Trick or Teat

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It was a Halloween to remember. I was in my senior year of high school. As with any other holiday, my family was going all out. My dad went through the house trying to scare us with his gags in his zombie costume.

My sister Sarah at 16 wasn’t into it as much as the rest of us but mostly did it for my parents’ sake. Her 24D boobs were squeezed into her Tinker Bell costume, looking even more authentic with her naturally blonde hair.

My youngest sibling Ethan ran excitedly through the house as Sarah chased after him with his costume.

He ran right into me and I held him as he began yelling and fighting, the same thing every year. Sarah then attempted to dress him but he wasn’t about to go easily.

“Ethan…” she said in her calm way.

“Yes Mommy?” he asked, still struggling against Sarah.

“Why don’t you want to go Trick or Treating?”

“Because it’s dark!” he exclaimed as if the answer was totally obvious, “something will get me!”

I threw up my hands in defeat and Sarah sighed, tapping her foot impatiently. Mom however, smoothed my brother’s hair and said, “Is Captain America scared of anything?”

“No!” he shouted as if it was unthinkable.

“So if you have his uniform, you’ll have his bravery. And you’ll be unstoppable?”

Ethan stopped struggling to consider this. He then consented to dress up and Mom saluted him.

“Are you ready Captain?” she asked him, dressed in his Captain America outfit.

“Ready!” He exclaimed as he pretended to fly through the front door. Sarah looked at me and shook her head. She then kissed Dad goodbye as he stood by the door.

As she left, I dressed in my pirate costume and went to help Mom. I gave a loud smack to her plump ass in her blue miniskirt. She laughed as she looked me over, thankfully not seeing the boner in my baggy buccaneer pants.

“You look great Louis.” Mom said with a smile.

“And you look beautiful Mom,” I replied to which she smiled.

She kissed me warmly on the cheek before the doorbell rang again. As she opened it, two small twin boys, Simon and Steven, dressed as a cowboy and Indian, respectively, held up their bags.

“Trick or Treat!” they said in unison with almost toothless smiles.

“Well don’t you two look handsome?” Mom asked, leaning to give them a mouthwatering view of her cleavage, “What bars do you two want?”

As I left, Mom called out for me to be safe. My friends were supposed to Trick-or-Treat with me but they had all been invited to Chester Harrigan’s house for a party. All except me.

– –

Taking a bus uptown, I loved to Trick or Treat in the upper class part of the city. Sure enough, after only 6 houses, I had more than 7 and half bags of KING-SIZE candy bars and snack bags attached to my pants.

Screw those guys. I thought to myself.

I came to the last house I had and I rang the bell. After a few minutes, I heard shuffling inside and the lock clicked.

The door opened and there stood a silver haired woman stood there in a medieval princess costume which barely covered her her 36G boobs. She appeared to be in her fifties but had not a single major sign of aging to her name.

Her name was Lydia Henderson. My former babysitter when I was 4. It had been so long since I had seen her but she remembered me. “Louis Reynolds!” she exclaimed, wrapping me in a warm hug, “I can’t believe how much you’ve grown!”

She smiled broadly as she released me. “I’m sorry,” she said, “I don’t have any candy. I just ran out just about an hour ago.”

I started to leave but she stopped me. “Well actually there might be something,” she said, “won’t you come in?”

She had me come to the kitchen and sit at the table. She poured two tall glasses of milk and leaned over the place them in front of me. My cock hardened and I pushed it down, growing rapidly down my leg.

I looked up and met Lydia’s eyes and she turned quickly though I could see her smile as she pulled a pan of fresh cookies from the oven. After she sikiş izle set them down, she went to get some plates.

“Thank you Ms. Henderson,” I said as I helped myself.

“Lydia darling,” she said with a warm smile, “I feel we know each other well enough to be on first-name basis.”

“I remember you loved them when you were little,” Lydia said, “always trying to sneak an extra before dinner.”

I bit into one. It was delicious. Soft and hot with the right amount of chocolate chips. Just the way I remembered.

“They’re still the best!” I exclaimed as I reached for another making her smile again.

“Same old Louis,” she said, “if you hadn’t came I probably would’ve ended up eating them all myself. But I’m trying to watch my figure.”

So would any other man… I said to myself as we continued to talk. My eyes alternated repeatedly between her gorgeous eyes and even more gorgeous cleavage. She had a round ass which seemed to belong on a 20-year-old.

“I used to bake all the time you know,” Lydia said, “my husband loved when I would bake for him wearing nothing but some 6 inch stilettos and an apron that said, “Heat up the Cook.”

I nearly choked as my cock hardened to full power. She laughed again. “I know. TMI.”

She saw my bulge. “Or did someone like hearing that?” I watched as she rubbed it gently. “I did some things I’m not proud of. I even considered doing porn after I and Henry divorced. But that was the ’80’s. No one would want to see me in porn now.”

I remembered when I was little and I had found a box in her closet. She had done a photo shoot with many pictures nude. In one particular one, she had been in a leopard print skirt just covering her waist. Everytime I went over, I looked in that box.

“I don’t know,” I replied nonchalantly, “I’d love to see it.”

She laughed and rubbed her ample bosom. “You really think someone would want to see these? My husband did for a while then he found someone else.”

I was getting harder by the second, listening to her words. “It’s not easy feeling discarded like a old shoe. But I always loved the feeling of a hard thick cock pounding my cunt and ass like raw meat.”

“I can still remember you as a boy,” she recalled, “running around the house naked with that abnormally large penis of yours flopping around while you always loved to wear my bra on your head always trying to catch me naked or undressing.”

She reached over and undid my pants, my prick instantly shooting up leaking precum. “Look at that! Some things can never change…” she observed, “It definitely is still a beautiful cock…”

She began to stroke me slow with both hands and I moaned softly.

“Does that feel good Louis?” Lydia asked.

“Yes ma’am,” I replied, my cock throbbing in her warm hands.

“Good. It’s just my way of thanking such a sweet boy…”

I watched intently as she flipped her hair and untied her top from the back. My cock stiffened further as her heavenly boobs came into view. Round with pink areolas and puffy red nipples, they were gorgeous without an ounce of sag.

“I know I don’t even have to ask if you like them,” she said as she again started to jerk me off, “I just a love a good tit man.” She then wrapped her ample bosom around my shaft and began to move them up and down.

“Holy shit!” I cried, barely containing my orgasm.

“Mmm…” she said, giving a lick to my head, “that feel good Louis?”

“Oh yeah…” I groaned, “it feels amazing…”

She began to fuck my cock faster with her tits, my head hitting against her chin. I pinched her tits, making her moan softly as she picked up speed, my cock drowned completely in her soft orbs.

“I know girls love to have this massive cock in them.” Lydia said as she squeezed my prick tighter, “I’ve never seen one so large in my life.” I was on the verge but her words were getting me even closer.

“L-Lydia…” I groaned but she didn’t slow down. She went a furious pace for a few more minutes, brazzers making a long silver strand blast on her boobs before she put her lips over my shaft, quickly swallowing 8 more shots.

She licked her lips and I watched as she licked her tits clean. I could barely see straight, my cock throbbing as she began to slowly jerk me off again.

I suddenly felt her massive rack pressed against me and she kissed me warmly. She then swirled her tongue around my head before beginning to suck again as she gently bounced my balls between her fingers.

My moans began to blend in with her sucks and gags as she bobbed her head up and down. I felt her warm saliva coat my prick as she went faster. I reached to hold onto her bouncing boobs before she pulled back up.

“I have just got to feel this fat manhood inside me.” Lydia said as she stripped completely. Her pussy was shaven and already wet as I instantly began to kiss her inner thighs before I licked on and inside her warm slit.

She moaned loudly as she rubbed my head. She tasted and smelled so wonderful, rolling her hips in slow circles as I feasted on her cunt. Trickles of her sweet nectar landed on my tongue while her large melons moved gently from side to side.

Finding her clit, I instantly attacked it, prodding it with my tongue and nibbling it. “God yes!” Lydia screamed, “suck my clit Louis!!” Her screams rose in pitch as I buried my face deeper between her legs.

Penned between me and the table, her movements were restricted but she whimpered and moaned my name as I licked even deeper, sucking her clit. Her legs buckled, signalling her orgasm.

“I’m cumming!” Lydia screamed as I picked up speed, licking her insides with proficiency. She screamed through gritted teeth and banged her fist on the table. She let a final gasp as her juices poured into my mouth, sweet and warm.

“Fuck that was fantastic…” she gasped as she struggled to breathe, “I only hope our night is not over.”

“Not by a long shot.” I replied, gesturing to hard cock dangling by my knee.

As we headed up to her bedroom, she pressed her lips tenderly to mine as we rubbed one another. Once we walked in, she pushed me back onto my back and straddled me, rubbing her slick folds along the length of my pole.

“Oh fuck…” I groaned softly.

“Oh we will baby,” Lydia said with a smile, “you can count on that.”

I watched as she rose and gently lowered herself onto my cock. Her cunt was wet and tight as I filled her while feeling up her soft and juicy orbs.

“Fuck!” Lydia yelled, “that feels good!”

As soon as I reached her bottom, she began to bounce wildly, her tits flailing. I reached up to hold them and she held my hands in place as she picked up speed, my balls hitting against her soft ass.

“Does it feel good Louis?” she asked, “How does your fat cock feel inside my mature cunt?”

“It feels fucking incredible…” I moaned as she kissed me, our tongues clashing as we fucked with our passion. I brought my hand down hard on her ass, watching it jiggle while I smothered myself in her tits.

She lay her head back and screamed as I moved deeper, prompting a hard orgasm. Her face alternated between pain and pleasure as she rode me furiously while I sucked on her tits like I was nursing.

She moaned softly as she sped up, her beautiful tits melting through my fingers. I then gripped her waist tightly and began to fuck her furiously. “Oh god yes!” Lydia cried as she wrapped her arms around my neck, “fuck me good and deep!!”

The room was filled with moans, slaps of skin and pleas for one another. She kissed and nibbled gently on my neck as she continued to ride me like a pro.

“Yes! Keep going Louis!” Lydia begged, “Just like that!” The mature woman was indeed a wonderful fuck. Her firm ass bounced like rubber on my thighs as I pinched her hard nipples between my thumb and forehead and she moaned again as I could feel her enter another orgasm.

Nevertheless, fake taxi porno she kept my hands moving over her whole body as she rode my cock like a bucking bull and we cried out together, my orgasm nearing. She moaned and cursed as her hips slammed into mine.

I was getting closer as she looked into my eyes and saw it. Lydia kissed me softly, soft and sweet.

“I want you to cum in me honey,” she said in her kind way, “that would make this Halloween even more special.”

I was thus amazed as she dismounted and my semi-flaccid prick flopped onto my stomach with a wet sound. She wrapped her hand around my cock again and began to slowly move it up and down.

“So thick and manly,” she whispered softly as I again sucked on her tits, “I’ve never had two orgasm that fast. So before I let you blow that load in those big balls of your’s, I’m going to let you fuck my ass. I saw how much it interests you.”

As she turned to me, I got even harder looking at the two luscious and plump ass cheeks.

“Go ahead Louis,” she encouraged me, “I’m dying to have a nice fat cock in my ass.”

Without another moment’s wait, I pushed in, moaning as I made contact. With my prick already lubed from her pussy it was easy. We fucked in a smooth slow rhythm for a few minutes but soon we were going at it full swing as she frantically rubbed her clit.

I reached to grab a handful of her hair as her ass rippled when it made contact with her hips. “Oh fuck yes!!” Lydia begged, “bury that fat tree in my ass!!”

“Fuck, Lydia!!” I yelled, “it feels spectacular!!” I reached under her to wrap my hand around one heavy firm boob and squeezed hard.

Her ass felt like magic, tight and warm. Almost as if it was perfectly suited for my cock. She slammed her face into the bed and cried out as she came again, her juices dripping onto the mattress.

I pulled out and she sucked me off. “Back in my cunt big boy.” she ordered. This was rather unnecessary as I had every intention of doing so but hearing her ask for it was even more enticing.

I rubbed it on her wet folds and pushed inside until me face was inches from hers. We hammered into each other as we kissed uncontrollably.

“Louis…” she moaned, “I love you so much…”

“I love you too Lydia.” I kissed her neck tenderly while her tits were smashed between us. I fucked her harder and harder, my hands on her hips while pounding without letup. Her udders bounced wildly as my cock slipped into her.

“Don’t stop Louis!” she begged, “please!!”

I grunted deeply. Her tight cunt muscles gripped my cock hard as I fucked her harder. My pounding sent her into another hard orgasm as my head slammed into her uterus.

“Oh-oh god…” I moaned, “I’m gonna cum!”

“Give it to me!” she screamed, “let me feel all that hot cream!”

I issued one final hard thrust and my cock exploded in a violent bang. She kissed me and screamed into my mouth as I fucked her harder and harder, filling her with my seed.

I nearly fell on top of her but she held me up and I fell to the side, utterly exhausted. I gasped as I felt her mouth close around my shaft.

“Sleep soundly Louis,” Lydia said, “you’ve earned it.”

That night as I slept, I heard Lydia talking. As she lay beside me, I heard her chatting with a friend over the phone.

“Hello Suzie,” Lydia said in her cheerful voice.

“Hello Lydia,” her friend said, “how are you tonight? Still giving kids too much candy?”

“Oh yes. And a whole lot more tonight.”

Suzie laughed, though not understanding entirely what she meant.

“Well I just wanted to tell you that a very hung teenager is fast asleep next to me with some very empty balls.”

“You’re kidding.” Suzie said in disbelief.

“Not at all.” Lydia replied, “it’s entirely true.”

“What’d you do? Put a roofie in a Snickers?” Suzie laughed.

“Nope,” Lydia said, “he’s got a thing for MILFs..”

They continued to giggle about me for about half an hour. My cock was rising by the second. “I’ve got to go Suzie,” Lydia said, “someone is wide awake.”

“And ready for action.” I replied as she hung up.

Lydia moaned softly as I entered and we were soon doing it again.

It was the best Halloween of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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