Trouble in Paradise

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Spring time in the city had gotten tough. People had to be tighter with money and as such, the café was dead that afternoon. The only customer we had was Gladys, the kind old cat lady that loves to show off pictures of her white Persian cat called Yasmin.

I was minding the counter, flicking a wooden stirrer between my fingers when my world brightened with the appearance of my wife, Gabrielle and son, Damien. Gabrielle had changed somewhat in the last 12 years; her hips had widened and her bust had become fuller. (Mostly due to the hormones she’d been taking)

Damien however only faintly resembled us. We adopted him as a baby and now he sees us as his real parents. He stands nearly up to my chest in height, with short dark hair and a thin figure, much like his mother.

Gabrielle smiled softly as she walked up to the counter, her eyes locked on me. “Hey baby, how’s your day been so far?” She asked me and I just sighed.

“Pretty slow. Still, another two hours and I’m free.” I say with a smirk as she nods in semi understanding.

“So, can we get two hot chocolates?” Gabrielle asked as Damien had his head down, his fingers tapping away on his mobile phone.

“What’s up Damien, you not going to say hi to your father?” I ask him with a smirk as I start to froth the chocolate milk for their drinks.

Damien looked up at me, nodding once as he spoke. “Hey dad” Before returning to his mobile.

I chuckled to myself as I noticed the dark bags under his eyes, proof that he’d been up till three again on that new game, OverSight, I think it’s called.

He’d bugged us about it for weeks and after showing his marks in school had improved, we succumb and bought it for him.

I looked at the two of them as I placed the tray of drinks before them on the counter and smiled as I gave Gabrielle a wink and whispered that they were on the house.

As the pair of them walked away to find a seat, the next customer stepped forward. She was a tall red headed woman in her early forties with a long black coat and sunglasses. Yet even from behind the glasses, I could tell she was glaring at me.

“May I help you miss?” I enquired as she flashed a brief look of insult.

“So, you don’t remember me?” She asked, sounding a little offended as she pulled away the glasses so I could see all her face.

It took me a few seconds to recognise her, but as I did, my mouth dropped open in disbelief.

“No way, Sarah?” I asked and a triumphant smile flickered across her lips as she leaned with her elbows on the counter.

“You got it. I’d say you’re looking well, but then I’d be lying.” She said.

She hadn’t changed. In all these years without a single word from her, she was still the same spiteful woman I remembered.

She tapped her fingers against the counter as she waited for my response.

“Sixteen years and you’re still holding a grudge for what happened?” I asked and her tapping stopped dead.

“Oh, you think? You left me when I was at my lowest.” She said, her voice raising slightly below a shout.

“Sarah, now isn’t the time, please leave.” I said to her as she balled up a fist on the counter top but as she was about to retort, Gabrielle stood up and walked over.

“He said to leave. So, I suggest you do so.” She said as Sarah rounded on her, squaring up to her.

“When I want the opinion of his slut squad, I’ll let you know, otherwise, fuck off back to your brat.” Sarah said rather loudly.

I wanted to jump over the counter and throw her out with as much force as I could muster, but my hands were tied, unlike Gabrielle’s.

With a swipe of her nails, Gabrielle swiped across Sarah’s face, dragging four deep pink lines across her cheek and nose.

Sarah dropped back a bit against the counter before turning and storming to the door. “This isn’t over slut!” She screamed at Gabrielle before running away in tears.

I stepped out and took Gabrielle’s vbet hand into mine.

“Are you ok?” I asked her but she didn’t answer for a moment.

After a long moment, she looked me in the eyes. “When we get home, you’ve got some explaining to do.” She said before turning and walking out with Damien close behind, his takeaway cup in one hand and phone in the other.

The rest of the shift was rough. My focus was gone, as was my drive to serve people coffee. I went home that night with a heavy heart.

When I arrived home, Gabrielle was sat in the front room, her eyes barely watching the TV before turning to face me as I walked in. Damien was upstairs and I could faintly hear gunfire from his game.

I took a seat next to Gabrielle but instead of embracing me like she normally would, she sat back, her arms crossed under her breasts, her expression was not one of happiness.

“Well? I think you’d best start explaining.” She said and I sighed, realising I hadn’t got any choice.

I took a deep breath before beginning to tell of what happened.

“Sixteen years ago, Sarah, the lady you met today and myself, were in a relationship.” I started but Gabrielle didn’t look all that surprised by this, so I continued.

“She was a party girl and I was happy to have an easy girlfriend who liked to be with me and would put out. I thought I was happy until I discovered that she was on drugs. We argued several times and each time she promised to come off the stuff and stay clean. But her promises never lasted long and soon she was back on them again. After six months of this, I found her at a party so high that she was barely conscious, a week after that, I left her and came to live out this way.” I explained and once I’d finished, I looked Gabrielle in the eyes and she sighed.

“So, why has she come looking for you now?” She asked, her face still unchanging and I wish I had the answer to that very question.

I sighed. “I don’t know. I wish I did, but I don’t.” I said, looking down at my own feet as I tried to work out why she had suddenly appeared back in my life.

There was a tension in the air as I went to sleep that night, I’d been relegated to the sofa and slept in discomfort as the events from earlier still went through my mind, trying to figure out why she was back.

A week passed with no sign of Sarah coming back and maybe I could be forgiven for thinking it’d all been just a ridiculous coincidence. But as I opened the coffee shop up for the morning traffic, she walked in, a young man walking by her side.

He had tall and slightly stocky and must have been about 16, his eyes were a shade of brown and he had dark hair. He looked at me and I could see recognition in his eyes.

Sarah pulled away her sunglasses and smirked as she placed a hand on his back. “Marcus, I’d you to meet your father.” She said to him and my eyes went wide in shock, I almost wanted to wake up from whatever nightmare I had found myself in, but no closing my eyes could stop the revelation from sinking in.

I felt sick to my stomach as I saw Gabrielle walking in at that moment, our eyes meeting across the shop and without even saying a word, she came to my side, ready to defend me against Sarah.

“Why’ve you come back? You’re not wanted in our life.” She said but Sarah just scoffed.

“Well, you might have to live with it now he’s finally met his son.” She said, the glint of vicious mockery in her tone.

Gabrielle looked between me and the boy, her mouth hanging open before turning away, not even looking at me.

“Gabrielle, please wait!” I called after her but she didn’t stop, her back hunched slightly as she walked away, shaking as her hand covered her mouth.

It felt as if my world was crumbling before my very eyes, everything I had built was coming down and for the first time in a long time, I felt genially alone.

Marcus looked at me and he had his vbet giriş mother’s wicked smile as he held out his hand.

“There’s a new game I want.” He said, holding his hand out, almost demanding money from me. I looked at his hand and wanted to laugh but my voice was frozen. Marcus however wasn’t laughing and the smile he’d had was now replaced with an indifferent waiting expression.

“No. It’s not happening.” I finally said, Sarah’s eyes narrowing as she glared at me.

“You’re not going to give your son what he wants? He’s your blood.” She said but I still shook my head.

“I’m sorry, But I’m not going to believe that he’s my son when I barely know him.” I said. Now, I knew it sounded cold, but I remembered what Sarah’s past was like and how quick she used to drop her panties for a throbbing cock.

Marcus booted me in the shin before shouting at the top of his lungs. “You’re no father, you’re just a cheap bastard who abandoned us.”

Ignoring the pain in my leg, I locked eyes with Sarah. “I want a DNA test to prove he’s mine.” I said but Sarah looked shocked.

“How could you even suggest that? How can you not believe I was faithful to you?” She asked, trying to make it sound like I was the bad guy. But her tactics weren’t working.

The very next day, we were sat in an office of the local hospital, Gabrielle had refused to come and was still very emotional, whilst Sarah looked silently confident as we waited for the results of the test.

Marcus was sat next to her, swinging his legs as he played on a hand-held games console, his earphones stopping him from hearing anything, so I turned to Sarah.

“How long are you planning to keep this up this act?” I asked her but she just ignored me, humming a tune that just made me more annoyed.

When the door opened however, the smug look on her face dropped as a young man in a white coat came in, holding a clipboard stacked with several sheets of paper.

The man took a seat opposite us and smiled across the table. Clearly, this was someone she hadn’t expected to see.

“Hello, my name is Doctor Reece, I know you were expecting Doctor Sanchez, but he’s been called out on an emergency case, so I’m filling in for him.” Doctor Reece explained as he started going through the notes on his clipboard and with every page he turned, I could see Sarah fidgeting even more.

“S…so Doc, what’s the verdict, tell this man that he is my son’s father.” She said, her voice shaking slightly but when he looked up, his smile was gone and his hands were together before him.

There was a long silence as the doctor examined her expression, the suspense was almost palpable.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that madam, because he’s not the boy’s father.” The doctor said and I felt me entire being breathe a sigh of relief.

Sarah however wasn’t so convinced.

“There has to be a mistake, run it again. And I want Doctor Sanchez this time!” She shouted but Doctor Reece merely held up his hand.

“I’m sorry to break it to you miss, but he’s not the boy’s father. There is however a familial match to him.” And I suddenly felt a much more horrified feeling wash over me.

“I’m sorry, but familial, you mean…” I started to ask and the doctor finished to sentence.

“As in a male relative close to you, such as a brother or a father.” He said.

I stood, knocking the chair backwards as I ran out of the office and into the nearest bathroom.

Splashing water on my face, I felt sickened by what she’d tried to do and by the revelation that I had either a new brother or I was an uncle.

When I arrived home later, the house was empty. Nobody was home and after walking into the kitchen, I found out why.

On the table was a hand-written note from Gabrielle.

“We’ve gone shopping and will be home after 6. Make yourself something and I’ll see you soon.


There was no vbettr kiss on the note, so I suspected she was still upset with me.

I sat around in the house, my appetite gone and my attention on the television wasn’t there as 6 o’clock came and went.

Around 7, the car pulled up and I saw the two of them get out of the car. Gabrielle looked up and down the street before coming inside.

As she walked into the front room, her eyes were filled with a soft kindness I had wanted to see all day.

“Sorry we’re late. Are you ok?” She asked and I just looked at her before bursting into tears.

She sat next to me and I told her the whole story of what had transpired. When it was all over, she looked at me and the kindness was now replaced with guilt.

“I…I’m so, so sorry.” She said as she hung her head low. She clearly felt terrible about treating me the way she had. Tears were rolling down her cheek but deep down as I placed my hand on hers, I couldn’t find it in my heart to blame her.

“It’s ok. It’s over now.” I said before leaning in and kissing her cheek softly.

Gabrielle promised to make it up to me any way she could, so later that night as I lay on our bed, she came in, her long slender legs crowned by a short plaid skirt, a white blouse open halfway to show off her small yet firm breasts and her hair tied in pigtails.

She slowly walked in, her hips swaying.

“Hello master. I’ve been a very bad girl. I think I need to be…punished.” She said and on the last word she slid a finger from her lips down onto her breasts.

I lay on the bed, smiling as she slowly grinds against the wall, giving me a glimpse up her skirt to show she isn’t wearing any panties.

She walks over to the bed and bends at the waist, raising her skirt. “Spank me master.” She says as I lick my lips and strike her cheeks with an open hand, her yelps of pleasure getting me even more turned on.

“Mmmm, you’re so very submissive, you little slut.” I say as I grab her ass and shove three fingers into her sissy pussy.

“Oh fuck, master, it’s so good. Treat me like your personal bitch in heat.” She moans as I finger fuck her sissy pussy hard.

Her little clitty had hardened slightly and was starting to leak her sissy goo as I finally pulled out my fingers.

“Mmmmm, get on the bed now.” I say, commanding her with a smile.

Obediently, she got onto the bed, her hands on either side of my legs as I pulled down my boxers, my hard cock springing free.

Her eyes fixed on the hard member showed her desires. She wanted my cock, she clearly needed it and with little more than a word, she drove onto it, sucking like a cock obsessed slut.

I moaned out as she sucked, her soft pouting lips wrapped tight around the shaft as she slid it into her throat, her breaths taking in my scent.

“Mmmmmm, I’ve missed you baby.” She moaned like a slut as she slowly slides it out of her mouth.

She then spun around and presented her bare blushing pink pussy to me, her clitty still leaking.

“Fuck me master, I’m your slutty little sissy wife.” She moaned as her hips wiggled in excitement and anticipation.

I grinned with agreement as without waiting, I rammed my hard cock inside her, moaning as I spread her wide.

“Mmmmm, remember the first-time baby? When you fell in love with my hard cock?” I moaned as I thrust hard, my hips slapping against her voluptuous ass.

“Oh, fuck baby, I remember. I also remember you feel in love with my pussy.” She said between moans, her back flexing as she pushed back, taking my cock deeper.

Moaning as we fucked hard, I leaned over her and kissed her lips, our marriage was back to how it should be and we were loving it.

After cumming inside of her three times, she got off the bed and smiled. “I also remember this.” She said before sliding her fingers into her pussy, coating them in my hot cum and sucking her fingers clean in front of me.

“I love you so much.” I say to her.


Thank you all for reading this story, admittedly this may be the last time you hear of Gabrielle and her husband for a while, but they could always come back. I hope you enjoyed it.

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