TNT Pt. 05: One on One Time

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“Hello?” I called as I opened the front door. I had stopped at Tommy’s house on my way home from work one day. I was assuming it would be hopping as usual and Terri would be there. But when I walked in, no one was in the living room. I had stopped by many times before, but this time I felt weird that I did. I mean what if Tommy was home? What if he had a girl in his room? My stomach dropped.

“I’m here,” Tommy called from the bathroom. Ok, what if he had a girl in the bathroom? I smiled as I remembered when the three of us were in the bathroom.

Tommy walked into the living room and hugged me and said, “Hi babe, what are you smiling about?”

“Nothing,” I said, “Where is everyone?”

“I don’t know,” he replied, “Oh, Rob is at his girlfriend’s for the night so I’m on my own. Want anything to drink?” he asked as he headed off to the kitchen.

“No thanks. Ok. I can go home,” I felt like I was intruding now.

“No babe, stay,” he said coming back into the living room and grabbed my hand to come sit with him on the couch.

“Let me call Terri,” I said thinking he really should be there with us.

“Definitely,” Tommy said, turning on the tv.

I called Terri and he told me he was tired. He said he just wanted to eat and go to bed. I tried to tell him we could just chill because there was no party, but he didn’t change his mind. I finally said ok and hung up. I don’t know why, but tears sprung to my eyes. I walked into the kitchen because I didn’t want Tommy to see.

After a minute I felt better. I decided I should just go home and relax too. I was kicking myself for stopping by Tommy’s without calling first.

“Everything ok?” Tommy yelled into the kitchen.

“Yes,” I said walking back into the living room, “Terri’s tired. I’m just going to head home.” I started walking towards the door.

“No, wait. What? He’s tired? Let me call him,” Tommy said, picking up his phone.

“Dude get your ass here now,” Tommy said to Terri.

I couldn’t hear what Terri said back.

“She’s coming to pick you up right now,” Tommy said and hung up.

What just happened? Men use so few words and women use too many. Why? Tommy commanded and Terri obeyed. I’ll never understand men, but I’d have to remember how Tommy got Terri to do what he wanted. I went to pick up Terri and I brought him back to Tommy’s.

“I’m sorry babe,” I said when Terri got in the car.

“Don’t be sorry babe,” he said as he leaned over to kiss me.

“It’s ok if you’re tired and you want to stay home,” I said and I meant it.

“I always want to be with you,” he said, “I just don’t know if I’ll be fun company tonight.”

“It’s ok, we’ll just chill,” I said, “I always enjoy being with you.” He grabbed my hand and held it.

By the time we got back, Tommy had ordered pizza and had a movie ready to go. So we all sat, ate and watched the movie. It was a funny movie so we had fun laughing together. We were comfortable just being together. After all, we had been friends for a long time before anything else happened.

Once the movie was over we were just talking and I noticed Terri had been in the bathroom for a while. I went to check on him and realized he wasn’t in the bathroom, he was in Tommy’s room. On the bed. Asleep.

“Babe, wake up,” I said to Terri, gently shaking him. He groaned and rolled over. I saw Tommy walk in the bedroom.

“Let me try,” Tommy said. He licked his finger and put it in Terri’s ear.

“Ewww,” I said laughing.

No reaction from Terri at all. “He’s down for the count,” Tommy said. Now what? Tommy turned to me with a huge smile.

“Don’t even think about putting that finger in my ear!” I screamed and tried to run away playfully. Tommy easily grabbed me and wrapped me in his arms.

“I have other plans for this finger,” he said, kissing me. I relaxed letting him take his time with the kiss. It was the first kiss we ever had that Terri didn’t watch. For the first time I was able to get lost in Tommy without having to think what Terri would think. Tommy gently caressed my cheek with one hand and slid his other hand down my back to pull me closer to him. I wrapped my arms around him too.

“Is this ok?” I asked.

“Yea, you’re fucking great babe,” Tommy purred.

“No, I mean can just you and I do this without Terri?” I reiterated.

“Oh,” Tommy said, “I never thought about it.” I hadn’t either. “Don’t you guys still fuck without me?” he asked.

“No,” I said, “We haven’t since you joined us.”

“Oh,” Tommy said, “I don’t know then.”

“Well technically he is still here…” I said smiling and looking at Terri sleeping on the bed. He looked so fucking cute sleeping.

“Let’s leave him to rest,” Tommy said as he took my hand and led me back out to the living room.

“Yes, we’ll check on him in a bit,” I said, leaving Terri to sleep in Tommy’s bedroom. Maybe he’d wake up later.

Tommy and I sat on his couch and talked. It had been a while since we talked just the two of us. I mean just talked about everything and nothing. gaziantep eskort Not sex, not Terri, just life. I missed talking to him like that.

A little later Tommy turned to me and said, “Can you stay tonight?”

“Yes,” I said leaning in so he would kiss me. He did.

“Good because I don’t want to sleep with just Terri in the bed,” he said laughing. We headed off to bed.

I slid in next to Terri and Tommy laid next to me. I tried to shake Terri awake again but nothing. I checked to make sure he was still breathing.

“I guess he’s just very tired,” I said to Tommy.

“Are you?” Tommy asked me.

“Not really,” I said, “I had a good time tonight.”

“Me too,” Tommy said as he leaned in for a kiss. I kissed him back and turned my body towards him so I could put my arms around his neck. Tommy caressed my cheek again and continued his soft kisses.

“I thought about it and I think this is ok,” I said.

“What’s ok?” Tommy asked.

“This. Terri is right here. We aren’t doing anything wrong.” I slid my fingers through his curls and kissed him again.

“I fucking love when you do that,” he sighed looking me in the eyes.

“I love doing it,” I said.

Tommy’s kisses intensified as did his breathing. I knew him now. I knew he was getting excited. His hands reached for my shirt and slipped it over my head. I took his off too. He kissed down my neck to my breasts. He gently licked and sucked each nipple making them hard.

“Mmmm,” I moaned. I wondered if Terri would hear us and wake up. I figured if he did he’d just join in. For a moment though I thought I didn’t want him to. Terri and I had many moments just the two of us before Tommy joined us, but Tommy and I never had. I wondered what it would be like with just Tommy. Was that wrong? I didn’t know but I wanted it.

Tommy returned to kiss my lips and caress my back. It was sensual and simply loving. Soft and sweet; not the frenzy we usually were. The change was nice. I liked this side of Tommy.

“You know what I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time?” he started a bit hesitant.

“No, what?” I said, almost holding my breath in anticipation.

“I love calling you babe,” he started, “I know, I know, I teased you and Terri in the beginning but I was really just jealous. You two had something special between you and I’ve never felt that way about anyone before.”

“What way?” I asked, having an idea of what he was getting at.

“You know, like when you said you liked Terri to say it,” he remembered, “It’s sweet…it’s loving.”

As he said it I smiled and kissed him. “It’s sweet when you say it too,” I confirmed.

“I love this connection we have,” he said. Was that the same as loving me?

“I love it too,” I said. He paused, taking time to look into my eyes and caress me all over.

“I’ll just say it,” he said, “I love you.”

Wow I thought. Ok. He said it. I had been thinking he felt that way but I didn’t know for sure. I knew what we had was unusual but we all liked it so much. It was exciting and intense and like nothing we’d ever felt before. It did feel like love.

“I love you too,” I confirmed and kissed him long and hard. My hand wandered down to his cock and I felt it growing as I wrapped my hand around it.

His hand slid down my stomach to slide my pants and underwear off. I returned the favor. Now he was free to explore. He slid his hand up my thighs and settled on my pussy. Nothing makes a girl wetter than being told she is loved. He was greeted with a flood when he dipped his finger in my pussy. Then he brought his finger up and expertly rubbed my clit. Slowly. Up and down. Pausing just where it felt so good. My breath quickened and I sucked in every time he hit just the right spot. The spot that he knew would send me right over the edge into an amazing orgasm. But he didn’t stay in that spot. He teased me. I loved every second of it. I wanted this to last.

“I love how excited you get,” he said smiling and watching me come unraveled with his touch.

“Oh babe, oh,” I couldn’t find words anymore. I was so close.

“Not like this,” he said, “He lifted up on top of me looking me in the eyes and slid his hard cock into me slowly. “Like this babe.”

“Oh yes,” I moaned. He slid out slowly and back in again so slowly. Fuck it was hot to take it slow like this. In this slow way he was able to grind the base of his cock against my swollen clit. He was making love to me and I knew I would cum like this even though I never had.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned, kissing me. As he continued his slow grind, I panted even harder. My head was spinning from how amazing this was.

As I felt myself close to the edge of my orgasm, I dug my nails into his back and whisper screamed, “Yes! Yes!” I was sure hearing this would increase his pumping, but he didn’t. It turned out keeping it slow was even better.

“Oh babe,” he said as he continued pumping slowly. I felt my first wave of orgasm crash as his cock stiffened eskort gaziantep inside me. He paused for just a second and then slowly rode out our orgasms.

After he was spent, he laid on top of me for a long time. I sprinkled kisses on his shoulder and neck as I ran my fingers lightly up and down his back. I figured he’d fall asleep but instead he slid off to the side of me still keeping his arms around me.

“Was that?…Um…ok?” he asked hesitantly, his eyes searching mine.

“Yes, babe,” I said confidently, “I loved it.”

Tommy lifted up to see if Terri was still sleeping. “But do you think…” he didn’t finish his thought but I was pretty sure I knew what he needed to hear.

I repeated what I had said before, “We didn’t do anything wrong.” I kissed him as we lay wrapped in each other. I thought he’d drift off to sleep, but apparently he was as wide awake as I was.

Tommy and I had definitely just made love and Terri had slept through it all, right next to us. I would have thought Tommy would be ready to sleep too, but he seemed so full of energy. He continued talking for a while. I listened intently to what he was saying. I wanted to soak up every second of our alone time together. Eventually the topic got around to sex.

“What’s your favorite thing about sex?” he asked. So open ended I didn’t know how to answer.

“Well, I think I have to say orgasm,” I started with a giggle, “but that isn’t what totally makes it a great time for me.” I thought for a minute.

“Yes, orgasms are good…” he agreed, smiling.

“For me I think it’s the connection. The willingness to completely take all of someone and give them all that you have,” I tried to explain, “Sex is sex, but it goes to a completely new level when you decide to surrender any inhibitions you have.”

“Well said,” Tommy agreed.

“Trust is at the root of that,” I continued, “I’ve had trust issues with guys and it’s made it difficult for me to connect again without needing to be in control.”

“I know,” Tommy said. He knew my ex boyfriend and he knew how badly it had ended for us.

“I didn’t want to trust Terri,” I admitted, “but he was an open book. He never hid anything from me, even things I thought he probably should have. It’s like he doesn’t know how to lie.”

“He does,” Tommy laughed, “But he is pretty bad at it.”

“I know,” I laughed, “he just doesn’t want to lie. I also think he’s scared to lie to me.”

Terri laughed, “I know I am,” he admitted.

I playfully slapped his shoulder, “Stop,” I said, “I’m not scary.”

“No you’re not,” he said, “You’re….you. It’s just so refreshing.”

“I guess Terri had always been honest with me because I’ve always been honest with him,” I realized. “It also helps that we were friends long before anything happened between us.”

“I feel that way about us too,” Tommy chimed in.

“True,” I realized also. “I think our friendship is why this works. And our honesty.” I felt I had to throw that in too.

“So are you going to tell him about this in the morning?” Tommy asked.

“I don’t think he’ll be that interested in the details, but sure,” I said honestly.

“Shit you are so different from other girls,” he sighed, “You just keep surprising me, but not by being wild, by being real. And you know the best part is that I’m lucky enough to be with you.”

“Yep, I’m pretty awesome,” I laughed, “I’m not exclusively yours though…does that bother you?” I asked because that was always my worry.

“No it doesn’t, but I hear you,” he said thinking, “Maybe this is what a happy relationship looks like and the rest of the dysfunctional world has it wrong.”

“Maybe…” I agreed, wondering if he was going to get tired at all tonight. Guys weren’t usually so chatty.

All of a sudden Tommy was kissing me again. Just when I thought he was winding down.

“Aren’t you tired?” I giggled between kisses.

“Not even a little bit,” he said with a huge grin.

“Are you getting ideas?” I said feeling myself getting excited again too.

“I am!” he said, kissing down my neck.

“That right there gets me, babe,” I sighed.

“I know,” Tommy said in between kisses, “I’ve seen you melt for Terri.”

Tommy continued kissing down my body. When he got down below my belly button I whispered, “What are you doing?”

“I need to taste you,” he replied. Need. I fucking loved that he said need. “Mmmm,” he said as his lips wrapped around my clit and sucked. Fuck he knew just how to please me.

“Oh babe, yes!” I didn’t even try to be quiet. I reached down to wrap my fingers in Tommy’s curls and just gently hold his head. Not pressing, not guiding. I just needed to touch him.

I breathed heavily and I knew I would be coming soon. Then Tommy moved and licked my slit again.

“Ooooh,” I purred and laughed. He was teasing me. He sucked and then licked a few more times until I was begging for him to make me cum.

“Now…please…babe…please…” I said between gaziantep bayan eskort gasps. And with just a few more sucks I was cumming, hard. My whole body pulsed with each wave and I couldn’t help but moan, “Oh, oh, oh,” through it all.

Once I finally was still, Tommy came up to kiss me. I kissed and licked my juices off of him. Actually, they were our juices since he had cum in me earlier. I could still feel my pussy contracting.

“Thank you,” I said smiling.

“Don’t thank me, I should thank you!” he said.

“Why?” I said, sincerely perplexed.

“Feel,” he said, taking my hand and putting on his rock hard cock.

“Oooh,” I said, “I guess you liked that.

“Very much,” he kissed me again.

“I should do something about that…” I suggested getting ready to lick him too.

“Here,” he said, pulling me on top of him. He was laying down on his back and I was sitting up straddling him. He guided his cock into me. I slowly slid down until I had taken him all in.

“Yes, babe,” I said, leaning forward to kiss him.

He put his hands up to my upper arms and held me up, “Not yet, babe, stay like that. Ride me just like that.”

“I’m not sure I can slide up and down your whole cock,” I explained. I also knew I couldn’t stimulate my clit that way. Not that I needed it to. I had just cum.

“Don’t, just rock, but stay sitting straight up. Trust me,” he said.

“I do,” I confirmed. I did trust him. And he was right, it felt good. But I wanted to kiss him, to hug him. To make it intimate like last time.

Tommy put his hands on my hips and helped me rock, “Does this feel good babe?” he asked.

“Mmmmm,” I said as I started to feel an intense sensation deep inside my pussy where the tip of his cock was hitting. It felt different but I realized it was building, similar to how the climax built in my clit.

“Good, it feels good for me too,” he said. We continued that way for a couple of minutes and then I really felt like I was going to cum but not from my clit. This was intense.

“Oh! Oh! Babe! This is….it’s….oh….” I gasped. I kept rocking and I felt like I was ready to go over the edge when I felt Tommy’s cock stiffen and he thrust up into me while pressing my hips down. He was cumming and it felt amazing, but I hadn’t been able to go over the edge. What I had already felt was amazing though, and I couldn’t imagine what it would be like for it to be more intense.

“Oh yes!” Tommy moaned and gradually slowed his thrusting. He pulled me down to kiss him.

“Mmmm,” I said, kissing him.

“Babe, I have no more words, you are just amazing. I love you,” he said, sighing satiisfied.

“I love you too,” I said and slid off to his side. I kept my arm around him and my leg over his. I kissed his shoulder. As I was closing my eyes I noticed a sliver of light coming through the curtains. It was morning. We had spent all night making love. I was more content than I had been in a long time.

“Good Morning,” I heard and then felt a kiss on my ear. It was Terri. He was caressing my back as I laid facing Tommy with my arm and leg draped over him. Tommy and I were naked and Terri was still fully clothed having passed out last night.

I opened my eyes. Tommy was sleeping. I swear it looked like he was smiling in his sleep. We had a great night last night and Terri had slept through it all.

“Good morning babe,” I said back, rolling over to face him. I was groggy and could barely keep my eyes open. I had only fallen asleep a couple hours ago but Terri didn’t know that.

“I’m going to make breakfast,” Terri said, “Come join me.” Ugh, I thought I needed about 5 more hours of sleep. At least.

“Ok,” I reluctantly said as Terri kissed me and then climbed out of bed. I immediately rolled back over to Tommy to snuggle into him. I didn’t want to get out of bed. Tommy was still asleep but as soon as my body got closer, Tommy pulled me closer to him. I loved that even in sleep he needed me.

I was so tired but I heard the sounds of cooking coming from the kitchen and then the smell. It smelled good. I decided to join Terri in the kitchen. I threw on the first shirt I saw; Tommy’s. It was long enough that I didn’t even need underwear.

When I walked into the kitchen Terri didn’t see me because his back was facing me. I just watched him for a minute. He was happily cooking. He was oblivious to what Tommy and I did last night. What was he going to say when I told him? For a minute I thought maybe I won’t. Then I remembered what Tommy and I had talked about last night. Honesty. It was the only way this could continue to work.

“Hi babe,” I finally said, “It smells great!” Terri turned around and smiled at me.

“Good, I’m glad you joined me,” he said sincerely. He was so fucking cute. Just looking at him melted me sometimes. I went over to kiss him.

“Me too,” I said.

“It’s almost ready,” he said. I chuckled.

“No it’s not,” I said, reaching down to his cock.

“Not true,” he said, “I’m always ready for you.” He turned the stove off and put down the cooking utensils. He grabbed me by the waist and spun me around so I was backed against the counter. He pushed up against me and kissed me hard. I felt his cock start to grow against me.

“Yes, I see,” I laughed, kissing him back. Then Terri picked me up and sat me on the counter. He spread my legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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