To a Day of Sheer Bliss…

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Tom opened his eyes when his brain registered that he was awake and hearing the traffic outside. Seeing only a dim fuzzy light, he batted the heavy blanket down and off his head and rolled over onto his back. He lay there for a few minutes, savoring the ability to sleep in, and then half-remembered an odd dream he’d had. His brow furrowed as he tried to remember. His roommate Melanie had been in it, he knew that. They had been hanging out in their pajamas watching television, and they’d beensnuggling for some reason. He frowned. His relationship with Mel wasn’t like that. Weird that he would have that kind of a dream. Finally he rolled out of bed.

The winter’s late morning light made Tom’s hazel eyes squint, as he padded down the hall and knocked on the bathroom door. “Yeees?” came from within.

“Hey, I really gotta go, can I come in?”

“Yeah, hang on one second.” He heard the sound of the plastic shower curtain being drawn and splashing noises. “Ok, come in.”

He pushed the door open cautiously, poked his head in, and saw that the curtain was indeed shut. “Good book?” he asked as he lifted the toilet seat and lowered the waistband of his boxers.

“Mm-hmm. She’s one of my favorites,” Melanie replied, and he heard the faint scrape of a page turning. He glanced over toward the tub as he was in midstream and noticed that the curtain wasn’t completely shut. It was open about three inches, just wide enough to see her feet propped up against the shower wall. They were turned slightly inward, and as he watched she flexed her toes, which were painted white with shimmery polish. The silver Celtic anklet that she never took off caught the light as she did this and flashed at him, the light slicing from the interlacing design to his furtive stare.

“So how was your date with Amy last night?” came from behind the curtain, accompanied by the sounds of water lapping against skin and a faint popping noise of her joints as she apparently stretched.

He half-jerked out of his reverie, scratched his chest through his tee shirt, and tried to focus on what she had asked him. Amy was a girl Tom had been seeing for only a couple weeks. “It was ok. We did the whole dinner-and-a-movie deal,” he replied absently, still tracing her feet and ankles with his eyes.

For some reason he could not stop staring at her feet. Certainly they were pretty feet, well shaped with high arches and smooth soles, but this was crazy. He had never thought of Mel that way. They had been roommates for a year and a half, and had been friends since their junior year of college, and he had never seriously thought of her sexually. But here he was staring at her feet, and he couldn’t help wishing that the curtain were open further so he could see more of her. The thought of tearing his clothes off and jumping in the tub with Mel flashed through his mind, and he angrily pushed it away while he tried to understand himself.

None of this made sense. He didn’t have a foot fetish. Ithad been a while since he’d slept with someone, but he wasn’t in a state of desperation. And he had never been attracted to Mel before. She wasn’t even his type. Yet despite that, there had been that weird dream last night, and he stood there starting to get aroused just from the sight of Melanie’s bare feet.

Mel was actually quite sexy in her own way. But Tom was generally attracted to tall, slim brunettes with curly hair, and while Mel was not exactly short at five-foot-six, she wasn’t tall either. She had straight coppery red hair that reached her shoulder blades and was fair-skinned and lightly freckled. She was rounded and soft all over, but not at all fat. Then he realized that she was talking to him and quickly adjusted his boxers and his tee shirt over them.

“Sorry Mel, what did you say?”

“Geez, you’re really out of it when you first get up! I asked what you were doing today.” Her head popped out from behind the curtain and she looked at him expectantly. He noticed that her hair was fastened on top of her head in a loose bun, but a few pieces of hair had come down and were sticking damply to her sex izle neck. He swallowed and cleared his throat before he answered.

“I don’t have anything in particular going on. Why? What’s up?”

“I’m just going to bum around and watch movies. Work was pure hell this week and I’d love to do absolutely nothing all day. I wondered if you wanted to join me in my slothful pursuit, and maybe get some takeout or a pizza later.” She grinned cheerfully and her blue eyes twinkled at him.

“Sure. Sounds good to me,” he replied, while his thoughts churned. Maybe spending the day with Mel wasn’t a very good idea, considering the thoughts he’d just been having. He didn’t want to say or do anything to disturb their friendship. But the idea of spending the whole day with her was too enticing to pass up.

“Great. The only thing better than doing nothing is doing nothing with someone else,” she smiled at him. She ducked back inside the curtain and Tom saw the book she’d been reading drop on the floor outside the tub. He heard some vigorous splashing. He glanced at her feet again and saw her move them out of his line of sight. Then came the gurgle of the water draining out, and the towel draped over the top of the curtain rod slithered out of sight. He realized that she was getting ready to step out wearing only that towel, and that thought spurred him to action.

“I’m going to get dressed. When you’re ready do you want to go to the video place and see what they have?” he asked.

“”Sounds like a plan. We have to stop at the grocery store too though. I’mso craving popcorn and a pint of cookies and cream,” she said with a moan of longing.

“Hey, why stop there? Let’s go to the liquor store too and get some tequila,” Tom suggested.

Mel whooped in delight at that. “Ooooh!Excellent idea Tom!” She pushed the curtain back and stepped out of the tub, one smooth pale leg extended out from the towel that covered her. Tom forced himself to look away and headed for his bedroom to change.

* * * * * * * * * *

An hour later he was sprawled back on Melanie’s bed as she fiddled with the DVD player. When she sat beside him he handed her a shot glass and a slice of lemon. She sniffed the amber liquid in the glass and smiled beatifically as the tequila fumes wafted up. They both licked their hands, and Tom shook salt on hers and then his own. Raising her shot glass, Melanie said “To a day of…” and paused, thinking.

“Sheer bliss?” Tom suggested, which made Mel smile.

“Sheer bliss,” she agreed and clinked her glass to his. They both did the ritualistic lick, drink, suck, and face-contorting grimace that went along with doing tequila shots.

Mel settled back against the headboard, very near to him, even leaning against him slightly, her arm touching his. He felt her warmth against him and forced himself not to tense up. He tried to keep his mind on the story line of the movie, but found himself failing spectacularly. At one point in the movie there was a very hot sex scene, and Tom had to take a couple of deep breaths to try to calm the blood singing through his veins.

This proved to be a mistake. As he inhaled, he caught the scent of Mel’s skin, still fresh from her bath. She smelled sort of herbal, Tom thought, as he sniffed unobtrusively. He knew a lot of girls used herbal products, but Mel didn’t have that flowery, sweet, over-processed smell that most of them imparted. She smelled more like she’d been working with the herbs themselves. The smell was woodsy, green, sharp, and more than a little enticing. It made him want to peel her clothes off to get closer to the source of the scent, her skin.

To banish this line of thinking, Tom turned to Mel and asked if she wanted another shot. She did, and she paused the movie. “To sheer bliss again?” she asked with a sly smile as he poured.

“Sure,” Tom agreed. That suited him fine and he didn’t have the presence of mind to argue at the moment anyway. He tossed back the shot, and just as he did so he looked over at the television and promptly choked.

The scene where Mel had paused the DVD alt yazılı porno showed a naked redhead wrapped around a man with light brown hair, much like Tom’s. At a glance it looked like he and Melanie making love, which was all the push he needed to get a full-fledged erection. He quickly turned his back to Mel and hunched over so she wouldn’t see, as he coughed violently. She patted his back, anxious.

“Tom! You okay? Breathe!” she exclaimed.

“Be okay…” he croaked, as he simultaneously tried to stop coughing and to turn his thoughts to something that would get rid of his erection. But his mind was too full of the image of Melanie naked under him to have room for any other coherent thought. Finally he caught his breath, but his other problem remained. He stayed hunched over, breathing hard and desperate for an idea. He wished she would stop touching him, as she was stroking his back in a calming gesture. It felt good, but in the wrong way, considering the state he was in. If she didn’t stop touching him, he was afraid of what he might do to her.

Abruptly he got up from the bed and headed for the door. “Be right back…pee break,” he mumbled, being careful only to turn his head back towards her.

“You sure you’re all right?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Be right back.”

In the bathroom he gripped the edge of the sink as he tried to breathe deeply and slowly. He had to calm down. It was easier now that he was away from the sight and the scent of Mel, but still…just the thought of her…

No. He couldn’t think that way. He couldn’t think about her at all. He pounded the wall in frustration. If only he could understand why he was feeling this way about her! It made no rational sense.

After a minute he was breathing more regularly, but he was still hard. He reached down his pants, thinking that if he took care of this now then it would be easier to be around Mel the rest of the day. But he paused with his hand on his cock. No, this wasn’t a good idea either. Not that it would take very long, but he’d been gone long enough as it was, and getting himself off now would mean he’d lost the fight, and he wouldn’t allow that. He was going to fight this strange and sudden obsession and win on his terms, no matter how his balls ached. He splashed cold water on his face and went back into Mel’s bedroom.

She still looked concerned. “You sure you’re okay?” she asked.

“Sure, Mel. Really, I’m fine. Just choked a bit, that’s all,” he smiled at her, carefully not looking at the television screen, where the naked couple remained frozen.

“Okay then,” she smiled back. She settled back next to him and started the movie back up. Tom tensed up, but he had a solid grip on himself now, and gradually relaxed. Even when Mel snuggled up to him, he kept calm, and even put his arm around her. But he couldn’t help darting glances at her every now and then. As the sex scene progressed on the television screen, he noticed her breathing seemed to quicken and she licked her lips several times. She was just responding to the movie, he told himself. She probably wasn’t even aware she was doing it. He had to remember that she was his friend, nothing more.

That feeling of calm left him the minute she put her hand on his thigh and squeezed a bit. He froze, but his eyes darted right to see her looking coyly up at him. He looked sharply at her in disbelief. What the hell was she doing?

“You know,” she said conversationally, “watching that movie has really gotten me worked up, and I know it got you excited too. What do you say?” She then slid her hand further up his leg, squeezed him again, and looked at him with an eyebrow raised and her lips curved in a smile.

That did it. He grabbed both her hands, rolled over on top of her, pinning her down, and was kissing her before she realized what he was doing. She moaned deep in her throat as he kissed her, and hearing that immediately got him hard again. Apparently Mel could feel his erection pressing against her because she rolled her hips up against him and pressed her breasts up against his altyazılı sex izle chest. He wound his arms around her and started kissing and biting at the base of her throat, licking and savoring the taste of her skin, which was as fresh as he had imagined.

Her sighs sang in his ears as she reached down to pull his sweatshirt off, her fingernails skimming against his ribcage as she did so. Following suit, he pulled her tee shirt up and off to the lovely discovery that she wore nothing underneath it and that her nipples were peaked, aching to be sucked, which he gladly and roughly did to her immediate and vocal approval. She arched back, her fiery copper head almost disappearing into the nest of pillows, and wrapped her legs around him, grinding against his throbbing cock.

That almost drove him over the edge, but he forced himself to momentarily stop his assault on her nipples. “Do you really want this?” he demanded, grabbing her chin and forcing her to look at him.

Her pupils were huge when she looked him in the eye and rubbed up against him again, which made Tom squeeze his eyes shut and bite his lip. “Does that answer your question?” she hissed between gritted teeth.

He let go of her chin and kissed her hard again, his tongue plunging into her mouth. “Good. So be it,” he murmured in her ear just before he bit.

He grasped the waistbands of her sweatpants and panties with both hands and yanked them down, then yanked his own down and kicked them off somewhere onto the floor. She wrapped her long legs around him again, her ankles crossed over the small of his back. He suckled her nipples again as he stroked her warm slit, already slick and ready for him. Small gasping sounds were coming from her as he fondled her pulsing button, and her hips were moving in rhythm with his fingers, caressing her wetness.

“What the hell,” he thought. “I can wait a minute longer,” and he slid down between her legs, spread her folds open and slowly, deliberately, licked her from bottom to top, plunging his tongue inside her as he went. He wanted her screamingly ready for him, and this was the best way he knew how to get her there. She tasted deliciously of salt, the scent and tang of the ocean, primordial, sexual, bliss.

Her body went rigid as he continued to stroke her with his tongue. “Oh my god, Tom.Please! I need you now!”

He gave her one final thorough lick and then vaulted himself up on top of her. Pinning her hands above her head, he kissed her deeply as he nudged her thighs apart just a little further with his knees, and then, finding her, he slid in slowly. Thrusting and retreating slowly, even though every nerve ending urged him to slam into her, he could see that this was making her go berserk, all her muscles clenched tight, locking her limbs and her pussy around him. God, she was so amazingly, almost virgin, tight. Even as she was squeezing down on him she was making love to his lips, taking him,having his mouth as he was having her.

Back and forth, advance and retreat, it felt like it had been hours when he could feel the need start to overtake him, and he finally began to really slam against her, hitting her clit each time, and she started to gasp, not getting her breath, and moaning, crying out. He felt her begin to spasm around him and he finally let go as he continued thrusting, and let the orgasm wash over both of them, pulsing, flooding his mind with nothingness, and finally draining him utterly.

They went limp and Tom collapsed on Mel, both of them panting. In between breaths he kissed her again, as she did her best to kiss him back. Finally he rolled over onto his back, pulling her so that she was draped over his torso and they just breathed for a while in silence and stillness. Eventually some of his mind returned, and even though he knew it was a risky question, he had to ask.



“What the hell made you do that?”

She lifted her head, pushing her hair off her face, and smiled. “I’ve wanted you since the day we first met, but you were never interested. Today finally seemed like the right time.”

He smiled back and pulled her up for another kiss. “I don’t know how you knew, but it was definitely the right time. And I think it’s going to be the right time for a long time now.”

“Good. I was hoping you’d say that,” she purred as she kissed him back.

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