Two Girlfriends Find Love Ch. 01

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Lizzy and Cate had been friends for over ten years. They had been there for each other, as they had troubles — mainly man trouble. They both had been divorced. They had dated a number of men, but all failed.

After a especially hard breakup for Lizzy (Cate had a bad one too a few weeks back), Lizzy was crying, and bared her soul to Cate — and not the first time either. Lizzy said, “what is it about men, that they have to fool around and mess things up? I don’t know what I could have done to make him happier. I just don’t know, as she began to blubber again.”

Cate had been holding Lizzy tightly, and rocked her back and forth, as a mother might do if her baby was sick. Cate just listened, and held her friend tightly. All of this took a couple of hours to get this cried out of her system.

Finally, Lizzy came to, with her mascara smeared around her eyes. She said slowly to Cate, “that she appreciated her comfort. This last breakup was especially bad for her.” Cate said, “are you over him now?” Lizzy shrugged.

Cate got up, and poured some wine for them both, and placed them on her coffee table. Cate said, “sit still.” Cate went into the bathroom, and ran warm water over a wash clothe. She returned to Lizzy, and began to wash her face, and even held the wash clothe to her nose and said, “blow!” Lizzy giggled. Lizzy said, “thank you so much, my dear friend.”

They leaned back, and relaxed. Cate wanted to make certain Lizzy was finished. They toasted each other, and sipped their wine. They both were cradling their wine, and gazing off into space, with no particular thought. They both were numb. Some time passed, while they emptied their glasses.

Cate poured another round of wine. This therapy had always been successful in the past. Cate was hoping it would heal her tonight. The second glass went down more quickly than the first. It tasted delicious.

Lizzy began to recover. She apologized for her hysteria, which Cate waved away with her hand. Cate said, “how many times have you taken care of me? Too many to remember!”

They had quickly finished the bottle, and Cate opened another. Lizzy protested saying, “that she would not be able to drive home — even though she lived nearby — if she drank anymore.” Cate said, “there is no point in driving anywhere tonight. I wouldn’t trust your frame of mind behind the wheel of your car. You will spend the night here — no argument!” Lizzy hugged Cate, and said, “thanks for being a good friend. My best friend.”

At this point, the wine was having an impact. They were trying to nurse the second bottle along, but were not entirely successful.

Cate slipped closer to Lizzy on the couch. She looked Lizzy directly in the eye, and said, “how long will we put up with this shit?” No answer from Lizzy. Cate held Lizzys hand, and said, “we must be proactive. We can’t continue being the victim of some selfish bastard.” Lizzy nodded slowly, as if she had almost understood.

Cate poured another glass wine. She held Lizzys hand again firmly. Lizzy returned the grip.

Cate spoke slowly. She said, “that Lizzy was her best friend. If she had a sister, she would want her to be exactly like Lizzy.” She said, “that she loved Lizzy, and was too upset to replay these scenes.” Lizzy smiled brightly and squeezed Cates hand. “I love you too, Cate.”

Cate said, “then why don’t we do something about this? We have lemons, let’s make lemonade.” Lizzy giggled a little, the wine had loosened her up a lot. Lizzy asked, “what the plan was?” Cate said, “the only constant in our lives has been us, and the bond that exists between us.” Lizzy nodded her head in agreement.

Cate held Lizzys hands in hers. She said, “why not make love? We love each other. We’ve been best friends for years, so why not?” Lizzy grinned a little with a wolfish look. Cate said, “that’s the idea! Are you willing to give it a try?” Lizzy, with a serous look, said, “that she was.”

Cate kissed Lizzy roughly and strongly, which Lizzy equaled. Cate moved back and smiled broadly. Lizzy was too blitzed to question what they were about to do. She leaned in to Cate, and gave her and opened mouth kiss. They held that kiss for an eternity. Lizzy moved back and smiled at Cate, and said, “that she loved her very much.” Cate embraced Lizzy and kissed her hard again with tongues touching. This passion came out of no where, and both women were really steamed up! They kissed for over 20 minutes, without often breaking contact.

Cate suggested moving to the bedroom, and pulled Lizzy off the couch. They held each other closely, and kissed a long time again. Cate led the way to the shower. She slowly removed Lizzys blouse and unsnapped her bra. Lizzys tits popped out. Cate stood back, and said, “I knew they would be gorgeous.” Lizzy smiled again. Cate then unsnapped Lizzys skirt, and let it fall to the floor. She was now in panties, and Cate could see a dark, full bush in front of her. Lizzy pulled Cate up and frenched her a long time.

Cate Betturkey then ran the bath, and grabbed a towel from a storage shelf. She ran it as hot as she thought Lizzy could stand it. Lizzy kicked off her sandals, and slipped her panties off. Cate was breathing very heavily. Cate stood back to admire Lizzys womanly body. Cate lit the candles strategically located throughout the bathroom. The scene was seductive and amorous. Cate walked Lizzy to the tub with one hand. Lizzy got into the tub, and danced around a little, while she adjusted to the heat. She submerged into the deep tub. The hot water felt wonderful. Cate excused herself.

Cate returned with another glass of wine for them both. She set hers down on the tile floor, and passed Lizzys glass to her, which she politely said, “thank you.”

She had a big bottle of shampoo that she grabbed. She scooped a big tumbler of water, and poured it over Lizzys head. Lizzy bubbled as the hot water cascaded off her face. Cate squirted the shampoo on Lizzys head, and massaged it in to her scalp. Lizzy let out with a low moan, and said, “that feels marvelous.” She scrubbed Lizzys head for several minutes, and then poured a big tumbler of water over her head several times. Cate then soaped up a wash rag, and had Lizzy sit up. She gently washed her face, shoulders and then the tits. She poured water on her again. Lizzy said, “time out”, as she drank the remainder of her wine. She handed the empty glass to Cate, which she then set it on the bathroom floor. Cate then pulled Lizzy up, so that she could finish the job. She began at the tits, and moved slowly down to hips. She lathered the legs up, and poured water over Lizzys body again.

She then got the shaving cream out, and squirted some around her hairy pussy. Cate said, “you have a lovely pussy, and unshaved.” Lizzy politely said, “thank you”, again. Cate said, “I resisted shaving my pubs because I wanted to look like a woman, and not a little girl.” She poured water on her pussy, as she only trimmed the bush around the edges.

She had Lizzy turn with her ass to her. She then told her to bend over. Lizzy trusted her completely. She took the wash clothe and gently scrubbed her asshole and pussy. Lizzy spread her legs widely to accommodate the wash rag. Cate gave a quick lick to Lizzys asshole and vagina. Lizzy gasped and turned solid with goose pimples.

Lizzy turned around, and said, “I need another time out. I need to pee.” Cate said, “trust me.” Cate took the tumbler, and placed it beneath Lizzys pussy. She said, “let go.” Lizzy did just that. It was an enormous amount of yellow piss, which took a long time to stop. Lizzy moaned, “I needed that.” Cate moved in and licked her pussy again, and then drank some of the piss. Cate said, “you taste very good.” Lizzy smiled broadly and giggled.

She sat Lizzy down in the tub again. Cate felt Lizzys nipples, which were rock hard by this time. She then gently sucked each nipple, and then blew air over it. It caused the nipples to knot up even harder. Lizzy watched with rapt attention, wondering what Cate would do next. Cate took another swig of the pussy piss. She let out a big ah!

She began to mess with Lizzys pussy. She squeezed the clit, and stroked it up and down slowly. Lizzy arched her back, and said, “that is just wonderful.” She began to jerk Lizzy off quickly, and Lizzy had a mind blowing orgasm. She snorted in delight, while trying to recover her breath.

Cate took another sip of Lizzys piss. She then pulled Lizzys foot out of the water. Lizzy had a puzzled expression on her face, which Cate smirked at. She bent all of the toes downward except the big toe. She then began sucking the big toe, as if she had a big cock in her mouth. Lizzy had a surprise orgasm, and it was good!

Cate then took Lizzys hand gently, and gazed into Lizzys eyes. Lizzy whispered, “that she had been in love with Cate for some time. She had masturbated to fantasies of the two of them in bed.” Cate smiled, and took another drink of the piss. Lizzy motioned to Cate to pass the tumbler. Cate handed the cup over to Lizzy. She took a long, slow drink. Lizzy said, “it tasted so very good, especially considering where it came from.” Cate took the cup back, and had another big swallow.

Cate then looked Lizzy in the eyes, and said, “this night is about you. I know you have been hurt badly, and I want to pleasure you to sooth the pain.” Lizzy said, “I love you very much”, again.

She let Lizzy soak in the tub, while she went to the kitchen and filled the wine glasses again.

She came back and sat on the floor and gazed into Lizzys eyes, while holding her hand. The candles gave off a tranquil glow to the room.

Lizzy sat up and kissed Cate again. Lizzy asked, “for the cup of pee.” She took a big swig, and then pulled Cates head toward her. She kissed her mouth, while sloshing the piss between them. Their tongues wiggled between them savoring the urine. Lizzy broke the kiss, and grabbed Betturkey Giriş her glass of wine and took a long, slow drink.

Cate said, “are you ready to get out now?” Lizzy stood up, with water dripping from all over her body. Cate grabbed a big bath towel and dried Lizzy off. She sucked Lizzys tits hard, and then toweled them off. When she got to Lizzys pussy, she spread the lips and tongued her clit. Lizzy grabbed Cates head, and jammed it into her crotch. She wiggled in circular motions, while Cate sucked her clit hard. Lizzy had a third orgasm. It seemed to come out of no where. It was so strong she could hardly stand.

Cate steadied her, and then held her hand as she stepped out of the tub. Cate toweled the rest of Lizzys body dry. She had Lizzy turn around and bend over. Lizzy spread her cheeks wide. Cate began tonguing her ass. Lizzy was moaning loudly, and then began to rub her clit. In short order, she orgasmed again. This time she needed Cate to keep her from falling back into the tub.

Cate wrapped her bathrobe on Lizzy. Lizzy turned around, and french kissed her again. She repeated, “I love you. “

She ushered Lizzy into the bedroom. This was the first time she had been in Cates bedroom, other than quick in and outs. Cate had her lie on the bed, and excused herself, yet again.

She went into the bathroom and moved the candles into the bedroom. She let the water out of the tub, and poured the remaining piss down the drain. She also poured them some more wine, which she served in the bedroom.

Cate got into bed and cuddled with Lizzy. Lizzy was so relaxed. The trauma of the recent breakup vanished. Cate drank some wine, and told Lizzy, “that she loved her so much.” Lizzy took a quick sip of her wine as well. Lizzy moved up toward Cate, and gave her a long french kiss. Lizzy placed her head on Cates chest, and she fell a sleep. Cate was satisfied that she had done her best friend and love a proper.

An hour later Lizzy woke up — Cate never did fall a sleep. She wanted to comfort Lizzy.

Lizzy began to speak slowly and deliberately. She said, “no one had so thoroughly made love to her, as Cate had. I fell a sleep, and that never happened with a man. I found myself being attracted to you a couple of breakups ago. I didn’t do anything about it, because I did not want to lose a friend. I love you, and your friendship is my most treasured possession. You don’t know how many nights that I masturbated myself to sleep envisioning this very night. You did not disappoint me. Your technique made me feel warm, safe and loved.” Cate squeezed her again.

Lizzy asked, “what she could do to return her happiness to Cate.” Cate said, “you have made me happy for years. This night is your night, not mine.” Lizzy hugged Cate.

Cate said, “that she had been slowly warming up to the idea that she loved Lizzy more than a friend. I think a couple of years ago when I had my really awful breakup I noticed my feeling for you were no longer friendly, but love. I, too, did not approach you because you always struck me as someone totally hetero. I felt if I were patient that things would happen in their own good time. I am extremely glad that I was patient.” Lizzy hugged Cate again and said, “that she loved her so much”, while giving her a peck on the cheek.

Cate held Lizzy in her arms for some time. She noticed Lizzy was snoring, and she relaxed and dozed off herself. The morning came much too early.

Lizzy got up and got dressed. She felt a little uncomfortable that she had not pleasured her friend. Cate insisted, “that we could get into that another time.” Lizzy embraced and kissed Cate, “and told her how much she loved her.” Lizzy said she had some errands to run, but maybe they could meet up later today. Cate said, “it is painful to see you leave, but feel free to run your errands and we’ll meet up later.” They kissed again.

Lizzy left. Cate noticed that she had slept in her clothes. She immediately took her clothes off, and hit the shower. It felt good to have the warm water washing over her. She did feel a little horny thinking back on all that transpired last night. She would let the passion rest for the time being.

Later that day

Cate busied herself around the house. She hadn’t done laundry in ages, and cleaned a little. She was not a fanatic about cleaning, but her house always looked neat.

A couple of hours later the doorbell chimed. She smiled thinking it was Lizzy — Lizzy always knocked at the backdoor?!. She was pleasantly surprised when she noticed a large bouquet of roses. She tipped the delivery guy, and closed the door. The note attached to the flowers was an invitation. Short and sweet:

— dinner at 5pm.

— dress up.

— signed an ardent admirer.

Cate smiled again. It was already 2pm, and she had to hustle to get things finished.

She hit the shower again, with all sorts of pleasant notions drifting through her mind. Dress up meant exactly that. A dress was required. She had a black dress with the shoulders exposed, while covering the cleavage. She laid it on the bed along with some black panty hose. She fiddled with her hair, and finally said, “good enough.” She slipped into her dress. She neglected to wear panties, and she felt a little wicked. She pulled a pair of black high heal shoes on. She thought to herself, this get up always makes me look like a million dollars.

She moved into the bathroom to put a small golden necklace on. It was in the shape of a heart. She also put some gold studs ear rings on too. She applied makeup. Always applied sparingly. She polished it off with bright red lipstick. She looked beautiful. She finished with little time to spare, and expected Lizzy to be knocking very soon.

The doorbell chimed again, and she muttered to herself, “Lizzy you always knock at the back door.” She was shocked to see a stretch limo parked on the street. She grabbed a shawl quickly, and let the driver walk her to the car. He opened the door, and she got in, fully expecting Lizzy to be sitting there. No Lizzy! The chauffeur closed the door, and got in the front seat. He began to drive. Cate asked the driver, “where we were going.” The driver smiled, and said, “I am not liberty to say.” Cate smiled broadly, as her pussy began to moisten.

The limo pulled into a swanky hotel. The chauffer was out like a shot, and opened her door. He said, “report to the front desk, mam.” This was getting the best of her curiosity.

She did report to the desk, and gave her name. The desk clerk gave her a card to a specified room.

The room was at the top floor of the hotel — expensive. She walked cautiously to the room. She slipped her card into the slot, and was immediately amazed. There was a faint scent of peaches in the air. All lights were out except the candles on a table in the middle of the room. By the table sat a bottle of champagne chilling on ice. She glanced to the bed, and noted that it was lightly covered in rose petals. No one appeared to be home. She said to herself, “this is making me so horny.”

A knock at the door revealed a cart piled with food — room service! The porter wheeled the cart into the room, and placed the covered plates on the table. He then filled the Waterford goblets, and popped the cork on the champagne. He poured the champagne slowly. He asked, “if that would be all.” Cate said, “yes, thanks.” The door closed silently.

She was just taking it all in, when the door to the adjacent room opened slowly and quietly.

Lizzy stood at the door dressed in a bright red nightgown. She struck a pose, and smiled very broadly with very red lipstick on her lips. “You like?”

Cate let out a gasp, and said, “I like very much.” Lizzy walked to the table, and pulled the chair out for Cate to sit in. Cate began to cry softly. No one had ever treated her like this, and she said so. She walked to Lizzy and gave her a kiss. Lizzy said, “dinner — then dessert.” Cate sat in her chair, which Lizzy pushed gently forward toward the table. Lizzy then sat down.

Lizzy raised her fluted champagne glass, and proposed a toast to Cate. “To the best friend anyone could ever have. Je t’aime.” Their glasses then clinked, and they drank the toast.

Cate looked over at Lizzy with tears streaming down her face, and said, “I love you too.” Lizzys tears were for the happiness she had given to her dearest friend.

Lizzy said, “tonight is about you, my sweet love.”

They then drank some more champagne, and started in on their salads. Cate smiled at Lizzy, while crunching down on a green pepper. They made small talk, while they cut into their steaks. The meal was wonderful, and the preparation and layout of the room service was grand.

They finished, and mysteriously there was a knock at the door. Lizzy answered it, and let the waiter serve the dessert, after clearing the table. He left silently. The dessert consisted of a bowl of strawberries surrounded in whipped cream. They toasted a second time. “To friends that will last forever.” They clinked glasses again, and sipped the champagne.

Lizzy took a strawberry and swirled it around in the whipped cream, and offered it to Cate. Cate opened her mouth, and her tongue lured the strawberry and whipped cream into her mouth. Lizzy smiled broadly, with a lusty look in her eyes. They continued their small talk, while enjoying the dessert.

A second knock at the door, which Lizzy answered. The waiter told Lizzy that things were ready. She thanked him.

She offered Cate the remaining champagne. They toasted again to their friendship. The glasses clinked once more.

Lizzy held her hand out to Cate, which she embraced in a lady like fashion. Lizzy mockingly courtesied to Cate. She ushered her into the adjacent room. Awaiting them were two flat tables with very white clothe on them, and two women standing by.

Lizzy motioned for one to come over. Lizzy raised her arms as the masseuse undressed her down to her panties. Lizzy then moved toward the table. The masseuse removed her panties. She then laid down, and a large, fluffy towel was placed around her waist.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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