Two for Love, Four for Lust Ch. 03

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We walk in the door, and I leave you two kissing just inside as I go place my camera equipment in the room with the rest of my stuff. I make a stop at the washroom, cleaning up a bit, then take off my shirt and walk back out to find the two of you. I enter the room, and smile, not at all surprised to see your head buried between Sandra’s legs, both of you naked. I decide I was too minimalist and quickly strip off my pants and underwear, my cock still mostly hard.

Looking on as Sandra’s moans get louder and louder, I decide to move behind you, as you are on all fours to get a better angle at her clit. You reach up, putting a hand in front of your entrance and I laugh. I lean over and pull a non-latex condom from a pile on the table. I quickly roll it onto my cock, and by the time I am looking back you have your lips spread in invitation. I place the tip of my cock at your entrance, then move my hands to your hips. I lightly press my cock into you, slowly pushing my way into your tight, wet, and warm pussy.

You moan loudly while licking and sucking at Sandra’s delicious pussy, loving the feel of my cock pushing into you. With all three of our sensations heightened by the positions we are in, soon we are all moaning loudly. I finally bury my cock inside of you and stop there, just enjoying the feeling of your pussy, the tightness and wetness of it. Just when you think your sensations are done, I begin sliding my cock out of your pussy, then pushing it back in.

As my thrusts gain a nice rhythm, you settle back in to give more attention to Sandra’s pussy, which is wet and spread wide in front of you. You lick and suck at her pussy, sliding a couple of fingers in and out of her, making her moan your name loudly. You are so distracted by your desire to give her pleasure in any way you can that you don’t notice my thrusts are deep and short, with most of my cock staying buried inside of you.

I use one hand to reach around and rub your clit, making you moan loudly. You push back onto my cock, making your pussy open up a bit, allowing me to go deeper into you. My other hand massages your ass, making you moan loudly. I massage your clit and ass opening at the same time, and you squirm under my attention. I speed up my thrusts, our skin slapping together as I increase your stimulation. You begin antep escort to push yourself back onto my cock as I thrust into you, adding to both of our stimulations.

I notice that Sandra is getting wetter under your attentive tongue, and it makes my pleasure even more enhanced. I hear her moaning becoming more heated, more feverish; I know that she is close to an orgasm. As I feel myself get close, my thrusts become erratic and rushed. I slide one finger into your ass, making you gasp but not stop me, knowing what this means for later. The added sensations from this pushes you over, and your moaning and motions push both Sandra and myself over.

I pull my cock out, quickly take the condom off, and shoot cum over your back, some of it hitting Sandra’s stomach and breasts. I watch you, your face still firmly against Sandra’s pussy, as you both quiver and shake with your mutual orgasms. You both moan as I curse through my own orgasm, loving the reaction of my body to you both. As your bodies slowly grow still, you pull yourself up so you are lying beside Sandra, then offer me your hand so I can lie on the other side of you.

I lay down beside you, my cock still covered in a bit of cum, and cuddle in behind you. I spoon you with my cock pressed between my stomach and your ass. I kiss softly at your shoulder as you and Sandra kiss and hold each other. You reach one hand back, stroking my hip, just to let me know you haven’t forgotten me. I zone out, recalling where this has all gone, and shiver. You ask if I am ok, snapping me back, and I smile. I whisper that I am, smile, then squeeze you tighter.

You turn around to face me, allowing Sandra to spoon you, and you look deep into my eyes. You ask me again if I am ok, and I look at you. “Yes, I just…” I cough softly, looking away. “I just realized how much I love you,” I whisper hoarsely, meeting your eyes with strength. Your face takes on a shocked look, and I frown. I move to get up, but you grab my arm. You pull me forcibly back down wrap your arms around me. “Thank you, love,” you tell me, and hold me close to you.

After a few minutes, I realize my cock feels cold and wet. I try to move it back, but I feel you press your legs together, trapping my cock in the v of your legs and pussy. My cock antep escort bayan twitches as I feel you move it against your lips. I grab a hold of your waist and hold you still. “My cock is covered in cum, sweetie…” I tell you. “I can help with that,” Sandra offers.

You let go of my cock and I lay on my back. Sandra lays you on your back, slowly climbing over you. She stops to straddle you and leans down to kiss you before moving on. She then moves over to my body, and begins moving her way down. She revels in the feeling when the head of my cock presses against her pussy. She reluctantly reaches down to pull it away, but instead slides it into her pussy. She pushes back a couple times, then slides it out and keeps moving down my body.

She lets her impressive breasts press around my cock, and finally her mouth takes over. She starts to get the mixed cum off by licking my cock in long strokes of her tongue, from base to tip. She sucks it into her mouth, and the feeling of her lips around my cock almost makes me cum instinctually. She sucks and licks until my cock is thoroughly clean of any cum. She lets go reluctantly, the look of hunger clear in her eyes.

You slide back beside me as she moves to lie on my other side, admiring how straight my cock sits. “I guess she made sure you were ready!” you say with a smirk. You pull yourself up until you are on your knees, and then swing one leg over my body until you are straddling me. My cock resting against your pubic bone, you run your hands affectionately over my chest. Pressing down on my chest you move your body forward until I feel my cock rise into the air behind you.

I let my cock go soft enough that it falls a bit and lands almost perfectly at your opening. You groan and lean back, sliding my cock into you. I expect you to stop, but you just keep pushing back, moaning and gasping as my cock is forced into your tight pussy. I feel added weight on my legs and at first I think you have just leaned back. When I feel you tense on my cock and moan loudly, I look at you instead of the ceiling. I see Sandra with her body pressed to your back, one hand rubbing and pinching your clit, the other massaging one of your breasts.

I feel you slide up and down faster than you had before, the escort antep stimulation getting you closer and closer to orgasm. It doesn’t take long before I feel your pussy tighten on my cock and your orgasm washes over you. You curse and moan loudly, let out a brief, but loud, scream of pleasure as it hits its peak, then slowly ebbs away. You have done enough though and I moan that I am going to cum. I feel you pull up, then move forward and notice Sandra sliding herself onto my cock.

A little looser, Sandra easily slides all the way down my cock. You lean forward, snuggling into my body, kissing me, my neck, and running your hands over my body. “Cum for me, love, fill her up for me,” you whisper, as she begins quickly sliding up and down my cock, and I lose all control. I begin moving my body to meet hers as she slides up and down on my cock. Sandra begins slamming her pussy down, making the sensation of the thrusts even more heightened from the vibrations of the contact. Before long I am reaching out for you, touching, holding, squeezing.

With one swift, violent thrust of my hips up, I begin shooting cum deep inside Sandra’s wet pussy, filling her with all the cum I can. Sandra, not content to just get one orgasm out of me, keeps sliding up and down my cock, not even giving it a chance to soften. Before too long, I am moaning and squirming, not used to so much friction, which only adds to the heightened sensations from my cock.

“You want more? Fine!” I say loudly, reaching around you to grab her ass. I begin to slam my cock in and out of her pussy hard and fast, and before long she is begging me to go even harder. I give her what she wants, lifting only my hips hard and deep into her pussy. You turn around, and lean down, using the fact her hips are stationary while I hammer her pussy. You begin to lick and suck at her clit, getting just the reaction you want. “Oh god Cassy!” she moans, and with one last push down, she and I both erupt in orgasm. My hips fall to the floor and she falls with them, forcing my cumming cock even deeper into her pussy.

She moans and squirms on my cock, which is now growing soft and allowing cum to leak out of her pussy. You give one last suck of her clit, then go back to a lying position next to me. When Sandra’s orgasm stops gripping her in waves of pleasure, she lets herself fall forward and roll off my cock. Lying between us, she gives you a long, loving kiss, and grants me a passionate short one. Although it is only five in the afternoon, we all cuddle in a pile, and slowly fall asleep, you and I holding each other’s hand.

Stay tuned for part 4 and 5 coming soon!

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