Thirteenth Floor Please

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Tom walked out of his hotel room on the 17th floor and went to the elevators. He was staying in a large hotel in a major Mid-Western town. Like most large hotels, the elevators were grouped together. Eight elevators serviced this hotel.

Tom pushed the down arrow to call the elevator. Into his consciousness popped a memory of being in this same situation as a kid on one of his family’s vacations. He and his sister Kate would play a game trying to guess which elevator would open for them. They would stake their claim to one set of doors and then giggle and run to another. If they ever were standing in front of the elevator that actually opened, they would let out a cry of victory and say, “Of course the elevator opens for me. All doors open for me.”

Tom laughed to himself recalling those carefree days when elevators were magical. Today, when he thought about elevators, if he ever thought about elevators, it was because they took so long to come. Or when they finally arrived, they were too full to accept you. Worst yet, was when you got on one and it stopped at every floor on the way to the lobby. That trip took forever and of course, by the time you reached the lobby the crowd was crushing you.

“Oh for the days when elevators were fun and exciting,” Tom said out loud. He shook his head and continued, “I’ve been traveling too much. Now I’m talking to myself.”

The chime rang and Tom got aboard the empty elevator and pushed the button for the lobby. As he got to the 16th floor the machine stopped and an Asian couple got on. The elevator stopped at the 15th floor and a pair of middle-aged ladies in tennis outfits came aboard. At the 14th floor, three black college students, two females and a male, hopped on. From their attire, Tom assumed they were headed to the pool.

“Not again!” an exasperated Tom thought to himself, “am I destined to re-live my stop-at-every-floor elevator izmir escort bayan nightmare?” The bell in the elevator rang again signaling another stop. Tom said to himself, “The answer appears to be, yes I am.”

As the elevator stopped, the small light bulb with the number 13 lit up. Tom thought, “That’s funny. Not many building have a thirteenth floor.” The doors to the elevator did not open. Instead a fly did. The Oriental women had turned to her mate and unzipped his pants. She reached in and fished out his soft penis. As Tom watched, she got down on her knees and began to give him a blowjob. To say the Tom was startled would be an under statement. Tom turned to see the reaction of the other riders. No one seemed concerned. They all were, however, in motion.

The taller, blonde tennis player bent over at the waist as if to pick up something. Her partner, a brunette, reached under the blonde’s tennis skirt and pulled down her frilly panties. There wasn’t anything underneath. The blonde stood up, stepped out of her panties and reached over to help her partner take off her shirt. The two continued undressing each other until all they had left on were their tennis shoes. The blonde proceeded to lie down on her back. The brunette climbed on top and just like that, the two women were in the classic “69” position licking each other’s pussy.

While this was happening, the pool-going trio was discarding their clothes. As Tom turned his gaze their way, he could see the girls were all ready naked. They stood facing each other rubbing their breasts together while kissing each other fully on the mouth. They both had brown hair and eyes. One of them had a fuller, more lush figure. Above her not so narrow waist were 36 B sized tits that had large auroras and below, she had a rather curvaceous 38-inch bottom and a neatly trimmed pussy. The other women had her brown hair cut short in a boyish escort izmir style. She was more slender than her friend, probably 34A-26-36. Her smaller breasts had brown, puffy nipples and her pubic hair was untamed and abundant. The women were about the same height, 5’2″. As they embraced, they were nipple to nipple. Their male companion was still busy stripping. He pulled off his bathing suit to reveal a naked 6″ erection with some girth to it. By naked I mean hairless. He had shaved off all of his pubic hair.

Tom shook his head in disbelief thinking, “What was this, an X-rated Candid Camera? A personal trip to the Twilight Zone?” He looked around at the debauched scene in amazement. No one seemed to be the least bit concerned about where he or she was or what he or she was doing. They did seem to be aware of each other. The Asian man reached out and stroked the butt on the curvaceous pool girl. The pool boy stroked his rod to a full erection while watching the “love-love” tennis match taking place on the floor.

The pool bunnies stopped rubbing up against each other. The slender went over and one interrupted the Asian girl’s blowjob. She had her stand up and began taking her clothes off. The Asian cocksucker did not protest. Her partner, the recipient of her oral foreplay, used the break in the action to take his clothes off. The curvaceous swimmer came to Tom and to his amazement and without some much as one word began to undress him. In a minute all parties were naked.

The licking tennis players were still at it. The pool bound young man now fully erect rubbed the tip of his penis against the pussy of the top tennis partner, the brunette who had her tail in the air. Without waiting for any encouragement or even acknowledgement, he entered her. The brunette’s moaning increased reflecting the double attention she was receiving. She had a dick in her pussy and a tongue working on her izmir escort clit and she liked it.

They nude Asian women beckoned for her mate to return. She resumed the blowjob, but now the slender pool bound brunette helped out. The two of them took turns on the Oriental prick. However, that situation didn’t last long. The Asian man positioned his partner on her back and directed the black girl with the boyish haircut to get on her hands and knees and eat the pussy of his countryman. He then took advantaged of her up turned butt by penetrating her anally with his thin dick. The trio bucked and rocked and licked. They filled the room with their pleasure-filled moans.

While this was going on, the curvaceous black pool girl had been sucking Tom’s cock. Having achieved the desired level of hardness, she had Tom lie down on his back. She got on her knees straddling his hips and she hungrily lowered herself onto his erection. As she rock back and forth, Tom played with her breasts. He pulled and tweaked her nipples exhorting than to greater lengths. Soon they were over a half-inch long. She groan in satisfaction as Tom pulled on her tits and she rewarded him by increasing the pace of her fucking, driving his dick to greater depth inside her.

Cries rang out from throughout the elevator, as one participant after another reached their orgasm. Soon all movement ceased. The group’s audible, once ragged breathing slowly returned to normal. After a few moments of rest, the crowd rose and dressed. The elevator moved as it too returned to its regular routine.

This time there were no more stops. The elevator ran straight down, uninterrupted to the lobby. All parties departed. Tom stepped off believing that indeed, elevators were still a fun and magical place.

Tom tried to duplicate his experience. However, it was not to be. Tom even embarrassed himself with his many elevator trips. He never encountered any of the guests who had shared his magical ride. He did share a couple of rides with a young brunette who blushed whenever she looked his way. Could she be searching for the 13th floor? Tom didn’t have the nerve to ask.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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