Through the Back Fence Pt. 03

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Hello, there. Ray again.

Linda’s story kind of explains why, when I got home off the road early the next afternoon she was so quick to take me to bed.

She told me what she had seen….and done…the night before and it sure turned me on. I was sorry I missed it. The other day I had her write it down for you. It still turns me on reading it now.

Anyway, things were kind of quiet next door for a while and we had to resort to ‘in house entertainment’ if you know what I mean, but a week or so later, Linda was at the grocery store and who did she run into but the woman who lived behind us. Linda introduced herself and the woman, Kimberly, did the same. They chatted a bit and Kim invited us over for drinks the following Saturday afternoon with Jeff, her husband.

Linda and I talked it over later, deciding if that was a good idea or not. Did we just want to continue watching them from the other side of the fence or did we want to get more involved with them? We decided we would take a chance and see what happened.

Saturday rolled around and we walked over to their house that afternoon. We took two six-packs and a couple of bottles of wine.

Linda was wearing a pale blue bikini, one of the ones you don’t want to get wet unless you want everybody to see what you’ve got, and this crocketed cover-up that fell to mid-thigh and sandals, and I had on shorts, t-shirt and sandals.

We made introductions all around and decided on wine and Kim went into the house for glasses.

Jeff was as Linda had described him to me. A good looking fit guy in shorts and a t-shirt and Kim was wearing jean shorts, a little more modest than the ones I had seen her in before but not much and a t-shirt and a black bikini top under it.

We sat on the patio with wine and did the ‘getting to know the neighbors’ chat. Jeff was a local truck driver for a trucking company I recognized the name of and Kim worked three days a week in the trucking company’s office. They had moved here from an apartment on the other side of town.

They seemed like nice enough people, although I couldn’t help looking at Kim’s lips and remembering what they looked like with Jeff’s big hard cock between them and her pert tits as she sucked him off and had to cross my legs a time or two.

Linda was in her element, her cover-up had slid up her long legs a bit and every now and then as bursa escort we talked she moved a bit in her chair and didn’t always keep her knees together when she did. Jeff, sitting across from her, certainly noticed and I saw what was originally a pretty impressive bulge in his shorts grow a bit more pronounced.

Kim, sitting across from us seemed pretty demure, unless you watched her eyes and face. She kept looking me up and down and she would take a sip of her wine and her legs would part a bit and her hips move forward in her chair. I imagined the seam in the front of her cut-offs pressing against her, sliding between her lips and she locked eyes with me and her brown eyes were saying, ‘Do you want to fuck me, Ray?’. At least that’s what I think they were saying. Her tongue tip kept slipping between her lips and licking them and I didn’t know if that meant, ‘I’d like to suck your cock’ or ‘Would you lick my pussy?’ Of course I would acquiesce to either right now if the situation permitted, which it didn’t, but her message…..well, It wasn’t too clear and I could have just imagined it. But I think there was a message there.

And Linda, my lovely Linda, was subtly teasing Jeff. I know that the way she was sitting, when she spread her knees a bit, he could see her pussy and the patch of fine hair above it through the thin, pale blue fabric of her bikini bottoms. If telepathy were real, I know what she was saying to him. ‘Look at my pussy, Jeff. I know you are. I’ve flashed it at you enough times. Would you like to fuck my tight pussy with that big cock of yours?’

The conversation was starting to lag a bit. It may have been the wine was getting to us but we didn’t know each other well enough to say what we were thinking.

We decided to leave and made a graceful exit, promising to get together again soon.

Now, I think I need to take a minute and explain some things. I love my wife and she loves me. Neither of us have any doubts about that and we have a trust between us that seems to be rare between couples these days.

Now, we both understand, and you should, that sex is an expression of our love between people and sex can reinforce and strengthen the bond people feel for each other.

But we both know you can have sex for its own sake. Sex feels good. The physical sensation in itself is wonderful. It’s even better when there is bursa escort a deeper bond and the participants know each other well enough to know what the other really likes. Neither of us are into one-night-stands, but since we have been together we have both had sex with people not out spouses a handful of times. We are very selective, but it still happens.

That being said, let me clear up what you might be thinking right now. We don’t cheat on each other. Cheating requires lies and deceit and sneaking around. We don’t do that. If she meets a man, or a woman, she’d like to have a roll in the sheets with, she and I discuss it, I meet with him/her and explain the way things work. If they are clean and safe, I don’t have a problem with it. She’s the same with me.

So, when we got home, she asked me if I would like to have sex with Kim. I told her I might and teased her a bit about thinking about Jeff and his big one.

I could tell she was horny. I can recognize the look in her eye when she is, and it was there that night.

At dinner that evening I admit I teased her a bit with both my words and actions during the evening.

Finally, an hour or so after dinner she said,

“Let’s go to bed.”

Before dinner she had changed into her ‘nightshirt’, an oversized t-shirt of mine that hung off one shoulder and fell to mid-thigh. Knowing that she was wearing nothing under it kept my aroused throughout the evening as I watched her move.

She pulled the bedspread and top sheet down, I took off my shorts and t-shirt and stretched out on the bed as she pulled the t-shirt over her head, shook out her hair and joined me.

She lay down beside me, snuggled up close, pressing her naked body against mine and kissed me, long and deep, and one hand slid down my chest, lower and lower, until she found my rising manhood and grasped it in her hand.

Scooting up on the bed a bit as she stroked me, the other hand moved to her breast, squeezing it a bit and leaned toward me. I leaned forward a bit and licked her breast, took her nipple between my lips and sucked it, flicking my tongue over it as it began to lengthen and harden.

She took a deep breath and moaned softly, squeezing her breast at the sides, encouraging me as my hand slid down her torso and her thighs widened as my hand moved down over her firm belly and over the bursa eskort downy patch of hair above my destination.

She had released me and her hand now covered mine. My fingers parted and moved to either side of her slightly protruding outer lips and as I squeezed them together and moved my hand upward, her finger glided over the flesh between mine as I squeezed her tighter, forcing a few drops of her wetness from her.

Her breath was coming faster as I tongued her nipple, twice as long and hard now, and she guided my fingers between her lips, releasing more of her fluid.

A moment of this and she moved from me and rolled to straddle me, reached behind her and grasping me again as her other hand slid between her legs from the front and spread herself open, guiding my hard cock between her wet folds and lowered her hips, pushing me inside her.

She began to rock, back and forth, moving me inside her as she leaned forward. Now, this is something we do that may be unique to us, but Carol has very sensitive nipples and, at least for her, there’s a fine line between pain and pleasure. As she was rocking her hips back and forth, my cock deep inside her, I reached up and grasped a hard nipple between each thumb and forefinger. With my elbows stationary on the bed beside me, she lifted her chest a bit and I tightened my grip as her rising chest pulled her firm breasts to a point as I held her nipples in my grip. She can control how much her nipples and breasts are stretched, as all I do is hold her nipples and she controls the rest.

Leaning on her arms next to me, she rocked her pussy against my groin as she controlled the stretching of her tits as I held her nipples tightly.

She was moaning softly as she worked me harder inside her, eyes closed and head back, grinding my cock inside her until I felt the telltale signs of the beginning of her orgasm, her body tightening and her moans becoming louder as I felt her muscles grip and release my cock with the first of her orgasmic spasms.

This is usually all it takes to take me over the edge as well, and this time was no exception. I reached my climax as she reached hers. She ground very slowly against me, in time to our mutual orgasms until we both were finished.

I released her nipples clamped between my fingers and she gasped and fell to my chest and I held her tightly to me.

We lay together like this for minutes until we both calmed and relaxed and she rolled from me, reached down and pulled the bedclothes up over us and we spooned, her back pressed to my chest. I moved an arm over her, she took my hand in hers and we both drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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