Twins Ch. 03

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Group Sex

Before I had even pulled into my driveway, I could see lights on inside my house. I figured the twins were back and waiting for me. I had gone out to buy a few things, two of each, of course.

I walked into my kitchen, and was surprised to see Jackie, she was the black girl from up the street, and close friend with the twins. Before I could say anything, in walked Kim, she lived across the street.

Hi Mr. K., Jackie said.

Hi girls, why are you here? , I asked.

Jackie did all the talking, she always was the take charge type. We are the camera crew, don’t worry, we can keep a secret. The twins are upstairs in the Jacuzzi tub, getting ready for you.

Jackie was smiling the whole time, like a Cheshire cat, she obviously was looking forward to the show. Jackie is tall, 5’9″, with large 36DD boobs, and a firm round ass, she was 19, like the twins, only more mature, she had a bit of a reputation, she loved sex.

Little Kim was the complete opposite, 4’11”, Asian, small boobs, 32B, and her buns were so small I could fit them both in my hand, she was 18, the youngest of the group, and she seemed very innocent, I would bet she was a virgin.

We all started up to the master bedroom, to check on the twins, once inside I saw that the cameras were ready to go, one on a tripod, the other was going to be hand held.

I looked at the two girls, and told them that I didn’t mind them being here, but if they were going to stay, they would both have to strip naked.

As soon as I finished talking, Kim started complaining, she said, the twins never said anything about us having to get naked.

I said, well the twins didn’t tell me they were going to tell their friends. I think it’s only fair, the twins and I will all be naked, you should be too.

Jackie had already started removing her clothes, and looked at Kim and said, girl, relax, every body else will be naked, just strip.

Kim looked at Jackie just as she unhooked her bra, and released her large boobs. They were big alright, but firm, no sagging, with long hard nipples, just begging to be sucked.

I walked into the master bath, and saw the twins having a great time for themselves. They looked so hot, all wet, their perky tits, covered in bubbles. I could hear a buzzing, and noticed they each had vibrating rubber ducks, pressed against their crotches.

As soon as they saw me, they both stood up, water and bubbles dripping down their sexy bodies. I felt my cock hardening at the sight, and they both noticed too.

I told them that we might have a problem with the camera crew, I explained about my feeling that they should be naked as well, but Kim doesn’t want to.

Dawn grabbed her glasses and wrapped a towel around herself and marched right out to Kim, with Darryl right behind.

Jackie was completely nude now, and the girls dropped their towels, come on Kim, we are all naked, don’t be so shy.

Kim looked at me, and they came over and started removing my clothes too, as soon as my pants were off, my erection was causing quite the tent in my boxers, and Kim’s eyes were locked onto my crotch.

I said that I wouldn’t remove my boxers until Kim stripped.

The girls all looked at Kim, and watched as her trembling fingers started unbuttoning her blouse. Once she had it undone, the girls helped her remove it, Jackie unclasped her bra, but Kim held it against her chest for what seemed like forever.

Dawn grabbed Kim’s shorts and gave them a tug downward, dropping them around her ankles, leaving her standing there in her little pink panties.

I could see a small spot of moisture in her crotch, she might be innocent, but she was getting porno excited just the same.

Darryl placed her thumbs inside the waistband of Kim’s panties and slowly lowered them down her legs. She let her bra drop as well and now stood in front of me completely naked, she was gorgeous.

Jackie was standing next to me, and as soon as Kim was naked, she tugged my boxers down, revealing my hard cock for all to see. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and stroked it several times, smiling her approval.

I think it’s time I said, camera crew, get to your cameras, twins I want you both on your knees licking me.

Jackie was working the camera on the tripod, Kim had the hand held, and was getting a close up shot. Darryl sucked my cock inside, while Dawn licked and sucked my balls. Darryl released my cock, and both girls licked up and down my cock at the same time, licking it like an ice cream cone.

They both took turns sucking my cock deep into their mouths, their tongues felt wonderful, my cock was coated in their saliva, I knew I was going to cum soon, and they both sensed it too.

Dawn sucked my cock deep, just as I started cumming, her mouth came off my cock and was replaced instantly by her sisters, sucking another shot of cum into her mouth.

I watched Kim the whole time, seeing her reactions to everything that was happening, I could tell she was getting turned on, she was squirming when I started cumming.

I also checked on Jackie, she had two fingers jammed in her wet cunt, fucking herself the whole time, I could hear her moans, and after I had cum, she pulled her fingers out and licked them clean.

I knew I would need time to get hard again, I wasn’t worried about it, we had all night. I announced that we were going to play a game, to see who would get fucked up the ass first.

I had the twins lay down on the bed, with their legs hanging off the edge. I asked them to grab their legs behind their knees and pull up and apart as wide as they could.

I reached into the bag I had brought home with me, and removed two sets of anal beads, and some lube. The twins just looked at the beads, and then at me, as I slowly started to insert the beads up both girls tight asses. After they were all the way inside of each girl, I handed them each a vibrator.

I explained that the first girl to not only cum, but to be dripping her juices out, would be the winner. I want you to turn on your vibrators, and fuck your cunts until you are dripping, ready, set, go.

Both girls plunged the vibrators deep inside, Dawn was moving hers in and out rapidly, while Darryl held hers tight against her clit.

I was on my knees in front of the twins, looking at the two girls, fucking themselves. Kim was standing behind me, filming the action, and I’m sure she had to be getting wetter by the minute.

The twins were very wet, and moaning loudly, without any warning, I tugged on the beads, pulling one out of each girls asses.

They both screamed with pleasure, their moaning getting louder still, again I pulled another bead out. I heard Kim over my shoulder let out a moan as well. I looked back at her and she was fingering her pussy, while trying to keep the camera steady.

Suddenly Dawn pulled her vibrator out of her cunt, and she started squirting her juices, she just gushed, cumming like she had never cum before. I pulled the rest of the beads out of both girls, and now Darryl was cumming, but not like her sister had.

I announced that Dawn was the winner, and that she would be the first to lose her anal virginity.

While I was announcing the winner, Kim’s orgasm erupted, she too was squirting, all over my back, until finally her juices dripped down her thighs.

Kim started apologizing, we all laughed and told her it was perfectly alright, she should be proud of herself, not all girls can squirt.

Dawn was still on the bed in the same position, I lubed up two fingers and slowly eased them up her ass, trying to loosen her up. I fucked her ass with my fingers for several minutes, until I felt she was ready.

I pulled my fingers out, rubbed on some lube and brought the tip of my cock to her puckered anus, and shoved just the tip inside, and stayed motionless. Once I felt her start to relax a bit, I shoved in fully, filling her ass with all of my cock.

Dawn let out a loud screech, again I remained still, looking down into her eyes, until she nodded he head.

I pulled out slowly, and than shoved back in hard and deep. I handed Darryl the vibrator that Dawn had been using. She turned it on and slid it into her sisters pussy.

After a while we had a good rhythm going, I would pull almost all the way out, Darryl would plunge the vibrator in deep, she would pull out, and I would bury my cock in Dawn’s ass. I could feel the vibrations through the thin membrane separating her pussy from her anal cavity.

Dawn started cumming, and that was all I needed, I rammed my cock in deep, and shot my load of cum in her ass. As I pulled my cock out, I could see my sperm dripping out of her ass.

I leaned down and kissed Dawn, our tongues dancing together, she whispered in my ear, Thank You.

I walked into the bathroom to clean myself up. I knew I was going to need time to recover. When I came out, Kim said she was amazed that sex could be so pleasurable.

Kim’s mother had died during childbirth, and Kim had been raised by her grandmother, who was very strict.

The twins and Jackie had told her many things about sex, but seeing what she had just seen, she wasn’t afraid any more. She was now more curious about sex, more than ever before.

I sat down beside Kim, and told her it’s alright to want to explore your sexuality, but to be careful. Sex can be a very pleasurable experience, if you have the right partner to learn from.

I went on to tell her that guys her age were usually just interested in getting laid, once they got their rocks off, if the girl hadn’t, oh well.

You want someone who will treat you right, start with foreplay, get you excited, and always make certain that you have your orgasm first.

Kim looked at me, and smiled, and asked, would you teach me?

I told her I would be glad to, but only foreplay tonight. I had promised the twins that I would fuck them both up the ass, and Darryl was next, but I would need some time to get hard for her. So until I get hard, I can start teaching you.

The twins didn’t mind, they loved Kim, she was like a sister to them. Jackie was fine with it too, she knew that Kim needed someone to teach her, someone she could trust.

Kim laid down on the bed, first I leaned over and started kissing her, her lips parted and out tongues tangled with each others.

I moved my lips to her earlobe, and gently sucked, my lips moved down her neck. My fingers reached for her breast, fondling her, pinching her nipples which caused her to moan.

When my mouth reached her tiny boobs, I was able to suck her entire boob inside my mouth, and let my tongue flick across her nipple, another moan escaped her lips.

I moved to her other boob, and gently nibbled at her nipple, wrapping my lips tight around and pulling back, tugging at her nipple.

I continued to move lower, leaving a trail of kisses as I worked my way south, past her belly, past her pussy, onto her thigh, down her leg, all the way to her toes. Letting my fingers caress her smooth skin, adding to her excitement, teasing her, driving her wild with anticipation.

I noticed the twins were on either side of her, each one holding her hand, keeping her from touching herself.

I moved to her other leg, now I was heading north, slowly, deliberately, I worked my way up, kissing, licking, caressing, until I was at her pussy.

I parted her legs wide, and crawled between her thighs, and blew air onto her pussy lips, her ass lifted off the bed and she moaned loudly, and she begged for me to lick her pussy.

I reached my hands under her ass, and squeezed, as I lifted her pussy towards my lips. My tongue snaked out of my mouth and parted her lips and licked her from her ass to her clit.

I noticed that the twins were both sucking and licking at her boobs, while I was eating her out.

Kim tasted so sweet, her juices were flowing, I just kept on licking. I moved my lips to her clit, and placed them against her clit and made like a Raspberry. Letting my lips vibrate on her clit, well that did it, she squirted against my face.

I moved up to her face, her juices dripping of my chin, and kissed her, letting her taste her self.

The twins helped Kim off the bed, she was weak from her intense orgasm.

I looked over at Jackie, she was fucking herself with a vibrator, I said, don’t you worry, I haven’t forgotten about you. I motioned her to the bed, she walked over, still fucking her wet cunt with the vibrator.

I pulled the vibrator out of her sopping wet cunt, coated in her juices and shoved it up her ass. I than rammed three fingers deep inside her cunt and brought my tongue to her clit and flicked my tongue across it.

Jackie’s hands grabbed at the back of my head and forced me into her wet crotch, I licked for all I was worth, while continuing to finger her.

With my other hand I started fucking her ass with the vibe, she started bucking. I heard her saying, yes, eat my cunt, eat it, suck my clit, oh god yes, I’m cumming.

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and brought them to her mouth and watched as she licked her juices off. I removed the vibe and then I whispered into her ear, giving her instructions.

If I was going to fuck Darryl’s ass, it would have to be soon, my cock was throbbing, almost to the point that it hurt.

I reached out my hand to Darryl, and told her it was time. I had her get on the bed doggy-style, and got up behind her. I grabbed the lube and smeared some onto my hard cock.

I spread her butt cheeks apart and shoved my cockhead in, and as I had done with her sister, I waited for her to adjust. After a moment I grabbed ahold of her hips and shoved my cock in deeper.

Jackie climbed onto the bed, just like I had instructed her to, she wiggled under Darryl, until her face was right below Darryl’s pussy and started licking her.

I was surprised to see Darryl dip her head and start licking Jackie’s cunt as well.

It was all I needed, I buried my cock all the way up her ass, and erupted, emptying my hot cum inside her asshole.

I pulled my cock free, and sat down in a nearby chair. I was exhausted, I just sat and watched as the two girls continued sixty-nining. They both looked so hot, licking each others cunts. It didn’t take long before both girls were having orgasms.

The sun started peeking through the window, we had been fucking and sucking all night long.

I thanked them all for an unforgettable experience.

Dawn, Darryl, and Jackie all fell asleep in the king-sized bed. I brought Kim into another bedroom and we fell asleep together, me holding her tight, knowing I would pop her cherry later.

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