Three Make a Memory Pt. 02

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A couple of weeks passed before I heard from Sue and Tony again. I wasn’t necessarily expecting to hear from them at all, because a regular relationship was not on the cards. They had obviously enjoyed our session, though, and so had I. So it wasn’t entirely surprising that I answered the phone one day to hear Tony speaking.

“Hi, Rant. How’s it going?”

Well, he hadn’t called just to enquire about my health. We soon had the pleasantries out of the way and then he got down to the real business of his call.

“The fact is, Rant, that we had a really great time with you last time we met. We talked about it a good deal, because as you know it was our first experience with a third person. Every time we talk about it we end up having the hottest sex, so I think it’s obvious it was a good experience. We were wondering if you would like to try it again?”

Would I? We arrange that I would go over the following Saturday afternoon, exactly as we had played things before. That gave us the afternoon and the option of more activity and an overnight stay if we felt like it.

So the following Saturday I again knocked at their front door, again carrying a bottle of wine and a bunch of flowers. Sue answered the door, looking perky and eager in a low-cut summer dress. Like the previous occasion, it was one that buttoned all the way down the front. She took the wine and flowers.

“Still the gentleman, I see. Come in and have a drink.”

I went into the living room, where Tony greeted me and poured a drink while Sue saw to the flowers in the kitchen. He was dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, and was barefoot. Clearly, he didn’t want to waste much time undressing. We talked about this and that. He seemed very relaxed.

“You remember when we talked before we agreed that Sue should call the shots. The main purpose of this is to give her the best time possible.”

I nodded. This has always been part of my philosophy about threesomes, and worked very well with Mary, my late wife. We men can be satisfied relatively easily, but I’ve always thought that to pleasure a woman to the maximum possible degree was also a huge pleasure for a man. But pleasure can take many forms.

“The thing is, Sue has asked if we would do something a little special. I mean, last time was very special, but she has something a little different in mind. You want to hear about it, or shall we just play it by ear?”

“Play it by ear,” I suggested. “The lady is in charge, and we are just playthings for her ladyship’s amusement.”

He chuckled at that. Sue came in just then and asked what the joke was.

“Tony was just saying you had a plan for today,” I said. “I was suggesting that we are putty in your hands and you should do whatever you want with us.”

“Sounds bloody good to me! Suppose you sit next to each other on the couch?”

We soon arranged ourselves as required, and Sue walked backwards and forwards a couple of times, almost like a model on the catwalk. When she gave a twirl her dress rose up, revealing her thighs all the way up to panty level. Seemed like she was in the mood already! She kicked off her shoes. Then she approached us and bent over. As well as giving us a stupendous view of her beautiful cleavage, it brought her very close.

“Rant, please undo the top button on my dress.” I did so immediately, and she slowly leaned across towards Tony.

“Now it’s your turn.” He undid the next button, taking the opportunity to stroke his finger across her breast.

“Naughty izmir escort bayan boy,” she said. “I didn’t tell you to do that. Rant, please undo the next three buttons.” Naturally, I was only too pleased to oblige. Her dress fell open down to her waist, revealing a white lacy bra of minimal coverage. Her nipples were clearly visible through the lacy fabric and clearly large and erect.

“Tony, undo the next button. Do nothing else, naughty boy.” Tony quickly did as he was bidden, which brought us down to the last two buttons.

“Now, Rant, undo the rest.” I did that, and she stood up straight, pulling the two sides of her address apart to give us very pleasing view. Her panties were now visible, and were in the same insubstantial material as her bra. It was obvious that she was quite aroused already, her labia parted and some stickiness already visible at her crotch.

She kneeled down between us, and placed her hands on the fronts of our trousers.

“Getting some reaction already, I see. Now, Rant, remove my dress please. Tony is a naughty boy and isn’t getting anything for the moment.” I slipped the dress off her shoulders, and she kicked it aside. She stood before us in nothing but bra and panties, legs apart and hands on her hips. Then she slid her hands gently up her body and fondled those lovely breasts. She closed her eyes and let her tongue slide out and lick her lips. Of course, it was just a pose, but it certainly helped enhance the mood! Then she kneeled down between us again.

“Rant, please undo my bra.” I leaned forward, put my arms around her and undid her bra catch. Not wishing to annoy her ladyship, I made no move apart from that.

“Good boy, Rant. Now you may remove my bra.” I slid the straps over her shoulders, revealing her full rounded breasts in all their glory. Her nipples were swollen and erect, and the area around them also puffed up. She must have been looking forward to this!

“Now, boys, I want you each to keep your hands to yourselves, but lean forward and suck my nipples.” We did so, not needing our hands as she thrust her breasts in our faces. We sucked and licked the nipples, gently pulling them between our lips and teasing them with the tips of our tongues. On the previous occasion she had really loved this attention, and the increase in her breathing rate made it clear that nothing had changed. Glancing down I noticed that Tony had disobeyed her ladyship again, by reaching a hand round to stroke her bottom. A pattern was beginning to develop…

“Tony, sit back and sit on your hands. You have been very naughty again, and your punishment will be to see Rant to get his reward. Rant, I’m going to stand up now and I want you to pull my panties down.” She stood up immediately, and I gripped her panties by the waistband and gently slid them down to her ankles, whereupon she stepped out of them and kicked them aside.

“Rant, I want you to take all your clothes off now.” I stood up and quickly obeyed, revealing a partial but fairly substantial direction. Sue took my cock in her hand and stroked it gently. Meanwhile, Tony had taken his clothes off as well, though she had pretended not to notice before.

“Tony, you have been very disobedient. You’re supposed to be sitting on your hands, not taking your clothes off. Your punishment will be to watch Rant pleasure me. While he is doing this, you will not do anything but watch. You will want to touch yourself, to stroke your full cock, and to cum. You will escort izmir not do any of those things.”

So saying, she lay down in front of us on the thick pile rug and raised a hand to me. I knelt down by her side.

“Rant, I would like you to give me some oral pleasure like you did last time. You were very good at it, and my husband can watch and maybe learn something, as he very much needs to. He is a disobedient boy.” She smiled at him, and he smiled back, so I didn’t think he was at all lacking in that department. It was all just a game, but one where Sue made the rules. She parted her legs, revealing her sweet vulva, already wide open and wet. Her clitoris was swollen and protruding. I didn’t think that pleasing her was going to be very difficult.

“My Lady, would you like me to stroke your nipples while I please you orally?” I asked, entering into the game.

“An excellent suggestion. My errant husband can watch and sigh.”

I lay full length between her legs, bringing my mouth to her labia and stretching my hands up to reach her nipples. I began by stroking them, but after a short time I bent my head to my work. I licked her labia from bottom to top, finishing each time with quick stroke across her clitoris. Sighs of pleasure began to emanate from above. I thrust my tongue into her open vulva, penetrating as deep as possible before stroking along the roof of it and bringing it out across her clitoris again. I varied the action by putting my tongue between her labia and thrusting it backwards and forwards. This brought a cry from her, and I sensed that she was going to cum soon. Seeing no reason to pause now, I concentrated on her clitoris, licking backwards and forwards over it. Within a short time her hips began to buck up and down. I speeded up and was rewarded by a shrill cry from her as she launched into her first orgasm of the evening. I carried on thrusting my tongue in and out, and slid my hands down to grip her hips, lest I should slip out of position. At length her orgasm subsided, and she asked me to stop. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked at me. I sat up on my heels.

“That was very well done indeed, but I see that you are in need of satisfaction yourself.” She nodded downwards towards my cock, which was now fully erect and leaking a string of pre-cum onto her rug.

“Your tongue worked very well. Now let me see what your cock can do. My disobedient husband can watch that as well.”

As you may imagine, I needed no encouragement. I felt a twinge of guilt about poor Tony, but I figured he was getting a great live show and would get his own pleasure eventually. So, as Sue lay down flat again I positioned myself between her thighs and gently slid my cock between her labia.

“God, that is good,” she said, and once again glanced at her husband with a wink. I looked at him too, but he seemed to be quite okay with what was happening. I pushed myself as deep into his wife’s body as I could get, and ground myself slowly against her. Last time she had really enjoyed this, and it made it easy to give her clitoris some stimulation. I was able to bend my head to suck her nipples, and her reaction was all I could wish. She sighed and moaned and rocked her hips against me, clearly appreciating everything I did. I was feeling so aroused by the time my cock had entered her that I didn’t think I was going to last long. But I really wanted to give her another orgasm, so I tried not to make any movements that were too stimulating. It seemed izmir escort that my gentle grind was okay for both of us, as we both sighed with pleasure with every stroke, without quite launching over the edge.

“That’s beautiful,” she said suddenly. “I am on the brink, just hovering on the edge of cumming.”

“Me too,” I replied. “Is this satisfactory to my lady?.”

“It’s lovely,” she said. “Tony, is this not beautiful to watch?”

“It’s fantastic,” he said. “Hover as long as you want. The longer you hover, the better the climax. I know it’ll be worth the wait for all of us.”

I’ve always thought that to be true, especially for women. One of my pleasures is to do what I was doing with Sue at that moment, giving just enough stimulation to keep her fully aroused and eager for orgasm, without actually pushing her over the edge. So we stayed like that for some minutes, sometimes almost losing control. On one occasion she let out quite a cry and thrust her hips against me, and I thought she was going to cum, but I just held still and her panting subsided a little. Finally, she could wait no longer.

“Make me cum, Rant. Make me cum, and cum inside me. I want your creamy, sexy cum deep inside me.”

I began to thrust more firmly, but a couple of thrusts were enough. Sue let out a cry of joy.

“Yes. I’m cumming! Cum inside me! Fill me up…”

She was thrusting her hips up and down, and my cock was thrusting inside her. She let out several cries, and so did I as I felt my own orgasm build. I felt the cream rush up my cock. I pushed as deep inside her as I could get, and gripped her hips to keep me there. I let go spurt after spurt of cum, and we both cried out with every splash it made inside her. I felt her vagina spasm around my cock, milking every last drop from me. I carried on thrusting and thrusting long after there was nothing left. This was just like the previous time with her, a result of my enforced celibacy for so long. Even though my orgasm was over, I just relished the feeling of being inside a woman’s body and causing so much delight. At last, we panted to a stop, both out of breath and flushed with pleasure.

“You may rest now,” Lady Sue said.

“What about you?” I asked.

“I only require to rest for a moment. Tony, I think you have been punished enough. Join me down here and put that dripping cock to good work.”

“At once, my lady.” His cock was indeed dripping pre-cum, just as mine had been. As I got up and sat on the couch he replaced me between his wife’s thighs and slid his cock into her. They once began moving together, with an easy rhythm born of many years practice. Like most women I have known intimately, Sue was capable of several orgasms once she hit her stride. I watched as the two of them worked together, Tony making larger thrusting movements than I did, and Sue raising her hips to meet him. Before long their gasps of pleasure were filling the room, and suddenly Sue let out a shriek. It was very much her way, when the climax hit her. On this occasion, Tony was scarcely any quieter.

“Oh fuck me, fuck me,” Sue cried, while his cries were more religious in nature! Either way, it was clear when he was spurting his cum into her ecstatically, and clear that she loved receiving every drop of it. When at last they came to a stop, panting and giggling, I changed my position a little. I may have mentioned before that I love a cream pie. Sue was lying back breathless on the floor, and as her husband withdrew and sat back on his heels we could both see her lovely vulva. She knew very well what we were looking for, and as a slow trickle of mixed man-juice slid out of her and dribbled down her perineum she giggled.

“Good job this rug is washable.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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