Trust Me

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“Trust me.” He says as he lays over me brushing the hair out of my eyes. His eyes are what I fell in love with and currently it is as if they are staring through me. I smile as his thumb brushes my skin sending chills on my flesh and rushing heat from the pit of my stomach to my lower region.

“Why wouldn’t I?” I respond in only a whisper as his lips meet mine. A smile dances across his face and he looks to my lips. His lips meet mine and I melt in his kiss as my arms embrace his body pulling him closer to me.

He pulls back and his eyes meet mine.

“How long have you been planning to get me here?” He asks with a grin while his hands explore my body. His right hand cupping my left breast.

“Mmm, too long. Much too long.” I moan and he chuckles and slides down my body taking my left nipple into his mouth.

At first he teases my nipple with the tip of his tongue. I arch my back trying to get him to suck on my nipple and possibly even a nibble. He doesn’t bite my bait. He pushes himself off of me and starts with a trail of kisses south of my breasts.

I push myself up on my elbows and watch as he slides down to the foot of my bed. His eyes meet my stare as he slows it down and begins to lightly bite my skin. I smile and spread my legs for him.

“Getting a little ahead aren’t we?” He asks as he climbs back up the bed.

“Well I thought…” His mouth shuts mine as he begins to kiss me once more. As he does my right leg bends over his left and wraps around his leg.

“Don’t think tonight. Just enjoy this. Don’t over think this. Relax for me, babe. Just relax. I want to watch you enjoy this. I don’t want it quick and easy. Porno I want you to be tortured. I want you to cum and cum hard when we fuck. Like the first time. Do you remember the first time?”

“Mmm, how can I forget? It was so spontaneous. I never came that hard before.”

“That’s because you never had me in the basement of your parent’s house before. On Easter no less.” It was my turn to chuckle and it was followed by a long kiss.

As we kissed his fingers were teasing my cunt. I shaved this morning for him. A moan came from his mouth as we kiss. I knew he is pleased. I feel his index finger and middle finger separate my lips and I hear a crackle from my wetness in the air. The cool breeze touches my cunt and he slides down to my breast and takes my left nipple into his mouth.

I hold his head to my breast. I love watching him as he pulls on my nipple time and time again until he finishes off with a quick and hard bite. His eyes meet mine. In his eyes I see playfulness and I know he must see the lust in mine.

He slides down between my legs and raises them both onto his shoulders as he licks each smooth lips first. His tongue zig zags over my cunt lips just lightly tickling my clit. Each time he passes over my clit I jerk and he holds me tighter against his shoulders.

“Relax, baby.” I let my legs down and close my eyes as I concentrate on the sensation his lips and tongue were having on my entire body. I was losing count after cumming five times and he climbs back up to my lips and kisses me. I love the taste of me on him and I hold him closer as I feel his hardness between my legs.

“I love you.” He Altyazılı Porno begins to kiss my neck and I hold the back of his neck.

“Mmm, I love you too.” My hand runs through his hair and I feel him pushing his cock slowly inside of me. I adjust a leg and then he slides in easily. It has been awhile since he’s been inside of me so I’m a tad bit tight and I know he enjoys it because of his deep guttural moan. I arch my back and he pulls on my leg.

I wrap my leg around his back and roll him over. I’m on top and in charge – his favorite position. I place each of my hand on each of his shoulders as I adjust myself on his cock. Once I’m comfortable I keep my hands on his shoulders and begin to rock my hips. I raise my arms and play with my breasts as his hands join mine. Each hand is tugging on a nipple.

His fingers tighten on my nipples and as he pulls them another orgasm is building and my hips are moving faster. I lay down on top of him and press my breasts into his chest as I feel his cock meeting my thrust.

“Don’t stop,” I barely get out.

“What?” You ask a moan mixed with a whisper.

“Keep fucking me. I want you to keep fucking me.”

“Are you going to cum on my cock? Are you going to let me burst inside of your cunt? Your hot cunt, Mmm.”

“Yes. I want you to cum inside me I want you deeper inside of me.”

“Deeper, huh?”

“Oh god yes!!! The deeper, the better.”

“Ok, babe. Climb off of me and get on your hands and knees.” I do as he suggests and feel my sweaty body brush his. I grab his cock and give him a hand job as both of us are on our knees kissing. My cum is slick Brazzers on his cock and he’s so hard. His lips break the kiss. “Babe, stop. If you don’t…well…” I smile and kiss his lips quickly before I turn around. He spreads my legs with his hands and his fingers tease my soaking cunt.

His fingers offer my mouth my own juice as I lean against him sucking his fingers. I feel his throbbing cock against me and his hand slides down and teases my clit giving it small tugs which become electric.

“I want you inside of me.” I mumble as his kisses started on my neck and were trailing onto my shoulder.

“Bend forward and hold onto the headboard, baby.” He whispers as he bent me forward. I feel his cock slide smoothly inside me as he begins to thrust while holding my midsection so I won’t collapse. “Oh fuck, honey, you’re so tight and hot and wet.” I hear him groan and I grab his hand at my stomach and he grabs my other hand on the head board. “Babe, lay with your head on the pillow. I’ll be so deep inside of your cunt you’ll feel like you’re splitting in two.”

“Oh god, yes.”

As I do this I feel him slide deeper inside and I feel his hands on my hips pulling me into him as he starts to fuck me – hard. I thrust back at him as I feel his thrusts quicken.

“I’m going to cum.” I say breathlessly. ” I cant hold back.”

“Oh yes. Come for me. Come all over my cock. I’m going to cum deep inside of you.”

“Fuck me…harder…” I feel his thrusts and then his hot cum shooting deep inside of me and then he touches my clit and pushes me over the edge as I start to cum. My muscles squeezing his softening cock.

We pant as we collapse next to one another. His hand wraps my face and he kisses my lips.

“We will definitely be doing that again.” I look at him with a smile as he pulls me close.

“Oh we will?” He kissed my forehead and pulls the blanket over our bodies.

“Trust me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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