Their Ad Said Meet Me In St. Louis

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The beginning of this story occurred at least a dozen years ago when I worked for a former employer and would travel to various cities on business. These business trips occurred quite often and would vary from overnight stays to a week in duration. One of these cities was St. Louis and the stays were usually three to five days long. Clients and vendors would usually wine and dine me most nights but eventually I needed some time to myself, so I started begging off at least one night during each visit.

I started spending time in various chat rooms and although it took several months eventually found a couple in the St. Louis area who were looking for either a bi-male or bi-couple to join them. Their names were Dennis and Jane and we chatted on-line on several occasions, traded photos and eventually the couple and I spoke on the phone. We agreed on my next visit we would have dinner and drinks to get to know each other.

When I got back to St. Louis we met at Union Station in the restaurant of a former NFL ball player where I’d left a reservation in my name. Dennis was about ten years younger then me and a tad bit chubby but fat by no means. He stood about 6’1” and had dark hair and eyes and a jovial personality. Jane was a couple years younger then her husband and very thin, almost flat chested, stood about 5’ 2” and was a brunette with stunning blue eyes and a very vivacious personality.

We talked, drank, had a terrific meal and found we got along famously. When the time came to leave I invited them to have drinks back at my hotel on the square near the Old Courthouse.

We’d had a couple rounds of drinks in the lounge when Jane suggested that perhaps we could go to my room for another. Laughing and joking the three of us rode up in the elevator and entered the room which was advertised as a suite and was about half again the size of a regular room and had a sitting area furnished with a couch, chair and a table. While I fixed some drinks from the mini bar Jane fiddled with the radio and put on some music she liked. After passing out our drinks Dennis and I sat on the couch as Jane sat in the chair across from us.

We drank and talked and Jane moved around in the chair which had the effect of pulling her skirt higher allowing us an excellent view of her long legs that were covered in shear black stockings. A while later I went to make us another round of drinks and Jane stood and began to sway to the music and after a minute or so Dennis got up and they began to dance together and kiss.

As I walked back with our drinks they broke apart and Dennis took them from me. Jane stepped into my arms and placed hers around my neck as we kissed. We stood there pressed together kissing, my hands on her back and Jane grinding against me, in tempo with the music.

After putting the drinks on the table Dennis stepped up against his wife’s back and we had Jane pressed between us. He slid his hands between Jane and me and I eased back a bit to allow him better access. I felt him playing with her nipples through her dress and Jane’s kisses became even more passionate, which only served to make me even harder then I already was.

Jane dropped to her knees and undid my fly and belt and pulled my pants and underwear down to my feet. She took my now hard cock in her hand and licked the head and commented “yummy” as she licked up the copious precum there. Her tongue ran around the head and the ridge behind before taking me fully into her mouth.

As her head bobbed on my cock Dennis stood to our side and I placed my arm around his neck pulling him to me then pushed my tongue into his mouth as his wife sucked me. Dennis was as passionate a kisser as his wife and since I love kissing was in heaven. As he and I kissed my hand rubbed the outside of Dennis’ pants and could feel his hard-on which was “tenting” his pants.

Meanwhile Jane had taken my cock from her mouth and was sucking on my balls while holding my cock up rubbing her thumb over the head. My fingers were opening Dennis pants and had the belt open and fly undone when Jane turned on her knees to her husband and finished the job letting his pants fall to his feet. He wore no underwear and his cock stood high and proud. Dennis’s cock was cut, about 6 ½” with a nice pointed helmet shaped head and he wore a cock ring around his cock and balls. His nut sack was high and tight and probably full of cum. Jane held her husbands cock and licked its length as she held it up against his belly then pulled it down and pushed the tip of her tongue into his piss slit before taking just the head into her mouth. Dennis and I kissed and my hand caressed his ass as Jane worked on his cock.

A minute later Jane stood and kissed first me then her husband then whispered “I want to dance for both of you; please sit on the couch and watch.”

Since they were already down around my ankles I kicked off my shoes, pants and underwear before sitting nude from çukurambar escort the waist down. Dennis was similarly dressed when he sat although he had unbuttoned his shirt as well.

Jane stood before us and danced to the music and as she moved about she began to do a strip tease. Reaching behind her neck she undid her dress and it fell to the floor leaving her in only an old style lacy garter belt, stockings and heels. She had no bra or panties on and honestly didn’t really need a bra as she was very small breasted, around 32AA. Her nipples were very thick though, long and dark as was her areole and stood up erect a good inch. Jane took them between her thumb and forefinger and stretched them even further as she danced about. Her pussy was covered in a thick black pelt but as she danced you could see the hair covered only to the top of her crack as she shaved from there down and her lips were completely bare. While she was very petite and small breasted she had a very nice shapely figure and her dark hair set off her blue eyes very nicely.

Swaying to the music she turned her back to us and showed us her ass which was magnificent. Standing with her legs parted slightly more then how she would normally stand, her cheeks parted naturally and her asshole and pussy were on display. From behind you could see she had a very meaty pussy with long dangly inner lips. She spread her legs wider, bent over and looked at us from between them then reached back and placed her finger on her asshole, moved it around for a second then dragged her finger down through her pussy and then placed it in her mouth.

She stood and turned to us with her finger still in her mouth then with her legs still spread wide and her knees slightly bent she reached down with both hands and spread her pussy wider. Her outer lips were very fat and her clit hood very long and with a finger on either side of her clit, but right at the top of her slit she pulled upward on the covering of her most sensitive place exposing the tip of her clit, rubbed it for a moment with her fingertip then slid that finger down and into her hole. Looking to her rapt audience as she fingered her pussy she dug deeply into herself for twenty, thirty seconds before bringing that finger back up into her mouth savoring her taste as she closed her eyes and swayed to the music.

As Jane danced Dennis and I had been casually stroking ourselves. When Jane had turned to show us her ass I reached over and placed my hand on his balls as he pulled on his meat. As we watched Jane he removed his hand from his cock and placed it on mine as I moved my hand to his.

It was a very nice experience having Jane bent over with her back to us playing with herself as Dennis and I played with each other and watched. When Jane turned to face us again Dennis bent over and took my cock into his mouth and sucked me as I watched Jane masturbate just a few feet in front of me.

He only sucked for a minute or so when Jane walked over and Dennis relinquished his hold on my cock as she straddled my hips and knelt over me sitting on my lap. She placed her arms around my neck and kissed me as she slid her pussy back and forth against my cock which was lying pointing northward against my belly. My cock was firmly nestled between her lips and I could feel her hard clit and how wet she was as she rose and fell. My hands cupped her cheeks as she slid against my cock and with my fingers could feel her juices had spread all the way to her ass. My fingers were coated with her juices as I stimulated her asshole and she humped against me and after a couple minutes of this she began to cum. Her tongue was in a fight with mine as she pressed herself harder against my cock as she slid back and forth faster. On each backstroke she’d grind her clit against my shaft until she went stiff and loudly came, cursing like a sailor as she did. As she rode the wave of her orgasm I could feel even more of her juices pouring out of her onto me. To say it was a super-human effort not to cum myself would be an understatement and I’m positive if she’d kept it up another thirty seconds I’d have shot my load too.

She sat still atop me for a full two minutes with her head on my shoulder, her arms around my neck breathing deeply trying to catch her breath, my fingertips lightly scratching and caressing her back. Given the intensity of her orgasm I’m surprised she recovered as quickly as that and when she did climb off me she plopped back into the chair across from us.

Almost immediately after his wife had moved off me Dennis leaned back over and licked up his wife’s and my juices from my cock and balls. Given all the stimulation I’d received I needed to stop for a while and asked Dennis to please give me a break and sit up.

Sliding off the couch I knelt on the floor between his legs and held his cock in my hand examining his member for several seconds as I stroked him then spied some demetevler escort precum appear at his piss slit. Starting at his balls I licked my way up the shaft to his cock head, licking the dollop of precum up with the tip of my tongue before taking his full length into my mouth in one fell swoop. Dennis sat back as I sucked him for several minutes, bobbing my head on his cock, stopping now and then to lick his shaft or suck his balls for a moment before taking him back into my mouth again. Early on one hand went to his nipples to play with them and rub his chest as I sucked on his sweet, delicious cock.

As I went down on Dennis I paused once and looked over at Jane and saw she had a leg over each arm of the chair and was fingering herself watching us. She had several fingers of one hand in her hole and two fingers of the other hand massaging her clit. Jane was giving off such an amount of pheromones that the air was filled with the delicious smell of her sex.

As his wife watched and played with herself Dennis allowed me to make oral love to his cock and balls for another two or three minutes until he felt the need to take a break.

Jane said “let’s move this to the bed” and as she walked over she was sucking on the fingers that had been inside her.

On the way to join her Dennis and I removed the rest of our clothing which amounted to our shirts and socks. We lay cross-wise on the bed with Jane between us. Leaning over her I kissed Jane for a minute, our tongues doing battle before moving down and taking one of her long nipples into my mouth and as I nursed at her tiny breast my fingers pulled at her other nipple. Dennis had taken my place and was kissing his wife who held his mouth to hers with her hand to the back of his neck. A minute or so later when Dennis moved his hand to the nipple I was toying with I moved that hand slowly and caressingly down her chest, over her belly, pausing to caress the rim of her belly button with a fingertip, through her pubic hair then between Jane’s legs. She was incredibly wet and her juices had matted her pubic hair as well as ran down between her cheeks making her ass as wet as some women’s pussies. Her clit was a hard nub and by her reaction showed she liked it when I placed a finger on either side of it and rubbed, gently pinching it, trapping it between my fingers and her hips moved in a small tight circle as I masturbated her.

I slid from the bed and knelt between her legs licking her inner thighs working up to her wet center and as I licked her thighs got a hint of what her taste would be like. Lying between her spread legs I licked her outer lips before spreading her pussy with my fingers. She opened like a flower and I lay looking at her wet, slightly red and puffy sex, the delicious aroma of her filling my nostrils. I just couldn’t resist any longer from taking a taste and placed my mouth over her lips and began to eat her letting my tongue gently assault her tender flesh. Jane’s ass began to move as I licked everywhere between those meaty lips. Two of my fingers were inside her as I took her clit between my lips and licked and sucked on it as I would on a cock head, lightly and gently.

Looking up from between Jane’s legs as I ate her I saw that while still kissing her, Dennis was also mauling her nipples. He was pulling, pinching, twisting and stretching them and Jane seemed to love the abusive nipple play as she was obviously passionate in her kissing and her responses.

Lifting her legs higher I licked down until her asshole was receiving as much oral attention as her pussy had. I heard Jane passionately tell Dennis “oh, he’s eating my ass” and could feel her asshole contract and relax as I ate her. As I continued to eat her ass I placed two fingers into her pussy hole and again took her clit between two fingers.

All the stimulation she was enjoying had gotten to Jane and she began to cum. She broke from her kiss with her husband and while Dennis continued to maul her nipples, she held her knees to her chest and her legs spread as I fingered her pussy hole, rubbed her clit and ate her asshole she again became very vocal uttering all kind of obscenities as her orgasm hit. I didn’t think it would have been possible for a woman to be wetter but I was wrong. Although she didn’t squirt cum it certainly flooded out of her in a large enough amount to leave a substantial wet spot on the bed as well as drenching my face and hand. After her orgasm had subsided she let her legs down and lay breathing deeply.

While waiting for Jane to recover I moved over between Dennis legs and began to suck him again. He asked me to get on the bed which I did and then we got into a sixty-nine with him on top and as I nuzzled his balls he licked my shaft. He lifted his hips up and was able to get his cock back into my mouth. We sucked each other and he played with my asshole as after a few minutes I’d raised my legs up dikimevi escort and he held them behind his arms. He spit onto my hole and began to drill a finger in and out of me. In this position I couldn’t reach his asshole with anything but a finger but since it was dry I just rubbed the outside as I played with his balls with my other hand and sucked his cock.

Peeking over I saw Jane lying beside us with her hand between her legs, her fingers rubbing her clit, watching us. Gawd the woman was insatiable.

As Dennis and I continued in our sixty-nine I felt I was getting near my nut and from his actions so was Dennis as he had begun to really fuck my mouth. Seconds later we both came practically together shooting our loads into each others mouth.

When she’d seen us begin to cum Jane called out sternly “don’t either of you swallow!” as she sat up on the bed.

After our cocks stopped pulsing and pumping cum into the others mouth Dennis rolled off me so I was between them. Jane placed her mouth on mine pushing her tongue into my mouth to get to her husbands cum then after we swapped it back and forth several times she kissed her husband the same way, exchanging my load. As they kissed I sat up and when they broke apart kissed Dennis as his wife had done, each of us tasting what was left of the others cum.

We lay on the bed resting and talking for about ten minutes when Jane started playing with both our cocks and in a very few minutes were both hard again.

Getting off the bed Jane went to her purse and got out several condoms and a tube of lube. As Dennis slipped on a condom Jane went down on me for a couple minutes then said to me “get on your knees.”

Once I was in position she got behind me and kissed my ass then licked my asshole for about a minute. Opening her tube she lubed my asshole and began to finger me as she pulled on my cock with her other hand. Jane was able to get four fingers into my hole pumping them in and out of me as she squeezed and pulled my cock.

After she’d played with my ass for three or four minutes she said to Dennis “he’s ready” and after hopping onto the bed she said to me “I love to watch from below”.

As she and I got into a sixty-nine Dennis mounted me from behind, his cock sliding into me easily and when he bottomed out began to fuck me as Jane took my cock in her mouth and I ate her pussy. I was in heaven as my absolute favorite act is to be fucked as I eat pussy or suck cock at the same time, this always making me feel like such a nasty bastard. Dennis fucked my ass alternating his strokes and pace and after about five minutes shot his load while holding his hips against my ass his cock buried deep in me.

Once Dennis slid out of me Jane and I rolled over to continue our sixty-nine with her on top. Having cum earlier I had much more stamina and was able to refrain from cumming although Jane did again from being eaten as I also fingered her pussy and rubbed her asshole.

Again we took a break resting a few minutes as I lay back playing with my hard on, but just enough to keep me hard, not enough to raise my passion as I didn’t want to cum yet.

When she was ready Jane, which amazed me as she had had at least four or five intense orgasms, got on top of Dennis and kissed him while grinding her pussy on his cock similarly to what she had done to me earlier, except that Dennis was laying flat. Once he was hard again she stood on the bed, turned to face his feet and squatted and put his cock into her asshole, taking it in all the way to the base and knelt on the bed. She motioned me over and took me into her mouth as she rode her husband.

After a few minutes of her riding Dennis’ cock and sucking mine she said to me “put a condom on and fuck me too”. I opened the package and slipped on the condom then straddled Dennis legs. Jane leaned back into a reclining position with Dennis holding her up as I crawled forward. Holding my cock head between her lips I rub it along the length of her sex before entering her. She now had her husband in her ass and me in her pussy and as I began to fuck her my motions caused her to move on top of Dennis. We fucked Jane this way for at least five minutes when she started moaning again and her actions became more aggressive as she encouraged me to fuck her faster and harder. Again she became very vocal as her orgasm hit and it was difficult to stay inside her with her jerky movements.

Once she came she sat still for a couple of seconds then placed her hand on my chest and gently pushed me back off her as she rose up allowing Dennis’ cock to slide from her asshole.

Noticing I was still hard she pulled the condom from my cock and began to suck me again and I didn’t last long, only about two minutes when I began to spurt into her mouth. Some of my seed was on the corner of her mouth and she pushed it in with her finger.

She looked at me smiling and said “that’s good”.

Flipping around she plopped down next to her husband and laying there she blew a couple of cum bubbles before swallowing any cum that remained in her mouth.

Spent, we lay together for quite awhile after, cuddling, Jane between us.

Shortly Dennis fell off to sleep and Jane said “I had a great time. I’m so glad we met.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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