Training Ann-Marie Ch. 02

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When I got out of the shower the next morning, dripping and steamy, I called to Ann-Marie: “Did you finish making the bed and setting my place for breakfast, Ann-Marie?”

“Yes, I did, Mistress.”

“Good. Now come in here like I told you.”

The bathroom door creaked open, and Ann-Marie entered on her hands and knees, naked, with her eyes cast downward and her 22-year-old ass tilted deliciously up in the air for my viewing pleasure. She prostrated herself at my feet and began to kiss them.

“What do we say first thing in the morning, Ann-Marie?” I said.

“I worship you, Mistress. I have no will of my own.”

“Again. Louder.”

“I worship you, Mistress. I have no will of my own,” she stated in a trembling voice. Her long blonde hair felt delicious against my wet skin.

“That’s right, Ann-Marie,” I said, as my cunt clenched with pleasure. Good God, I’d just stepped out of the shower and I’d need another one soon at this rate.

I reached for the big, fluffy white towel hanging on the hook, and dropped it at my feet. “You can towel me off now, slave.”

Ann-Marie performed her duty diligently, eyes still averted, making me tingle as she rubbed off every drop of water. When she stood behind me, her young, pink-tipped nipples pressed into my back and I could feel how hard with excitement they were.

When I walked back into the bedroom, I was also pleased to see that Ann-Marie had followed my orders and set up a small cot at the foot of the king-sized bed. A black-and-red leather ankle cuff, which she had procured from my suitcase, was attached to the walnut leg of the bed with a silver chain.

It was now time for Ann-Marie to dress me. My clothes were laid out neatly on the bed, just as I’d told her. Naturally, my slave would remain nude unless I told her otherwise. Ann-Marie had no right to cover up her aroused nipples and golden-haired cunt except by the say-so of her Mistress. Me.

I’d changed my plans for the morning while I was in the shower. When Ann-Marie brought me my panties, a pair of lace aqua-blue French-cut briefs, I told her: “Those aren’t what I want. Get me another pair, slave.”

Ann-Marie looked up at me in confusion. “But Mistress, you told me last night — “

I grabbed her roughly by the hair. “Get in the habit of doing what I want, when I say. I’m not in the mood for blue panties right now, Ann-Marie. That is all that matters. Is that perfectly clear?”

Ann-Marie looked down. “Of course, Mistress. Thank you for reminding me. I just want to please you.”

“Then bring me the red panties from the back of the drawer.” I released her.

As she helped me into my panties, white blouse and bra, and dark slacks, I stroked her hair and told her she was a good girl. Ann-Marie glowed with pride. When I was dressed and she was still naked, I sat down on the edge of the bed and said: “Come sit next to me, Ann-Marie.”

She got up, almost shyly, her hands clasped in front of each other, hiding her young pussy. I reached out and parted her hands, and pulled her down next to me. I could feel her trembling as she experienced my power over her.

“What are you thinking, görükle escort Ann-Marie? Tell me like a good girl.”

She took a deep breath. She was about to start, but couldn’t.

“Say it for me. Say it for your Mistress.”

Ann-Marie whispered: “I want to be your slave. I want to serve you so fucking bad. I want to be reminded every day what a privilege it is to be your slave.”

I kissed her hard on the mouth, forcing my tongue between her lips, and cupped her naked breasts with my hands, fondling them hungrily. My hands traced down over her smooth skin, rubbing her lovely round ass. I leaned down and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and she let out a raw moan.

But then I stopped. As hard as it was, I had to pull away. I needed to continue building my complete domination over my slave, driving her crazy with lust and willingness to serve my Mistress.

At the dining room table, I enjoyed fluffy blueberry pancakes and maple syrup, along with a plate of fresh-sliced peaches and a tall glass of orange juice–all of which Ann-Marie had gotten up at 7 am to prepare. Meanwhile, she kneeled next to me on the floor, spooning up a dish of oatmeal and milk.

“This is delicious, slave,” I told Ann-Marie. “I expect you to keep feeding me and serving me in the style that I deserve.”

Ann-Marie finished her oatmeal as I continued to eat. “Thank you, Mistress. What else can I do for you?”

I reached down and took hold of her curvy young ass, nudging her to move under the table. Without looking, I simply raised my bare left foot. Ann-Marie knew what to do. I felt the sensation of her sweet young Swedish tongue lapping at my toes and sole. It felt incredibly good.

“Good God, foot worship is divine,” I remarked aloud, feeling the bliss of command as Ann-Marie did exactly what she was supposed to: please her Mistress without question.

“How much do you love getting down and worshipping my feet, slave?” I said in a firm voice.

Ann-Marie paused for just a moment. “I would rather lick your soles than taste those blueberry pancakes I made for you, Mistress. Thank you for letting me worship your beautiful feet.”

I was getting far too excited for my own good. I had to keep on training Ann-Marie. At last, I gently pulled my foot away and told her to get a basin to rinse me off with warm water. She complied.

After that, I told her I was going out. “Do the dishes and sweep up those dust bunnies in the living room while I’m gone. I want this place immaculate. I’ll be back by noon.”

I took the ten-speed bike that was sitting in the foyer and headed out for a ride along the river. It was a gorgeous day outside, but my mind kept straying back to the apartment, and Ann-Marie, my young, willing slave, doing my bidding inside. I couldn’t stay out for long. I stopped off at Powell’s Books and picked up the new Isabel Allende novel. I could barely focus as I paid the cashier. I had to get back.

When I turned the key and opened the door, I just stopped and stared. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Ann-Marie was curled up on the couch, dressed in a long grey Portland bursa escort bayan State basketball T-shirt, chattering away in Swedish on her cell phone. The broom, with its long red plastic handle, sat untouched in the corner next to the dustpan. The dust bunnies were equally untouched.

“Oh shit!” Ann-Marie exclaimed when she saw me. She was about to say goodbye in Swedish, no doubt, when I grabbed the cell phone out of her hand, hung up, and tossed it away.

“What the fuck is this, slave?” I demanded. “How dare you disobey a specific order from me!”

“Mistress, she phoned me, and I was just about to — “

I clapped a hand over her mouth. “It is 12:07 pm. This place was supposed to be immaculate, as a token of worship and respect to me. Clearly, you have more than I thought to learn about how to serve a Mistress like me.”

“Oh God, Mistress…please teach me.”

“You’re a smart young lady. You have a degree in marine biology. But it takes a lot more than that to please me. First, stand up in front of me.”

She hesitantly obeyed.

With two hands, I reached for the neck of her T-shirt. “Let’s get this rag off you, slave. Remember how I want you to dress?”

Without waiting for an answer, I ripped the grey T-shirt in half, exposing Ann-Marie’s tits. I pulled it off her and threw it away.

I sat down in the middle of the couch and looked her in the eye. She couldn’t maintain eye contact.

“Get over my lap,” I told her.

She obeyed. I ran my fingers lightly over her porcelain-smooth, 22-year-old ass.

“Have you ever been spanked, Ann-Marie?”


My voice rose. “Would you like to find out what it feels like to get spanked for being a bad girl? For being a dirty little disobedient bitch? For being a willful young cunt who didn’t do what Mistress fucking told her?”

Ann-Marie moaned loudly and pressed her face into the couch.

I brought my hand down on her ass with a loud slap, turning her left ass cheek pink. She let out a shriek of mingled pain and pleasure.

“You need more of that,” I said. My cunt was throbbing with the pleasure of taking control.

I spanked her again, even harder. “Oh shit! Oh my fucking God!” she screamed, wriggling on my lap. I held her in place and then reached up to touch myself, letting out a loud sign as I fondled my own tits. I was so fucking turned on. I knew that I was meant to be a domme, and that Ann-Marie was meant to be a little fuck-slut for me to use for my own nasty pleasure.

I held Ann-Marie by the hair and began to spank that fuckin’ ass good, enjoying my slave’s loud screams. I was absolutely soaked as I left hot red hand marks on her smooth skin. I reached down to pull her Swedish ass cheeks apart and saw that her anus was contracting with excitement, and her young, hairy cunt was engorged and scented with sweet musk.

“Please, Mistress, please, I want to be a good girl,” Ann-Marie gasped. “Oh God, thank you for spanking me. I can’t take anymore.”

“That’s enough spanking for you,” I said, relenting at last. I stroked and caressed her tingling ass cheeks for a few minutes, bursa escort soothing her, and preparing her for what came next.

I motioned for her to get on the floor and she passionately clung to my lower legs, kissing my knees.

“You still have a lesson to learn,” I told her softly. “This place is a mess. You’re still going to clean it up. But since you weren’t a good girl, you’re going to do it the bad-girl way instead.”

I took her by the hand, led her to the dining room table, and told her to bend over and wait for me.

Then I returned to the living room, still throbbing with anticipation. I picked up the red plastic handle of the broom. Took a bottle of lube that sat on a nearby sideboard. Opened it. Let it drip slowly over the broom handle…

I came up behind Ann-Marie. “Widen your legs into a V.” Without turning around, she obeyed.

“Relax your asshole for me, hon.” She took a deep breath and relaxed. I reached down and spread her ass cheeks apart.

“I want to see what your tight ass looks like when it’s filled,” I murmured into her ear. She groaned with excitement and pressed against me. I took the broom handle, with its nicely rounded tip, and began to slide it into Ann-Marie’s slutty little ass.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she rasped as she felt my incredible aura of control and the long handle going right up her ass. I continued to slide it, nice and deep, up that young ass. She was naked and I was fully clothed as I used her just the way I wanted to. It felt good to show Ann-Marie that each and every one of her holes was simply for my pleasure, and to be used to satisfy me. Would love to have had an audience there…

When the broom handle was wedged firmly in my naked slave’s ass, I told her: “Hold it in place, and sweep up the dust bunnies on the living room floor. Keep that broom in your tight young ass.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Ann-Marie moaned. She moved gingerly, deeply penetrated, fully submissive to me. Glancing behind her, she swept up what she could. Doing it the hard way, learning her fucking place.

I picked up her cell phone and noticed it had a built-in camera. “I’m filming this, Ann-Marie,” I told her as I switched it on.

I told her: “This is for your fiance. Bend forward. Spread your ass cheeks and keep that handle in place. Turn your head and say, ‘I love doing what I’m told, Robert. I love being penetrated and dominated by another woman. I’m her slave and I love serving her. I can’t fucking get enough.'”

She repeated it word for word as I captured the moment.

Ann-Marie continued to sweep up the room submissively. I yanked down my slacks and masturbated furiously with my fingers as I watched her. When she came near, I fondled her for my own pleasure. I came to a loud climax watching her grimacing with excitement as she tried to sweep up a corner and took the handle even deeper inside her.

Ten minutes later, she’d finished the sweeping and I told her to come over so I could slide the broom handle out of her submissive ass. When it came out, she kneeled in front of me: “Thank you for showing me the way, Mistress.”

I told her to bring me my novel and go freshen up. When she returned, she had a glass of red wine and a prosciutto sandwich. I nodded to the floor and she knelt to serve as my footstool while I relaxed.

Service for a little fuck-slave is a never-ending proposition, I mused with a smile as I opened my novel…

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