptying, she was surprised at the length of time she was able to pee. I’m peeing on my lover, she thought idly. And he’s so turned on.

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