Twisted Massage Ch. 02

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Big Tits

“Tell me that you don’t have to leave right now?” Brittney said as she was wiping Robert down.

“Hell no baby. I have all day.” Robert said.

“Perfect. Now another question. I want to invite a friend over. Trust me, you will love Judy. She is the sexiest woman I know, and she loves to have fun.” Brittney asked.

“That sounds fun.” Robert said as Brittney finally released him from the restraints. To prove that he was ready for more he grabbed Brittney and pulled her in for a deep kiss. Their tongues dueling as they explored each others body.

Brittney tried to get out of Robert’s grip so she could call her friend, but he was hanging on to her as she walked. She giggled as she reached for her phone and called Judy. When Judy answered Robert had his fingers wrapped around her shaft, and his lips on her neck.

“Judy! Hey baby. Please tell me that you are free right now.” Brittney said as she and Robert kissed again.

Robert couldn’t hear what Judy said, but Brittney put her finger to his lips to shush him. Then she said “I don’t care about your husband. I have a man here that will blow your fucking mind. Now get that tight ass over here.” Brittney listened for a moment more when she said, “perfect. We will see you in a few. Just let yourself in we are going to hop in the shower.”

By the time that she got off the phone both Brittney and Robert had raging erections. Brittney just giggled and wrapped her fingers around him and started walking to the bathroom. Robert playfully smacked her backside as they walked. Once in the bathroom Brittney reached in and turned the shower on and turned back to Robert and embraced him while they shared a deep kiss. With the steam from the shower filling the room and enveloping them Brittney slid over until they both were in the shower and under the hot water beating down on them.

Brittney pulled back and took the soap in her hand and smiling at Robert she worked the soap into a lather before she used her hand to begin soaping Robert up. Robert couldn’t help but groan at her touch. He felt his cock rising up until it brushed against Brittney as she moved about washing him. Her soapy hands were enough to drive him mad, but then she started to sway back and forth as she washed him. His cock brushing against her as she swayed. Robert used every ounce of self control not to take her in his arms and throw her in the bed to fuck her. Finally she dropped her hands and took him in her fingers and started stroking him.

“Oh fuck baby. If you keep that up I’m going to explode.” Robert moaned as he held onto her hips.

“No baby. That is for later. Now you get to do me.” Brittney whispered as she dropped her hands and left his cock bobbing about in front of her.

“You do understand that telling me to do you makes me want to turn you around and fuck you?

“Yes.” she giggled, “but just hold on for a little bit longer. I promise that you will love it.”

Robert stood in front of Brittney and stared at her as he lathered up his hands. Never taking his eyes off her he brought his hands up to her large tits and slowly he moved his hands back and forth over them. Closing his fingers around her nipples brought a low moan and caused her body to shudder as he kept his eyes on hers. This also resulted in her cock rapidly hardening, and soon it was pointed right at Robert. With a grin Robert let his hands slip down her body until he held her cock. Using both hands he slowly stroked her, and cupped her balls as he did.

“Oh fuck. I can’t believe how good you are.” Brittney moaned.

Robert just smiled bigger and kept stroking her. His thumbs sliding over her bulbous head. Each time he did he could feel her shudder. Then he stopped moving his hand completely and just concentrated on her head. Brittney groaned and reached out to clutch his arm as she tried to keep from slipping to the shower floor.

“You ready to go to the bedroom?” Robert asked as he kept teasing her.

Brittney answered by pulling him closer and wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him. She then let out a scream as he picked her up and carried her from the shower. In response Brittney wrapped her legs around him and clung to him as he walked. Their bodies were pressed together. Their cocks rubbing together as he walked. Once at the big bed he eased fulya escort her down and together they climbed up to the head of the bed. Sliding on top of her Robert gave her one more deep kiss before he pulled away and looked down at her one last time before he began his journey down her body.

Brittney bit her lip as Robert worked his way down her body. His lips traveling over her body. Capturing a nipple and flicking his tongue across it. Then he moved to the other nipple. Each time he planted his lips on her body Brittney would shudder, and a soft moan would escape her lips. He continued his way down her body until he found himself between her legs. In front of him was the same cock that had taken his virgin ass, and gave him so much pleasure. This was the first time that he had a chance to really look at it. He took her cock in his fingers and held it as he studied it. The slight downward curve. The way it moved in his hand. It was like it had it’s very own heartbeat. The drop of pre-cum that clung to the head. Robert found himself amazed at something that he never thought was possible. Just then Brittney got the idea that Maybe he wasn’t ready for this.

“You don’t have to, if you don’t want to. I understand.” Brittney whispered as she watched him.

Robert looked up at her and was confused. “What?” He asked in a soft voice.

“I said you don’t have to, if you’re not ready. I really do understand.” Brittney said.

Robert just looked at her with this look of pure desire and lust. Without saying another word he leaned down and brought his lips to her spongy head. When he pulled her head in between his lips Brittney let out a long groan and her backside came off the bed. Robert used his tongue on her head like he enjoys women doing to him. Washing back and forth over it as he sucked on her. This was also the first time that he thought about what it felt like. He had never before even thought about touching another cock, but here he was slowly sucking one, and getting hard doing it. He soon started edging down further. Taking more of her cock deeper in his mouth. Soon he had bottomed out and his nose was pressed against her groin. Slowly he pulled back until just the head was between his lips. His tongue playfully teasing her before sliding back down.

Robert had built up a rhythm now, and Brittney’s moans were mixing with his slurping noise as he moved. Soon Robert was interrupted by a voice from behind him.

“Hold on there cowboy. I want some of that delicious cock.” Judy said from the doorway.

Robert pulled back from Brittney and looked over his shoulder. His first look at Judy was as she was shedding her tiny dress revealing a very athletic Asian body. Her long dark hair framing a sexy face, and then her body was to die for. Very fit, and tight. What must have been large B cup, or small C cup tits. Those led to a flat stomach that flared at the hips to reveal a shaven pussy, and then powerful legs.

“Robert, I want to introduce you to Judy. Judy, this is Robert.” Brittney said as her fingers ran through Robert’s hair.

“Hey there Robert.” Judy said as she made her way across the bedroom to join him on the bed.

“Hi Judy.” A surprised Robert whispered as she laid down beside him and covered his lips with hers.

Their kiss was interrupted by Brittney when she whispered “Hey now, lets don’t forget where we were at.” Then she giggled as she waved her cock in front of them.

Without missing a beat Robert dove back in and took Brittney back in his mouth. Judy just watched for a couple minutes as Robert resumed driving Brittney mad.

“Damn! he is good.” Judy said as she edged closer and soon was licking Brittney’s balls.

Brittney mumbled something about Judy having no idea as the two of them worked on her cock. Their tongues kept brushing against each other as they worked together. In just a short time they both had worked up a rhythm where they would slide up and down her shaft, and meet for a deep kiss as they worked her head.

This was pushing Brittney over the edge and with a loud groan she announced that she was about to cum. That was when they both moved back up to her head and took turns swapping her head back and forth. Any control that Brittney had was completely gone now as she arched her bebek escort back and with a loud scream exploded. Judy was the lucky one as she held Brittney’s spurting cock in her mouth. She caught the first couple spurts before passing it back to Robert. With his tongue working the underside of Brittney’s cock Robert was soon rewarded with several forceful spurts in his mouth. Now Judy was content to slowly jack Brittney off as she came in Robert’s mouth.

After a moment or two Brittney had finished spurting and Robert passed her cock back to Judy who took her time to slowly lick her friend clean. When she pulled Brittney’s cock from her mouth Judy soon found her lips covered by Robert’s in a deep kiss. Judy was surprised to find that Robert’s tongue was accompanied by a large dose of Brittney’s cum. Robert and Judy continued pushing her cum back and forth as they kissed with an exhausted Brittney between them. They finally finished when all the cum was swallowed and looked up at Brittney who was watching them intently.

“Come up here you two.” Brittney said to them as she patted her bed.

Robert and Judy crawled up on the bed with Brittney between them. Their hands caressing her body as they went. Once they were at the top of the bed Robert leaned in and gave Brittney a deep kiss. When he pulled back Judy followed his lead and shared a tongue filled kiss with Brittney.

“Fuck, I feel like I am being served up on a platter to the both of you.” Brittney gasped as she looked back and forth between Judy and Robert


“Hey, this was your idea baby, and besides, I think that you are going to love our taste test.” Judy said with a giggle.

Robert didn’t say anything. He just bent down and captured one of Brittney’s nipples in his lips. Brittney moaned as Judy and her looked at the way Robert was teasing her. Judy silenced her moan by covering Brittney’s lips with her own. Brittney was once again the object of Robert and Judy’s sexual attention. Robert was moving from one nipple to the other, and which ever wasn’t being occupied by his lips and tongue was being teased by his fingers. Meanwhile Judy had slid down the bed and was between Brittney’s legs, but instead of working on her soft cock she had lifted Brittney’s backside off the bed and was tonguing Brittney’s tight opening.

“Oh fuck! You two are driving me crazy.” Brittney moaned.

“You haven’t seen anything yet. Come here Robert.” Judy said with a wicked grin.

Robert eased down to the bottom of the bed where Judy was laying. Judy looked up from Brittney and took his hard cock in her mouth and sucked on it. She bobbed up and down on his shaft. Washing her tongue over his head and then taking his cock back in. Then she pulled back and stroked it as she looked in his eyes.

“Are you ready Robert? Are you ready to fuck our sexy little slut? Brittney whispered. “Hop up on your knees my horny little slut.” Judy said as she gave her a playful slap on her backside.

Brittney giggled as she got to her knees. Judy then reached over to the night stand and grabbed a bottle of lube. She kissed Robert as she squirted some lube in her hand and started to stroke his cock again. In no time Robert was bucking back and forth as he fucked Judy’s hand. Before putting the bottle back she squirted some more down Brittney’s backside which drew a squeal from Brittney. That turned into a deep moan as Judy worked her fingers down Brittney’s crack. Her fingers tapping at Brittney’s opening causing Brittney to rock her hips back and forth. Judy slowly worked her fingers in Brittney’s backside. Once she thought that she had Brittney ready Judy pulled Robert over and got him between Brittney’s legs. With Judy holding Robert’s cock she guided him forward until his cock head pressed against Brittney’s tight opening. Judy intently watched as Robert slowly pushed forward and she grinned as Robert pushed through and his head slipped inside Brittney.

“Oh fuck! He feels so damn good.” Brittney gasped as she slowly adjusted to Robert’s size.

“Fuck, you should see the view I have.” Judy said as she watched Robert push the rest of the way in. Once he was all the way in Judy came up with another idea. “Speaking of views, I just came up with an idea. Let me slide under you baby.” Judy gushed.

Judy florya escort slid under Brittney and positioned herself so that her pussy was at Brittney’s head, and Judy had a perfect view of two things. The first being Robert’s cock fucking Brittney. The second being Brittney’s dangling cock was right in her face. Judy took advantage of her position and wrapped her lips around Brittney’s dangling appendage drawing a groan from Brittney. Robert was getting in a rhythm now and his balls were dragging across Judy’s head as he slammed into Brittney. This also caused Brittney to rock back and forth causing Judy difficulty in holding Brittney in her mouth. Even with the movement Judy was managing to hold onto Brittney, and she was being rewarded as Brittney’s cock started to grow, and harden. Judy was alternating between deep strokes where she took Brittney all the way in her throat, and short strokes where she concentrated on Brittney’s head.

The combination of Judy’s mouth, and Robert’s cock was driving Brittney crazy. Brittney was trying to return the favor to Judy by licking her pussy, but the sensations she was experiencing was almost too much. Her face hung between Judy’s legs, but she was having difficulty concentrating on Judy. Brittney could smell Judy’s scent, and even see her wetness, but each time Brittney put her lips on Judy either Robert or Judy would do something that drove Brittney crazy. First it was Robert reaching around and tweaking her nipples as he rode her. Then it was Judy pulling her all the way in her throat and almost humming as she held her there. The resulting vibration sent chills up and down Brittney’s body.

Brittney could feel her explosion boiling inside her. She knew that she was almost at the point of no return. Oh fuck, I’m getting close Judy!” She moaned from between Judy’s open legs.

Judy’s response was to wrap her arms around Brittney and hold her in place as she swallowed Brittney’s throbbing cock. Taking his actions from Judy’s, Robert gripped Brittney’s hips with his hand and kept slamming inside Brittney’s backside. His cock going deeper than ever.

Brittney tensed up and her entire body went rigid just as a gutteral noise escaped her throat. Then this noise turned into an almost animalistic scream as Brittney exploded sending several ropes of cum down Judy’s throat. At the same time Brittney’s orgasm caused her sphincter to spasm. Clutching and releasing Robert’s cock as he fucked her. This sensation sent Robert over the edge and he slammed all the way inside Brittney and held himself there as he exploded. The spasms in Robert’s cock were now in tune with the ones from Brittney’s sphincter. Each spasm pulling Robert in deeper and draining the cum from him.

Brittney finally collapsed onto Judy as Judy kept sucking her sensitive cock. Each playful swipe of Judy’s tongue eliciting a groan from deep within Brittney. Only when Robert pulled free of Brittney did Judy stop driving Brittney crazy with her mouth. Brittney rolled over to the side of Judy and laid there gasping for air. She looked like she had just ran a marathon, which was probably how she felt. In all her time she had never had two people wear her out like Robert and Judy just had done. She drug herself over to a pillow and laid her head there and looked down at her two lovers with glazed eyes. Soon they joined her and once again they were laying on each side of her. Brittney almost felt like she was trapped between these two sexual monsters. Not scary monsters, just monsters of pleasure. They both had left Brittney wondering if she could die from an orgasm?

Judy ran her fingers through Brittney’s hair and pushed it out of her face. Then Judy leaned down and gave Brittney a series of soft kisses. When Judy pulled away she was replaced by Robert who did the same.

“Fuck, you two almost killed me.” Brittney said in a raspy whisper. Her hands reaching out and caressing both of her lovers.

“Who said we were through?” Judy said with a giggle.

“Oh god. I need to recover first.” Brittney whispered.

“We have all the time in the world baby.” Robert said before covering Brittney’s lips with his. Then reaching across Brittney and doing the same to Judy.

The three of them fell asleep together, and true to Robert’s word they spent the next several days in a sexual haze. Robert returned home with an entirely new mind set about sex. He invited both ladies to join him at his home in a couple weeks, and they both accepted. As he settled into his plane seat for his return flight Robert couldn’t help but smile at the plans he had running through his mind.

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