Twin Troubles Pt. 02 – The Next Date

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The first thing I did when I got home was check on my sister. Trinity must have taken something because she was out cold, her snores sounding like construction equipment. I quietly shut the door and went to my room, stripping down and tossing my clothes in my hamper. The drive home had woken me up and with all that had happened tonight flying through my brain, I was wide awake, not to mention my pussy was sticky with dried cum.

Deciding that I needed a bath to relax, I started the water in the tub and ran to the kitchen to grab a bottle of iced tea from the fridge. The hot water felt wonderful as I lowered myself slowly, letting my body acclimate to the temperature.

Would I do it again? That question had been on my mind ever since I’d gotten out of Ashley’s car and into my own. If I had the chance to have sex with Ashley again, would I? I could chalk up what happened tonight as a fluke experience, a one-off that only occurred because fate had conspired against me.

I mean, how was I supposed to know that Ashley was incredibly beautiful, with her sky-blue eyes, full, luscious, kissable lips that tasted like fine wine with a pussy that gushed forth with what must have been nectar of the gods.

As my mind drifted back to the massive, roller-coaster of an orgasm that Ashley’s magical fingers had brought me, my own hand crept down my body, only pausing to tweak my nipples before continuing southward. I remembered her lips on my neck, whenever she lightly bit down, the briefest bit of pain only adding to the pleasure.

My hips raised out of the water as I dipped my finger into my pussy, collecting the fluids that had already leaked out just by the memories flitting through my mind. I rubbed my clitty, slowly at first, then picking up the pace. When my fingernail scraped my clit just like Ashley’s had, I held my breath so not to cry out as my body shook.

“Jesus!” I thought as I calmed down from my self-induced orgasm. “Okay, maybe not a one-off.” I had to be honest with myself. The sex with Ashley had been amazing; the heights that she brought me to I’d not experienced ever before. Maybe my next time with a woman wouldn’t be with her but there would be a next time with another woman, that was for sure.

Thinking of Ashley led me to think about Trinity and how she would react when she found out that I’d had sex with her dream date. She and I had never been able to keep secrets from each other, even when we tried, like my crush on Jim Haskins or her crush on his sister, Judy. I knew deep down there would be consequences to what had happened tonight and I wasn’t looking forward to it. “Well, things would be better in the morning.” I said to myself as I exited the tub, finishing my drink.

Morning came a lot earlier than expected. I walked out of the bathroom, totally naked. Trinity was standing outside in the hallway, the same look that mom had whenever she caught us out past curfew. Well, a near dead, sick-as-a dog version of mom, that is.

“Um, hey Sis.” I said, trying to sound like I was happy to see her. “Feeling better?”

“You’re home a little late, aren’t you?” Trinity said, her arms folded on her chest.

“Yeah, um, Ashley thought that I’d drank a little too much for me to drive home safely so I, uh, stayed over at her place until I sobered up a little.” I said with a plastered smile.

Trinity’s eyebrow raised, looking uncannily just like mom at that moment. “Really. And did you two have a nice time?”

“What are you getting at, Trin?” I asked her, trying to go on the offensive and cut this off before it got worse.

“Did you two have sex?” It got worse.

I tried my best to say no but I suck at lying, especially to Trinity. “Well, I mean, of course not…” I said, my voice trailing off.

“Ahhhhh, you did!” Trinity screamed; her voice hoarse from coughing. “You bitch! How could you? I trusted you to just go and come back, Ms. “What-if-she-tries-to-kiss-me!” I’d only seen my sister this mad at me when I turned her essay in to our English teacher as mine. I got an A. Trinity got a D.

“Look, I mean, I didn’t plan for it to happen.” I replied, trying to calm everything down but probably making it ten times worse. “You could have warned me she would be so beautiful.” I closed my eyes, instantly regretting what I had just said.

Trinity balled up her fists, took two steps forward, then let out a massive sneeze. I couldn’t help myself and started to laugh which caused her to scream again, whirl around and storm into her room, slamming the door in anger.

I felt bad so I walked up, still naked and gently knocked on the door. “Hey Trin, may I come in.” A loud thud, probably a thrown shoe hitting the door, was my answer. So, I tried a different tactic. “Do you want to build a snowman?” I asked softly, trying to make her laugh by invoking her favorite movie. My answer was another loud thud.

Sighing, knowing this was not over, I went to my room and crashed on the bed, not even bothering to dress. Hopefully, my sister would be in rus escort a little better mood in the morning.

With the rising of the sun brought clarity. My clock informed me that it wasn’t even ten yet. Dragging myself out of bed, I used the restroom, then showered, trying to wake up. As I stood in the bathtub, the steaming hot water cascading over my body, I replayed the events of last night in my mind.

Obviously, I’d just been caught up in the moment. The fancy restaurant, the luxury car, the beautiful woman, too much wine. It had all combined to overwhelm me, broken down my resistance so that I would make decisions that I normally would never consider. Anyway, I would never think of betraying the trust that Trinity and I had in each other. Blood before pussy, as the saying went. Ashley was Trinity’s, not mine. Ashley, with her long, luscious legs, her completely kissable lips, her soft, pliant breasts, her delicious pussy…

I shook my head and moved my hand from my pussy where I’d been cleaning it extra thoroughly. Quickly, I rinsed myself off and stepped out of the shower. Finishing up in the bathroom, I got dressed in shorts and a tee shirt, then headed to the kitchen for some food and much needed coffee.

Trinity was there, sitting at the table, hunched over and drinking her tea. She shot me her most baleful glance as I grabbed a bagel and started a pot of coffee. Sitting down next to her, I buttered my bagel, taking a bite as I watched Trin drink her tea in all her miserable glory.

“You’re looking better.” I said, trying to kickstart a conversation. Trinity let out a “humph” in response which I took as her coming to terms with what happened. “If it makes you feel any better, Ashley and I, I mean, Ashley and you have another date this coming Saturday.” Trinity didn’t reply but I could tell that she wanted to hear more. “It’s at Roscoe Jerry’s.”

My sister involuntarily let out a squeal of delight, then coughed, then glared at me balefully again, then finally settled on a smile which brightened her whole face up. I smiled to myself, knowing that the mention of Trinity’s favorite restaurant would get her spirits up.

“How, I mean, really?” Trinity asked hoarsely, still a little in shock from what I’d just told her. “So, you’re saying a fabulously wealthy socialite like Ashley Connors agreed to go to RJ’s?”

“Agree?” I replied as I poured a cup of coffee. “Hell, Sis. She squealed just like you did, then she mentioned something about taking a nice, romantic stroll by the bridge.” Trinity sat there, sipping her tea. I knew she was dying to talk about last night but didn’t know how to approach the subject.

Finally, I sighed. “Okay, out with it.” I said, taking a sip of coffee.

“I mean, really? You and her? Sex?” My sister usually talked like that, a stream of consciousness, not forming whole sentences when she was upset or excited.

Taking another sip, I put the cup down, then shrugged. “I got caught up in the moment. Don’t worry, Trin. It won’t happen again.” I said firmly, as much to myself as to her.

“Bullshit.” Trinity replied, half smiling.

“No, I’m serious! Last night was a one off. I’m going to chalk it up to ‘a new experience’, one that I have no plans on repeating.”

“Okay,” Trinity spoke, sitting up straighter. “I’ll believe that if you answer one question. How was the sex?”

I opened my mouth to reply, then closed it again as the briefest flash of the roller coaster that was my first female induced orgasm flashed through my mind. “It was…okay, I guess.” Trinity let out a snort as a reply. “Fine, it was the best damn orgasm I’ve fucking had. Is that better?”

Trinity let out a cough as she laughed. “Yeah, chalk it up to ‘a new experience.'” she said mockingly.

“You were right about the fingers, by the way.” I said, picking up my cup and taking a long sip.

Trinity let out a giggle. “Told you.” I sighed and nodded in agreement. “So, what now?”

“What do you mean ‘So what now?'” I couldn’t help but sound a little defensive. “You get better and go out on a date with the fabulous Ashley Conners, the first of many, then get married a year later where I, as the maid of honor, catch the bouquet, while I get to live vicariously through you as I wallow in misery and loneliness for the rest of my life, bringing myself off while remembering the best sex I’d ever had.”

Trinity blinked for a few moments, just staring at me in silence. “Oooor, we could find you a nice woman to date, too.” she finally. I finished my bagel and pored myself another cup of coffee before sitting back down and replying.

“You really think lightning would strike twice for me?” I asked, intrigued. I really wasn’t looking forward to wallowing in misery and loneliness for the rest of my life.

Trinity gave me a huge grin. “Absolutely.”

My sister grilled me on the events of last night and I didn’t hold back either, telling Trinity all about the restaurant, the ride home, what Ashley wore when istanbul bayan eskort she drove me back to my car and of course, the sex. I figured if Ashley wanted to bring up the first date with my sister, Trinity had better know what she was talking about.

Ashley called a while later and I answered, again pretending to be my sister. It wasn’t easy, though and I almost broke down and told her everything but a quick glance at Trinity inspired me to keep the story up.

Monday came and I drove Trin to her doctor where he gave her some antibiotics and by Wednesday, she was almost back to her old self, even talking to Ashley on the phone. I have to admit that I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous, but I was happy for Trinity. It sounded like the two of them would have a great time.

By Saturday, Trinity was feeling totally better, which meant she was annoying as all get out, taking a good chunk of two hours trying to look slouchy but not slovenly, sexy but not desperate, all the time asking my opinion on what she should change on her makeup, clothes, or shoes.

When it was time for her to go meet Ashley at Roscoe Jerry’s, I hugged Trinity and kissed her on the cheek, wishing her the best of times. She hugged me back, grabbed the keys to her car and headed out. I stood there for a minute, a tear or two sliding down my cheek, then went to the fridge, grabbed a beer and plopped down in front of the television and watched nothing important.

I was restless. I kept changing the channels as fast as the thoughts would change in my head. A question would pop into my mind and just as soon as I tried to answer it, another would take its place. How are Trinity and Ashley doing? Should I go out? Should I go spy on them? Should I get laid? Boy or girl? Should I just sit here and get blitzed on beer? I’m getting horny. Do I want another person to have sex with or just one of my toys?

The buzzing of my phone thankfully interrupted my runaway train of thoughts. It was Trinity sending me pics of her and Ashley at Roscoe Jerry’s. My sister was now sporting a red and black RJs hat along with a very noticeable lipstick kiss on her cheek. Ashley was dressed down as much as she could be with designer jean shorts and a tank top, her cleavage very noticeable along with a hint of her black bra peeking out. Both were making kissy faces at the camera with the next picture having them actually kissing. Trinity had thoughtfully written “Wish you were here.” as the last text.

I replied with a tongue-sticking-out emoji. Tossing my phone to the couch in anger, I decided that sitting here, stewing in my anger was ridiculous. Getting up, I quickly showered and threw on some makeup, dressing in a pair of loose shorts and a tube top. I was on a mission. I just wasn’t sure what it was yet.

The first place I drove to was dead. Even in my rather foul mood, this was not what I wanted. I ended up driving around for the better part of an hour just looking at bars and clubs from the driver’s seat. In my desperation, I asked the lady at the counter of the gas station where I was filling my car if she knew of any place to have fun. To my surprise, she did! Following her directions, I drove to a club on the outskirts of the city named HERS.

Actually, when I pulled up, I remember Trin talking to me about this place; somewhere where women could go and not have to be worried about men. Her winking at me when she told me tipped me off to what kind of club this was. I’d laughed at the time, thinking that I would never go there in a million years but here I was sitting in the parking lot, gathering my nerves to enter the building.

It was nothing liked I’d expected. After paying my entrance fee to the rather muscular woman at the door, I walked down the hall, my steps in time with the music. I turned the corner and stood there for a second, just soaking in the ambiance.

It wasn’t five seconds before I heard a loud “OH MY GOD! TRINITY!” Before I could react, I was engulfed in a tight embrace with lips pressed against mine and a tongue invading my mouth. After the initial shock, I returned the kiss with ardor. Whoever this woman was, she was one hell of a kisser.

We finally came up for air and I found myself looking at a pretty African American. She was wearing an outfit similar to mine; a tube top with shorts but her proportions filled her clothes out a lot nicer. “Oh, Jesus Trin! How’ve you been? It’s been forever!” she exclaimed, still holding on to me, our breasts touching though our clothes.

I smiled and said “Well, I’m doing great except for one thing.” I paused for effect, then spoke “I’m not Trinity. I’m her sister, Duella.” There was a brief pause that seemed to last forever as everyone who heard me stood in shock, then started to laugh. The poor girl who kissed me blushed furiously as she pulled back. I let out a giggle, wishing I had my camera ready, as the look on her face was priceless.

“Oh, I’m so, so sorry!” she stammered out. “I mean, you and she, I mean, ukraynalı escort oh God!”

“Hey, calm down.” I answered, placing my hand on her arm. Her skin was soft and smooth, and I enjoyed rubbing it. “It’s fine. Hell, if that’s how all of Trinity’s friends greet her, maybe I should be hanging out with my sister more often.” That drew another round of laughter as even my kisser smiled at that.

“Well, um, I’m Jessie and this is Ann, Maggie, Shari, and Beth.” Jessie said, pointing in turn to the other women in the group.” I nodded at them, even recognizing Shari and Beth from school. “Would you like to join us, Duella?”

I paused for a moment. “I don’t know. I may need another kiss to convince me.” Jessie smiled, putting her hand on my cheek, and kissed me long and sensuously. This time, I definitely enjoyed it a lot more, my hands on her hips, holding her against me. “Okay, I’m convinced!” I said when we broke the kiss. “And please, call me Dee. Duella sounds like I’m about to be punished by my mother.”

Jessie smiled and gave me one more quick kiss before saying “Okay, Dee it is.” Taking me by the hand, she led me to the table where the others had already sat down. Picking up the drink menu, I tried my best to decide what I wanted before asking for suggestions.

“Pink Lady or Long and Hard.” Ann said. She allowed me to taste her Long and Hard and that’s what I decided to go with. We all sat around, joking and having a grand old time. All the while, Jessie’s hand was rubbing my thigh under the table causing me to squirm and adjust my legs, allowing her better access.

I was on my third drink when Jessie finally got up the courage to ask me something that must have been on her mind since I first revealed who I was. “Um, not to pry Dee, but I remember Trinity saying that her sister was, well…”

“Straight.” I said, finishing the sentence for her. Jessie nodded, her fingers slipping under the leg hole of my shorts, just barely brushing my Mons through my panties. I closed my eyes for a moment, a slight smile on my face. When I opened them again, I noticed all the ladies were watching me. Blushing, I continued. “Well, um, uh, something happened last week that, umm, opened my eyes to all the pleasures I’d been missing.”

“Well spoken” Shari said, holding up her drink. “Here’s to serendipity.” I leaned forward to touch glasses with the others. That’s when Jessie took the opportunity to slip her index finger under my panties and touch my wetness.

I let out a little “Eep!” of surprise and Ann, who had a clear vision of what Jessie was doing to me, giggled at my reaction.

Jessie removed her hand and brought her finger to her lips, tasting my juices. Right then, the DJ decided to play a slow, romantic song. “Well, I don’t know about the rest of you but I would really love to dance.” Jessie declared, rising a little unsteadily to her feet. “Milady, would you care to join me on the dance floor?” she asked, holding her hand out to me.

“How can I turn down such a gracious offer?” I replied, smiling. The others clapped and cheered as I took Jessie’s hand and walked with her to the floor, joining three other couples there. I silently thanked God that I was wearing black shorts or I think everyone would be able to see the large damp spot thar I knew was there. Jessie wrapped her arms around my waist, her hands massaging my ass as I lightly rested my arms on her shoulders.

Our bodies were pressed together, breast to breast, our lips mere inches apart as we grooved and gyrated as one. I closed my eyes, letting myself be led by the beat and by Jessie’s hands on my ass. I was so turned on right then that I really wanted to lay down on the floor right then and let Jessie have her way with me and I would have if I’d known it wouldn’t have gotten us kicked or possibly arrested.

Jessie must have felt it, too. As she was groping my ass and grinding herself against me in time to the beat, she leaned in close and whispered “Damn, baby girl. I want you so fucking bad right now.” I gasped as her tongue flicked out and licked my neck. “You want it too, don’t you?” All I could do was nod, unable to speak as our bodies rubbed together.

When the song was over, Jessie and I walked back to the table, hand in hand. Everyone cheered at the show we put on, causing me to blush a bit and shyly smile. Beth laughed, saying “Damn, I thought you two were gonna do it out there on the dance floor!”

Everyone laughed as Jessie replied with “Don’t think I didn’t want to!” All of us closed the place. I made sure to get a couple of selfies with Jessie, mimicking the two pictures Trinity took with Ashley. For a brief moment, I wondered how my sister’s date was going. Was it already over? Did she and Ashley do more than hold hands and kiss? The briefest pang of jealousy flitted through me at that thought. Then Jessie squeezed my hand to get my attention.

“Hey, Earth to Dee.” Jessie spoke, waving her hand in front of my eyes.

“Oh, sorry. What was that?”

“I said, this place is about to close. Do ya wanna go and party back at my place?” I honestly thought about it before I answered. Is this what I wanted in life? It could be said that what happened with Ashley was me getting caught up in the moment. This however was me making a conscious decision.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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