Three is Better than Two

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I wanted it. Ryan knew that I wanted it. But, for all his business acumen and laddish bravado, until now he was too timid to do anything about it. We’ve been married for three years and we’re closer now than the day we stood together at the altar – and the sex is great. But I wanted since the day we met in college to just once experience the indulgence of full satisfaction, the attention of two men. Two men who would work together to give me what I wanted, to help me really let go. Ryan loved the idea too, but it was me that kept pushing.

And tonight, finally, it was going to happen. I honestly had no idea that you could find these sorts of clubs in London. I thought they were in the category of urban myth. Clubs where young, intelligent, trendy, sexy couples and singles could get it on, could be inventive, be truly free. A place where you could have the sex you wanted with whomever you wanted. Thank God for the Internet! In recent months it had really opened my eyes to this other world – this alternative to the staid, the predictable. My searches confirmed that Ryan and I were by no means alone in wanting something different, something, someone more. And now we had found what looked like the ideal club.

Saturday night was No Underwear Night. Simple as, the dress code was: no underwear and dress to show it. Ryan has always loved it when we go out and I’m wearing nothing under a short tight dress or skirt. He has always been turned on by the thought of other guys seeing my snatch and wanting a piece for themselves. But we’ve never taken it any further.

And frustratingly Ryan’s not matched my boldness when it comes to dressing to impress. He hasn’t understood that women are just as turned on by a guy not wearing underwear and showing off his manhood. I lost count of how many times in izmir escort bayan high school I left my panties at home for the benefit of my dates. Only a few of those boys returned the favour.

Ryan has done it a few times – gone out without underwear, in his snug jeans. But he’s been too self-conscious about showing off his hard-on which, dressed like that, is an almost inevitable result. I love it when I see him growing under a thin layer of denim, but he’s felt too much out of control to do it very often.

Tonight, though, out of control is what it’s all about. So he’s agreed: tight jeans, no underwear and most importantly he’s promised not to hide his bulge. He even chose a pair with a few strategic rips to show a bit of flesh – in all the right places. I in turn didn’t disappoint. I wore my tightest, shortest, whitest dress. I’m lightly tanned, slim but shapely, firm breasted, shaved down between my legs and feeling tonight like a fucking slut – a slut who is fully in control. And I’ve told him, we are having a threesome, I get to choose the guy. I do exactly what I want with whom I want and he doesn’t get a say in the matter. When we were talking about all this in bed last night he shot a load unlike anything I’ve seen since college days. So I think this is working for him as much as it’s working for me.

Sitting on the Tube I know we’re a stunning couple. Ryan is tenting, he’s becoming huge. I’ve told him it’s too late to be shy now. I sit with legs together until another young couple sit opposite us – maybe ten years younger than us, late teens, students I suppose. I’m getting wet and hot and know that there is no way I am not getting what I want. I open my legs; the young lad looks as if he’s ready to take me then and there. That would be fucking hot, on the Underground, escort izmir with others watching, his girlfriend not knowing how to react…

We’ve arrived at the club – my husband by now proudly showing off his rock hard cock and playfully exploring me under my dress as we walk through the door, on our first ever visit to a sex club. I feel as we if have been born again. The cloakroom guy looks like he’d be the perfect fuck, too bad he’s working. But he tells us if we’re newbies he recommends the lounge area to begin with, somewhere to chill and acclimatise. Ryan thanks him, he winks back. Then he tells us his girlfriend is in there somewhere, probably with two cocks in her mouth. His words are like fire in my soul and ice tingling down my spine. This is a whole new world, a bold, free world where couples live as the sexual sluts we all really are. It’s hitting me – this is for real, and it could be for keeps.

And then I see him, dark to my blonde, paler than me or Ryan, but incredibly handsome, hot, fit. He’s perfect, and he looks at us, at me. It takes me a moment to realise that he is being sucked off by a girl down on her knees. I wonder if she’s the cloakroom attendant’s girlfriend. I don’t care either way. Lust is all I know or want to know, and all I care about is making it happen. I should be the nervous one here, I should be waiting for Ryan to make the first move, but I am now engineering the whole scene, leading my husband to the sofa and about to change everything for us, for our marriage. I am about to have sex with someone else, a guy who clearly has no inhibitions and nothing to be ashamed of. I’m ready for him to join my sexy husband, ready for them both to work on me, give me some proper attention.

This guy, who looks as if he’s already having a great time, doesn’t waste izmir escort a minute. He gently pushes the girl away and joins me and Ryan on the sofa. I’m in the middle, Ryan is to my left, he sits to my right. Without any words being spoken, not knowing his name and he not knowing ours – perhaps the hottest thing of all is the anonymity – he is already down between my legs tonguing and fingering me and working on my clit. I kiss Ryan, he unbuttons his jeans and my hand reaches in to expose an erection he is clearly very proud of. I am proud of him, proud of myself. As I wank him with one hand my free hand directs the fingers of his right hand to where this total stranger is eating me out. Ryan’s fingers enter me with this stranger’s tongue still down there. The man I love with all that I have and a man I have never met before are working on me and I feel like I am in paradise. I look up and gradually am aware of other couples and groups all playfully interacting, sucking, licking, wanking, fucking.

I look back to Ryan, look him in the eye and tell him I love him. He replies with a sudden involuntary thrust and an explosion of cum which arches over me, and beyond, which triggers more lust in me.

Ryan knows what I came for though. This is just the start. He has been drained, his balls emptied, but he tells me we will stay as long as we need for me to get what I want. He tells this stranger to let me suck him. Ryan’s broken the rules; I am supposed to be in control. But the other guy agrees of course and thrusts his huge throbbing cock in my face. I can forgive Ryan – I might even let him fuck a girl later. But only once I get what I’ve come for. A stranger’s cock in my mouth, the first one other than Ryan’s, in years; it’s beyond my wildest dreams, but it’s my pussy that craves him the most. Before we leave tonight I intend to be fucked by this sexy stranger – and I am anticipating a deep shuddering orgasm as I cum and as this guy, whose name I still don’t know and don’t want to know, is spent as he gives me all he’s got.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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