Touch Class Ch. 17

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Morning came and we began to come to, and to come, too. Karen said, “Jimmy, good morning. I brought a penis pump in my purse. Shall we try it on you?”

“Hi Karen, yes, let’s.” She retrieved it from downstairs and we put it on my still sleepy cock. She started pumping and the suction felt awesome. In no time I got rock hard. She kept pumping. Her own dick was growing and was soon plastered against her belly. She transferred the pump to her cock. Seeing my glorious hard-on, Jennifer dove for it and began swallowing its length. “Hey Karen, let’s try it on Jennifer’s clit,” I suggested.

Karen took it off her steel rod and Jennifer scooched her body over so Karen could reach her pussy. Jennifer held her cuntlips spread and her clit unsheathed, and Karen got the pump onto it. As Karen started pumping, Jennifer went wild, thrashing her hips and sucking me intensely while letting out a deep moan. Soon the pump was drawing her clit to its full length and diameter like a dick, then beyond its former size, swollen and throbbing, with Jennifer wailing in hysteria. Karen kept pumping and Jennifer squirted creamy cum, which I licked up from under the pump.

Meanwhile the other girls were not idle. Shiri was sucking the toes of one of Christine’s feet, while the other foot was up Shiri’s cunt. And Ashley and Gretchen were sucking each other’s tits, working each other up to a titgasm. Both also had a hand on the other’s box, frigging it good.

After licking up Jennifer’s cum, I noticed that Karen’s cock was very near and currently unoccupied. I pulled it to my mouth and kissed the red head, licking around the tip. Then I started taking in inch after inch until it hit the back of my throat. Jennifer lubed my butt and inserted a finger. Christine lubed her own ass and Ashley’s and inserted a two-pronger in both orifices. Shiri lubed a two-pronger and probed her own ass and Gretchen’s with it.

Karen removed the pump from Jennifer’s now 3-inch clit, and bent down so she could suck it. Jennifer soon came. I had an idea. I borrowed the pump from Karen and attached it Jennifer’s tit. It wasn’t quite a breast-pump, but then we weren’t after breast milk anyway. I started pumping Jennifer’s nipple and she came again, biting my dick lovingly. The pump collected some of Jennifer’s tit-cream, and I transferred that to our secretion bowl, which had found its way upstairs. I hooked the pump up to Jennifer’s other breast, worked it for a couple of minutes, and got some more of her liquid to come out. She was blowing me so well that I let loose a strong jet of my essence into her mouth. As I put the contents of the pump in the bowl, she spat my jiz in there as well.

I applied the pump to Karen’s tits, which got her so amped that she shot a load in my mouth while filling the pump with tit-jiz. We passed the pump and bowl to the other group and they employed them equally productively. The bowl was now almost brimming over with gooey, smelly sexual brew. We decided to put it aside for the time being. Everybody was hungry, so we went downstairs to see what we could scrounge. There was a little bit of pizza left, so that was reheated and gobbled up. We found some other munchies and snacked away. No one seemed to need to leave, so we were going to camp out together, seven lust-filled lovers, while the food held out. And we Escort Çankaya could of course have food delivered. Which is what we decided to do later in the afternoon. Jennifer phoned a friend who worked at the same pizza place. Melissa was going to bring several pies over around dinnertime, when she came off her shift. Jennifer explained to us that she had told Melissa about our escapades. Melissa was turned on by what she heard. She had expressed wistful longing for such sexual adventure. Jennifer described Melissa as in her 20’s, tall, slender, very pretty, and with ample curves. We all felt that Melissa sounded enticing. Would she want to join us? We would just have to wait and see. While we waited to meet her with anticipation, we amused ourselves with random acts of orgasm-inducing licking, fondling, sucking, pumping, and fucking. We had started filling up another bowl, and this one was well underway.

The doorbell rang and Jennifer went to answer it. We had been nude so long that we didn’t feel the need to cover ourselves, except for Jennifer, who had put on a bathrobe I found for her in order to answer the door. Jennifer opened the door to let Melissa in, and Melissa came in with a stack of pizza boxes. She was partly distracted by not wanting to drop any boxes and by saying hello to Jennifer, so she didn’t quite register the rest of us until she was fully inside and Jennifer had closed the door behind her.

Melissa almost did drop the boxes when she turned to put them on the table and saw our hot and saucy crew lounging and leaning around the living room. “Oh my God,” she breathed.

“Melissa, let me introduce you to everyone,” Jennifer said. “This is Jimmy, who is our host.”

“Pleased to meet you, Melissa.” She shook my hand but couldn’t take her eyes from my dangling meat, and unconsciously licked her lips.

“And this is Shiri and her daughter Christine, who live in this same complex.”

“Hi, Melissa,” Shiri grinned, as Melissa had to make a conscious effort to look at Shiri instead of her awesome tits. Christine gave her a slow hug and you could tell that Melissa was getting light-headed and weak-kneed.

“Next we have the wonderful Karen.” Melissa didn’t know whether to stare at Karen’s beautiful tits or her well-hung loins, but the loins appeared to win.

“So nice to meet you,” Karen greeted her.

“The pleasure is mine,” Melissa managed to stammer out.

“Finally, our most recent acquaintances, Gretchen and Ashley,” indicating each with a gesture.

“Hello, ladies,” Melissa purred.

“Well, Melissa, now that you’ve met everyone, would you like to stay and have some pizza with us?” Jennifer asked.

“I’d love to!”

“Good! Let’s eat!”

We dove into the pizza, laughing as we ate our fill. Poor Melissa must have felt out of place being fully clothed, yet not sure about stripping among people who were still essentially strangers. Jennifer sensed this and said “Melissa, why don’t you take off your t-shirt? I’m sure you’re hot from working. You’ll feel less apart that way, too.”

“Thanks, Jennifer, I think that would be a good idea.” And Melissa pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing her nicely filled out bra. Now that she felt more blended in, she relaxed a bit and partook of the pizza, sitting on the floor next Ankara Escort to Jennifer. Jennifer had let her robe slip open, and now took it off completely. She poured Melissa a glass of wine, which was received gratefully. Melissa gulped it down, and Jennifer refilled it with a smile. Melissa had kicked off her sneakers and socks, and Christine offered to massage her feet. Melissa happily accepted. Christine kneaded them and worked her way up Melissa’s calves. “Here, let me help you,” Jennifer volunteered, rubbing Melissa’s shoulders.

Gretchen was leaning against Ashley, who began stroking her chest. Shiri started making out with Karen. Melissa saw all this and you could tell she was getting turned on. Jennifer started feeling Melissa up through her bra, and moved the bra straps down from her shoulders. I was sitting to Melissa’s side, with Jennifer behind her and Christine at her feet. Melissa glanced my way, took in my naked body and gradually growing penis, and put her hand on my thigh. “Go ahead, Melissa, don’t be shy,” I said.

She moved her hand so it brushed my pecker, as Jennifer pulled Melissa’s bra down in front so that her tits sprang out. They were lovely, with big puffy pink areolas. Her nipples were beginning to stand up. Jennifer soon was twiddling them and nuzzling Melissa’s neck. Shiri was pulling Karen’s cock and lay back so that Karen could mount her. Ashley had her hand on Gretchen’s cunt and the moans were beginning to echo through the room.

Melissa grabbed my cock and was kneading it contentedly. We removed her bra. Christine had worked her hands up Melissa’s thighs and was now rubbing her pussy through her shorts. Melissa reached out and felt Christine’s tits with her other hand. Christine unfastened and unzipped Melissa’s shorts, then helped her slip out of them as Melissa lifted her bottom up briefly to assist. She was down to her panties now, which had a wet spot in front. Jennifer reached down and rubbed the wet spot, then inserted her hand inside the panties and found Melissa’s groove. I helped Jennifer fondle Melissa’s breasts, and saved a hand for Jennifer’s own chest.

Melissa leaned down toward my lap and I fed her my cock. Jennifer and Christine took this opportunity to pull off Melissa’s panties, which Christine sniffed and licked before putting them aside. Melissa started deep-throating me, which felt terrific. Jennifer reached under Melissa’s now exposed ass and goosed her, inserting a finger up Melissa’s cunt. Christine got down and put her face up to Melissa’s pussy from the front, and started licking her. She unsheathed Melissa’s clit and licked that forcefully, causing Melissa to quiver and release pussy cream. Jennifer got a dildo and lubed it, then stuck it up Melissa’s vagina several inches, again from behind. Jennifer’s own pussy was near enough for me to rub it.

Christine’s bare sexy ass was pointed toward Shiri, who stuck her foot up Christine’s pussy. Gretchen let out a yelp, asked for the new bowl, and let loose one of her patented tit-streams into it. Karen turned and asked for the bowl. Gretchen passed it to her and Karen lifted it and took a swallow. Gretchen definitely liked that idea and drank some herself. She passed it to Ashley, who followed suit, licking her lips afterward. Shiri was next, chugging a mouthful, swishing it Sincan Escort around like mouthwash, then swallowing. Karen offered it to us and I took it. I drank some of the unique, tangy, slimy sex elixir, then Jennifer took a turn. Christine came up for air, smilingly sucked in a generous portion, and then it was Melissa’s turn. She let go of my dick, took a swig, and resumed blowing me.

Whether it was real or merely our imaginations, the potion appeared to pack a punch. All of our efforts were reinvigorated. Shiri pulled her foot free from Christine’s cunt so that Karen could flip her over and buttfuck her with abandon. I wanted some of that action myself, but was happy to be where I was for the moment. Ashley and Gretchen had strap-on’s on and were fucking each other in an interesting configuration. Ashley was lying on Gretchen with her dildo up Gretchen’s snatch, missionary style, while Gretchen’s long dildo was strapped too her thigh and impaled in Ashley’s squirming ass. Melissa noticed this and said “Jimmy, will you do me the honor of fucking my brains out?”

“Why, I’d be delighted to, Melissa.” She lay back and I mounted her. Her cunt felt heavenly, tight and wet. I porked her in and out and she moaned in appreciation. Jennifer took this opportunity to sit on Melissa’s face. Melissa was shocked to encounter Jennifer’s huge clit, and set about sucking it with gusto. Christine finger fucked me, then lubed up a nice rubber sausage and reamed me with it. She stuck a two-pronger in both her holes. Jennifer leaned down until her face was resting on Melissa’s unshaven pubic area, and she started licking Melissa’s clit, using her hands to part the labia and unsheathe the clithead, just above my thrusting and pumping. Melissa came, filling Jennifer’s mouth with her juice. Jennifer reciprocated, squirting into Melissa’s mouth. Instead of resting, both hotties redoubled their muff munching, and both quickly came again, even harder. They kept going after pausing for only a few seconds to stop shaking, and soon entered a state of continuous coming, shouting out their moans.

I went over the top and grunted a fierce fountain of fuckjuice up Melissa’s cunt. Christine pulled the dildo out of my ass and sucked it clean, emulating her mother’s taste for anus essence. This put Christine over the top, too, and she rolled around on the floor, the prongs stuck up her pussy and ass. Karen roared as she filled Shiri’s bum with a bucket of cum. Gretchen and Ashley both climaxed and Ashley fell over onto the floor on her side, though they managed to maintain their connectivity, neither strap-on becoming dislodged as Gretchen also turned onto her side.

I dismounted and joined the others lying spent on the carpeting. After awhile Jennifer and Melissa slowed to a crawl, then halted completely, and Jennifer lay down on the floor as well, both beauties lying spread-eagled, repeatedly quivering, their pussies oozing cum.

The room reeked of sex and sweat, but rather than anyone minding, it seemed to just enhance the ambience. Jennifer started licking my armpits, and soon everyone was licking someone’s armpits. People had to pee and Gretchen suggested adjourning upstairs to the bathtub. We all headed up there, and took turns pissing into her mouth or Christine’s. Shiri got into the spirit of it as well, letting Melissa squat her twat above her face and let loose a golden river. Then we moved to the bed, finding a way for all eight of us to fit on its surface. It had gotten pretty late and we were all exhausted and satiated, so we fell into blissful daydreams, then sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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