Transforming Genevieve Ch. 07

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The ménage à trios’ I’d had with Marsha and her lover kept my mind occupied for several days as I went through the motions of lecturing to my classes and keeping myself busy with work and other things not involving sex. I still had the craving for sex, I still wanted to experience every cock and after Marsha every pussy I could. But I was becoming more and more aware that I had become addicted to sex. If I didn’t get my sexual appetite under control it was going to eat me alive.

The man I wanted to hear from most, Bill hadn’t made contact with me since we’d made love on that rainy night when his wife thought he was working late. However, Dick had called several times during those days while I was trying to regain control of myself. Each time I let my machine answer his call and with each message he sounded more and more distant. It was as if his calls were one last attempt to break through the wall I had placed between us. I knew I’d have to deal with him sooner or later. I owed him that much. Almost two weeks had passed since we made love in his home. His latest phone message was waiting when I arrived home from class on a chilly Thursday afternoon. I pressed the play button knowing it would be Dick.

“Gen please.” He began, “We need to talk. I can’t get you off my mind Genevieve. Please call me.”

Maybe I’d call him later that evening. After a quick diner I decided to try and relax with a warm bubble bath. I’d often used a relaxing bath to help me overcome writer’s block. Perhaps it would help me solve my dilemma of what I’d say to Dick. I made myself a cup of tea and surrounded my bathtub with several candles. Turning on some soft jazz I filled the tub with hot water and a thick layer of bubbles. Pulling my hair up into a tight bun I lowered my body into the soothing bubble bath. I leaned back and let the hot water relax my muscles, and the soft bubbles caress my skin. I closed my eyes and thought about the sexual path I was heading down.

My mind was telling me that my actions were wrong, but my body still craved the excitement of having men lust for me. I craved the feeling of intimacy when a man’s cock throbbed inside me, craved the taste of sex, the sensual intensity of my own orgasms. I craved the absolute incredible feeling of having a man explode inside me filling me with his warm seed.

Even the thought of those cravings excited me. My nipples became hard. The temptation to touch myself overwhelmed me. I slowly brought my soft hands up to cup my supple breasts, rolling the erect nipples between thumbs and index fingers. My nipples tingled almost as much under my tender caresses as they did when a man touched or suckled on them. I lowered one hand below the veil of soapy bubbles and between my thighs. My middle finger found and spread the fleshy sheath covering my clit. Instantly my loins came alive with tingling sensations of sexual pleasure.

I massaged my clit with one hand and my breasts with the other. My mind raced with the fantasy of a strong man entering my bath and fucking me on the edge of my tub. I wanted a man’s touch I needed a man’s touch. I craved any man’s pulsating cock. I slipped two fingers inside my pussy. It was hot and throbbing for something more massive. I grabbed the bubble bath bottle and pressed it between my aching pussy lips. Deeper and deeper the neck plunged into me. As I worked that bottle feverishly inside my pussy the bath water began moving in waves from one end of the tub and splashing up over my tits. Soapy bubbles washing up over my tits and then back off again. Over and over I plunged the bottle inside, over and over the bubbles washed over my tits. Over and over I imagined that bottle was a throbbing cock.

The waves of bubbles were joined by waves of intense sexual pleasure as my body approached orgasm. It crashed into me like a title wave of delight. My muscles tensed as it peaked. I slowed the movement of the bottle as my orgasm began to subside. Releasing it from my pussy and hand at the same time it floated to the surface spreading the film of bubbles on the water as it did.

As I lay there staring at that floating bottle I realized that once again my body’s craving for sexual release had won out over my minds desire to bring myself back to some state of normalcy. My cravings had become uncontrollable. I couldn’t even have a relaxing bubble bath without feeling the need for sexual release.

I whispered to myself, “Genevieve you’ve become addicted to sex.”

I had become addicted to sex, addicted to the sensation of sexual release. Addicted to throbbing erections. Addicted to the taste of a man’s cum. To the incredible feeling of hot sticky semen coating the walls of my pussy. I needed to feed my addiction. I needed to satisfy my sexual cravings. I dispelled all thoughts of normalcy and let my addiction and cravings control my actions.

Lifting myself from the tub, I quickly dried my body and went to my bedroom closet. No sexy lingerie, no silk stockings. A tight black tee shirt and skintight canlı bahis jeans along with a pair of stiletto heels would be all I needed to find the cock I craved. I pulled my hair out and let it cascade down my back. I grabbed a small handbag and dropped only the essentials inside some cash, a bottle of red lip-gloss and my cell.

I had no use for a jacket to cover my hard nipples. I wanted them exposed to every man I approached. My Volvo was parked two spaces from the front of my building. As I turned the key I remembered that sexy bartender Jim at the East Street Café. He’d be my mark tonight. He’d be the next man I’d surrender my body to.

The East Street parking lot was nearly empty when I got there. I took a space off to the side and toward the back of the lot. Looking in my rear view mirror I applied a layer of lip-gloss and pursed my lips to make sure the coating was evenly applied. I dropped the bottle of gloss in my purse and tweaked my nipples to make them stand out even more.

I couldn’t wait to see if Jim was working behind the bar tonight. As I opened the door and entered the dimly lit bar room my question was answered. Jim was at the far end of the room talking with the one remaining couple still seated at his bar. Everyone else was finishing their evening meal in the dining room. I took the first stool I came to and sat down.

Jim excused himself from the conversation he was having with the couple and slowly walked toward me. His hands came to rest on the on the back edge of the bar. He looked at me almost sizing me up before he said, “Evening Gen, what can I get you?”

“A white wine please.” I said smiling widely at him.

He’d remembered my name, and I’m sure my tits as well.

As he returned with my wine Jim said, “This is last call Gen, we close at 9 tonight.

I replied, “Why so early Jim.”

He smiled at me when he realized I’d remembered his name.

“No business after the diner crowd hun. All the college kids are after dollar drafts by this time.” He explained.

The couple at the other end of the bar finished their drinks and stood to leave.

“Can you lock up Jim?” The male said.

“No problem boss.” Jim replied.

They walked past where I was sitting and I noticed the owner of the café take a long lingering look at my body. He smiled when he was sure his wife wasn’t looking.

As they left Jim said, “I’ll be right back Gen and we can chat.”

He walked to the far end and came around the bar. Closing and locking the door to the dining room, he grabbed his drink and walked along the bar to where I was seated.

“Let me lock up Gen. I’d rather not have any late customers.” He said knowing exactly why I was there.

He turned the stick hanging along side the doors window closing the mini blinds tightly and I heard the dead bolt slide into the door jam.

Turning back to me he said, “There now we won’t be interrupted.”

Taking a seat next to me he asked the obvious question, “So what brings you in here so late hun?”

I liked the way he called me hun, I liked that he was forward enough to lock us inside and turn his place of employment into our own private room.

“Well Jim ever since the night we met I haven’t been able to get your sexy smile off my mind.” I lied to him.

“Really Gen,” He said. “I haven’t been able to get your sweet tits off mine.” Jim added.

I turned toward him and arched my back pressing my erect nipples harder against my black tee.

“You mean these tits?” I said seductively shaking my shoulders.

His hand instantly moved to capture one swaying orb through my shirt.

“Absolutely hun.” He replied.

I pressed my chest harder against his hand my erect nipple burning through the fabric and into his palm. His other hand slid up to begin massaging my other breast. I could feel the juices begin to flow inside my pussy as he massaged my tits.

I moaned feeling the tingling I craved so much begin once again. My hands slid to his thighs and moved slowly up to touch the visible bulge in his jeans.

His cock was fully erect straining for release from the tight confines of his pants. I ran my fingertips along the length of his bulging cock. “I love what I’m feeling here.” I said

“You’re one hot little minx.” He replied.

His hands slid to my waist and in one quick upward motion my tight tee shirt was gone. My long tresses cascaded down across my shoulders covering my tits. He used two nimble fingers to flip my hair behind me and quickly leaned forward to capture one throbbing nipple between his lips. His hands slid to my tits lifting them slightly to give his soft mouth better access to the fleshy orbs.

I continued sliding my delicate fingers along his rock hard cock as he kissed, licked and nibbled on my nipples. His mouth elicited a deep sensual moan from my throat. The tingling in my tits grew in intensity as he worked his oral magic.

I wanted his cock exposed. I wanted the bahis siteleri hot throbbing length of him sliding through my soft hands. Moving my hands to his shoulders I pushed him away from my tits and slowly slid my fingertips down across his hard chest scratching his nipples through the fabric of his shirt. My fingers reached their ultimate goal and I quickly opened his zipper. One hand slipped inside to find that he too wasn’t wearing any underwear. His cock jumped as I circled it with my fingers and withdrew it from the opening. It was rock hard, throbbing intensely and massive in its girth. My fingers barely touched my thumb as I slid my hand up along the shaft. The corona of his cock head spread my fingers and thumb apart as I slid my hand up. It was hard and smooth and flared beautifully down from the tip of the head.

The musky smell of his loins wafted up between us and excited my senses. I couldn’t wait to feel his girth between my lips. I couldn’t wait to taste the source of his incredible musky odor. I looked up from his cock into his eyes. The lust I saw there instantly told me he wanted my mouth. He wanted my shimmering red lips around his cock. He wanted my soft wet tongue circling his soft corona. He wanted the girth of that beautiful cock pressing into my throat.

I slipped from my bar stool and knelt between his legs. Jim grasped his cock and moved it toward my lips.

“Suck it bitch.” He demanded.

I leaned toward his loins, inhaling his odor. My succulent lips parted and took the head of his cock in my mouth. It flared widely toward his soft corona stretching my lips wider as it slipped between my lips and across my tongue. He tasted so masculine a sour taste that made my mouth water.

“Yeah baby, take it all.” He bellowed as his hands grasped my head and forced his thick cock deeper inside my oral cavity. His strong hands pulled my mouth harder against his throbbing manhood.

“Swallow it slut!” He demanded.

I relaxed my throat in anticipation of his cock entering my soft fleshy throat. In an instant his cock head pressed against my throat. I lunged forward pushing the girth of his head past the narrow opening to my throat, the flaring corona stretching my muscles to their limit. Deeper and deeper his sour tasting musky smelling cock invaded my throat.

As I took him completely and my nose pressed into his patch of curly pubic hair I again inhaled his odor adding yet another sensation to the growing list of my oral sex cravings. I loved the taste and smell of this working mans loins.

He pulled my head back until the head popped from my mouth.

“Awwww.. fuck my throat.” I was able to say before his massive cock stretched my throat open once again.

Jim was forceful with his hands, grabbing my hair tightly in them just behind my ears. He pushed his cock into my throat and pulled me back off him over and over. Using my mouth and throat as a sex toy to pleasure himself.

My pussy was soaking wet and pulsating intensely in anticipation of what I knew would be a brutal assault. Jim pulled my mouth from his cock and yanked me to a standing position.

His hands came to the clasp of my jeans and undid it.

“Turn around and bend over the fucking stool bitch.” He commanded.

As I turned he pulled my jeans off my hips and pushed them down only enough to give him access to my dripping wet pussy.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard bitch!” He said.

“Yeah baby, fuck me hard and fast with that big cock.” I replied.

He slid from his seat bringing his cock in perfect alignment with the entrance to my soaking wet pussy.

As he pressed the tip against my pussy he said, “You want all of it in your cunt bitch?”

“FUCK YES!” I screamed.

His hands came to my hips to hold me tightly in preparation of his invasion. The head pushed against me spreading my pussy lips apart. He entered me and then thrust hard into me completely impaling my tight wet pussy on his massive cock.

“Oh fuck!” I screamed as his wide corona rubbed over my g-spot for the first time, and the tip of his cock slammed into my cervix.

Jim bellowed, “What a tight cunt you’ve got bitch!”

I could only groan as he withdrew and again impaled me with his throbbing manhood. He fucked me fast and hard. Exactly what I craved, to be used by any man. To be fucked like a dirty slut. My pussy ached to be stretched wide open, filled with cock meat. I felt it become even wetter as the intense assault Jim was giving it continued.

I reached out and grabbed the seat of the next stool and lifted one foot placing it on the bar rail giving me better leverage to push my throbbing pussy back onto him. He pulled me further open with his strong hands. The lips of my pussy grasped his cock as it pistoned into me sliding outward along the shaft as he withdrew and folding inside when he slammed into me once again.

I felt the throbbing of my g-spot intensify as over and over again the wide corona of his bahis şirketleri cock head rubbed across my most sensitive of spots. He would give me what I craved most. He would give me another incredible sexual orgasm. The throbbing spread from my g-spot outward to consume my loins, my quickly approaching climax causing my legs to become weak.

“Oh god, yes baby fuck me!” I begged.

“Make me cum with that big cock of yours.” I pleaded.

The pace of his fucking quickened, his massive cock slamming into me over and over as my orgasmic juices flooded my pussy and bathed his throbbing member.

“I’m cumming baby!” I screamed.

My pussy made splashing sounds and fuck farts as he fucked me hard driving me over the peak of my climax.

I screamed again, “YES YES YES!” as my orgasm peaked.

Jim began making deep guttural groans as his throbbing cock swelled to even more massive proportions. His own climax was quickly approaching and I flexed my internal cunt muscles to grasp his pulsating cock.

“Yes baby, cum for me. Give me all your hot cum.” I begged.

He withdrew just before his came. Holding his huge cock in his hand it exploded shooting cum on my ass. Hot searing cum splattered across my ass and up onto my back. I reached around and grabbed him stroking it as his cock oozed the last of his cum on my butt.

“Oh fuck!” He screamed as he used his cock to smear his seed across my ass. I brought my cum soaked hand to my lips to taste him. His cum tasted as sour as his cock had the first time he stuffed it into my throat.

“You’re one hot piece of ass Gen.” He said adding, “I’ve got a couple buddies who’d love to throw a good fuck into you!”

His words only served to inflame my sexual appetite, intensify my craving for as many cocks as my body could handle.

“Bring em on baby. I’ll suck or fuck any cock you can get here tonight as long as they are full of sweet cum and as hard as you.” I said.

Jim responded, “You’re serious aren’t you Gen?”

“You’re fucking right I’m serious Jim, I want more cock tonight and I want it NOW!” I said.

Five minutes later I was lounging on Jim’s couch in his apartment above the café, naked except for my stilettos and fingering my wet pussy. Jim was feverishly dialing phone numbers.

“Hello Scott? This is Jim, what are you doing tonight.” Jim spoke into the phone.

“How soon can you get over here? I’ve got a hottie here that wants a gang bang.” He said after pausing to listen to Scott’s reply.

“Okay but its first come first served so unless you want sloppy thirds get your ass over here dude.” He said in the phone before he hung up. “

“That’s one.” Jim said as he turned to me.

“I’ve got three holes Jim and I want them filled at least twice. So you better keep dialing or I’m outta here.” I said letting him think I’d leave if he couldn’t round up another 4 cocks to pleasure me.

He dialed another number. “Greg this is Jim dude, pick up if you’re there.” He obviously spoke to Greg’s machine. Jim paused waiting for Greg to pick up. Finally after a few seconds he said. “Dude, call me or get over to my place as soon as you can.”

He dialed another number, “Stu, its Jim.” He paused, “What’s up is that I’ve got this tight little cunt here that wants a gang bang, how soon can you get over to my place dude?” He listened to Stu. “I’m serious dude, no man she’s not drunk, what? Okay hold on a second.” Jim looked at me and said, “He wants to talk to you.”

I held out my hands and Jim tossed me the phone.

“Hi Stu.” I said sexily.

“Is Jim shitting me up?” Stu asked.

“Nope baby, he’s being straight with you. I want as many cocks as he can round up tonight.” I said.

“Can I bring a friend?” Stu questioned.

“If your friend has a cock, bring him along baby?” I said.

“We’re there in twenty minutes!” Stu said.

“Make it fast Stu, I’m really fucking hot baby.” I said seductively.

I tossed the phone back to Jim and said, “That’s four cocks baby, you only need two more.” I smiled widely at him and spread my thighs to give him a good look at my wet swollen pussy.

He caught the phone, and grinned at the sight of my pussy. “The tight little cunt of your’s is going to get such a fucking workout tonight babe.” He said.

Jim thought for a moment then said, “Ohhhhhhhh yeah!” Coming up with another cock to summon to my little fuck fest.

He dialed the number, “Yo Bro what’s up.” Jim spoke into the phone. “You and Jerome interested in some sweet pussy tonight?

“Yeah, well get over to my place fast Bro we’re having a gang bang with some fine ass pussy dude.” Jim said.

“Okay Bro, see you then.” He said before he pressed the disconnect button on his phone.

He turned to me and said, “Well there ya go Gen, five white dudes and two black brothers to give that hot cunt of yours a good fucking tonight. I hope you know what you got yourself into.”

“I suppose I’ll be finding out in a few minutes baby.” I replied.

I wasn’t sure what I’d gotten myself into, but I was hot as hell to find out. Seven cocks at once, I couldn’t wait to feel every hole of my body stuffed with cock meat.

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