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This story is fiction, inspired in part by real events that have happened in my life. It involves ten year olds willingly having sex with their dads. If that bothers you, or if you should not be reading this for any reason, please stop. And if you”re someone who thinks about taking advantage of immature, unwilling, and/or unconsenting minors, please rethink that. We not here to hurt other people.

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Twelve Year Old Dad: Chapter One


Bob Roberts

In 1960s Southern Appalachia, a pregnant 12 year old girl was no big shock. Neither were two pregnant 12 year olds in the same town, for that matter. But when both girls had been knocked up in a short period of time by the same 11 year old fucker, the town took notice … and got pretty pissed off.

That 11 year old fucker was me. My dad and I had been doing each other for a while. I”d been smoking his Camels for as long as I can remember. I was born horny and played with my cock as much as I could as soon as I realized it was there. In short, even as a very young boy I was obsessed with becoming a man.

My dad was a great fuckbud to have. 46 years old. A Navy man with a gaziantep escort hairy barrel chest and killer stubble. All man but a passionate kisser who was really gentle with his fat 8+ inches until he knew I could take it. No matter how loving he generally was though, he liked to talk some serious shit when he was breeding me – especially as he got close to cumming. One of his favorite bits of trash talk was to call me a faggot and tell me that I would always be a faggot until I got some pussy (he was always on top, by the way – I only got to fuck him a few times a year, often by taking him when he was asleep). Hearing that was a dead giveaway that I was fixing” to be filled up with a lot of hot seed.

After a while, the trash talk got in my head. I fuckin wanted to be a MAN – period – so I decided to get some pussy. Although my dad mostly treated me like a man – taught me woodwork as soon as it was safe for me to be around tools, let me smoke whenever I pleased, treated me like an equal in bed for the most part, etc. – I felt like he wouldn”t ever totally see me as a man until I could brag about all the pussy I”d had.

We lived on a small rural farm surrounded by lots of other rural farms. I went to school with girls who lived on some of those farms, and I figured they would be the best chance of charming my 4-incher (at that time!) inside some skirts. And I had a fuckload suriyeli escort of success, real quick. Before long I had regular access to three pussies – two 12 year olds and a 15 year old. I tried my best to do at least one of them every day, generally in the early evening in their barns. Didn”t like it near as much as being take with Dad, but I was on a mission, And, of course, I was a dumbass 11 year old and gave no thought whatsoever to protection or to pulling out.

Soon I (and the rest of the town) found out that two of them were pregnant. Somehow I didn”t knock up the 15 year old, but the 12 year olds were fertile ground. Everything I did with those girls was consensual, but to stay of of trouble both ended up claiming I raped them. Almost the entire town blacklisted my family, with the exception of Dad”s boss at the mill, Jim. For my mother (who probably knew all along that Dad and I were fucking), this was the last straw. She moved away and we haven”t seen her since. As for the girls, their families had no interest in keeping the babies and no one else wanted them either.

So, when the two boys were born about three weeks apart, Dad took them in. But he made clear to me that they were ultimately my responsibility from day one even though I”d just turned 12, and that they would be calling me “Dad” as soon as they could speak. rus escort I did a pretty good job of caring for them. I had plenty of free time, having been immediately kicked out of school because of the scandal. My days were spent caring for the boys, working in Dad”s wood shop whenever I had any free time, and reading every damn book Dad could get his hands on for me. He told me getting kicked out of school was no excuse to grow up stupid. Oh, and I kept on fucking. With Dad. A lot.

Most every night, as soon as the boys were asleep, Dad and I would go at it. He would usually seed me two or three times a night. Up my ass if I was good for it. Deep down my throat otherwise. I”d get off two or three or four times a night myself, generally by my own hand. Between rounds, we”d lay in bed smoking Camels, making out, and warming up for the next round. And, damn, I was right. Me finding some pussy – with obvious proof sleeping a few rooms away – made Dad see me as a man and it fuckin turned him on. No more “faggot” trash talk. From then on it was more like, “yeah big fucker … out there seedin” all that pussy … time for you to see what it”s like to take a load yourself … you like that, fucker?” Hell, he even got my me own beat-up old Ford pickup. I loved sneaking out after dark with him and letting him take my ass with me bent over the tailgate. Or driving him somewhere remote and sucking him off a couple of times in the middle of nowhere. We had a lot of fun with that truck.

There”s a hell of a lot more to this story. A lot more detail, and years and decades of dad/son fucks. If there”s interest, I”m damn glad to keep the story going.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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