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Double Penetration


2.01 Ryan, Attitude Adjustment:
2.02 Ryan, Bidet, Hair removal:
2.03 Ryan, Bidet, Enema, Rectal Enhancements:
2.04 Ryan, Bidet, Erection Enhancement:
2.05 Ryan, Sybian Preparation:
2.06 Ryan, Sybian, Head Play:
2.07 Ryan, Sybian Lover:
2.08 Diana, Ryan, Deep Throat:
2.09 Ryan, Diana, The Mating:
2.10 Jamie, Shemale Sybian:
2.11 Diana, Mattress Creatures:
2.12 Diana, Creatures, The mating:

2.01 Ryan, Attitude Adjustment:

The following morning, Diana woke to a silent Ryan. She had the feeling that he was beginning to distance himself from her and knew she had two choices. The first was a divorce which would devastate Jamie and the second was to put her faith in Sara’s promise of an ‘attitude’ change. With few words, Ryan put a robe over his nakedness and went into the suite’s den

Diana got out of the bed and as is her usual routine, made coffee for the both of them. After adding the powder to his coffee, she put it on the table beside his laptop computer and returned to sectional. She waited about fifteen minutes and peeked into the den and saw him was staring blankly at the screen. When she tapped him on his shoulder he just looked at her and then returned to the screen. The monitors had already informed Sara of Ryan’s compliance and she was waiting for Diana’s phone call.

Diana made the call and soon Sara and two escorts arrived. Sara told Ryan that a number of guests are being checked for lethargicness that is food related and she would like to run a few tests on him. Ryan didn’t know why, but he agreed to go with the escorts. They supported him as he walked on wobbly legs to the elevator and into one of the theater’s preparation room.

He was given an injection that would keep him in his subdued state and Sara took Dianna into theater. Forty minutes later, they returned. Diana was smiling, flushed and radiant. Her enhanced 36C breasts stood proudly out from chest, her enhanced vaginal passage was still rippling from her orgasms and her thick clitoris was almost back in its protective cover. The stage was now being readied for Ryan. The Bidet, not the Chair, would be used for Ryan’s sexual enhancements and conditioning.

Diana was escorted to the viewing room.

The effects of the injection were beginning to wear off and two attendants helped Ryan walk into the theater. He offered no resistance when he was seated on the Bidet, facing the audience. After the restraining straps were placed over his thighs and waist, the Bidet’s compartments were filled with their enema, prostate, rectal and penis enhancing solutions. Conditioning chemicals in the probe’s ejaculant would make Ryan accept his new bisexualness and his step son’s Shemaleness.

An arousal inducing patch was attached was attached to Ryan’s right hip which included a Viagra-like chemical that would keep him erect for at least an hour.

2.02 Ryan, Bidet, Hair Removal:

A naked boy came onto the stage carrying bottle of silky depilatory. He knelt down in front of Ryan and put his hands on his thighs and smiled up into Ryan’s nervous face.

“You are going to look wonderful without any hear hiding your penis and balls.”

The boy began squirting the thick liquid over Ryan’s lower abdomen, thighs, penis, balls and between the cheeks of his spread buttocks. Ryan tried to shift his body back and forth in an attempt evade what the boy was doing, but the Bidet’s thigh and wrist restraints held him firmly. The boy’s hands lifted his penis, balls and spread the cheeks of his buttocks as he saturated Ryan’s genital area with the liquid depilatory.

The boy’s hands now began to mix the silky liquid into all the hair that he could find. Soon, Ryan felt exquisite ‘popping’ sensations as the depilatory began dissolving his hair. The boy’s silky hands lifted his balls and swirled his penis around in delicious circles. Ryan stifled a moan as unwanted pleasures washed across his genitals. The boy’s right hand slipped between his cheeks and began spreading the slick liquid around his anal area. The fingers teased and caressed Ryan’s anus and Ryan fought back the tingling sensations that were was flooding his anal area and radiating into his penis. The boy’s persistent hands soon had Ryan’s penis stirring and he groaned in disbelief and embarrassment.

The boy stood up and waited.

In a few seconds the audience saw Ryan close his eyes and his body twitched as delicious popping sensations flooded his body. Despite his efforts, Ryan’s four and half inch erection soon stood out like a small beacon between his hairless thighs.

“Oh Noooo … Stop .. Stop ..”

Sara smiled and leaned close to her Ryan’s ear and whispered,

“Its OK Ryan, your allowed to get an erection here. Frankly, I am a little disappointed in its size, but we will take care of that for you.”

He looked into the monitor and saw all the hair between his thighs dissolving. He saw erect penis and groaned again with embarrassment. The boy turned on the Bidet’s flow of warm water to wash away the depilatory and the remnants of Ryan’s dissolving hair. This was followed up by puffs of warm air.

Ryan looked at his audience and a deep flush filled his face when he saw them smiling and looking at his aroused body.

An attendant handed the boy a bottle of liquid soft soap and Ryan pleaded with the boy not to do it, but soon the slick liquid was being applied to all the areas that the depilatory had been. Ryan twisted and turned trying to evade the slick hands and fingers as they spread the liquid silkiness between his thighs. He flinched as the caressing hands and fingers focused on his hard penis and swaying balls The fingers of his right hand began exploring his tingling anal area, flooding his mind with unwanted sensations.

“No .. No .. No ..”

Ryan saw the boy gazing at the glistening head of his erection and then slowly leaned inward and lowered his mouth over the tingling gland. His tongue began delicious swipes as it lapped up Ryan’s oozing precum. Ryan wasn’t prepared for the intense jolt of pleasure that flooded his fearful mind.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

The boy lifted his head, smiling at Ryan as he reached out and pressed a finger against the sensitive underside of the excited gland. Ryan’s hips bucked wildly at the ecstatic touch. The boy’s finger never lost contact as Ryan’s hips jerked his engorged erection in the air. A spasming was rippling into his straining hardness, his testicles churned and a delicious twitching seeped into his anal lips.

Ryan knew he was going to ejaculate and began whimpering in a low voice,

“Oh please .. no .. no .. not in front of everybody ..”

The boy’s slick finger pressed harder against his pulsing gland and moved it in small teasing circles. Ryan moaned as the ecstatic pressure built higher and higher. The boy’s relentless finger was causing his hyper-excited crown to feel as though it was going to explode.

“Oh God .. Oh God .. Noooooo ..”

The boy whispered,

“Cum for us Ryan. Show your audience how high in the air you can ejaculate ..”

Ryan’s mind was totally saturated with ecstasy as the boy’s words triggered his orgasm. The ecstatic pressure pulsed up his straining erection. It stalled when it reached his highly agitated gland and Ryan gasped for air as his liquid joy swirled around the sensitive head and then shot high into the air. The boy’s left hand lifted and massaged his bloated balls and the right hand palmed his spewing gland. A second thick stream of semen gushed into the boy’s palm, splattering down on to the surface of the Ryan’s spewing erection.


Ryan slumped onto the Bidet gasping and panting. His erection continued to drool and spurt with his aftershocks. The boy stepped back and Ryan looked with disgust and embarrassment at him when the monitor showed a close up view of his still engorged hardness. He couldn’t understand why he was still erect and so aroused.

The boy smiled at Ryan as he turned on the Bidet’s flow of water washing the silky soap and the remnants of Ryan’s semen from his body. This time the boy used a soft plush towel to dry Ryan’s genitals. He gasped as the plush towel swirled his erection in ecstatic circles and he closed his eyes wondering why they were doing this to him.

2.03 Ryan, Bidet, Enema, Rectal Enhancements:

A muffled whirring sound was heard as the head of the Bidet’s probe aligned itself with his exposed anal opening. A startled Ryan suddenly felt a soft thickness pressing against his anal opening and he tried to shift away from it but couldn’t.

He flinched when he felt the tip of the probe trace around the tight opening to his rectum, occasionally, nudging into the center of his anus. A slick liquid oozed from the tip of the probe, causing a tingling warmth to seep past his anal lips and spread inward. The tight sphincter loosened and the head of the four inch probe pushed past the stretching entrance and slipped into his rectal sheath.

The enema solution was released and Ryan moaned as he tried to wiggle his hips and stand up as his lower bowel were filled. For the next minute, he was forced to endure the discomfort and embarrassment of his enema. Just when he thought he could take no more, the probe withdrew from his rectum and loud sigh of relief was heard as the liquid bowel waste was expelled out of his body. A warm flow of water bathed his anus and buttocks, followed by puffs of warm air.

Again Ryan slumped back onto the Bidet, humiliated and embarrassed.

Sara smiled at him and said,

“Almost done Ryan, we need to enhance a few things ‘down there’ for you.”

A distraught Ryan shook his head and struggled to get up.

“NOOOO .. You have done enough .. Let me go ..”

Sara leaned in close to Ryan’s head and said,

“We are going to enhance your sexuality and give you an attitude adjustment so you will accept your Jamie as Shemale.”

It finally dawned on Ryan why he was here and what was going to happen to him. A sense of resignation flooded his mind and his pleading whimpers were ignored by everyone.

He flinched again when he felt the probe snuggling back into his anal lips and closed his eyes, wanting this to come to an end. The probe slowly, almost teasingly, slipped back into Jamie’s rectal sheath, pressing forward near his testicles.

1.00″ .. 1.25″ .. 1.50″ .. 1.75″ .. 2.00″ .. 2.25″ .. 2.50″

With a sudden gasp, Ryan’s eyes shot open and his hips squirmed as the head of the probe settled onto the sensitive tissues of his prostate with an exquisite caressing action. A flood of warmth flooded his testicles and his manhood jumped wildly between his spread thighs as his prostate was massaged.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

The probe relentlessly stroked on, off and into Ryan’s spasming prostate, causing long strings of preseminal fluid to drool from the excited gland. Sara smiled into Ryan’s stunned face and said,

“Now that has to feel good .. Your prostate is going to be the center of your sexuality when you are with a male .. or perhaps a Shemale.”

Despite his mounting fears, Ryan’s mind was reeling with sensations that he didn’t know existed. He shifted his hips trying to get more of them and squealed when the probe’s head burrowed deeper onto the pulsating mound.

“Ohhhhhh .. Godddddddd ..”

Sara reached to the side of the Bidet and uncoiled the tube with its accordion- like sheath. A squirming and gasping Ryan watched as Sara positioned the drooling, clenching ‘end’ over his thick gland and his gasp became louder as it rippled its way down his straining hardness, nestling against his groin above his bloating balls.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

He looked at the monitor and saw his straining hardness jerking between his thighs with the clear sheath visibly massaging his erection. The flexing head of the probe began an ecstatic shifting action, on to and off of his spasming prostate and Ryan’s squeals became louder as his rectal muscles closed around the probe not wanting the ecstatic connection to be broken. His balls churned and his engorged erection felt as though it was going to explode.

The probe began an ecstatic stroking action on to and off of the highly sensitive mound. Every time the tip nestled onto his prostate, Ryan’s body was racked with a series of internal orgasms much like those that a woman would feel. His body shook and thrashed in ecstasy as the orgasmic freight trains roared throughout his rectal area, onto his erection and into his disbelieving mind. The vagina-like sheath that encased his manhood began an ecstatic milking action and Sara smiled when she saw the sheath’s delivery tube filling with Ryan’s preseminal fluids.

While Ryan’s mind and body were surfing the waves of ecstatic sensations, the Bidet was enhancing his prostate. His semen production would be triple that of a normal male. The multiple ejaculant streams would be two to three seconds in duration. His sexual recovery would be rapid, immediate if anal stimulation was present. His ‘womanhood’ would form only of touched or kissed by another male or Shemale. To insure he didn’t ejaculate early, his orgasm would be kept in check until surface of his erection sensed the orgasmic contractions of his partner.

Ryan slumped onto the Bidets soft seat gasping and panting.

The probe slipped further into his rectal sheath, lengthening and thickening as it reformed into a phallic.

5.00″ .. 5.50″ .. 6.00″ .. 6.50″ .. 7.00″ .. 7.50″ .. 8.00″

Ryan couldn’t believe the fullness that was stretching into his rectal sheath. When it reached a depth of 8.00″ its girth swelled to two inches in diameter. Ryan cried out when he felt himself being impaled and struggled to stand up but the Bidet and its restraints held him firmly.

“No .. Stop .. Get it out of me ..”

Suddenly, a whole new set of sensations gripped his rectal sheath. The long, thick phallic began secreting its enhancement chemicals which were quickly absorbed into his rectal lining. The secretions were adding the properties of a female ‘vagina’ to the last eight inches of his rectal sheath. As the complex network of sexual nerve endings were added, Ryan couldn’t help but clench his rectal muscles around the Bidet’s incredible penetrator. The phallic began a methodic stroking action into and out of Ryan’s spasming rectum. His rectal sheath exploded with intense sensations of joy and Ryan was thrown into a sexual frenzy. His engorged erection strained into the Bidet’s milking sheath and his preseminal fluids gushed into the suctioning delivery tube.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Suddenly, the phallic lunged full length into Ryan’s body and its thickness swelled to a three inches inside Ryan’s enflamed rectal sheath. The phallic unleashed forceful torrents of its ejaculant which gushed and jettisoned into Ryan’s spasming cavern causing his rectal sheath to ecstatically balloon. The intense sensations from his exploding sheath, the throbbing of his prostate and his erection melded together and he was catapulted toward his orgasmic edge.

He squealed as waves of joy flooded his body and his own orgasm was unleashed. His rectal ‘womanhood’ went into deep convulsions, his balls clenched and his liquid joy shot up his jerking erection. The milking, accordion-like sheath, feasted on his jettisoning semen. His hands fisted and his toes curled, bright flashes of orgasmic lights flooded his mind and danced across his eyes.


Sara saw Ryan’s thick stream of semen being sucked down through the delivery tube into the container. The phallic continued its ecstatic deep thrusts, grinding over Ryan’s enflamed prostate with each stroke. Again his spasming prostate and erection came into sync and his reservoirs of semen and sperm shot up his enraged manhood. The delivery tube began flailing in the air as it followed the wild jerking action of Ryan’s manhood. Again his thick essence flooded into the sheath’s feasting ‘mouth’.


Ryan slumped back onto the Bidet in a semi-unconscious state. He was vaguely aware of the ‘thought’ changes that the Bidet’s ejaculant was doing to his mind. His sexual preference was changing to bisexual. As he became more aware, he saw an image of Jamie’s aroused Shemaleness on the monitor. His rectal sheath clenched around the still flexing phallic and his erection twitched in the air as a soft moan escaped his smiling lips.

Sara stood in front of Ryan and said,

“One last thing to do before we are finished.”

She drew closer and said,

“You are going to get an erection that you will be proud of, especially Diana and, who knows, maybe even Jamie.”

Ryan in almost a whisper replied,

“I would like that.”

2.04 Ryan, Bidet, Erection Enhancement:

Sara stepped back and Ryan felt the sheath’s grip his erection tighten. He looked up at the monitor and saw a darkness moving upward within the sheath’s delivery tube, making its way to the head of his erection. His eyes opened wide with apprehension and he shifted his hips in an effort to stop the dark, inner tube from advancing but his erection was held firmly by the Bidet’s vaginal sheath.

Slowly the tube descended into the slick opening of his urethra.

Jamie watched with nervous eyes as the dark tube slowly sunk his glistening gland. His fears were quickly erased as the tube slithered deeper into his erection. As the tube slipped downward, ecstatic ripples of joy spread into his straining hardness and Ryan threw his back and gasped as the slick tube reached the base of his erection. His throbbing member never felt harder as the sheath’s internal ribs caressed and squeezed the surface of his excited manhood.

The dark tube now secreted its enhancing chemicals and Ryan gasped as jolts of joy radiated outward as an incredible antsy feeling swept the length of his erection. Ryan moaned excitedly and his hips thrashed wildly in a frantic attempt to ejaculate.


5.00″ x 1.50″ … 5.50″ x 1.75″

His hard erection grew in spurts and his hips jerked ecstatically as the Bidet’s clenching vaginal sheath had more and more to squeeze and massage.

6.00″ x 2.00″ … 6.50″ kocaeli escort x 2.25″

Ryan’s enhanced rectal sheath rippled and clenched in harmony with his new throbbing hardness. His bucking hips slowly changed to rhythmic thrusts.

7.00″ x 2.50″ … 7.50″ x 2.75″

His breath came in deep pants and his hips thrust upward and froze as his straining erection came nearer and nearer to its targeted size.

8.00″ x 3.00″

An aroused Diana, who had watched Ryan’s numerous orgasms watched intently as her husband’s ‘new’ manhood stretched into the milking sheath as it became longer and thicker. Ryan’s eyes were locked onto the monitor as he saw and felt his engorged erection standing hard and tall like a granite bat between his spread thighs.

The dark tube slowly withdrew from his thick gland and the confined preseminal fluids gushed outward into the sheath’s suckling ‘mouth’.

The phallic withdrew with a soft slurping sound and Ryan’s rectal muscles fought the withdrawal as he moaned with orgasm denial.

“No .. No .. Don’t leave me ..”

Sara smiled and said,

“We have something that will take care of your needs.”

Sara removed the Bidet’s vaginal sheath and his glistening manhood continued to strain into the air. They let Ryan sit on the Bidet for a few minutes while he savored the glow and rippling sensations from his enhanced sexuality. Soon, the effects of the patch started wearing off and Ryan’s erection slowly softened. The long, thick tube of flaccid flesh slipped downward and lay over his heavy and bloated testicles.

The next thing he felt was the wonderful flow of warm water cascading onto his penis, lower abdomen, thighs and balls. A long sigh was heard as the puffs of warm air bathed his genitals and rectal area. Sara removed the thigh and waist restraints and helped Ryan stand up from the bidet and he watched as it was lowered into the stage.

Sara’s assistant led Diana back to the office where she found Jamie waiting for her. They saw each other’s enhanced nakedness and hugged each other. The assistant told them that would be joining Ryan on the stage in just a few minutes.

2.05 Ryan, Sybian Preparation:

Ryan watched the Bidet as it disappeared into the stage and a Harness was lowered from the ceiling. It had four adjustable, soft, padded leather loops and is attached to a worm driven pole that is part of the ceiling. Sara led him toward it and guided his legs and arms into the leather loops. When the straps settled around his thighs and shoulders, she adjusted a wide strap across his back for support.

Sara nodded at the Control Room and Ryan felt himself being lifted upward about four feet and put into a sitting position. The loops spread his thighs apart and pulled his bent legs back toward his hips. He blushed when he looked into the monitor and saw his heavy balls and long, thick, flaccid penis swaying in the air between his thighs. He was able to move his hips, legs and arms but the Harness prevented his body from swinging in any direction.

He felt a warm moistness oozing from the loops around his thighs and a warm flush flowed across his loins as the Harness released its arousal inducers. He moaned as his nipples tingled and stiffened and his stirring penis quickly grew to full erection. The sensations spread onto his rectal area and Ryan gasped as his ‘womanhood’ formed. He looked into monitor and saw his enhanced erection straining between his thighs and his swelling pink anal lips twitching between the spread cheeks of his buttocks.

His eyes caught movement in a floor tile in front of him. The tile was being lowered and a strange, clear, rounded saddle shaped seat rose up in its place. It moved toward him, following sensors imbedded in the floor tiles and stopped far enough in front, so he could see it. The case was made of a clear, gel-like plastic and the internal mechanisms could be seen.

The most distinctive visible features was the multi-lipped rectal and testicle massagers. The rectal massager was soft and pliable and was made up of dozens of small, self moving, suctioning ‘lips’ and mouths. The testicle massager was a velvety ‘mouth-like’ pouch that would close over his heavy balls with a gentle massaging and kneading action.

The saddle started to do things by itself. The cover opened and Ryan saw it begin to install the attachments that were within it. The first was an 7.75″ by 2.50″ deep ribbed phallic. Each rib would ripple and independently. The base of the phallic attached itself it to a mechanism inside the Sybian. Two tubes were then connected to its base. One would deliver a strong jet of artificial ejaculant and the second would supply a lubricant to the phallic.

The cover then closed back over the top of the Sybian. Ryan could see the head of phallic resting just below slit in the center of the multi-lipped rectal massager. The Sybian now moved under Ryan’s sitting body until it ‘clicked’ and locked into special slots in the floor.

A final adjustment was done to the Harness so Ryan was sitting with his anal opening directly above the rectal massager. He looked at the monitor and saw the Sybian directly below his wide spread buttocks.

Ryan was now ready for his Love Affair with the Sybian. Diana and Jamie were led onto the stage and Ryan smiled at them as they sat down on cushions beside him. When both saw his enhanced erection,

Diana thought,

‘Thank you Sara.’

Jamie thought,

‘Wow .. your bigger than Ethan.’

Ryan, Diana and Jamie waited anxiously for the ‘lowering’.

All saw the Sybian’s ‘mouths’ and ‘lips’ begin to move with rhythmic suctioning actions and then Ryan felt himself being lowered and he trembled with mounting excitement and anticipation. He couldn’t see below his hips so he watched his image in the monitor as his exposed sex approached the Sybian.

His breath came in quick pants.

“Uhh .. Uhh .. Uhh ..”

Ryan’s eyes opened wide when his anus made contact with the slick, suckling massager. Brand new ecstatic sensations flooded his entire rectal area. The testicle pouch opened up and Ryan gasped as his heavy balls were manipulated into the caressing folds of the velvety pouch.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Diana and Ethan saw the Sybian’s ‘lips’ and ‘mouths’ begin to kiss and caress Ryan’s swelling anal lips. They saw his bloated balls sink into a massaging pouch as his highly excited erection began jumping wildly in the air.

The ‘lips’ that had settled over his anus, nestled deeper into it and began sucking on the excited entrance to his rectal sheath. A delicious ache filled his massaged testicles, spreading into his straining hardness.

Ryan felt the suckling ‘mouths’ and ‘lips’ explore his flaring and swollen anal entrance. More ‘lips’ slipped between them and joined in the teasing and caressing of the excited entrance to his ‘womanhood’. His entire sex was fully aroused and his preseminal fluids oozed from the thick gland of his excited manhood.

2.06 Ryan, Sybian, Head Play:

Jamie saw the glistening head of his step father’s erection and moved from his cushion and knelt down in front of Ryan. He stared at the glistening head of Ryan’s erection and then slowly leaned inward and lowered his mouth over his tingling gland. His tongue curled and slipped into the drooling slit and sucked up his precum like it was a straw.

Ryan gasped loudly at the ecstatic contact.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Jamie lifted his head and smiled at Ryan. He reached out and pressed a finger against the sensitive underside of his excited gland. Ryan hip’s bucked outward, pressing the spasming crown into his Jamie’s swirling finger and ground his enflamed rectum onto suctioning lips of the Sybian’s massager. He felt his rectal sheath clench and spasm, and his bloated balls churned in the massaging pouches. Ryan was pushed into a sexual frenzy and he felt an ecstatic pressure building at the base of his erection. Jamie’s slick finger now pressed harder against his pulsing gland and moved it in small teasing circles. Ryan moaned as the ecstatic pressure built higher and higher. Jamie’s finger was causing his hyper-excited crown to feel as though it was going to explode.

“Oh God .. Oh God ..”

Jamie whispered,

“Ejaculate for me Ryan ..”

Ryan’s mind was totally saturated with ecstasy. Jamie’s words triggered his orgasm. The ecstatic pressure pulsed up his straining erection. It stalled when it reached his highly agitated gland and Ryan gasped for air as his liquid joy swirled around the sensitive head of his erection and then spewed out of the puckering slit.


The long thick stream flew high into the air and splattered back down on his abdomen and Jamie’s hand. Ryan wailed again as a second stream surged up his member. Jamie’s hand palmed the spewing gland and the thick semen gushed into his palm and splattered down along the surface of the Ryan’s gushing erection. Ryan slumped down onto the Sybian. His long moans continued as the rectal and testicle massagers continued their exquisite actions.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh .. Godddddddddd ..”

Ryan’s sexual recovery was already taking affect as he saw Jamie backing away from him, licking the semen from his drenched hand. Ryan’s erection never softened and his ‘womanhood’ was again begging for attention.

The Sybian began to service his needs and desires.

2.07 Ryan, Sybian Lover:

Ryan closed his eyes and moved his swollen rectal opening back and forth on the massager. His mind savored the wonderful waves of pleasure that radiated upward across his body. Soft slurping sounds could be heard as his juices mixed with the massager’s slick ‘lips’. His excited anal entrance puckered as his rectal sheath spasmed with deep need.

A dazed Ryan felt a slight pulsing pressure nudge against his anus. He didn’t give it much thought, thinking it was the massaging ‘lips’. The pressure built and Ryan gasped when he felt the entrance being gently stretched open. He knew the phallic was at the portal to his ‘womanhood’.

Again his breathing came in small gasps and pants. This time his body wanted and needed his Sybian Lover.

He felt a warm liquid oozing from the tip of the probe and a delicious warmth spread around his eager entrance. He felt the opening widen and the warmth spread inward. His inner lips stretched ecstatically over the phallic’s pulsing head and he moaned as waves of joy flooded his sex.

“Ohhhhh .. Yesssss ..”

Ryan pushed down and ground his flaring entrance against the head of the probe, pleading for penetration. The Sybian was in no hurry, and while the loving pouch caressed and massaged his heavy, bloated ball, the phallic nudged inward slowly and deliciously. Ryan’s erection jumped and jerked as the Sybian twisted its way into his body.

The phallic’s tip began circling the walls of the sheath as if were searching for something … and then it found it … his prostate. A depression formed in the head of the phallic and incased the sensitive mound of tissues with an caressing action. Ryan arched up and wailed at the incredible contact. His erection jerked as ripples of joy rushed from his prostate to the thick, tingling head of his erection.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

The phallic’s slow, soft massaging sweeps was constant and never faltered. Within 30 seconds small explosions of ecstasy ricocheted across his loins. Preseminal fluid seeped out the opening slit on the excited head and drooled down his tingling gland and onto his straining member. Within a minute the small explosions intensified and Ryan was moaning and gasping. He was experiencing internal orgasms, something that only a female could relate to. He flexed his hardness with a frantic attempt to ejaculate.

The Sybian moved off of his throbbing prostate and slipped further inward, as did the number of the expanding and contracting ribs. Ryan wailed in joy as his rectal muscles rippled in sync with the Sybian’s ribs. His rock hard manhood felt as though it was going to explode.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

His Lover now sunk deeper into his enflamed sex, twisting and turning as it explored the welcoming sheath. Soon its eight inches of warm undulating thickness made Ryan’s mind reel with the ecstatic fullness. The phallic partially withdrew then lunged back in. It began an ecstatic rhythm, all out then all in, slow then fast.

The relentless thrusts of the loving phallic twisted, turned and undulated as it slipped inward and outward, always flexing as it went. His engorged member glistened in the light as his drooling fluids flowed down the thick shaft and onto his balls. His head thrashed back and forth gasping and moaning.

“Oh God .. Oh God ..”

The undulating probe thickened. Thousands of tiny cilia-like fingers pushed outward from the surface of the phallic and started massaging and caressing his enflamed rectal walls. Ryan screeched as jolts of ecstasy shot across his sex, catapulting his mind and body into a sexual frenzy.

“Ahh .. Ahh .. Ahh ..”

Ryan slumped down onto his Sybian Lover and let the waves of joy explode across his body. This time Diana got up from cushion and knelt down in front of Ryan. Her eyes were locked onto his solid, glistening hardness.

She looked up into Ryan’s eyes and smiled,

“I will help you get the relief you want so badly.”

Diana leaned forward and Ryan looked at the monitor. He saw her wide open mouth come nearer and nearer to his hyper-sensitive gland as her hands slowly massaged his inner thighs.

“Oh God .. Yes .. Yes..”

Ryan felt the warm, wet breath, bathe the head of his erection .. and then .. the most excruciating, ecstatic sensation gripped his throbbing erection. Diana had lowered her mouth over Ryan’s thick gland. The tongue and lips began an incredible swirling, sucking and milking action. All the while, the Sybian continued its relentless strokes into his clenching rectal sheath. Diana increased her suctioning and her hands gripped his straining erection with gentle squeezes and massages.

Suddenly, the phallic lunged inward and stopped. It swelled to a full three inches inside Ryan’s enflamed rectal sheath. The Sybian unleashed forceful torrents of its ejaculant which gushed and jettisoned into his spasming passage causing his sheath to ecstatically balloon with the Sybian’s warm, thick essence.

Ryan screeched as waves of ecstasy flooded his body. His orgasm was unleashed. His balls clenched and his liquid joy shot up his jerking erection. Diana clamped her suctioning mouth onto Ryan’s pulsing gland and waited for his jets of his thick nectar. Diana’s cheeks ballooned as Ryan’s semen gushed into it. What she couldn’t swallow, drooled out past his lips and flowed down Ryan’s still erupting member. She leaned back on her lower legs and watched Ryan as he bucked and jerked within the throes of his dual orgasms.


His rectal sheath went into deep orgasmic convulsions, his hands fisted and his toes curled. Bright flashed of orgasmic lights flooded his mind and danced across his eyes. His mouth opened and no sound was heard, his eyes opened and saw nothing. Suddenly the orgasmic hold on his body was released and Ryan’s ecstatic wail echoed around the theater.

The Sybian coaxed a third, stronger ‘hands free’ ejaculation out of his body while his ‘womanhood’ unleashed another rectal orgasm.


Ryan’s body went into orgasmic overload and he lost consciousness for a few seconds. When he recovered, his body was still in the throes of orgasmic aftershocks. Slowly, his hardness softened and slipped downward over his drained balls. Ryan slumped into the Harness in a euphoric daze.

The Harness slowly raised Ryan upward. The thick head of the phallic ‘popped’ outward from Ryan’s reluctant and swollen anal opening. The thick mix of the Sybian’s ejaculant and orgasmic fluids gushed from the gaping anal opening.

He moaned as the wonderful fullness left his body.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Ryan sat there, his heavy pants subsided. Slowly, his rectal area returned to its normal state.

The Control Room adjusted the Harness so Ryan was put into a standing position. Diana and Jamie supported him as Sara removed the Harness’s loops from his body.

Sara pointed Diana and Jamie to the stage’s open shower and they walked toward it. In a few minutes they were drying each other’s aroused bodies. They all put their robes back on and Sara escorted them back to their suite.

She handed each of them a key card to the suites locked Fitness Room and with a twinkle in her eye led them on a tour of the room. All the devices were labeled,

Female Sybian
Male Sybian
Mating Machine
Creatures of Love

Jamie was drawn to the Mating Machine that was shaped like a large saddle with hand grips and foot rests. Ryan went to the Male Sybian and to the Mounting Frame.

Sara led Diana to the blue tanning-like mattress and said,

“This is for you. The mattress controls the position of your body while three wonderful creatures ravish your body. The HD monitor allows you to see what they are doing to you, from all point of views.”

After everyone had seen what the Fitness Room offered, Sara left. Ryan and Diana went into their bedroom and Jamie stayed in the Fitness Room beside the Mating Machine.

2.08 Diana, Ryan, Deep Throat:

Diana led Ryan into the bedroom. Her heart was beating fast knowing she was going to see his enhanced manhood up close for the first time. They removed each other’s robes and she sat down on the edge of the bed and beckoned Ryan to come closer to her. As he did, she saw his long thickness and heavy balls swaying between his thighs.

Diana whispered,

“Let me take care of that wonderful thing between your legs. I want taste that delicious nectar that spurts out of it.”

Her right hand slowly reached out toward it and gently lifted and cradled the thick tube of flesh her hand. A small gasp escaped her lips when the warm thickness pulsed and stirred within her fingers and massaging hand. A sense of awe and excitement flooded her mind as it grew longer and thicker, pushing her curled fingers apart.

5.50″ x 1.50″ kocaeli escort bayan .. 6.00″ x 1.75″ .. 6.50″ x 2.00″

Her eyes opened wide and her breath came in quick pants as Ryan’s penis kept growing and growing.

7.00″ x 2.25″ .. 7.50″ x 2.50″ .. 8.00″ x 3.00″

Diana’s fingers were barely able to wrap around the engorged erection and her heart beat faster as her hands glided up and down the granite-like pillar. Her hands reached down and lifted his swaying testicles and she moaned openly as she massaged the wonderful silky, heaviness. She smiled when the massive erection jerked before her eyes.

Diana leaned inward the warm, moist breath of her open mouth bathed Ryan’s highly sensitive and tingling gland. He gasped as the Diana’s mouth descended onto the head of his straining erection. Diana’s stretched lips suckled their way down to the circumcision ring and her tongue swirled ecstatically around the highly excited gland. She moved her hands down to her Lover’s heavy balls and felt the thickness in her mouth jump as her hands lifted and massaged his silky balls. Her head and mouth now started a slow descent onto Ryan’s straining hardness. She raised up a bit and tilted her head and his manhood glided into her clenching mouth and throat.

Ryan gurgled with joy as her warm throat muscles ecstatically kissed and squeezed his pulsing hardness as it was sucked into the depths of Diana’s throat. Her throat bulged obscenely from the imbedded erection, her chin pressed against his heavy balls and she shifted it back and forth causing him to gasp loudly from the dual sensations.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

With a torturous twisting motion, Diana lifted her head and Ryan’s throbbing erection was slowly pulled outward. When the agitated gland reached her mouth, she closed her cheeks around it with a forceful suctioning action. Her tongue swirled around the pulsing head and played with the oozing opening. She sucked up Ryan’s precum with her curled tongue as though it was a straw and another gasp was heard from his mouth.

Diana smiled inwardly at Ryan’s torment and hands grasped Ryan’s hips as her throat skewered itself back down onto his enraged member. Again, Ryan felt that ecstatic sucking and milking action as his erection descended into the depths of Diana’s incredible mouth and throat. Ryan’s hands grasped Diana’s head and her hands tightened their grip on his hips.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Diana knew that her throat was pushing Ryan rapidly toward his orgasmic edge and she pulled upward just enough so that two or three inches of Ryan’s hardness remained within her throat. She then began to ecstatically flex and clench her throat muscles around Ryan’s hyper-excited manhood.

He gurgled incoherently as his thick load of semen entered the base of his erection and surged up his highly agitated erection. He squealed with joy as the thick stream of semen spewed into Diana’s thirsty mouth and throat. She increased her exquisite milking actions and Ryan’s mind and body became submersed in a cauldron of orgasmic explosions as another huge stream of thick semen pulsed its way up his straining hardness and again Diana feasted on his jettisoning nectar.


Diana’s mouth caressed and suckled the thick gland as Ryan came down from his orgasmic high. His softening manhood slowly slipped from her mouth still spurting with the remnants of his ejaculation. Diana lifted the slick tube of flesh in her right hand and smiled up into Ryan’s face.

“God, I love the taste of you.”

Ryan smiled and said,

“Let’s take a quick shower.”

As they walked to the shower, Diana’s vagina was rippling with expectancy knowing what was going to happen when they returned to the bed.

2.09 Ryan, Diana, The Mating:

Their shower was quick and Ryan led a flushed and aroused Diana out of the bathroom toward the bed.

They reached the foot of the bed and Diana laid down on it with a pillow under her head. She bent her legs at the knees and reached for another pillow, positioning it under her hips. As her sex was raised up, Ryan got a teasing glimpse of her treasures and Diana again witnessed the rising of her Lover’s erection.

“Oh God! Ryan .. It is so beautiful ..”

Diana knew her moment had finally arrived and her breathing quickened, her vagina twitched with need as Ryan got onto the bed and shuffled forward between her spread thighs. Neither needed nor wanted foreplay.

His hands grasped her legs behind the knees and positioned them on the bed beside her breasts and slithered up and over her panting body. He smiled as her swelling folds were pushed upward, pressing onto his engorged hardness. Diana cooed as Ryan began an ecstatic sawing motion, up and down, up and down, causing her to twist her sex in a futile attempt to get the thick gland to nestle into her clasping inner lips. Her body and mind screamed for penetration and she reached between their bodies and grasped the incredible tube of hard flesh with both hands. With a sense of urgency she guided the slick head so it slid up and down her swollen, wet crease not letting it lose contact with her sex until it was poised at the clenching opening to her womanhood.

Diana looked at her Lover with pleading eyes,

“Please .. Ryan .. Please.”

Ryan smiled and nestled further between Diana’s clasping inner lips. Her loins rippled with ecstatic sensations as the head nudged against the entrance to her enflamed vagina and then slowly slipped inward. Her elastic entrance stretched eagerly to accommodate the wonderful thickness and a sharp hiss of joy escaped her mouth as the thick gland ‘popped’ inward and her vaginal entrance kissed and caressed the slick crown of her Lover. Ryan nudged the first inch of his manhood into her seething vagina which eagerly stretched to accommodate the throbbing thickness. Ryan pushed further inward and was rewarded with a deeper groan.


Diana felt the most incredible stretching of her vagina and a wonderful sense of fullness. Four inches of hard, thick joy pushed and stretched its way into her enflamed passage. Diana wanted more, she begged for more. She gurgled and mewed as Ryan sunk into the depths of her sexual being. Her eyes opened wide as her vagina was ecstatically stretched and filled and gasped as the thick erection kept slipping into the depths of her sexual being.


Diana could feel every fleshy ridge of the massive organ buried within her. Her vaginal muscles expanded and started to clench around the massive organ. Ryan waited patiently for Diana to became accustomed to his thick hardness, flexing gently deep inside her, but still not moving his body. Ryan waited a moment, flexed again as another moan of rising pleasure escaped her open mouth. Ryan slowly withdrew and then thrust fully inward. Diana was overloaded with raw pleasure, the massive member continued to enrage her enflamed vagina, sometimes sliding all the way in, filling her completely, once, twice, three times, before coming to a rest with exquisite flexes and twists. She gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch her breath. Her body was frozen, spread open and lewdly thrust upward, not wanting the incredible connection to be broken.

“Oh God! .. Yes .. More .. Deeper .. Faster ..”

Suddenly, Diana thrust her enraged sex forcefully upward impaling herself completely on her lover’s granite hardness and her legs shot outward in a wide ‘V’ kicking franticly in the air. Her eyes and mouth snapped open as her body ecstatically exploded with her first orgasm. The orgasmic lightning struck inside her ecstatic body and she screamed. Her arms curled around her Ryan’s neck tightly, her toes curled and her hands fisted.


Diana couldn’t stop convulsing or screeching as her body wide orgasm exploded throughout her sexual being. She was so completely full and her orgasming juices squished and gushed around the hard organ which was giving her so much joy.

Diana’s foaming wetness gushed outward past her swollen and clenching folds. Her inner muscles squeezed and massaged the pulsing flesh that was deeply embedded within her body. Her rigid, jerking clitoris felt as though it was going to explode. Her whole body shook and trembled with the power of her orgasm.

Ryan let her rest while his flexing manhood remained buried deeply within in her. Soon, Diana cooed again as her lover withdrew and began to stroke into her with gentle, full length thrusts. She felt his huge, heavy testicles push between her spread thighs with each inward thrust as delicious aftershocks continued to flood her satisfied body.

He lunged inward and Diana felt incredibly full when the wonderful thickness entered her cervix and pushed against the flowering portal to her womb. She breathed heavily in quick pants in response to the delicious impalement. Ryan withdrew so the thick head teased the sucking inner lips and then slithered back into the depths of her seething passage.

Diana once again moaned and gurgled as her body vaulted up the arousal ladder.

Both of Ryan’s hands grasped Diana’s thighs and again started a slow, building rhythm as his member stroked steadily in and out of her frothy, excited, vaginal passage and her deep gasping sounds registered her body’s rising levels of ecstasy. She began thrusting and grinding her hips back onto the long, thick organ that was plunging into the depths of her sexual being. For the first time she was hearing Ryan’s deep, gasping pants as his strokes took on a sense of urgency. She wanted to return the joy that he was giving her and began clenching her vaginal muscles with exquisite squeezes and massages. Ryan gasped as his straining manhood became encased within a deep sucking and milking sheath.

Diana now wanted, now needed and now craved for Ryan’s thick essence to extinguish the fires in her enflamed sex. His deep strokes intensified and Diana tightened her arms and legs around her Lover and skewered her raging sex upward in tight circles. Suddenly Ryan plunged fully inward and froze. His engorged manhood began to pulse and flex wildly within her milking passage.

Suddenly Diana felt the most ecstatic sensations that she had ever felt in her life. An exquisite liquid pressure was building rapidly within her cervix and the ballooning sensations flooded into her vaginal passage. It was warm and thick as it gushed into her with the force of a fire hose. Her entire sex spasmed with joy as Ryan’s enhanced, thick essence jettisoned deeply into her spasming vagina.

Ryan pulled his straining erection outward and then thrust inward again and again as the head of his erection unleashed another forceful, flood of semen. The ecstatic feelings spread throughout Diana like a series of freight trains, rumbling from her vagina and connecting with her exploding clitoris, up to her breasts, nipples and then flooding into her mind.

Diana’s second, climatic orgasm was total and all consuming.

Her toes curled and her hands again tightened around his neck. Her orgasmic scream drowned out the deep moans of her lover. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights danced across her wide open eyes. Every cell in her body vibrated with ecstasy. His spewing essence went on and on, his hips grinding is turgid shaft deep into her frenzied sex, flooding her clenching womanhood again and again with his thick essence.

Diana screamed in orgasmic joy.


Her sensory system went into overload and she lost consciousness for several moments. Her body continued to orgasm as Ryan continued to flex his erection as he continued to ejaculate.

He leaned over Diana and waited for her to regain consciousness. She awoke to intense multiple aftershocks and felt her Lover’s huge member still flexing within her. She wrapped her arms around him and aggressively kissed him as her body spasmed and convulsed, moaning into his mouth with sexual fulfillment and satisfaction. Ryan hunched up his hips and slowly his softening member slipped out of her reluctant and stretched vagina with a loud slurping sound. Torrents of vaginal juices and ejaculant gushed out of the gaping entrance and flowed down her thighs onto the sheet.

Ryan bent down and planted a suckling kiss on each of her erect nipples as his hands formed over her swollen, slick labia folds. She moaned and ground her sex against his hands.

Ryan looked down at her and smiled,

“Let’s have a nice warm shower before we restart.”

Diana smiled and held onto him as they walked to the shower.

2.10 Jamie, Shemale Sybian:

After his mother and Ryan closed the door their bedroom, Jamie walked into the Fitness Room and stood by the portable Sybian in front of the mirrored wall. The body of the Sybian was similar to a saddle, without a horn with two adjustable side rails for hand supports. On the surface of the saddle were three circular outlines, a two inch in the center, a three inch in front of it and a another three inch outline on the saddle’s left side.

The right hand rail had eight press-type buttons.


The left hand rail had three buttons,

6.00″ x 1.5″
6.75″ x 2.25″
7.50″ x 2.75″

The ‘AUTO’ button would detect the user’s orgasm and release its ejaculant.

Jamie looked into the mirror, loosened the sash to his robe and let it fall to the floor. He smiled when he saw his curvaceous Shemale body.

He pressed ‘SHEMALE’, ‘7.50 x 2.75’ and then ‘TEST’ buttons.

His eyes opened wide when he saw the center outline change into a multi-lipped rectal massager. It was soft and pliable and was made up of dozens of small, self moving, suctioning ‘lips’ and mouths. The outline in front of it opened up revealing the Sybian’s velvety ‘mouth-like’ testicle pouch and massager.

A clear, 3″ tube rose up from the circle on the left side of the saddle. When it reached a height of about 14 inches, arching inward and then downward. The lead 10″ formed into an accordion like sheath. Jamie saw multiple rings spiraling inside the slick, glistening sheath and his breath quickened and his penis stirred with anticipation.

A deep ribbed phallic rose upward between the lips of anal massager. It was self lubricating and each rib rippled independently. Two hidden tubes at the base of the phallic delivered a lubricant to the phallic and its ejaculant. Jamie looked wide eyed at the Sybian when all the parts began to move and his stirring penis soared to full erection. The Sybian then returned everything to its normal ‘off’ state.

While the Sybian was demonstrating its capabilities, a drawer opened at the right side of the saddle, containing a clear backless and strapless bra with silicone cups. Jamie smiled, leaned over and fitted the cups onto to his swaying breasts. It was a loose fitting but remained attached to his breasts.

Jamie was now ready. With his hardness throbbing, he stepped over the saddle and nestled down onto its warm, soft surface. He looked in the mirror and did his best to position his sex over the rounded outline. He didn’t really have to, because the anal massager would use its sensors to align itself with his anus.

His finger pressed ‘AUTO’ and then grasped the hand rails. He looked into the mirror and held his breath.

Jamie felt the satiny cups form around his breasts with an exquisite massaging and kneading action. A small gasp escaped his lips when he felt his stiffening nipples pushing into two caressing and suckling ‘mouths’.

He felt movement under his anus as the rounded pattern changed and the anus massager’s ‘mouths’ and ‘lips’ moved upward and made contact with his anus. The massager’s lips formed around his anus with a delicious suckling action and a long moan was heard as his ‘womanhood’ formed. The ‘lips’ that were nestling into his swelling anal lips pushed them apart and began sucking on the excited entrance to his rectal sheath.

With dazed eyes he looked into the mirror and saw the testicle pouch opening and gasped as when he saw and felt his balls slipping into the caressing folds of the satiny testicle massager. A delicious ache filled his bloating balls and spread upward into his straining hardness.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

The laser sensors detected the size of his manhood and a clear tube rose up from the left side of the saddle. As it arched inward below his breasts, the end formed into an accordion like sheath. Jamie saw the drooling sheath in the mirror as it neared the tingling head of his erection. He gasped as it slowly encased his thick gland and nestled down over his engorged member.

“Ohhhh .. Godddd ..”

The ecstatic sensations that flooded his anus and hardness, spread into his rippling rectal sheath. The ecstatic sensations from the massagers, clenching sheath and sucking nipple ‘mouths’ caused jolts of joy to explode across his body. More ‘lips’ slipped onto his swelling anus and joined in the teasing and caressing of the excited entrance to his ‘womanhood’.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Jamie closed his dazed and aroused eyes and began moving his excited sex back and forth on the Sybian’s massagers. His mind became saturated with wonderful waves of pleasure that were cascading across his body. Soft slurping sounds could be heard as his juices mixed with the massager’s slick ‘lip’s. His excited rectal entrance began clasping as his rectal sheath spasmed and his hardness strained into the vagina-like sheath.

The accordion like sheath now began an ecstatic ‘deepthroating’ and the pulsing ribs clenched and milked his engorged member. A stunned Jamie couldn’t believe that he was going to ejaculate so quickly as he felt the orgasmic pressure building at the base of erection and surge upwards toward his excited gland. His first ejaculation exploded out of the twitching head of his erection and his thick essence gushed and spurted into feasting ‘mouth’ that was milking his manhood.


If it weren’t for his grasp on the rails, he would have slipped off of the saddle with his quick and unexpected ejaculation. He closed his eyes savoring the delicious aftershocks. His arousal never abated and his rigid izmit escort penis throbbed as the Sybian’s flexing sheath and pulsing ribs glided up and down his encased hardness. His nipples felt like hard bullets within the massaging silicone cups.

Jamie was jolted out of his euphoric daze when he felt a slight pulsing pressure nudge against his rectal opening. The nudging pressure built and Jamie gasped when he felt the entrance to his rectum being gently opened. He knew the Sybian’s phallic was at the portal to his ‘womanhood’. He felt a warm liquid oozing from the thick head and a delicious warmth spread around his eager entrance. He felt the opening widen and the warmth spread inward. His anal lips stretched joyously over the pulsing head and he moaned as waves of pleasure flooded his sex.

“Oh Yes .. Yes .. Yes”

He pushed down and ground his rectal entrance against around the slowly advancing head of the phallic and his body now hungered for more of his Sybian Lover. The Sybian was in no hurry and nudged inward slowly and deliciously. Jamie’s arousal exploded and he moaned as the ecstatic sensations rippled into his enflamed rectal passage. As the phallic slipped inward, so did the number of the expanding and contracting ribs. He wailed in ecstasy as his rectal muscles rippled in sync with the pulsing ribs. His erection felt like a granite bat and he shifted his chest trying to get more of the more of the sensations that were encasing his breasts and nipples.

The probed now sunk deeper into his enflamed passage. It twisted and turned, pulsed and purred as it explored the eager sheath. Soon its seven and half inches of warm undulating thickness made Jamie’s mind reel with its ecstatic fullness. The phallic partially withdrew then slipped back in.

His mind reeled with the mounting waves of pleasure and his hands tightened their grip on the side wails for support.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

It began an ecstatic rhythm, all out, then all in, slow then fast. The massaging lips now extended themselves and began a delicious suckling all around Jamie’s swollen and excited anus. The relentless thrusts of the Sybian twisted, turned and flexed as it explored his seething rectum. His engorged erection jerked and throbbed and his precum drooled and spurted from the glistening gland.

The flexing probe thickened. Thousands of tiny cilia-like fingers pushed outward from the surface of the phallic and started massaging and caressing his enflamed rectal walls. Jamie screeched as jolts of ecstasy shot across his sex, catapulting his body a sexual frenzy.

“Ahh .. Ahh .. Ahh ..”

Jamie couldn’t keep up with his frantic counter thrusts and he slumped down onto his Sybian lover and let the waves of joy explode across his body. The Sybian was pushing Jamie toward his orgasmic trip point and his rectal muscles began a deep clenching and milking action around his Lover’s stroking phallic. At the same time the phallic began deep, full length thrusts. Jamie was close to fainting as the flood of sensations exploded across his body.

Suddenly, the phallic lunged inward and stopped. It swelled to a full three inches inside Jamie’s enflamed rectum. The pulsing ribs along it flexing length teased and tantalized the sensitive nerve endings of his clasping rectal walls and spasming prostate. Jamie arched up ecstatically and his hips ground excited sex onto both massagers. The sheath encasing his straining hardness began an incredible deepthroating action. The Sybian unleashed forceful torrents of its ejaculant which gushed and jettisoned into Jamie’s spasming passage, causing his rectal sheath to balloon with the warm, thick essence.

Jamie squealed in joy as waves of ecstasy flooded his body and his dual orgasms were unleashed. His hands fisted tightly on the rails and his toes curled. His legs shot outward from the saddle in a wide ‘V’. They kicked frantically as deep orgasmic spasms and convulsions racked his body.


Jamie’s body went into orgasmic overload and he lost consciousness for a few seconds. When he recovered, his body was still in the throes of his orgasmic aftershocks. The phallic was still twisting and plunging. His body quickly rode another orgasmic wave which again pushed Jamie into a sexual frenzy.

His convulsing body thrashed and squirmed between the support rails. His enflamed sex exploded again as the phallic jettisoned another thick stream of its ejaculant into his convulsing passage. The thick mix of Sybian ejaculant and rectal juices gushed past his swollen and flared anus drenching his thighs and the surface of the saddle. Jamie gasped loudly as his excited erection and rectum began jerking and spasming in unison.

Jamie intensified his clenching grip on the thrusting phallic. The excited gland at the head of erection began twitching with a sense of urgency. His whole body went on hold as his second thick, stream of semen entered the base of his erection. It surged its way up his quivering erection where stalled and played with the most sensitive of male glands, the crown of his penis. It thickened and pulsed as the liquid joy swirled and played with the excited head and then it exploded out the wide open slit. His mouth opened wide to scream but no sound came out. As the rushing force of semen blew past his tingling gland he wailed in ecstasy.


This time Jamie’s exhausted and drained body shutdown and the Sybian slowly whirred to a stop, still deeply imbedded within his body. In a few seconds Jamie recovered and he cooed and gurgled as deep aftershocks rippled throughout his body. As his mind cleared he moaned softly knowing that his Sybian lover was still deeply imbedded within him.

Both massagers and the sheath slowed to a soft and gentle purring action and he rested on the soft, wet surface of the saddle as his body came done from its orgasmic highs. The Sybian being in the ‘AUTO’ mode, slowly withdrew from his body. The testicle pouch pushed his balls upward onto the surface of the saddle and the sheath pulled upward, slipping away from his softening manhood. As it cleared the slick head, Jamie’s penis plopped down onto his right thigh and slipped over his drained testicles.

The silicone ‘bra’ loosened and he groaned as the Sybian’s phallic slowly withdrew out of his clasping ‘womanhood’. A loud slurping sound was heard as the thick head slipped past his reluctant anal lips. Torrents of ejaculant and rectal juices gushed from the gaping entrance as his ‘womanhood’ returned to its normal state.

Jamie moaned with disappointment as the wonderful fullness left his body.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

His hands removed the ‘bra’ and sighed as the ‘mouths’ reluctantly released his engorged nipples.

In a minute or two, Jamie’s glowing and radiant nakedness lifted from his Lover and, on trembling legs, he walked slowly to his bathroom and the shower.

2.11 Diana, Mattress Creatures:

Ryan and Jamie had decided to join THP’s tour of the Grand Palace. Diana though this would be the perfect time to find out what mattress creatures ‘Creatures’ were all about. She took a shower, using the heavenly liquid soft soap and after she dried herself off, made her body feel wonderful with the after shower body lotion. When ready, she walked into the Fitness Room and stood in front of the mattress. She looked at it and saw three labels along both sides of mattress labeled, head, hips and feet, the foot label was at the end of the mattress that was facing the wall.

Diana laid down on the mattress using the hips label to position herself and loved the feel of the soft memory foam that her body was resting on. The Control Room was alerted that a suite’s mattress was going to be used and THP’s online viewers and preferred guests were informed.

The mattress’s internal sensors detected a female and began adjusting its surface to the contours of her body. It raised her upper back, shoulders and head to a comfortable position so she could see herself in the mirror. At the same time a ‘U’ shaped thickness pushed up under hips, buttocks and thighs. She watched as her full sex came into her view and her legs were then bent with her feet resting on the mattress’s surface. The portion of the mattress under her feet moved them apart and the ‘U’ shaped supporting surface followed.

She looked at the monitor and saw the erotic position the mattress had put her in and sense of excitement filled her mind. A soft whirring sound was heard and Diana saw the bottom section of the wall sliding to the right. Her heart raced when she saw three transparent creatures crawl from the opening onto the mattress. The open section of the wall then closed.

The clear Creatures were slug-like and advanced toward Diana’s body. Two moved on either side of her body and were eight inches in diameter and two inches thick. The one moving toward the junction of her thighs was tadpole shaped with a head four inches in diameter and an inch thick. Its eight inch ‘tail’ could expand from one inch in diameter to three inches in diameter. The warm, moist surface of the Creatures bodies contained a skin absorbing, mild aphrodisiac.

Diana watched with panting breath as the two creatures approached the sides of her body. Their touch was soft and warm as they slipped upward onto her abdomen below her breasts. The Creatures slowly moved toward each breast and a soft sigh was heard as the effects of their secretions spread across the upper part of her body. Acting in unison, the creatures slipped over Diana’s firm mounds encasing each within a warm, kneading pouch. The sigh turned into a moan as internal ‘mouths’ descended onto each nipple with a pleasurable suckling actions. Her hands moved onto the Creatures soft bodies and returned their massaging actions. They intensified their kneading and suckling, and Diana gasped as her engorged nipples rose up into the adorning ‘mouths’ and ‘lips’. The exquisite sensations radiated downward into her protruding clitoris and she began pushing her breasts into the Creature’s silky pouches.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

She had forgotten about the Creature that was positioned between her spread and bent thighs. Diana was brought out of her euphoric state when she felt soft, warm touches on her inner thighs and the folds of her labia. The creature had reached her sex and it was flowing upward over her labia and onto her clitoral hood. The end of its ‘tail’ swayed below her raised and open sex.

Its open ‘mouth’ widened and Diana could feel a warm moist breath bathe her labia and then an incredible suckling sensations gripped the folds as the ‘mouth’ moved onto her sex. Internal cilia nubs pushed the folds further apart and Diana gasped in joy as the ‘mouth’ caressed and teased her clasping inner lips. At the top of the ‘mouth’ a small cylinder like tube formed and Diana’s hips bucked and jerked as the tube’s ‘throat’ suckled its way onto the exposed pink tip of her clitoris. Diana squealed with joy as her organ leaped outward into the sucking ‘mouth’.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Her left hand left the Creature on her breast and shot downward and began massaging the wonderful ‘thing’ that was giving her sex so much joy. Her dazed mind was trying to cope with all the sensations and her breath came in quick pants and gasps.

“Uhh .. Uhh .. Uhh ..”

2.12 Diana, Creatures, First Mating:

The Creature snuggled in closer to her labia, pushing the folds further apart with a deep sucking action. Diana squealed again and both of her hands tried to pull her Lover deeper into her swollen and flared folds. It detected the heat and scent of Diana’s treasured opening and extended its tendril like feelers with light feathery touches on her moist clasping inner lips. She felt the incredible sensations of the creature’s dancing feelers on her sensitive inner lips and moaned as the potent stimuli began spreading inward and being absorbed into the sensitive nerve endings of her vaginal lining.

“Oh .. Yesss ..Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Suddenly her hands felt the Creature stretch outward between her thighs and its ‘tail’ became harder and thicker. At the same time she felt something pushing her inner lips apart. Diana’s eyes opened wide and she looked into the monitor and saw her hands wrapped around the Creature’s clear rigid body with its ‘mouth’ firmly clamped on her swollen sex. She could see her folds being pushed apart and her mind was filled with a mix anticipation and apprehension.

The pressure against her clasping inner lips intensified and Diana gasped when she felt the entrance to her vagina being gently stretched opened. The thick interior of the Creature had formed into a phallic and was nudging at the portal to her womanhood. A warm liquid oozed from the head of the Creature and a delicious warmth spread around her excited entrance and seeped inward. She felt an exquisite pressure as her inner lips and vaginal opening stretched to accommodate the flexing thickness and then unbelievable sensations exploded within her as the Creature’s twisting cilia nubs teased and tantalized the sensitive flesh of her vaginal walls. The Creature slipped inward twisting and turning with teasing, reversing strokes and she laid back on the soft supports of the mattress gasping as waves of pleasure radiated into her jerking clitoris and erect nipples.

“Ohhhhhh .. Godddddd .. Yes .. Yes .. Yes ..”

The Creature’s pulsing hardness slithered inward and the thick head began circling the sensitive lining of her enflamed passage, as if it was looking for something. Suddenly, Diana’s hips jerked upward and she began frantically grinding her enflamed sex in the air. The flexing tip of the Creature’s phallic had found her spasming ‘G’ spot and she screeched ecstatically as the excited tissues exploded with of joy.

The phallic’s thickness began expanding and Diana’s mind was flooded with new and intense waves of pleasure as her spasming vaginal sheath gripped and clenched around her embedded Lover. Her arousal vaulted and she moaned in joy as the ecstatic sensations rippled throughout her enflamed sex. As the Creature burrowed further inward, so did the number of the expanding and contracting ribs. She wailed in joy as her vaginal muscles rippled in sync with the ribs and the suckling clitoral ‘mouth’ made her organ of joy feel as though it was going to explode.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Diana was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. Her body needed and craved for more of the wonderful thickness that was filling her enflamed passage. Her hips bucked upward and outward and her hands tried to push the Creature’s body deeper into her seething sex. Her Lover didn’t disappoint her and Diana wailed loudly as the Creature’s eight inches of undulating phallus bored into the depths of her sexual being.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ..”

Suddenly thousands of tiny cilia-like fingers pushed outward from the surface of the Creature’s phallus and started caressing Diana’s enflamed vaginal walls and its clitoral ‘mouth’ and ‘lips began an ecstatic deepthroating of her straining clitoris. All the sensations melded together and Diana bucked and thrashed as she was thrown into a sexual frenzy.

The Creature started a methodic series of thrusts and lunges. All the way in, all the way out, fast then slow. It would pause its ecstatic stroking action over her exploding sweet spot then slither back into her spasming sheath again and again. Every time Diana neared her orgasmic trip point, the Creature would back off just enough to keep at her tormented edge, causing her wail and plead for orgasmic relief.

The Creature now began its final assault on her tortured sex and its lunges took on a sense of urgency. Diana mewed and cooed, her nipples felt as though they were going to explode, her suckled clitoris was exploding with joy and her vaginal muscles were desperately clenching and milking Creature’s incredible phallic. Again, Diana’s body was hurled toward her orgasmic edge and this time she was allowed her to cross it.

Her Lover lunged deeply into her cervix and Diana felt an incredible, ecstatic pressure flood into her womanhood. The Creature was unleashing its warm, thick ejaculant and her leg’s shot outward in a wide ‘V’ kicking frantically in the air. Her hands fisted tightly, her toes curled and her eyes rolled back into her head as her climatic orgasm exploded across her bucking and convulsing body. Her mouth opened to scream but no sound was heard, Her eyes opened wide but she saw nothing but bright flashes of colors. In a few short seconds, her mind caught up with voice and an orgasmic wail echoed around the room. Diana sucked in a refilling load of air and wailed again as her orgasms rumbled throughout her body like a series of freight trains.


She lost consciousness and her bucking body slumped back onto the soft, foam surface of the mattress. Shortly she recovered and her long moans were heard as her fulfilling aftershocks rippled throughout her body. As she came down from her orgasmic high, she felt her deeply embedded Lover flexing within her spasming vaginal passage. She reached down and began massaging the thick mass that had just given her an orgasm that she would never forget.

She whispered,

“Thank you .. thank you ..”

The Creature slowly withdrew its massive phallus. Diana moaned as the incredible fullness left her vagina with a delicious slurping sound. Torrents of vaginal juices and the Creature’s ejaculant gushed outward from the gaping opening and was feasted upon by the Creature’s thirsty ‘mouth’.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Slowly, the pouches of the two breast Creatures slipped away from her chest and the suckling clitoral ‘mouth’ withdrew from her still rigid organ. All three Creatures lay on her abdomen with soothing throbs and purrs.

Diana closed her eyes and her hands began caressing the soft, warm surface of her Lovers. Her body glowed and basked in a cloud of sexual satisfaction and fulfillment.

A weak Diana whispered,

“Will you come back?”

As if in response, the larger Creature slithered toward her sex and the tube like ‘mouth’ slipped over her still rigid clitoris. Diana gasped and knew the answer was ‘yes’. She watched with disappointment as the Creatures moved toward the open section of the wall and disappeared from her view.

She walked weakly to the suite’s Jacuzzi and relaxed in the swirling waters.

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