Their First Time

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Penny nerves flared again. The seat belt sign has just come on. Her plane was coming into land and very soon she would be on American soil for the first time. Would Annette be there waiting for her? Penny felt the jolt as the wheels made contact with the runway. She had arrived. It was the start of an important week in more ways than one. Penny was so nervous she felt sick.

What would happen when she and Annette actually met – when time zones and thousands of miles no longer separated them? They were so in love. Or were they? Was it only in their minds? What would happen when they were together? Penny didn’t quite know what she actually wanted to happen. Would reality live up to the dreams? She hoped it would but, knowing her luck, she began to prepare herself for the worst. Finally she spotted her luggage and moved off through customs. It was finally time to meet Annette. She knew what she looked like; they had exchanged so many photographs. Penny spotted her almost at once. There she was, standing and scanning the crowds and looking just as nervous as Penny felt.

Penny went up and said quietly, “Hi Annette.” They looked into each other’s faces and smiled. They gave each other a brief hug and touched cheeks. Penny’s stomach gave a lurch. She was a little disappointed as she felt nothing at their first contact. Well, nothing out of the ordinary, anyway. Maybe she was tired? They made their way out to the taxi rank and were soon speeding towards the hotel arranged by Penny’s agent. The bellhop opened the door to the room and Penny gasped – it was huge! There had been some awkward silences on the journey and Penny felt the familiar dread overtake her. Annette didn’t like her. Once the bellhop had gone, Penny excused herself saying that she wanted to shower off the affects of the journey. What she really wanted to do was run and hide. She couldn’t bare it.

She went through to the bathroom and gazed in awe at the size of the bath – it was huge! Maybe a long hot bath would relax her. She ran the water, added some foam and stripped off. She could hear Annette moving about the bedroom and wondered if she would xhamster porno still be there when she got out of the bath. The tub was soon full and Penny stepped in and sank back allowing the bubbles to cover her. She looked down at her body and tears began to form. Perhaps if she had a better body? If only she were not so fat and lumpy. She closed her eyes to try and stop the tears, but they were soon streaming down her face. She was so disappointed, she had hoped for so much, and now she wished she had stayed at home. Why would anything magical never happen for her?

As Penny lay there reflecting on her lot, she felt something touch her wet cheek. She snapped her eyes open to find Annette’s face just inches from hers. Penny opened her mouth to speak and Annette put her mouth over it and they kissed. Finally, a real kiss. Penny tried to sit up but Annette’s hand moved to her breasts and began to caress them. Heat began to course through Penny’s body; her heart began to pound like mad. She reached up a hand and touched Annette’s face gently. She let it fall to Annette’s shoulder and found that she had no top on. By moving slightly, she was able to reach one breast and squeezed it gently. It was Annette’s turn to let a moan escape. Penny broke off the kiss and said softly, “Please join me?” Annette didn’t need asking twice and was soon stepping into the tub. It was big enough to take them both laying flat and as Annette lay down next to her, Penny wrapped her arms about her friend’s body. Tears began to fall again and Annette licked them away. “Why the tears?” she asked in her soft American accent. “I was afraid that you didn’t like me,” Penny answered, with a catch in her voice.

Annette sat up and almost shouted, “Are you kidding?” She got out of the bath and added, “Get out of there now – come on, get out.” Penny wondered what was wrong and slowly rose from the water. Annette was standing there with her hands on her hips, “Come on! Move it! Lickity spit!” Penny climbed out and reached for a towelling robe. “Leave it!” snapped Annette. Penny flinched and began to feel uncomfortable, just erotik porno standing there, dripping. Annette grabbed a small towel and began to wipe Penny’s face. “I have waited so long to do this,” Annette said, as she gently dried the face and then planted small kisses all over it. Penny stood still, hardly daring to move. Annette moved the towel down and began to pat Penny’s breasts dry. As the towel moved down so did Annette’s head and she stated kissing the freshly dried skin. Next came the stomach. Penny began to shake in anticipation. She could feel her clitoris begin to throb.

Suddenly Annette stopped and moved away. She grabbed Penny’s hand and led her into the bedroom. As they neared the bed, Penny tried to gather Annette into her arms she so wanted to kiss. Annette wasn’t having any and began to push Penny, turning her so that her back was to the bed. Push, push, push until the edge of the bed caught the back of Penny’s legs and she fell backwards, sprawling across the bed. Annette quickly knelt down and pushed open Penny’s legs. She started to kiss the inside of her thighs and Penny relaxed her legs even more. Oh god, this was too delicious. She squirmed and tried to move her hips forward. She received a playful slap for her efforts and was told to wait. Penny relaxed back into the bed and marvelled at the warm glow that radiated out from her pussy. Her breathing quickened and every hair on her body seemed alive.

A gasp escaped her as Annette’s tongue flicked across her private lips. She felt Annette’s fingers part the soft flesh and cried out as her mouth closed round her throbbing clitoris. The sucking became more urgent and Penny found herself thrusting her pelvis towards her friend’s mouth. Penny began to writhe and moan, her body out of control as Annette’s fingers began to enter her. As the mouth sucked so the fingers moved until wave after wave of orgasm swept Penny away to another dimension. Her entire body was trembling and her heart was racing out of control. She had never experienced anything so intense. She gasped, “Yes! Oh yes! Oh YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

All milf porno too soon Annette stopped and joined Penny on the bed. “Does that answer your question?” she asked with a smile on her face. Penny at last found her voice and breathed, “Ohhhh yes!” and gathered her lover in her arms and started to kiss her urgently. “Now it is MY turn.” Penny moved quickly to her suitcase and rummaged inside. Annette lay on the bed, watching her, and flushed as Penny held up a strap on dildo. How often had they fantasized about this? Fastening it quickly around her, Penny moved towards the bed. She started by giving Annette a long passionate kiss whilst gently pinching each of her nipples in turn. Annette began to get excited and Penny laughingly told her to be patient. Penny moved her mouth to Annette’s breasts and she played her tongue over the ever-hardening nipples. She took her time with this and began to move her hand down her friend’s body. As she moved down to plant kisses on Annette’s stomach her hand moved down to caress Annette’s pussy. It was soaking wet. Annette was more than ready, but Penny prolonged her wait by lapping at her juices and gently nibbling on her growing button.

Penny flicked the clitoris back and forth with her tongue and soon Annette was begging to be fucked. Penny stood and pulled Annette’s legs towards her. It was awkward at first as Penny had never attempted anything like this in real life … it was one thing writing it in an email, it was another doing it. What if she did it wrong and hurt Annette? She hesitated and then relaxed. This was going to be all right. She gently guided the dildo in and began to rock back and forth. Penny thought she must have been doing it right as Annette began to gasp and then moan until eventually a huge shudder overtook her and her juices were flowing so fast that the dildo was dripping.

Penny withdrew, undid the strapping and sank down to drink the juices. As she licked Annette, from vagina to clitoris, like a cat lapping at a saucer of milk, she could feel her own hunger mount again. She tried to blot out her growing need, as she joined her friend … no! Her lover! … on the bed. They embraced and soon the words that both longed to hear were flowing from their mouths between kisses. They had a week of bliss ahead of them. Penny was so happy she thought she would burst, and as Annette gently stroked her face, fell into an exhausted sleep.

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