Trapped Ch. 3

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She came to my side. “SURPRISE – talk about getting FUCKED – You are going to be royally fucked when he is done with you!”

“How could you do this to me? I wanted to be YOUR Slave – If I knew you wanted me for your husband, I wouldn’t have come.” I complained

“Don’t you think I know that – It is not much fun to supply him with a guy who is already so gay that he will be foaming at the mouth for Carlos’s cock. He has never had a guy as a slave – lest wise that I BROUGHT HOME TO HIM. We’ve been part of a BDSM group for some time – and he has enjoyed some of the other Masters and Mistress’s male slaves. I really don’t know. I like it a lot when we get together and have sex – and dominate a girl. He usually can pick up one in a bar – or maybe know one from work or someplace. Then when the Internet started – oh it was a lot of fun to just meet someone, get a feel for him or her – then use them for our pleasure. Women are fine – but most of them are naturally submissive. I get such a rush – my pussy just floods when he wrestles with another guy…pins him to the ground, and forces him to suck him off. It is just so animalistic for him to conquer another man. Breaking their will — turning them into little boys — or pussy’s just makes me get an ultra-fine orgasm.” She admitted.

“Well, I’m NOT GAY – and I don’t suck ANYONE OFF!” I vehemently replied.

“You don’t have to be gay. But you will be submissive, and open for him.” She snickered back at me.

“What do you think he’s going to do?” I fearfully inquired.

“What do you think? Gee – Let’s just see what we have here. You are tied to our bed. With your legs pulled over your head – and your ass – just begging for a big load of sperm to be shot into it.” She sneered at me.

I struggled against my bonds. I pulled and yanked – I didn’t budge them. Then I remembered they’re Velcro cuffs. I just need to get my hands on the end of them and I can get free. In a moment I got a hold of the cuff on my right leg. 2 pulls and its free. It fell to the bed, and I quickly went to work on the other leg.

“Carlos – he’s trying to get free – and he got a leg undone. Hurry back here and bring the handcuffs.” Tina said as she pulled my hands from my other leg cuff. I struggled and while she was able to keep my bound hands from getting to my other leg, my free leg was swinging wildly trying to knock her out of the way.

I didn’t even see Carlos come back into the bedroom, but I suddenly felt a horrible pain in my balls. Someone was clutching them and squeezing them. “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh” I screamed.

“Quit fighting and bring your right leg back up over your head” Carlos order me.

I still was struggling – yet gasping in pain from his grip on my poor balls. I didn’t move fast enough to suit him. So he twisted his grip of my balls, and I thought I was going to pass out. In a fog my brain registered his voice telling me to lift my leg back up. I did. Tina attached the cuff to my ankle again.

Carlos handed Tina the real metal handcuffs and she locked them on my wrists.

“Now, if the boy wants to escape – that is fine with us. He is handcuffed, naked, and in no condition to fight us both.” Carlos joyously exclaimed.

“Besides that – I met him at the strip mall, east of downtown – made him wear a blindfold. xnxx He doesn’t have a clue where we are, or how far he is from help.” Tina told Carlos – and in regard for my benefit.

“Do you know what you are?” Tina asked me.

“Trapped?” I answered.

“Good answer” She laughed.

They stood back – and I got to take a good look at Carlos after he had changed clothes. He now was dressed in black leather chaps. A rather prominent bulge was apparent under small bikini type (Speedo) underwear. His shirt was off but he had crossing leather straps from his waist to his shoulders. On each arm – from his wrist to half way up his forearm were leather bands that had many spikes protruding from them. His muscles were slightly flexed as his arms were folded across his chest. Standing next to Tina in her leather outfit made the two of them look rather powerful and dangerous.


“What are you going to do with me?” I fearfully asked.

“Well, little BOY – we’re going to make you OBEY. When I tell you to kneel down, you’ll drop to your knees in homage to me. When I command you to suck my cock – you will gladly do it.” Carlos gleefully told his new birthday prisoner.

“Real men don’t suck cocks!!” I argued.

“So who’s a real man? Certainly not you LITTLE BOY!” Carlos mocked me.

“I am not a boy – I am a grown man.” I tried to counter.

“From where I stand there is one man in the room. He’s my husband — YOUR NEW MASTER — Master Carlos” Tina stated. “You’re a little boy to him. Boys do what their adult Master tells them to do. You will learn to obey him.”

“We’ll just see about that.” I spat back at her. “I am a MAN – I may not be an arrogant ass hole like him – but I’m still a man Hell, I wasn’t even hard. -SMACK – Whoosh- He worked his way up my butt until he was hitting my exposed legs. Occasionally he would use the tip of the crop to tease the exposed underside of my cock. As the heat spread – I started getting hard. He just went back to hitting me again on the butt. -WHAP – WHAP – WHAP-

By this time, I was staring at my hard cock – and seeing the movement of his arm as he brought the crop down onto my body. -SMACK- The noise was only made worse by my howling in pain. -SMACK- Whap- I could look over at him in anticipation of the next hit and see his huge cock jutting out from the black leather that framed it so well. I felt my own cock – get another shot of life. Then more smacks to my butt and legs rained down –

I was sucking in my breath – as it was literally taken from me. -SMACK- I was trying not to cry.

“Stop it” I cried out.

He ignored me and just kept hitting my ass and thighs. WHAP – WHAP – WHAP

“Please stop hitting me” I begged.

“Tell me what I want to hear” Carlos stated.

“I – I can’t” I whined.

“Then I can’t stop hitting you.” Carlos countered -SMACK- “I have you – -SMACK- for 10 days – -SMACK- how much of this -SMACK- do you want?”

“Ok OK I give. Please stop” I tried to get him to quit hitting me.

“What do you say to your Master — little boy.” Carlos provoked me.

“I don’t know – Please —- S T O P”
-Whap- “I can’t stop –not until you know who I am.” -SMACK-

“You are Carlos.” Then I took a deep breath – like it was the very last thing I wanted to admit. bakire porno “You are Master Carlos – MY MASTER”
Carlos smiled and stood very close to me. As I turned my head to look at him – I was just a foot away from his huge manhood. But he stopped whipping me. “Are you just saying that so I’ll be lenient on your ass?”

“No – I can’t take any more.” I answered truthfully

“If you don’t admit that you are a BOY – a weak slave that needs to obey all my commands – then you won’t believe what you can – or can’t – take anymore” Carlos threatened me.

“I’m a boy. You’re a man. I’m a slave – YOU’RE MY MASTER.” I brokenly admitted then I lowered my eyes and turned my head.

“Good BOY.” Carlos congratulated me – then he softly rubbed the underside of my cock – and enjoyed the sight of a few drops of pre-cum that appeared on the tip.

We were both interrupted by our actions him stroking me – and me knowing I had submitted to him – by Tina’s gleeful proclaim “Ohhh, seeing this — makes me soooo horny”

“Well Little BOY — if you can’t fuck my wife with that little wiener – what would you like to do to her instead?”

I swallowed – and looked at her. “I would like to lick her pussy”

“If you ask me precisely — just like a little boy asks his big strong Master. Do you want to suck her pussy dry?” Carlos taunted me.

This would be better than getting my butt whipped. “Yes Master – Please let me suck her pussy for you.”

“You will be a good boy – and suck her pussy dry for me.” Carlos again spurred me on.

I knew what I was being told to do — I must get her pussy ready to accommodate his huge manhood. “Yes Master I will suck her pussy dry for you.”

“Good BOY” – Then he pointed for her to sit on my face. As she settled down – he looked like he pushed her off of me. I was just straining against my bonds to lick at her pouting lips. “Let me see how wet I can get it first” He said as he positioned his hard-on at the entrance of her pussy.

I tried to push my head further down into the bed as he began to fuck her right on top of my face. She had one leg lying across my chest and the other over my arms that were restrained above my head. Her pussy was opening up – allowing this monster to force its way in. Carlos meanwhile was on the other side of me kneeling beside my right shoulder. His hard-on was less than 3 inches from my face. Up close it looked even more impressive. Slowly he would force his way into her pussy. Her lips that wrapped around it would curl up inside her giving him even more friction.

I was shocked. First of all, I had NEVER been this close to anyone fucking. It was my first time even seeing another man fuck a woman. (Not counting porno movies) He was huge. His (or her) ass didn’t smell too nice – perhaps they shouldn’t wear the leather. But I was trapped – they were fucking like I wasn’t there. Then his words dawned on me – I am going to suck her dry. He is going to plant his seed in her – and I promised — no – BEGGED to suck her DRY!”

Every so often his ball sack would hit me in my chin. I would try my best to again get lower in pillow that comforted my bound frame. His cock was just huge. Her pussy accepted it and got wet for even more.

I watched as his balls pulled up bedava porno toward his hard on -he had fucked her for 2 or 3 minutes before he erupted in her snatch. He grunted – and let more of his awful seed squirt from his cock deep into her pussy. He pulled out with a pop – and ran his wet cock against my lips and nose. I tried to turn my head – but there was no place to go.

Tina put her slimy pussy on my face and ground it into my nose and mouth.

“He’s not licking – or SUCKING — how about we encourage him a bit.” I heard her say to Carlos.

I felt the sharp smack of the crop against the welts that were already on my upturned ass. I dove my tongue into her snatch and licked at her pussy. It tasted funny but I decided to do it verses getting hit again.

Tina took her fingernail and ran it down my cock – while she sat on my face. It twitched with desire.

If eating his cum wasn’t bad enough – he had to remind me of it. Carlos was talking into my ear giving me erotic pictures. “How’s her fucked pussy taste Boy? Stick your tongue deep inside – I left some nice goo for you swallow.”

He puts his hand on my cock and felt it twitch.
“You like this BOY – don’t you? I think you get off on me bossing you around. I think you like eating a pussy that has been fucked by my potent cock. A MAN comes in a pussy and a BOY is here to lick it up. That is it BOY; you want my cum. You really know that sucking my cum will PROVE that you are a PUSSY.” He took his hand off my cock but continued to verbally taunt me. “That’s it BOY – suck it good. Pretty soon you will get to suck the cum from my dick instead of her pussy.”

Then he told Tina to lift her pussy from my face so that he could see me licking her – and he could watch me suck better. This also had an effect on me – I could hear all his comments better. At first I laid there, with her wet pussy hovering over my mouth. But He wanted me to go after his seed.

“Boy – I don’t want to have to tell you this – you better try to suck her pussy. Lift your head up and press it against her wet slit and SUCK my seed from her love canal.” Carlos ordered.

“Yes Master Carlos” I mumbled as I stretched my neck to reach her opening.

Tina squeezed her insides and a moment later a ball of white goo was at her slit ready to drop onto my waiting tongue. This was a fact that did NOT go UN-noticed by Carlos.

“Ooooh Here comes a big glob of my seed. You will love this BOY.” Carlos enjoyed my plight.
I love having a BOY clean up for me. You are so WEAK – you are just pitiful – I am your MASTER. You are a cum sucking little pussy – aren’t you?”
The glob of cum now sucked down my throat – I couldn’t help but believe all that he was saying.

Another even larger glob of white stuff came to the edge of her pussy lips and I slurped it up. Just at that moment I shot my load. Some of it landed on Tina, but most landed on my chest.

“Did you just see that?” Tina hilariously asked her husband. “No one was touching his little dick and he shot his load.”

“I think my BOY gets off by being my slave – I think he likes knowing he’s a wimp. He came just as he sucked down my cum.” Carlos laughed.

“How disgusting” Tina said as she scooped the ooze that had gotten on her tummy, and turned to feed me her fingers. “Donny Boy came all on his own – sucking his Master’s cum from my wet pussy. Guess you won’t mind sucking your own cum”

I started weeping. The tears were clearly streaming down my face and getting into my ears as I lay face up on the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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