The Weekend Away Turns into a Night

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The weekend away turns into a night she won’t forget.

This story is quite long, so if you want a quick fix, maybe move on to something else.


Dan is roughly 6 foot tall, toned without being ripped, fairly short brown hair, and had always a high sex drive.

Hayley is 5 foot 2 tall, petite frame, small breasts and tiny round bum. She has danced her entire life, so is also fit.

Dan and Hayley had been together for approaching 6 years. They had always had a very active sex life right from the start, getting it on at least 3 times a week no matter what. They had experimented quite a lot, buying toys, using food, tying each other up and other forms of light bondage. Hayley had been up for almost anything between the two of them. Almost… The only thing they hadn’t done was anal. It wasn’t a turn on for her, and the only time she had really actually been prepared to try it, they were both far too drunk to actually do it. As much as Dan wanted it, she stood resolute in her refusal. Despite this, sex with her was that good, it wasn’t a deal breaker.

Lately though, there had been another topic of conversation for their bedroom antics. Dan had been away for business and found himself watching a bit of porn to pass the time. This was where he came across a homemade video of a real life couple where the guy was sharing his girlfriend with several male strangers. He was absolutely mesmerised by it, quickly finding himself pulling himself to orgasm. Normally, that is sufficient for him to concentrate on something else for a while. Not this time. He was so aroused, he didn’t get the after-come flop, he found his manhood refusing to let go of its glory, ensuring he was turned on sufficiently to have another round of self-pleasure before turning in for the night. Any regular time, the rush of dopamine would ensure he felt sufficiently tired for a good nights’ sleep. Not this time!

He awoke the following morning feeling more tired than he could remember. The product of tossing and turning all night, thinking about the film he had seen, and imagining it was HIS HAYLEY they were servicing! The bit that concerned him though, wasn’t that in his mind, last night there were 3 men penetrating his girlfriend, hearing her moan and seeing her writhe under their touch, it was how turned on he had been whilst those images had been running through his head.

This continued for several more nights, until Hayley noticed his tiredness and asked what was wrong. At first, he tried to blow it off, just blaming work being busy and other similar, unbelievable excuses that she saw right through. Finally, her patience of hearing these awful fob offs wore out, and she confronted Dan. Rather than doing it in an aggressive way, she decided to use her sensuality to get her answers. She had always know Dan wasn’t too bothered about stockings and suspenders and other similar outfits, but was an absolute sucker for the “girl next door” look. A sexy, skimpy, sheer thong, a small lacy bra, hair in a ponytail, and glasses rather than contact lenses were the ultimate turn on for him. Simple, but effective.

Hayley had always felt self-conscious before she met Dan about wearing this type of underwear around boyfriends. She was embarrassed about, what she saw as her ‘small boobs.’ She was a brilliant B cup – pert, definitely no hint of sag, with sexy nipples about half an inch long, that she hated but he loved. Whilst she still wasn’t happy with her body, she knew that Dan loved her through and through. He had never once made her feel conscious about it. Always re-assuring her that he prefers smaller boobs to big, and her tiny round behind was perfect to him. Because of this, she loved him even more, and that meant she wanted to know what was playing on her man’s mind, and she was willing to give him some “special attention” to find out what it was.

Whilst at work, she decided to act up a little bit, giving the impressions of not feeling well. By the time lunch arrived, she had a quick word with her manager. Telling her she felt ill and wanted to go home, her boss was sympathetic, agreeing immediately that she would be better off getting some rest. In her mind, she needed to get something, but rest wasn’t it! Grabbing her car keys and bag, she said by to the other women in the office, and made her way out. Once she got out of the car park, that was it. She drove faster than normal to get back home and put her plan into action.

As Dan was still at work, not due home for another few hours, she had the place to herself. Although she was doing this to try and find out what was on his mind, Hayley was finding herself getting slightly horny at the thought of tonight’s activities. Having shut and locked the door, she wandered into the bedroom to pick out what she would put on. Stripping from her black trousers and white blouse down to her underwear, she had decided on it. The small sheer black thong and lacy bra it was. She laid them out on the bed, took off her remaining çayyolu escort clothes, and headed for the shower, grabbing her razor and shaving gel on the way. “If you’re going to do something, you may as well do it properly” she thought as she walked into the bathroom. She turned the shower on, and stepped under the hot stream.

Normally, she would stand there for a few minutes, letting the water wash away the day’s thoughts, but this was different. She was there for a reason, so got started on the job at hand, quickly washing her hair and body, and shaving her underarms and legs. When they were done, she put another squirt of gel into her palm, lathered it up, and started spreading it over her pussy mound. Before meeting Dan, she had always been an “all off” girl, but he had convinced her to try a landing strip for a change, and now she was a convert. Being short (5′ 2″) and having small breasts had always made her feel she looked young. Having the strip of hair above her intimate area made her feel sexy and showed she was all woman. Taking her time, she made sure every hair was gone apart from the main trail. When she finished, she took the shower from the holder, and gave herself a quick spray to get rid of any excess gel that was lingering. Normally, that would take a couple of seconds and she would be done, except this time she found herself pausing for a few seconds as the jet of water hit her clit, making it tingle that little bit more in anticipation.

Wrapped in a towel, she made her way back to the bedroom and started drying herself off. This didn’t take long, except for her shoulder length blonde highlighted hair, but since that was going in a ponytail, she didn’t need to straighten it. She slid on the thong, making sure to check how it looked in the mirror on her wardrobe. “Perfect” she thought, as she studied her reflection. The black fabric just about being dark enough to tease and leave a little to the imagination (not that he needed it, having seen it so many times before), but transparent enough to make her intimate grooming visible. Next, she slipped her arms through the bra straps, and fastened the hooks behind her. Whilst it didn’t do anything in terms of pushing her boobs up or making them look bigger, even she had to admit how sexy it made her feel. Once she had sorted her “essentials” she grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and finished getting dressed. “It doesn’t matter what I wear, its coming off when Dan is back” she thought to herself.

Opening the door, Dan walked through to find Hayley sat on the sofa, assumingly engrossed in some crime drama. Walking into the living room, he greeted Hayley with his regular “hey babe.” Clearly surprised he had come in and she didn’t hear him, she jerked her head away from the tv, and gave him a big smile, followed by her normal response to him “hey handsome.” Whilst she was distracted, it wasn’t by the programme, but more about tonight’s fun she had planned.

After dinner, Hayley decided it was time to get started. She stood up and wandered into the bedroom of the flat they shared. Quickly stripping her t-shirt and jeans off, she then hid herself behind the door, and gave Dan a shout –

“Dan, come here a minute please.”

He walked into the bedroom, and stood confused. That’s when he felt her hands snake around his waist and start sliding into the front of his jeans. Whilst he was certainly not going to stop her, Dan certainly was puzzled by Hayley’s behaviour. He felt her hands get lower and start rubbing on his manhood as she was pressing her breasts into his back. He knew straight away that she was in the sexy bra he loved by the feeling of the fabric being pushed against his skin. Reaching his hands backwards, his palms found her hips, and he pulled her further against him, intensifying the feeling as her hands began moving more vigorously on his package.

She pulled her left hand out, and quickly undid his belt and buttons. Once his jeans were open and his burgeoning erection was set free, he quickly but carefully pulled her hand out of his boxer shorts, and spun around to face her, immediately placing a fierce kiss on her pursed lips. He pushed her back against the wall and begin kissing down her neck, over her collarbone, and down to her breast. Pulling the cup of her bra down to release her boobs, he took the hard nipple in his mouth, gently sucking and nibbling on the erect nub, before moving further south. As his head got lower, he noticed the underwear she had chosen to wear. As a big smile grew across his face, he moved his mouth over the mesh, before pulling it aside and setting his tongue to work on her now throbbing pressure button.

Normally, Hayley will let him go down on her as long as he likes, knowing seeing her pleasure is a big turn on for Dan, but right now the anticipation she had felt for the last few hours was bursting out. Before he had got a chance to really get started, she pulled him upright, and marched him backwards, cebeci escort pushing him straight onto the bed. Immediately grabbing at his waistband and pulling his jeans and boxers off in one fell swoop. She swiftly whipped the thong off, and dropped her head over his now solid shaft. As she began sucking on him, tasting his length, she spun round and planted her soaking slit on his mouth, letting him lick at her sweet juices as she continued to work on his cock. They continued in this position for a few minutes, before she lifted herself up off his face, moved down the bed, and took him inside her. His dick sliding straight in with ease due to the wetness of her aching pussy. He buried himself right to the hilt in the first thrust, garnering a gasp from Hayley as she felt herself being stretched by him. The pent up frustration from the day of planning now released, Hayley went for it in a big way, pushing herself up with her knees before slamming back down on Dan with abandon, riding him like her life depended on it. This wasn’t a normal sex session, he could tell by the see-want-take attitude Hayley was employing that this was pure lust, and he was more than ok with that.

As her impending orgasm approached, the muscles gripping Dan’s length began to tighten and convulse, sending immense sensations through his body. He knew she was close, he had felt this so many times before, and thankfully he was rapidly getting to the same point. As he felt her hand move to franticly rub her pleasure button, the squeezing on his cock got more and more intense. After a couple more thrusts, he couldn’t hold any longer, shooting his hot jizz deep inside her as she collapsed, exhausted, hot, and sweaty on top of him. The grip her tight love hole had on his dick was starting to loosen, but he could feel himself still twitching in her, her pussy milking him for every last drop.

They lay like this for a few moments, crumpled in an entwined heap, as his manhood returned a flaccid state and slowly slid from her. Once she had the energy to move, Hayley slid of his chest and lay next to Dan, her arm still draped over him, as she decided how to get the truth out of him about his funk the last week or so. After some deliberation, she thought ‘fuck it, just ask him outright’. Tilting her head up to look at him, she told him she had known he had got something on his mind, and wanted to know what. Initially he tried to play it down as nothing and work stuff, but she knew that was bullshit. Reminding him she knew him too well for that, she repeated the question, and said no matter what it is, she wants to know. After thinking for a minute, he realised she won’t let it slide, so decided to answer her honestly.

“It was when I was away for work, I got bored, and ended up watching some porn” (this didn’t bother Hayley, she knew every guy does, and knew Dan was a guy with a high sex drive).

“Anyway, I ended up watching this homemade video of a girl being gang banged by a few guys, and her boyfriend was there watching and filming it. She was blindfolded so she never knew which was which, but they were doing everything with her, and she was loving it! She was sucking them off, they were fucking her pussy, her ass hole, everything. She even did a double penetration and loved that. She never knew who was in what hole, but she was so horny the whole time.”

There’s loads of that type of stuff about, thought Hayley, trying to work out why this was playing on his mind so much.

“Right, so what is so special about this?” she asked him.

“Because while I was watching it, all I could imagine was doing that with you” he answered.

“I’d never before ever thought of you being with another guy at the same time as me, but this was you being blindfolded and banged by multiple guys at the same time, nothing off limits, and I was so horny, that now I really want it to happen. I’ve literally thought about nothing else all week, but you and me going away for a weekend, we go out at night to a club, and you do everything I say for the night. I get you to do all kinds of slutty stuff, then we go back to the room, I blindfold you, and they walk in and we all screw you however we want, interchanging so you don’t know who is doing what, and you love it. I know you’d never go for that, but I want to do it more than anything, and the thought of it is what’s has been on my mind all week and won’t go.”

Hayley was really surprised with everything she had just heard, because she never thought Dan would want to share her with another guy, let alone several guys. The most surprising part was that now he had stopped telling her why he had been distant lately, her mind had starting imagining what he said, and even though she didn’t want to show it, the thought of having 2 or more guys at the same time had been a fantasy of hers for years.

She had always been more than happy with Dan, and he was the best lover she had had. Adventurous, skilled, good size çubuk escort and plenty of stamina, he had always fulfilled her sexual needs and then some, so she hadn’t thought about it for the time they had been together, but now he has said he wants to do it, all of the thoughts had come flooding back, and she was turned on at the idea. Some of what he said concerned her a bit, like she does everything he tells her to do, as she knew Dan has got a dirty mind and may tell her to do something a step too far that she is uncomfortable with, but the thought of being used by several guys at once, that was big turn on!

Realizing he had just unloaded everything, Dan felt as though a massive weight had been lifted from his shoulders, as at least she now knew the truth. That lasted literally a couple of seconds until the realisation of what he had just said hit him like a hammer. He had just told the girl of his dreams and love of his life that he wants to watch her basically be used as a toy for some group of horny guys. ‘How degrading must that be for her?’ he thought. He looked down at Hayley, to see her with a confused, far-away look on her face. He put his finger under her chin, motioning for her to look at him. As she moved her head, he began talking to her again.

“Look, I’m sorry, alright. I feel bad because you look like you don’t believe what I’ve just come out with. It sounded way worse out loud than I meant it to. I didn’t want to make you sound like you’re just there to be passed around for my pleasure, it was just in my head you enjoyed it as much as I did, and that’s why I want to do it so much.”

Hayley looked at Dan with a big smile on her face, and reassured him she wasn’t angry or upset, just surprised that he wants to share her with other guys. Their minds were now in 2 very different places. All Dan could think about is how terrible Hayley must feel, knowing the guy that tells her all the time how much he loves her can think so little of her that he wants to see her having sex with other guys. Hayley’s mind though, was not angry or upset, and certainly not feeling degraded. The main thing she was thinking was ‘what kind of slutty things would he want me to do?’

Seeing he was still thinking he had upset her, she inched herself up the bed to tenderly plant a kiss on Dan’s cheek, and again told him she loved him. He kissed her on the forehead and responded with “Love you too.” Shuffling back down the bed, she positioned her head on his arm, gave him a hug, and dozed off. The tiredness of their bedroom activities catching up with her. Dan wasn’t lucky as to fall asleep immediately. He spent the majority of the night tossing and turning about his outburst, before finally dropping off to get a couple of hours. The following morning, he was up and about before Hayley even stirred. He had made her breakfast and a cup of tea ready for when she made her way to the table.

Unbeknownst to him, she had woken up and was laying in bed thinking about last night’s revelation. The thought of being gang banged was getting her more and more hot. She had never been a girl to sleep around, Dan was only the fifth person she had been with, but this would be a one off… And what are the slutty things he was thinking of???? She wandered in to the living room and sat down with Dan. He was sitting down, sipping his coffee, deep in thought. Now she was looking at him, the thought of his suggestion was making her crazy. She couldn’t believe that he wants to share her with a group of guys. While she has known him a long time and knew this was unlikely to go away, she didn’t want to mention anything in case he got the impression he wasn’t enough for her. Instead, she made small talk, which lead to a full conversation, before they got dressed and went out for the day.

They carried on as normal for another week or so, going to work, going out for a drink in the evening, etc, but Hayley noticed Dan’s thoughts were still miles away a lot of the time, and she knew why. That Friday night, she decided to talk to him about it, as even though she didn’t want to admit it, she was thinking the same thing!

As they sat down to Chinese take away that night, she turned to him, and decided to get it out in the open.

“Can I ask you a question?” she began.

“Yeah, of course you can” he responded with a smile, before taking a bite from the spring roll in his hand.

“What were the slutty things you were thinking of having me do in what you were saying last week?”

He half rolled his eyes at that. He had tried (unsuccessfully) to not think about it anymore since he blurted it out last week.

“What does it matter, you wouldn’t go for it anyway, so it just gives you something to make you think I’m more depraved than you know I am.”

He was almost irritated by the question, thinking maybe she had a bad day at work, and was looking for an argument.

“Alright, I’ll be honest” Hayley started again, “Ever since we have been together, I’ve never needed or wanted anyone else. You’re my entire world” she carried on, “but since you said what you said last week, it’s literally been running through my mind all week, and I have to say, every time I think about it for more than a few seconds, it’s getting me all hot, bothered, and horny.”

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