Tropical Vacation Ch. 08-10

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Chloe watched Jeff approach; his cock drooling pre-cum. He grabbed Tina’s hose covered ankle and spun her toward him.

“Hey!” Tina shrieked as she was tossed around like a toy.

He pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide. Positioning his cock at the opening of her dripping hole, Jeff prepared to impale her on his throbbing member.

“Fuck her good baby!” Chloe growled in a low lustful voice as she repositioned herself to better see the show.

Jeff slid the purple head of his cock up and down the length of Tina’s moist valley. It was incredibly slick from her juices and the warming lube. A few more passes then he stabbed it into her, burying his cock balls deep in the young woman.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh,” she cried at Jeff’s violent thrust.

Jeff pushed himself tight to her, holding his cock as deep as possible. He could feel her vaginal muscles contracting around his cock as if they were trying to pull him even deeper. Jeff had to be careful not cum too fast. He was already very turned on and it wouldn’t take much to send him over the edge. His hands moved up and down Tina’s inner thighs as he held them open. The softness of the suspender hose she was wearing felt good under his touch. They were nowhere near as silky as the Wolford’s Chloe had on but they were just as sexy. It was then Jeff noticed another wonderful sensation. His cock was growing very warm. The lube was working its magic and the temperature kept climbing.

“Holy shit! Your pussy feels like its on fire and my cock is roasting over the flames!” he said as he began to stroke his rigid tool in and out of Tina’s tight hole.

“Mmmmmmmm…Yes…you feel it too…isn’t it wonderful?” Tina asked.

Tina let out a sharp gasp as Chloe took her right nipple into her mouth and sucked it hard. Chloe pinched the young woman’s other nipple between her thumb and forefinger eliciting another cry of pleasure. Jeff’s long slow strokes were the icing on the cake for Tina and she began to shudder with a huge orgasm. She bucked wildly and moaned in ecstasy. The convulsions of her pussy were pushing Jeff closer and closer to his own thunderous release. He couldn’t hold back and joined Tina in orgasmic bliss.

“OH GOD! He’s cumming like a fire hose in me…yes…yes…YES!” Tina exclaimed as her orgasm showed no signs of letting up.

“That’s it, fill her up. I want to eat your cum from her pussy when you’re done,” Chloe said releasing Tina’s bright red nipple from her lips long enough to encourage Jeff, then returned to nibbling on the sensitive bud.

Jeff spasmed a few more times then he leaned over Tina, trying to catch his breath; sweat pouring from his brow. Tina’s pussy continued to pull at his cock even though he was finished shooting his cum into her.

“That was amazing!” Jeff finally said as he lifted Tina’s round ass up off the bed, “I just wish I could have lasted longer.”

Jeff’s cock slid free of Tina’s slick velvety grip as he moved her back around on the bed with her feet toward the pillows. Chloe move too, repositioning herself between Tina’s wide open legs. As soon as Jeff released her, Chloe was face down in Tina’s leaking pussy, sucking and slurping the large amount of fluids coming from the young woman. Jeff staggered back to a chair to watch the two women once more. Tina moaned in pleasure as Chloe’s tongue and mouth worked over her sensitive pussy and gave her another orgasm.

“Mmmmmmm…You taste divine!” Chloe said raising her head at last. Long strings of milky fluid dripped from her chin as she smiled down at Tina.

Tina pulled her down and the two women kissed long and passionately for several minutes. When they finally came up for air, both had shiny wet faces. They lay together with their silky legs intertwined softly caressing each other.

“You two are insatiable!” Jeff commented as he relaxed in the chair.

“Are you complaining?” Chloe asked then ran her tongue around Tina’s erect nipple.

“Hell no…Just making an observation,” he chuckled. Both women joined in giggling.

Their merriment was cut short as the in room phone rang.

“Hello…Yes Tina’s still here…I needed her help to clean up a flower pot I knocked over in the living room. She’s vacuuming up at the moment. Would you like to speak to her?”

There was a long pause as Jeff listened to the person on the other end. Tina had a terrified look on her face and started to quickly get up but with a wave of his hand Jeff stopped her.

“Ok…I’ll tell her. She has been a great help and always takes very good care of my room. Ok…Thank you,” Jeff said and hung up the phone.

“Was that my supervisor? Am I in trouble?” Tina asked in a concerned voice.

“Everything’s fine. ‘Janet’ said to come by her office when you’re done. She was a bit upset at first but I think she’s going to cut you some slack.”

Tina rolled off the bed and gathered up her clothes. She got dressed and was about to leave when she remembered she hadn’t told Jeff türkçe alt yazılı porno and Chloe about tomorrow.

“Kelly and I will meet you at the Café at 9:00 in the morning, ok?” Tina asked.

“What’s up for tomorrow?” Jeff replied.

“We’re going to the Grotto…You still want to do that photo shot don’t you?”

“Hell ya…We’ll see ya at nine,” Jeff said as he picked up the potted orchid from the coffee table.

“What are you going to do with that?” Tina asked, straightening her dress before leaving.

“Giving you proof for your alibi,” Jeff said, dropping the plant into her trash bin.

Tina laughed, kissing him on the check then gave Chloe a more passionate kiss on the lips before rushing out the front door. Jeff turned to Chloe and led her back into the bed room.

“I need a shower,” Chloe said and headed to the bathroom.

“I’ll join you.”

Chloe started to remove her hose when Jeff smacked her on her round ass.

“Hey!” she exclaimed, “What was that for?”

“You better not be taking those off yet!”

“Ohhh…You dirty old man,” she laughed.

“You’re damn right…and in more ways than one!”

They both laughed now as they entered the bathroom to clean up…eventually.


After a leisurely breakfast, the foursome jumped into Kelly’s Jeep and headed out on their adventure. It was a thirty minute drive up dirt roads to the parking lot. Kelly gave them a brief tour on the way to where they would leave the vehicle. He turned into a wide dirt clearing and parked at the far end under some trees. There weren’t any other vehicles parked there yet, but it was still early. They piled out and collected their gear and Kelly led the way. He pointed out the large stream fed pool that most tourists came to see and swim in but continued around it and headed up the steep sided canyon on a narrow path. The trees over head cast deep shadows and only random shafts of light penetrated the dense canopy. The trail followed the stream as it twisted its way down the canyon forcing the group to cross the water many times. When they reached a narrow gap that block their way, Kelly left the trail. He pushed his way through the foliage and led them to a hidden cave about a hundred feet from the trail.

“Here we are,” Kelly announced pointing at the dark opening.

“What’s this?” Chloe questioned him as she eyed the six foot high opening in the rock.

“Right through there and you’ll see,” he said proudly.

When Chloe hesitated, he took her hand and led her into darkness. Once inside he took her on a narrow twisting path that opened onto a ledge overlooking a large deep blue pool with a waterfall cascading into it.

“Oh my…,” Chloe exclaimed as she looked at the breath taking scenery.

Tina and Jeff immerged from the cave a moment later.

“Wow! This is going to be a beautiful place to shoot!” Jeff said pulling his camera from his pack and started snapping pictures of the incredible surroundings.

Kelly led them down to the edge of the pool and pointed out places that might be good for the photo shoot. Jeff looked at a few different locations then settled on a flat rock outcropping overlooking the pool.

Tina and Chloe were splashing at the edge of the water when Jeff called Tina up onto the rocks. She grabbed her pack and climbed up to meet him. Chloe watched her go up to the steep incline then decided to strip off her sweat soaked shorts and tank top and get more comfortable. Kelly’s shorts were tented by his rock hard cock as he watched Chloe undressing from behind some of the dense foliage. She laid out her large beach towel on the sand then sat to remove her shoes. She remained there for a moment totally naked in the picturesque surroundings taking in the beauty. Chloe knew that she was putting on a show for the youth who was watching her like a voyeuristic teenager catching his best friend’s sister undressing. First, she wiped herself down with a small hand towel then pulled several pairs of pantyhose out of her pack. She would hold them up, one by one, making a show of examining the silky garments then setting them beside her on the towel. The last piece of lingerie she removed from her pack was the sheer nude body stocking she had first worn when she met Kelly. A naughty smile spread across her lips as she placed it on the towel and gathered up the other hose and put them back into her pack.

Kelly watched Chloe going through the half dozen pairs of hose she brought with her. His shorts were now around his ankles and he was stroking his rigid member slow and steady. When she pulled the body stocking from her pack he inadvertently made an audible gasp; fortunately the roar of the water fall masked this sound. When he saw Chloe slowly drawing the body stocking up her shapely legs he began to stroke his cock faster.

Chloe had the velvety material up to the top of her thighs when she stood up and made sure she was facing directly away from him. He doeda porno had a perfect view of her glistening pussy lips and round ass as she bent at the waist to ‘straighten’ the nylon on her legs. She continued to pull up the body stocking and put her arms through the sleeves before turning to face the masturbating young man. The sun gleamed off the tightly stretched nylon as Chloe seductively ran her hands over her body.

Kelly stepped out of his shorts like he was in a trance and walked over to Chloe. His right hand still pumping up and down his pre cum soaked cock. When he reached her, she took over the stroking of his member while his hands went to her nylon covered tits.

“You’re a naughty boy for watching me get undressed,” she said in a sultry voice.

“I just couldn’t help myself.”

“So I see…,” and with that she knelt on the towel in front of the young man and took his cock into her mouth.


Tina sat on a flat rock as she applied her make up. She had already changed into her ‘uniform’ from the night club and was feeling a bit nervous about the photo shoot she was about to do. She didn’t know why she felt nervous. Jeff was a nice guy, she had fucked him several times prior to coming here and her boy friend was near by. What was there to be nervous about she thought?

“I’m ready when you are,” Jeff stated while finishing his camera setup and figuring out the angles he wanted to shoot from.

Tina stood up fluffed out her long hair and straightened her outfit. She had on a red bikini top with the familiar floral print of the resort, a mid thigh length black mini skirt also resort provided but minus the black briefs that are supposed to be worn underneath. Tina thought, ‘why wear the briefs here when I didn’t wear them that night.’ Of coarse she was wearing the pantyhose Jeff had given her that Chloe had originally given him after their first night together and to round it all out, a pair of 4″ black strappy heels.

“I’m ready,” she said with a smile.

Jeff turned and got his first good look at Tina since donning her work outfit. His eyes traveled up and down her magnificent curves; lingering on her incredible nylon clad legs. Even in the shade, they gave her legs a delicious shimmer.

“WOW…You look awesome!”

“Thank you! I never would’ve dreamed I’d be wearing pantyhose and loving it like I do now but you were so right about everything; how quality hose feel, how guys react to them and how they make me feel.”

“I’m glad to be of assistance when it comes to opening a young woman’s eyes to the ‘benefits’ of wearing pantyhose,” Jeff replied with a smile, “I know I would’ve given you a big tip if I’d been in the club that night.”

Tina stepped close to Jeff and squeezed his rigid cock through his short, “Screw the tip, I want the whole thing!”

“Ok…Ah…We can talk about that when we’re done,” Jeff said trying to stay focused on the job at hand.

He led Tina to the desired spot to start the shoot then positioned himself. He took a couple pictures to get the lighting right, giving Tina directions on how to pose. At first she needed the help but as more shots were taken, she didn’t need to be told how to pose. She was flowing with it and Jeff was catching every move. Although the shoot started with Tina fully clothed and not showing anything indecent, she soon was flashing her beaver and tits for the camera. It wasn’t long before her top was off then her skirt and even her heels. The only thing she wore through the whole shoot was her shimmering nylons and a seductive smile. Tina was lying on her side touching herself to the point of orgasm when she noticed Jeff had stopped shooting and was just watching her. She could see his bulging cock inside his shorts and the large wet spot that had formed near the waist band.

“I guess we’re done?” she said with a bit of a giggle, “It looks like you’re ready for another kind of ‘shooting’!”

Jeff looked down then back to Tina then they both laughed. Tina rolled onto her stomach and pushed herself up on her hands and knees. She reached between her shiny hose covered thighs and ran her middle finger along the puffy pink lips of her wet pussy while looking over her shoulder at her one man audience. As her finger brushed her erect clit she shuddered bringing herself to the brink of orgasm once again. She arched her back while removing her hand from between her legs, then dropping to her elbows causing her pussy to open wide.

Jeff took one last picture then set his camera aside. He peeled his shirt off in a flash and fumbled with his shorts trying to get them off. Seeing she had him just where she wanted him, Tina looked out over the edge of the bluff she was on, down onto the sandy beach where she and Chloe had been playing in the water. She could see Chloe and Kelly on a large beach towel having some fun of their own. Tina turned to Jeff who had just freed himself from the last of his clothes and motioned him over, putting a finger to her lips for quiet. Jeff crept beside her and looked over the edge of the cliff.


Chloe ground her pussy against Kelly’s face as she voraciously devoured his stiff cock. His tongue stabbed into her dripping hole over and over. She was about to cum but she didn’t want to release his cock, although when his tongue began to flick at her throbbing clit her head came up and an animalistic cry broke the silence. Chloe forgot about Kelly’s cock for the moment and crushed her foaming pussy down on his mouth. She was grinding her clit against his chin as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. She grunted and groaned and continued riding her lover until she felt him pushing up on her hips. That’s when she realized he couldn’t breath. She lifted off him as he gasped for air.

“I’m sorry…I wasn’t trying to kill you,” she said looking back at Kelly gulping oxygen.

His face was covered with so much of her juices that they were running down his cheeks and dripping from his ears.

“I couldn’t tell…if I was going…to suffocate or…drown,” he managed between raged breaths.

“I said I was sorry…,” she apologized again with a pouty look on her face.

She threw her leg over him to kneel by his side. She brought her lips to his and kissed him gently at first then with more passion as he responded to her kisses. Chloe threw her leg over him and was now lying on top of the young man as they continued to kiss. She moved her legs up and down his as she squirmed over him; the silken cocoon incasing her body was driving him wild. His cock stood up straight and the shaft was pressed into the cleft of her slippery pussy lips. Chloe was grinding her clit into his pubic bone when she felt his hands grip her hips, raising them up. His cock slid along her moist furrow until the head found her opening. He pulled her down hard, stabbing the full length of his rigid penis deep into her fiery hole.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh,” they cried in unison.

He held her tight to him so he could enjoy the feeling of her tight pussy clasping his hard cock. Chloe was trembling from the sudden impalement that set off another orgasm deep in her core. She tried to move but Kelly held her firm. The ripples and contractions he was feeling from her were unbelievable. He relaxed his grip and she was instantly bouncing up and down on his throbbing cock. She had tormented him long enough. She was going to make him cum and fill her up with his hot seed. Chloe slowed her pace and took long strokes on his cock. Lifting off him until just the head was at her opening then sliding back down to press her ass against his thighs.

“Mmmmmmmm…That’s it…I’m almost there…aaaahhhhh,” Kelly moaned as Chloe drew him closer to release.

“Are you ready to fill my tight pussy with your hot sticky cum?” she asked almost rhetorically.

“Yes…I’m ready…make me cum please,” Kelly pleaded.

“Mmmmm…I like to hear you beg…it’s so cute,” Chloe replied then kissed him quickly on the lips.

Without hesitating she bounced her silky round ass up and down at a furious pace. Kelly began to moan then suddenly went stiff. She felt him make a few erratic thrusts then he shuddered violently. The first shot of his cum blasted into Chloe’s pussy with such force it took her breath away. She lost her rhythm with the second blast and by the time the third erupted inside her, she was in the throws of her own orgasm. Kelly continued to shoot into her pussy and now with each shot, cum was squirting out around his cock and onto the towel.

“Oh my God…Oh my God…Yes…yes,” Chloe chanted with each convulsion she felt from her orgasm.

The two lovers lay in each others arms as the final quaking pulses of their individual orgasms passed. Their panting breaths and pounding hearts were all they could hear over the roar of the near by water fall.


“Holy shit! It looked like he came a bucket load in her. I’m so…,” Tina’s words tailed off when she looked over at Jeff and he wasn’t next to her anymore.

Tina turned around and saw him sitting in the shade on his own towel grinning at her. His curved cock was pointing at his chest as he drizzled the warming lube over its length. Tina got a determined look in her eye as she climbed off the rocks and headed toward him; sunlight flashing off her glossy hose with each step she took.

Jeff had his back against a flat mossy rock as Tina approached, her luscious legs incased in shimmering nylon mesmerized him with every subtle movement. His erect cock, now completely covered with the slick lube, was bouncing with each beat of his heart. Tina stopped at the edge of the large beach towel Jeff had spread on the ground. She stood with her legs apart, hands on her hips, just staring down at him. Jeff could see the trails of clear liquid that were coating her inner thighs down to her knees. The bright pink folds of her womanhood were spread open like a flower and small clear droplets of nectar clung to its petals as they protruded through the opening in her pantyhose. She stepped closer then slowly knelt between his open legs. He was still staring at her as if in a trance. Tina took the bottle of lube from him with her left hand and began to stroke his throbbing dick with the other.

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