Twins Sons Use their Mother

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The twins Tommy and James Fraser were discussing the idea of their mother Alison to begin picking up the pieces of her personal life. She had set up a successful online fashion business and had spent many years from the initial beginning from the kitchen table, growing the business and becoming more and more profitable. Both the twins were included as they became older and from the age of 19 were integral to the operation and success of the business.

The twins also began a long loving affair with Alison, their mother, they were both seduced and invited into her bedroom for sex education, which eventually leads to them all become a family incest threesome. With both Tommy and James regularly having full sex with Alison and going one step more and more with each incest related coupling.

After nearly three years of being a loving family. The sons were now beginning to think that perhaps their mother should find a partner more suited to her position as a businesswoman and as head of the family. They were thinking of someone around the same age as Alison, a man of about forty years of age. They had also thought that Alison might want to have new life beyond the online business and the sons wondered how she might react to their suggestions.

It was a late afternoon on a Friday and Tommy was opening a bottle of wine for his mother and jams was persuading her to come away from her desk and computer.

“It’s Friday mum, take a break and come on through to the kitchen. Tommy’s got a bottle of your favourite open. Come on mum, have a break…” James was giving her the full set of excuses to stop work early and have a glass of her new favourite wine, a Chablis, from France.

“OK, ok I’ll come through James, just let me finish this last email and I’ll be there in a moment.” She said.

James left her to finish up and came to see how his twin brother, Tommy, was getting on with opening the bottle of wine.

“A bit tricky this new bottle opener…” Tommy said to James.

“Mum will be here in a minute,” James said.

“Are we agreed, then about her meeting someone else?” Tommy asked while still struggling to open the wine bottle.

“Sure, get a few glasses of wine in her and she will be easy to persuade,” James replied. “Are you sure you know how it open that?” James added.

“You get mum a glass, and I’ll get this blooming thing open!” Tommy said and kept up the struggle with the wine bottle.

“Where is this glass of wine then boys?” Alison said as she walked into the kitchen.

“Still trying to open the bottle mum!” Tommy said a little embarrassed that he was still unable to open the bottle.

“Oh, give it here!” Alison snapped at him. “Asked if I want a glass of wine and I have to do it myself…”

Alison took the bottle and the opener and in five seconds the cork was out and the wine was being poured into her glass.

“Don’t be upset boys, your mother just has a knack for these things. After all, I have opened more bottles than you two have had hot dinners.” Alison giggled and then took a good long drink of her wine.

“Just perfect, well chilled and it’s my favourite.” She said and then added. “So what have you both done?”

“Nothing!” James replied indignantly. “We just thought you deserved a Friday night drink…” He added trying to divert her attention from Tommy and his guilty looks.

“Pull the istanbul escort other one boys, it’s got bells on it!” Alison said.

The twins got two beers from the fridge and poured them into tall glasses and had a drink themselves.

“Come on! One of you spit it out!” Alison insisted they explain why they were so keen to get her an early Friday drink of her favourite French wine.

“Alright. We thought that it might be an idea for you to find a friend… Of your own age… Background…” James tried to say but found it all sounded a bit lame.

“Someone, my age?” Alison asked. “I’m not that old!” She added with fake anger.

“No your not old mum!” Tommy blurted out.

“The pair of you are both right out of order!” Said Alison.

“Trying to set me up with some old, fat baldly bum… Arse hole of a man..!” Said Alison but soon ran out of insults…

The twins went quiet and sipped their beers and avoided eye contact with their mother.

“Ok, tell me what have you done?” Alison asked them.

James went forward and began to explain to his mother what he, they had been up to…

“So we put your details on this website… And we got a few replies back… And we…” James sort of explained but the more he said it out loud the more ridiculous and foolish the whole ‘Idea’ sounded.

Alison smiled inwardly. Think how sweet her two sons were trying to set her up with a dating site and get her to begin to see men of her own age, which was now well over forty-five. James was showing her the screen on his laptop and she was vaguely interested in who would have replied to the profile James had put onto the website.

“Are you trying to get rid of me?” Alison asked with a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

“Not at all mum” Tommy spoke up now. “We thought, well James thought that you might like to have a few nights out with somebody apart from us.” Said Tommy.

Little thinking that he was digging a hole big enough to bury himself and his brother a good six feet under with his explanation.

“Enough!” Alison called a halt to the conversation.

They all drank their drinks in silence for a few moments before Alison said her piece.

“I am fine with our family the way it is.” She began. “However, I will admit that the idea of meeting another man for a night out is not entirely a bad idea.”

Both twins sighed with relief when she said the last part of it ‘not being a bad idea’.

“So I shall allow you to continue with this… ‘Idea’ for a while and see how it pans out.” Alison finished her say.

“Thanks, mum.” Said James and not one word more. He was thinking that he just might have scrapped through with this ‘idea’ and didn’t want to kill it off with being overly enthusiastic about his mother’s decision to give it a go.

Drinking the wine Alison began to feel a little sexy and a little randy too. The boys were right about one thing. She needed a man and one who could satisfy her needs and desires. She had relied on the twins for several years now, taking her to climax and ecstasy most weekends. She realised it was naughty of her but she had taught both James and Tommy to be wonderful lovers and for that, she was not in the least embarrassed nor concerned about. It occurred to her that most mothers should do the same for their own sons and daughters too, come to think about istanbul escort bayan it. Sex was not a dirty word. Indeed, to her. sex was a wonderful gift to everyone, no matter who they were.

“Pizza?” Alison said the one-word question.

“Pizza!” Both Tommy and James agreed and Tommy picked up the kitchen phone and auto dialled the local pizza delivery service.

“Same old, same old?” Tommy asked as the phone rang at the other end of the phone line.

“Yes!” Came the joint reply from James and his mum.

It was much later that evening when they were going to bed. Alison went up to her room and began to undress when both James and Tommy came into her room with broad smiles on their faces and both bare naked. James carried his new digit camera and was intending in recording the sexy erotic events that the three of them were about to have.

“What is that for?” Alison asked James.

“For fun,” James replied as Tommy got close to her and finished undressing her so that she was only left in her black stockings and suspenders.

“Up onto the bed mum,” James told her.

Doing as they wanted Alison got onto the bed and lay on her back and spread her stocking clad legs exposing her sex and her rounded breasts to the camera lens. James took several photos of his mother on the bed. Tommy then joined her and knelt by her head and offered her to suck on his stiff cock. She turned her head and opened her mouth and she sucked on the end of his cock as James took more pornographic photos of Alison playing incest sex games with her son.

The boys were intending on ravishing their mother that night and enjoying the whole experience by recording her fuck with them both. That was why James had brought the camera along. The boys wanted to have their fun with their mother and to able to enjoy re-living it with a set of home porno photos. Alison was sucking on Tommy’s cock and James then got closer and took a few photos of Alison’s pussy as it became moist and opened up as she spread her stocking legs apart.

“Here, take this,” James said to his brother. Giving him the camera.

James then took hold of his mothers stocking legs and nudged his stiff cock at her opening pussy lips and he easily got about an inch inside her. Alison shifted her hips and felt James’s cock mounting her and she wanted him to have her. At some point in her relationship with her two sons, the dynamic of their family had shifted and altered. Alison was now her son’s object of desire and she had become subservient to Tommy and James’s lust and desire for her. She had initiated the sexual relationship with the twins, now they were taking over and initiating their own sexual dominance over her. Alison was now no longer just the mother who was having sex with them. They were now the sons having sex with her.

James was now slowly thrusting into Alison, filling her up with his cock, inch by inch, filling her with a series of sexy and marvellous feelings and sensations. Alison shifted her body with the rhythm of James between her legs and allowed him to manipulate her to how he wanted to have her. She was becoming accustomed to him taking control of her and found it very erotic and satisfying to realise he was such a proficient lover…

Tommy moved away from the side of her head and using the camera took some photos of his escort istanbul mother lying back on the bed with James between her stocking legs fucking her.

“Look this way both of you,” Tommy said to them both. James looked up and Alison looked sideways at Tommy as he took some photos of them both showing their faces to the camera lens.

“Enjoying it mum?” James asked his mother as he kept on thrusting between her legs and filling her cunt with his cock.

“Yes, darling, it’s wonderful as always.” Alison managed to tell him with a smile on her face and breathing deeply with both of them fucking together.

“We’re really going to fuck you tonight mum! We’re going to fuck you up your cunt and in your mouth and even up your bum! What do you think of that then?” James told her and asked what she thought.

“Yes, we’re really going to shag the arse off you tonight! What do you think of that?” Tommy added before she could answer James’s question.

She began to think that she really had lost control of her sons now. Tommy was always quite respectful and the quiet one of the twins. So when he spoke like that to her she knew that the boys were intent on turning her from being their mother and lover into something more sexual and perhaps even darker than just having incestuous sex together with her and his brother.

James was riding Alison on the bed and he hooked her stocking legs under her knees and lifted her legs up into the air and spread them apart. Then he fucked his mother hard and fast for about a dozen hop thrusts. This made Alison moan and gasp for air as James banged her hard on top of the bed.

“Oh, Fuck!” She cried out.

“Like that mum?” Tommy asked her. But she was still getting her breath back and unable to speak.

“She likes it, James! Do her again like that. I’ll take some photos of her face as you fuck her… Mum look this way as James shags you hard.” Tommy told her.

Alison found herself doing as she was told by Tommy and looked towards him as James repeated his rough and hard fucking of her cunt. She looked straight at the camera as Tommy took a photo of being ravished by her own son.

“Oh my god!” Alison cried out as James fucked her hard and fast. She rolled her eyes and gasped for breath as he repeated the rough hard fucking every few minutes with her. Then James lifted himself off her and told her to get up onto her hands and knees.

“Come on mum, up you get I want to shag you doggy style now and Tommy can take photos of you,” James told her.

“I’m not a tart boys, I’m your mother!” Alison said to them.

“Well, mother! Get onto your hands and knees so we can fuck your cunt, mother dear!” James told her in a cruel tone of voice.

Alison got up slowly and did as she was told and moved onto her hands and knees on the bed. James took hold of her hips and re-positioned her so that she was looking at herself in the big mirrored wardrobe near the bed.

“There you go, you can watch yourself being fucked in the mirror,” James told her and she looked for herself at her own reflection in the mirror with James behind her and looking into her own eyes felt him mount her from behind and begin to fuck his cock into her cunt, doggy style, watching herself in the mirror as he moved into her. She slowly realised that she was their mother but she was now also their tart. She was a fucking tart and her two sons were using her, not for lovemaking, but a body for sex. She was being enslaved by her own twin sons into being an incestuous whore!

Part two coming soon… When the boys use their mother for more kinky incestuous sexual pleasure…

Only the beginning, for now, to be continued later…

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