Tokyo Health Spa

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I had just turned 18 years old and unfortunately, had little, well nothing, to show in the way of success with women. It wasn’t like I didn’t try, but I was very shy, a little timid and painfully inexperienced. This certainly didn’t mean I had any less libido, however. A life worth’s fantasy, desire and testosterone was begging for relief.

I knew about the place. It had been for there years. The Tokyo Health Spa. Some of the older guys I knew from school went there, and sang its praises. After building up the nerve one night, I decided to visit. A flashing neon light displayed the name and underneath light bulbs traced the word “massage.” I pulled into the parking lot and parked in the rear, private parking area and entered the building.

As I walked through the double doors a buzzer sounded and I found myself in a small foyer. The door in front of me was then opened I was met by a surprisingly attractive Asian girl in a short red dress. She couldn’t have been older than 21 or 22.

“Hello, how are you?” she said with a gargantuan smile.

“I’m, I’m fine, thanks.” I responded timidly.

“You looking for massage tonight?” she asked.

“Um, I am. Yes.” I stuttered.

“That’s $40 for the massage.” She said, I quickly handed her two twenty dollar bills , “OK, you follow me.”

The facility was a little dank, a little dark. But, it was no matter to me. I was on a mission. She led me to one of the rooms.

“Now you take your clothes off. I be back shortly.” She instructed.

18 years old and a girl had never seen me naked, nor I had seen a girl nude….other than on the monitor of my computer. At that point, I didn’t know whether I was more excited, or nervous. A minute or two later, she reentered the room.

“So, how you feeling tonight?” she asked as she approached antalya escort me.

“I’m feeling pretty good.” I answered. Still apprehensive, but calming down slowly.

“My name Trina, and you are?” she inquired, as if almost genuinely interested.

“Ashton, nice to meet you.” I told her. I knew Trina wasn’t her real name, but surely was of no consequence to me.

“Haha, you too, baby.” Trina responded with a jovial, friendly laugh.

She began to massage my neck, starting at the top of my spine and moving outward toward my shoulder blades. I knew the best part had not begun, but I was already enjoying myself. Slowly, she made her way down my back, eventually getting to my ass.

With both her of thumbs she spread out my cheeks as wide as they would go, then gripped them in each hand and rotated them in opposing direction. This felt outstanding! She then spread them out again, with one hand, and with her other traced circles around my anus with her fingers.

“Ohhh…” I let out a slight moan.

“Mmmh, I make you feel good tonight!” Trina exclaimed. Almost instinctively, a spread my legs a little bit and pushed my hips upward giving her easy access.

“Ooo, somebody like.” She continued, taking her finger and applying more pressure to my anus but not quite sliding it in. “So, what all you looking for tonight?

I paused for a few seconds, not wanting to come out and say it so bluntly, but then I did.

“A hand job.”

She reached between my legs and slightly scratched my balls. “I do it for $60.”

I wasn’t sure if this was a good deal or not, but I was in no position to refuse. I asked Trina to hand me the wallet that was still in my jeans and gave her the money she asked for.

“Now you turnover, I be right back.” She ordered and lara escort quickly left the room. I was more than happy to comply.

I definitely had a hard on as I turned over, and wanted to keep it that way for when she returned. Just imagining what was to come was more than enough to achieve that end.

About a minute later she returned with a bottle of lotion in her hand.

“Oooo, you already to go!” Trina said noticing my full blown erection.

For some reason it made me even more excited that she had noticed and commented on my stiff penis as it stood waiting for her hands, so hard it was hovering over my stomach. She began as my chest and shoulders, rubbing them forcefully but not too hard, then proceeding slowly down my stomach, grazing down softly with her finger nails. My cocked twitched with anticipation.

“Ahh, somebody getting a little excited!” Trina laughed mischievously.

I simply nodded my head and smiled, not knowing what to say. I then saw her open the bottle of lotion, I took a deep breath of anticipation and sighed as she poured a generous helping onto the underside of my dick.

With one hand she gripped the base, and with the other slid her hand up and down my penis spreading the lotion completely. Her soft hands felt amazing on my cock, and for the first time someone other than myself was going to bring me to ejaculation.

“Ahhh…” I gasped softly with pleasure as she slid her hand all the way up my penis, gripping it firmly between her thumb and middle and index fingers, traveling from the base to the tip of the head and back again.

“Mm…yea…feel good, baby?” Trina asked sultrily, “You so good and hard for me.”

She thin pulled the skin down a little by the base and massaged and squeezed the head. manavgat escort This felt amazing, I was already trying to hold back from cumming. I loved watching my head disappear in her hands and feel the pleasure shooting all the way through my body. Then she began using two hands, twisting them in opposite directions as the slipped up and down my shaft. I shivered with ecstasy.

I gasped. My hips buckled. I could tell I wouldn’t last much longer and so could she. With slightly more intensity and she continued to massage my dick.

“You cum for me? You cum big for me, baby?” she encouraged me.

I couldn’t do anything more but nod my head. I felt the orgasm building up inside of me, taking over my entire body.

“Ohhh!” I moaned as I felt it begin.

Then it happened. Semen erupted from penis, flying a good two to three feet in the air and landing on my best.

“Oooo, baby!” Trina cried as she continued to milk my dick. Her hands massaging and stroking the shaft causing several more squirts of cum, soaking her hands and wrist. I was shaking and quivering as the ejaculation subsided.

“Ooo, wow. You shoot lots of cum!” she said with a laugh, then asked, “I get all of it?” and with her thumb applied pressure to the underside of my penis, squeezing it up to the top. One last drop oozed out. Then she held it stationary in her hand, squeezing my dick, my cum dripping down her wrists and in between her fingers. I think she let me enjoy the view for a while.

“You get real excited tonight!” Trina remarked. I sure did.

She expediently left the room and returned with a warm towel, cleaning off my chest and my still semi-erect penis. It felt so good I was ready to go all over again, but my 18 year old wallet would not allow it. She asked me to come back and see her, and thanked her for visiting. In an enthusiastic manner I assured her that I would.

I went off the college later that summer, and there experienced relative success with the opposite sex. But, Trina and the sketchy Tokyo Health Spa will always be an object of my fantasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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