The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K Ch. 7

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Hello, fans, and welcome to another installment of the adventures of the “feisty, glamorous, and quick- thinking” Miss K. Well, she is according to my latest review from LadyCyrrh. I reserve all commercial and non-electronic rights to this work. Also, if you’re not legally allowed to read this work in your legal jurisdiction, please do not read this story. Without further ado, let’s get it on?

* * * * *

Miss K and Tracy walked through the park by the Gateway Arch, content to spend a nice spring day enjoying the outdoors instead of another piece of flesh. Tracy had one a pair of short, tight daisy dukes with a light pink crop top that showed off her tight stomach and nice legs. Miss K herself had an interesting outfit, wearing a stylized orange Spirits of St. Louis jersey just long enough to cover her as and cut to fit like a dress. To match, she wore orange sneakers, an orange thong, orange nail polish and even an orange headband in her hair to keep her long blonde tresses from blowing around.

“Nice day out, right, K?” Tracy said, walking along.

“Yeah. Perfect temperature, not too much humidity. Yeah, this works,” Miss K said with a smile.

“One question though. Who the heck are the Spirits of Saint Louis?”

“Have you ever heard of the ABA?”

“What’s the ABA?” Tracy asked as the two walked along in the park.

“You know. Basketball league from the 70s, red, white and blue basketball, Dr. J was a star, Nike’s ripping them off in their commercials…does this ring any bells?”

“Nah,” Tracy said as she beamed up a smile up at Miss K. “I don’t know much about this so-called ABA, but I do know one thing.”

“What’s that?” Miss K said, getting goose bumps as she felt Tracy reach under her little dress, her fingers laying right on top of her dick.

Tracy rubbed the fabric of Miss K’s thong up and down on the head of her tucked-up cock and slyly responded, “you look so hot in that tight orange dress of yours.”

Miss K exhaled loudly, crossing her arms to cover those hardening nipples poking through her jersey. “I thought you didn’t wanna play today.”

“I know,” Tracy said, subtly continuing to torture the head of Miss K’s cock with her own panties. “It’s just the warm air, that HOT orange dress and that hotter body of yours getting me hot.”

Miss K walked slowly and breathed deeply, trying to keep her knees from buckling as she felt Tracy scratch the head of her dick. “Gee, thanks, Trace, but you do realize we’re in a public park, right?”

“I know,” Tracy said with a mischievous smile. “Turnabout is fair play, you think?” she continued as she gave Miss K’s cock a long, slow stroke before pulling her hand out of her clothes.

“No!” Miss K said with a chuckle, then beaming a wide smile down to Tracy.

Kim sat on a park bench, looking at Miss K and Tracy with surprise, lifting her hat up and running her fingers through her super short hair as vision of wild sex ran through her head. “Don’t see too much of that around here,” she thought to herself, “not at the park, anyway.” Eyeing the ebony blonde bombshells, she licked her lips, her mouth watering as she thought about what her lips on their clits could to do those bodies. Deciding to make her move, she stood up and adjusted her baggy Rams jersey and jeans, trying to look as butch as she could with her thick frame, then walked over to the couple. Before she could say anyway, she was taken back by how tall and built the girl in the jersey was.

“Hi, how’s it going?” Kim blurted out.

Miss K calmly replied, “I’m doing OK and yourself?”

“Fine. So what has you two ladies walking through here? I saw you two were having yourself a good time back there.”

“Yeah, definitely!” Tracy said as she looked around Miss K’s curves to see Kim. “Since this woman likes to have fun with me, I figured that I’d play with her for once.”

“Yeah, we’re on a cross-country road trip, and we look to have fun wherever we travel. So far, we’d be treating this like a day off until this little ho,” Miss K said as she nodded in Tracy’s direction, “decided to start toying with me.”

“Can’t say I blame her. You look kinda cute there,” Kim said as she was eyeing Miss K’s curves. “What’s your name?”

“Mine’s Kayla, and this short little horn dog over there is Tracy. And thanks for the compliment. I did pay a lot of money for this body.”

“And I see it’s worth every penny,” Kim said, her light eyes mentally undressing Miss K. “Listen, I’m bored, and you said you like to play, right?”

“Sure,” Miss K said before she stopped and turned to face Kim, her thrusting breasts at Kim’s eye level. “Where do you wanna play?”

“How about my place. You guys can follow me back there.”

“Sure, let’s go do this. Ready to go do this, Trace?”

“Yeah,” Tracy replied with mock exhaustion. “Another day, another fuck. You’re insatiable, K!”

“And you love it, my sweet slut!” Miss K said before grabbing Tracy’s ass with her hands and giving her a nice, strong French kiss. Playfully giving her a smack on the ass, Miss K followed Kim back to the parking lot, highly anticipating even more Bahis Sitesi sex. “I wonder how a butch like that is going to react to me having a dick,” Miss K thought to herself. “Oh well. Another day, another fuck.”


Miss K and Tracy hopped into their SUV and trailed Kim to her place, a 15 minute drive away. Once Kim pulled up in front of her house, Miss K parked the SUV behind Kim’s car, then jumped out to meet Kim on the sidewalk. With Tracy following, Miss K walked up to Kim on the steps as she opened up the door to her apartment building. She quickly opened the door, then walked into the apartment after Kim had unlocked her door. They stepped into the sunny living room, the sunlight streaming through the curtains into the whitewashed room. It was furnished very simply, with a leather couch by the window and a large entertainment center with a big screen TV, stereo and a Playstation 2. Miss K about to walk over to see what kind of video games her new friend had when Kim walked in front of her and interrupted her thoughts.

“Chill, Kayla. I got something more fun for you. Follow me over to the couch.”

Kim walked over and plopped down on the couch, tossing her hat onto the floor and revealing her short, curly hair as she stretched her arms out on the back of the couch. Tracy and Miss K sat down on opposite sides of Kim, their shoulders being caressed by Kim’s soft touch. Kim then purred as she licked her thick lips as she undressed Tracy with her eyes, then looked over at Miss K.

“So which one of you ladies shall I start with,” Kim said as she squeezed a shoulder of the two women beside her. Running her fingers down Miss K’s arm, Kim notes, “I see this one has a bit of steel under those soft curves. Nice touch.”

Running her tongue over her lips, Miss K purred, “I know you like it big daddy!” She let out a girlish giggle before sticking her tongue out and bending down to run them over Kim’s lips. Kim soon ensnared the tongue between her lips, intertwining their tongues before pulling Miss K into a deep French kiss. She pulled away, giving the tip of Miss K’s nose a parting lick, before settling back down on the couch.

Caressing Tracy’s hair with her hand, Kim said, “as much as I’ve like to tackle your body, I think I’m going to start with something a bit…my size. You’re welcome to play with me if you want.” Kim looked into Tracy’s eyes, then grabbed her head and pulled her into a long, deep French kiss. As they were kissing, Kim ran her hand up Tracy’s inner thigh, giving her denim-covered crotch a squeeze before trailing it up her stomach and under her shirt. She rolled Tracy’s nipple between her fingers as she trailed her lips across her face down to the nape of her neck so she could suck on the soft flesh. As she ran her tongue down on Tracy’s neck, Kim rolled on top of Tracy, her knee placed between Tracy’s legs. She placed her other hand under Tracy’s shirt, then ground her knee into Tracy’s pussy as she lifted her shirt over her good-sized tits. She licked her lips as she looked at Tracy’s chocolate nipples, then made her stiffen up in pleasure as she flicked her tongue over a hardening nipple. Miss K began to drag her ass back and forth on the sofa, rubbing her swelling dick against the leather as she palmed her tits and pulled at her nipples.

“Oh, that looks so hot, Kim. I can’t wait till you do that to me,” Miss K panted out.

With one hand squeezing and pulling on Tracy’s nipple, Kim reached out her free hand to replace Miss K’s on her breasts. “Big as these cantaloupes are, I’m going to have to pay these extra special attention,” she said before pulling on Miss K’s nipple through her shirt and pulling away.

Tracy looked at the scene in front of her, humping her pussy on Kim’s knee when she felt her suck a nipple hard, pulling the whole areola into her mouth. Then, she felt that tongue swirl around her nipple, making her moan uncontrollably. When she felt the tip of her nipple get batted around on the tip of Kim’s tongue with such a quick, feeling touch, she humped against Kim’s knee as hard as she could, triggering a small orgasm that soaked her shorts with her juices. She closed her eyes and panted as she felt Kim keep sucking her nipple, her other tit being mauled by Kim’s hand. She blindly sucked at the fingers at her lips, trying to take as many of them in her mouth as possible, loving the way they wiggled against her tongue. She felt what must have been those same fingers brush back and forth against her nipple, making her shiver from the tongue and her cooling spit, as she felt her other nipple being nibbled on. Soon after, Kim’s mouth started nibbling on the other nipple, her tongue flicking at the nipple as it was held against her teeth. When she heard Kim scream, blowing her hot breath on her wet nipple, Tracy’s eyes popped open to see her friend’s huge tits dangling onto Kim’s back and her hands underneath Kim pulling on her nipples.

“Well, well. It looks like our butch friend here as some really sensitive nipples,” Miss K said as she rolled Kim’s nipples through her fingers. “Am I right?”

“Mmm, that feels nice,” Kim said as Bahis Siteleri she looked over her shoulder. “But could you just wait your turn?”

“Oh yeah, it is my turn,” Miss K purred before firmly slapping and grabbing Kim’s ass through her baggy jeans, taking care to pull the seam of her jeans right over her clit. “My turn to play with you, your little bitch.”

“Oh really? Let’s see what you got!”

Kim went back to nibbling at Tracy’s nipple, her hand quickly unbuttoning Tracy’s daisy dukes and reaching down to rub Tracy’s clit between her fingertips. As she painted Tracy’s areola with her spit, she felt Miss K unbutton and unzip her jeans, then pull them and her boxers over her ass. Feeling the gaze of the two women on her ass, she curled her fingers into Tracy’s shorts and pushed three fingers into Tracy’s very wet pussy, curling her fingers to rub her g-spot. As she fucked into Tracy’s pussy with short, jabbing strokes, her mouth trailed down Tracy’s body, taking in whole mouthfuls of her flesh as she worked it down to that juicy cunny. When she mouth trailed down to Tracy’s navel, she felt Miss K drag the top of her tongue across her clit, making her suck Tracy’s belly in shock. As she got used to Miss K’s tongue sawing over her clit, she continued fucking Tracy with her fingers, twisting her fingers around those sugar walls as her tongue twisted around Tracy’s belly. She stopped fingerfucking Tracy just long enough to pull her skimpy shorts over her ass and her legs, then squeezed the shorts in shock as Miss K licked her from her clit to her asshole.

She straightened up on her knees, then said to Miss K, “you better stop now!” before sucking in her breath at Miss K raked a nail across her clit. “Daddy’s gonna take care of you in due time, missy?”

“I know you like my style,” Miss K retorted before playing her tongue in Kim’s ear.

“Shut the fuck up, slut,” Kim spat out, trying to keep her control on Miss K’s fingers. “Just watch what your little friend is going to get.”

Miss K then saw Kim slowly press four fingers into Tracy’s pussy, sliding them against each other as her thumb rubbed along Tracy’s sensitive lips. As Tracy’s bucked against the fingers inside of her and bucked her hips against the fingers, Kim held onto one hip with her free hand, then flicked her clit with her tongue as she pressed her fingers as far as they could go into Tracy’s overflowing pussy. Miss K watched and gently toyed with Kim’s clit as she licked some of Tracy’s nectar out the palm of her hand, then flattened her tongue and dragged it up to her clit, flicking it with the same rhythm Miss K was flicking at hers. Kim quickly thrust Tracy into yet another cum with her fingers and tongue, pumping away at her wet pussy and licking her clit as she kept cumming. Finally, Miss K felt Kim ass press up against her crotch, coming teasingly close to her dick as she dick.

“So you wanna play, huh,” Kim said to Miss K as she pulled her fingers out of Tracy’s limp body. She then turned around and Kissed Miss K hard, pushing her back up onto the couch in the process. She pawed at the strap of Miss K’s jersey with her hand, pulling one of her huge tits out into the open, while rubbing her pussy on Miss K’s thigh. Tugging down the other strap, Kim took her fingers covered with Tracy’s wetness and covered one areola and nipple with that moisture. She then finally broke her kiss, lapping her way down Miss K’s neck and sucking on her skin before reaching Miss K’s pussy flavored breast. She licked around the areola, lapping up the wetness as Miss K grabbed the back of her head to feed her more of her breast. Feeling her shiver from the kiss of her lips, Kim dragged her lips across the nipple, then sucked it into her mouth, brushing her tongue across the tip. She then rushed over to suck hard on the other tit, letting her tongue run wild on Miss K’s nipple as she held it and her areola in her mouth with suction. Kim backed off of Miss K’s breasts, then grabbed them with her hands, running her fingers over the nipples as she squeezed the pillows Miss K pushed into her hands. Kim then bent down and flicked a hard nipple with her tongue as she dragged her hand back and forth on Miss K’s inner thigh, getting closer and closer to her crotch.

“Stop, Kim!” Miss K panted, still shivering from the stimulation. “You can’t touch me down there?”

“Why not?” Kim said as she sat back on her heels, a bit annoyed at Miss K. “What’s wrong with your pussy?”

“Well, lemme show you,” Miss K said as she sat up a bit, then spread her legs. She then calmly reached under her jersey, pulled her thong aside as she lifted her hips off the couch and let her hard dick spring out from its confinement. Kim looked at Miss K’s hard dick in shock, surprised that a girl with a body like hers actually wasn’t. She tentatively touched it, then squeezed it a bit and hefted it before pulling her hand away.

“This…is interesting. I’m not exactly a fan of the male gender, not sexually anyway. If I’d know this, I wouldn’t have picked you up,” Kim said flatly. Hefting the dick in her hand against, she continued, “but this definitely Canlı Bahis Sitesi is bigger than any of my strap- ons. Wanna make a mold for me?”

“Sure, with pleasure!” Miss K said with a smile, licking her lips lustily.

Still confused as to what was going on, Kim said, “could you stand up and take off that jersey? There’s no way you can’t be for real. Something’s up.”

Standing up, Miss K countered, “well, save for the breast implants and hair dye, this is all me, honey!” She then pulled her jersey off and over her head, shaking her hair out straight before chucking the jersey aside. She felt Kim’s eyes run all over her curves and washboard stomach, looking into her eyes before looking back down at her dick and mouthing the word ‘wow’. Suddenly, she saw Kim’s eyes light up, then scramble to pull up her pants and dig in her pockets. She pulled out her cell phone and quickly dialed a number.

“Hello, may I speak to Tisha?” Kim blurted out. “Whatcha doing right now? Yo, I got a surprise for you. You know how you like when I fuck you with the strap-on? Well, I got a surprise that’ll top that. It’s a surprise, dammit! Trust me, it’s something very…lifelike. It’ll even answer the door when you come over, OK? See you in 5.”

“Who’s that you were speaking to?” Miss K said as she was idly stroking her hard cock.

“Just a friend a bit more interested in your kind of assets,” Kim said as she got to her feet and pulled up her pants. “She’s always treating the strap-ons I use from time to time like a real dick, so I figured I’d give her the real thing with a real female body, meaning you.”

“Thanks,” Miss K said as she sat back down, rubbing up on Tracy’s stirring body. Tracy suckled on Miss K’s nipple before reaching up and giving Miss K a firm kiss on the lips.

“Hey, K,” Tracy said as she toyed with Miss K’s nipple. “Did you fuck Kim yet?”

“Nope,” Miss K said as she toyed with Tracy’s hair, patiently waiting for the door to knock. “Our fair friend here is a member of the Dick Van Dyke school of human sexuality.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“She’s a lesbian. Think about what I just said for a second.”

Tracy thought for a second, scrunching up her nose, then said, “Oh! I see.”

Just then, there was a knock on the door. “Hey, Kayla!,” Kim called out. “That’s Tisha.”

“Cool,” Miss K said as she sashayed her way to the door, ready to see whatever was there. She opened the door and saw a somewhat tall, slim, tender-headed black girl with soft butterscotch skin. Her small, perky breasts held up her white wife beater and her wide hips, hinting at a nice, big ass, was covered in painted-on denim. She felt the girl’s eyes scan her big tits, looking for the promised surprise, then shook a little as she felt her eyes look down her belly until she saw her hard dick sticking out, her mouth dropping open in shock.

Tisha reached out and stroked Miss K’s dick from base to tip, feeling it to see if it was real. Then, she let one of Miss K’s breasts overflow her hand, pressing her palm into the hard nipple.

“Wow! You’re real, aren’t you?” Tisha said as Miss K pulled her through the door and closed it behind them.

“Yes I am. Keep stroking that dick, and you’ll get some real cum on your thigh. Man, your hand feels so nice,” Miss K panted out.

With that, Tisha pulled Miss K towards her with her dick, then got up on her toes, wrapped her free arm around Miss K’s broad shoulders and tongue kissed her hard, her wife beater rubbing against the busty shemale’s nipples. She wildly licked Miss K’s face, then trailed her tongue to her nipple, flicking it as she smoothly stroked Miss K’s dick in her soft hands. Looking up into Miss K’s eyes, Tisha milked her cock with her hand as she slipped her lips around Miss K’s nipple, softly sucking on the hard nipple while dragging her tongue around her areola. Hearing Miss K moan and feeling her dick twitch in her hands, Tisha dragged her soft lips off of Miss K’s breasts and down her washboard stomach, opening and closing them as she worked down to Miss K’s dick. She gave the base of her dick a lick, then got down on her knees, looked up into Miss K’s eyes and licked her lips before gently slipping the dick into her mouth. She ran her tongue across the bottom of Miss K’s dick as she softly nursed on the huge shaft, loving how warm it felt in her mouth and how it made the shemale moan.

Miss K closed her eyes and rolled her nipples between her fingers as Tisha caressed her shaft with her lips, gently sucking at her dick. She felt Tisha’s hand reach up and roll her balls around in her sac, making her pant in pleasure. Miss K just stood there enjoyed the gentle blowjob she was receiving, letting Tisha enjoy her dick as she felt the sensations run through her body and out of her nipples. She felt Tisha screw her soft lips just under her swollen head as she sucked on her dick, making her scream and shudder and pushing her to another climax. She then opened her eyes as she was toying with her breasts and looked over with hazy eyes at Kim with her jeans off, Tracy’s blonde head licking on her thigh. The scene got her hot enough that she squeezed her tits even harder, trying to release as much of her arousal without shooting her cum in Tisha’s mouth. She then got an idea, bending over Tisha, squeezing her ass and pressing the seam of her jeans between her labia, making her hum around her cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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