Three is Not a Crowd

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“Go on, take it you filthy slut! You’re so dirty, show me what a naughty girl you are, oh yeahhh…”

As Rob was deep inside me, holding my soft arms down with the strong force of his masculine arms, panting and sweating on top of me, I loved hearing the dirty talk. It spurred me on. He knew it, too, and it certainly turned him on also. It was always during this sordid talk that we would offer our fantasies to one another, and depending on the reactions we got, we’d sometimes carry them through…

For years, I’d often thought I was somewhat slightly perverse, always deviating from the norm when it came to sexual fantasies. I’d always known how to pleasure myself, and the boys at school, and had always been pretty confident in knowing what turned me on. But growing up, I realised that I was a rarity. When my girl friends used to talk about boys and sex, they never talked about the things I was into, it was all so, well, safe. I would keep my dark desires to myself to save their shock.

I grew up very quickly, physically. I was a tall teenager with long dark hair and a feminine figure. I had hips and curves and, much to the delight of the boys at school, enormous and full tits. It was during these later school years that I realised how sexual I was to other men. I liked to experiment with the boys at school, teasing them and making them come whenever I wanted, I loved the taste! Even the time when I got caught off my teacher, I knew how to ‘get out of being in trouble’ with him. Men were easy, whatever I wanted sexually, I could have. As I grew older, I’d experienced lots of sexual activity with lots of men, but is was so dull. It was just sex. Nothing like I’d imagined it would be in my mind. It didn’t make me orgasm the way I used to be able to do it to myself whilst making fantasies up from my own imagination. Until I met Rob.

We knew we were kindred spirits from the moment we met. Although it’s a very loving, passionate and intense relationship, we were close enough to share our desires, our secret fantasies, our dirty side. Sometimes, we’d act them out. Sometimes they were mild, like wanting to dress up and act out a role play, some were a little more extreme (believe me!) but sometimes we’d discuss things that were for fantasy only. For all that these extreme desires turned us on whilst fucking, they were just words, never to be acted upon.

I remember years back, just as I was bringing myself to orgasm as a teenager, I started to wonder what it would feel like to be pissed on. The thought of being drenched in that way gave me the best thrill of my life, I was soaking! Growing up, of course, it was never mentioned, but one night, Rob did. This night, he suggested it as he was fucking me hard, me dressed as a schoolgirl whilst he masterfully took on the role of my teacher. As he slapped away at my arse poking out from underneath my school skirt, he asked me. He said he would do it to punish me for sucking the boys off at school. I was so turned on by the idea. As the weeks passed, the wine got the better of us one night, and he took me upstairs, put me in the shower, stripped me, told me that I knew my punishment was coming and drenched me; my face, my hair, my big tits, my clit and my slutty mouth, it was bliss! It tasted so warm and sweet and as I returned the favour, I knew that we could do anything.

One night, as he bent me backwards over the dining table, his face buried deep in between my legs, his hot mouth sucking furiously on my clit, he asked me how I’d like to have someone else’s cock in my mouth whilst he pleasured me. Another mans hard cock in my dirty mouth while being fucked and licked hard?? Really…?

Andy was a close friend of Robs, and had become a good friend to us both. He was like us in a lot of ways; we shared the same wicked sense of humour, a love of the same music, he would talk openly about sex with us too, the dirtier the better. I know that Rob would often talk to him about the things we’d done and it turned me on knowing that he would be going home to make himself come, thinking about our dirty sessions. I would tease him when he came round, too. I would come downstairs after getting out of the shower in a really short towel, just about covering the top of my legs and still be dripping wet. I’d pretend I didn’t know he was downstairs with Rob and come down wearing Ankara Escort my stockings and suspenders and basque and feign embarrassment. I would wear my tight white vest top, braless, and ‘accidentally’ spill my wine down my front. He knew what I was doing, it was all a bit of fun. But I did get aroused and wet between my legs when I could see him admiring my body. I could see in his face that he’d give anything to touch it, to feel my soft breast, to see me completely bare, to taste my hot skin. His impressively large cock straining through his tight work trousers often told me as much. Andy was married to June. She was nice, pleasant, safe, prudish and old in her ways. She never made the effort with her looks anymore and sex had dried up between them a long time ago. I felt sorry for him, but he loved her. He was fit and sexual and still had needs, that’s why I liked to give him something to think about for when he would go home and wank furiously. He’d had an affair in the past but he’d put that behind him, vowing never to stray again, and he hadn’t. But I wanted to help him, I wanted to be a good friend to him.

So that night, still bent over the dining table, with Rob thrusting deep inside me, my mind began to wander. I’d love to taste another man, knowing Rob would be struggling to contain himself at the sight of his girl being so naughty, so slutty. Running my wet tongue over the tip of some other blokes cock, looking Rob in the eye while I was doing it, rubbing another cock hard and fast until…until he shot his full load over my face and in my mouth? Someone else’s cock? Andy’s cock?

“Yes, oh yes, oh oh, fuck me harder, keep going Rob, fuck your dirty girl! I’m your slut, let’s do it! I want you to watch, oh yes, yes, I want you to watch me suck another dick in front of you. Let me show you, oh yes, just there, that’s it, there, how naughty I am. I want Andy in my mouth…that’s it, there, there! Yes!”

As a giant wave of pleasure washed over me, my cunt swollen and tingling and wet with delight, I knew that’s what I wanted. It had given me a massive thrill at the mere thought of it, and as Rob shot his load deep inside me, I knew he wanted it too.

Wrapped in one another’s arms, still glowing, hot and sticky and panting from such an intense rush, we talked. Did we really want to act this out? Would he really want to see his beautiful girl do it? Would he feel ok watching his sexy young girlfriend getting so much pleasure from his friends penis? We knew, at some point, that it was going to happen. It was never talked about again. But knowing it was a possibility, not just a fantasy, had us both going for weeks. Even when Andy came to see us the following night, to plan the bank holiday weekend with us, it wasn’t mentioned.

We had the most frantic and explosive sex there and then in the living room, the moment Andy shut the door behind him

Bank holiday was looking to be a warm one. We were all going to meet up in the beer garden of our local pub and get drunk in the sun, relishing in the fact we didn’t have to get up for work the next day. The usual crowd of us would be there and I was looking forward to seeing everyone, to have a good drink and to have a good laugh. It was so hot, I had my little flowery skirt on and tight top, my shoes had been kicked off ages ago, loving the feel of the grass on my feet. I knew I was turning heads today, I’d already felt the admiring eyes of the men at the table. I’d also noticed the icy glare

+that June had thrown Andy when she caught him looking down my low cut top after I’d brought the drinks back to the table, leaning right over to give Andy his pint, and an eyeful. I also caught her tutting at me in disgust as me and Rob whispered sexily, teasing each other before reaching for his giant bulge under the table, just to tease him a little until we got back home.

Naturally, for us lot, the conversation turned to sex. We talked about celebrities we fancied, experiences we’d had when we were younger, things we dreamt of doing. All very mild, of course, but everyone was tipsy now, especially me. I brought Robs ear to my mouth and nibbled on his ear lobe. I whispered to him that he should look over the table at Andy. I told him to watch his face. At this moment, I ran my bare feet up his legs and rubbed my toes around his crotch. There Çankaya Escort it was, his penis growing hard under my foot. I rubbed my toes around the tip of his bulging cock as he wriggled with pleasure on the seat, right next to his wife. Rob grabbed my thigh, pulled my hair to the side and breathed into my neck “tonight’s the night” and winking at Andy, I let my foot drop and let him compose himself. The conversation was all too much for poor prim, straight-laced June. She stood up, suggesting they were to be leaving, but I knew all too well Andy wouldn’t be going with her, he was enjoying himself way too much, and he didn’t even turn to watch her leave, he was looking right at me and Rob, our fantasy etched on every inch of our faces.

The sun started to go down and everyone had drunk way too much. Everyone apart from Rob and Andy, that is. They were talking, football, music, work, me. Later, I saw them talking in the corner of the beer garden, I suspected Rob may have been suggesting something but I saw Andy shaking his head. He couldn’t stop looking over, especially seen as I was letting my legs part slightly, showing him the top of my thigh and sucking seductively on my straw. As they came back to the table, I could just make out Andy saying “…I just can’t mate, I’m not going to do that to June…”.

What was going on? I’d always had my own way with men and we had set our hearts on it. I wanted to show Rob and Andy just how naughty I could be and tonight would be the night. As we stood up to leave, we knew Andy would be coming back to ours, he always did, tonight wouldn’t be any different, surely? As we left the pub, he turned to say goodbye to us, before saying “fuck it. Just one last beer back at yours then, eh?” and we all grinned and began to walk home.

Unhooking my bra under my vest top and kicking off my shoes, I made myself comfy on the couch next to Andy as Rob made the drinks. I could hardly look Rob in the eye, the sexual tension was killing us! He looked so in control and his excitement was visible, he’d had a hard on all night, thinking about what we planned to do, most likely. My knickers had been so wet all night with all the exciting images running through my mind and every time Rob touched me, it was like a lightning bolt had run right through me making me more wet and excited.

Rob went upstairs to the toilet leaving the two of us alone on the couch. As Andy talked to me about the latest album he’d listened to, he suddenly stopped as I took his hand, ran it gently and softly up my thigh and let his fingers brush very softly onto my knickers, he couldn’t feel anything, it was too brief, but he would almost certainly have felt my wetness. I removed his hand from between my legs and let him touch my erect nipples. They looked great through my vest top without a bra on. I looked down between his legs and saw him growing. I ran my fingers down his stomach and stopped before I reached the ever growing bulge that was so visible now. Rob came back down and joined us on the couch. Andy was starting to shift uncomfortably in his seat. He stood up, muttering something about going to use the toilet and adjusted his trousers as he left the room.

Pulling at my hair and thrusting his tongue into my mouth, Rob and I began kissing passionately. I reached for his trousers and struggled with the zip until his erection came free. He bit and sucked at my neck, making his way down to my hard nipples and ran his long fingers over the outside of my knickers, moving them slightly to one side to feel how wet I was. He started to groan as I forced him to sit comfortably, dropped to my knees and reached for his hot throbbing dick. It was pulsing in my mouth, wet and hot, I thought he was going to climax there and then. As I continued to move my head up and down, taking every inch of his length to the back of my mouth, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. With his cock still in my mouth, I looked up at Rob for reassurance as he mouthed “carry on darling, let him see what a good cocksucker you are”. Although I couldn’t see him, I was aware that Andy was stood behind me, my short skirt showing off my arse as I continued to suck on Robs’ erection. When I stopped, I gestured for Andy to sit next to Rob on the couch so he could see better. He watched as I continued to lick the very top of Robs hard Etlik Escort on, his hand reaching for my hair, my hand reaching for his cock. I unzipped his pants and felt it spring free and gripped it and began to rub him up and down. I was getting wetter as I could hear them both moan with pleasure. I wanted to taste Andy’s cock.

Rob gently eased my head from out of his lap and stood up until he was behind me. I moved, still on my knees, until I had my hips between Andy’s legs. He started to stroke himself gently as he watched Rob peel away my skirt and my knickers and I stretched up to take my top off, freeing my ample tits. As I still faced Andy, I let him touch my firm breasts and erect nipples as Rob slipped into my cunt from behind. It felt so electric having another man watching me getting fucked. I buckled over so that Rob could get deeper inside me and so that my head was in Andy’s lap. I reached hungrily for his shaft and ran my tongue around the tip of his penis. I looked him in the eyes as I bobbed my head up and down in rhythm with Robs thrusts. I could feel him pulsing deep inside me, I knew he wouldn’t last too long if we carried on like this. I stopped and moved myself to lie on my back on the floor. Andy stayed where he was, admiring my body. Rob moved over towards me and gently caressed my thighs, kissing them all the way down until his tongue stopped on my clit. He licked at my wet cunt, lapping it all up, before alternating between thrusting his tongue and his fingers deep inside of me, making me squirm on the floor in total ecstasy. I reached up for Andy’s hand and beckoned him over to join us on the carpet. He ran his warm hands all over me, gently squeezing my breasts as I gently squeezed his cock in return. I opened my mouth to allow the tip of his cock to rest on my tongue as I rubbed him back and forth over my hot wet lips, breathing heavily onto it with every move Rob was making inside me.

Rob got to his knees, pushed my legs apart and entered me again. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing; his slutty girlfriend enjoying the taste of his best friends cock. As he thrust in and out of me rapidly, Andy reached down and started to rub on my clit as I sucked harder and harder on his penis, as he fucked my mouth. I knew that we were going to come and I couldn’t wait to taste Andy’s load. But I wanted to taste him and my boyfriend at the same time.

I asked Rob if he’d let me taste his cock at the same time. With Andy on one side and Rob on the other, I guided them both into my mouth. I could taste all three of us, enjoying tasting my own juices on Rob. As Robs fingers entered me and Andy still rubbing furiously at my clit, and with both cocks in my mouth, I thrust up as I gave way to my own orgasm. It lasted and lasted and, turned on at the sight of my naked and sticky body having just reached orgasm, I began to feel Andy’s cock pulse harder in my mouth until he let out a breathy, heavy groan. He was coming and I wanted to taste it, he held his cock, still for a brief moment, before releasing himself onto my face, into my mouth and onto my chest. His sticky come was all over my face and I let most of it dribble into my mouth. This will be driving Rob insane, I thought cheekily to myself. He was still rubbing himself over me and I turned to show him my come covered face and lifted my tongue to show him Andys sperm in my mouth, rubbing the rest into my sticky tits. I was right, he couldn’t contain himself any longer and shot his load out, spurts of hot come covered my face and into my mouth. I tasted them together in my mouth before swallowing the cocktail and licking my lips.

My mind turned to poor Andy, he must have been feeling some turmoil between lust and guilt, we couldn’t send him home like this. His cock was still twitching, not hard still, but just firm. I took it between my lips and licked him clean, licked every last drop from the end of his hot penis, up and down the length and from the top of his thigh where he’d let some dribble. He was clean now and pulled up his pants. Rob nuzzled at my neck, whispering “thank you, you beautiful slut” to me , before pulling his own pants back on. Realising Andy had seen me completely naked and completely dirty for the first time, I didn’t have anything to hide and merely slipped my knickers back on, letting him see me, letting him take in one last image to inevitably masturbate to later. We smiled to each other and raised a beer, confident that our friendship would not be affected in the slightest. Who knows, maybe this was going to be the only time? Maybe it was only going to be the first time…?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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