Ultimate Pleasure Ch. 01

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Big Tits

“I wanted to make tonight special,” Gabe said as he held up a small black box. “So I visited that new shop down on 5th, and they recommended this bad boy.”

Maria took the box from him curiously. Neverending pleasure beyond your wildest dreams, it proclaimed in elegant silver writing. Inside, resting on silver velvet, was a small black device made up of two concentric silicone rings that came together at a mild angle with a solid, circular piece of ridged silicone. There was an indentation in the otherwise solid circle, lined with ridges as well. She had seen similar features in some clit sucking vibrators, and knew that that part was designed to go around the clit entirely. But the rings attached to the base were foreign.

“What is it?” she asked, entranced by the lines. They were oddly graceful, with one outer ring larger than the other, leaving a gap of about a half inch between them at their widest.

“A couple’s cock ring,” he said proudly. “Designed to make the man stay hard longer, and the woman to get more clitoral attention during sex. Perfect for us, I thought, since I’ve been having a tough time getting you there lately when I’m on top.”

It was an unfortunate but true fact that neither of them had been satisfied with their sex life the past few months. Gabe had been having some stresses at work, (ones that he’d been reluctant to voice to Maria, namely because they involved unexpectedly raunchy dreams about the male intern and his sculpted ass) and lately when he came home and they did have sex, she’d always been so tight and wet and ready that he hadn’t lasted long.

Then, that following night and all day long at work, he’d be bombarded with fantasy images of him exploring his queer side. He had embraced the fact that he was bisexual long ago, and he wasn’t tempted to cheat on Maria-but it wasn’t cheating to just fantasize, was it? To turn over and over again to gay porn, imagining himself getting penetrated by big cocks, or imagining feeling the tight asses of men fitting around his cock like a glove. Surely, anyone who always had forbidden sex on the mind, and raging wood all through the work day, would have a hard time lasting once buried in the beautiful pussy of their most beloved. It didn’t help that he had very little privacy at his desk to hide his erection, so he was always jacking himself off as fast as possible on his breaks.

He didn’t stop there, of course, unless she asked him to. He had always been entranced with her orgasms and was more than willing to go down on her and finger her before or after until she felt satisfied. She had been letting him do that less and less lately, and he had a sneaking suspicion that on the occasions that she did let him, she faked the orgasms for his ego.

He wasn’t wrong in thinking that, as unbeknownst to him, Maria had stumbled onto the idea of female orgasm denial many months ago. It had started as a few innocuous posts on the website she used for masturbating when Gabe was working late and she got that familiar ache between her legs. The posts had mentioned ways to intensify orgasms by delaying them and building up the need.The posts did warn that the longer she stayed denied, the more she’d want to masturbate, and assured her that was fine, so long as she only did so to the brink over and over-or what they referred to as edging.

She had figured, why not give it a shot? Her orgasms from Gabe had been few and far between, so what’s the harm? This way she could have small amounts of pleasure daily, and save the big releases for him. There was some trial and error, but ultimately it was a win-win, since he loved watching her orgasm anyways. And, the few times it had happened, her orgasms had been insane.

But then, he’d started orgasming faster and faster, and having sex less and less, and she found that she was addicted to the feeling of being left achingly denied and filled with cum. Her browsing had only reinforced that as she turned to more and more intense posts extolling the benefits of giving up orgasms.

Her favorite posts so far had been about women dominating women-the writing was better, and the skill with which other women navigated a pussy fascinated her. She was addicted to her own taste, and truly did believe it was sweeter the longer she was denied. She salivated at the thought of tasting another woman’s. She throbbed between her legs when seeing a well dressed woman at work now, suddenly noticing the beauty in the female form that she had somehow missed before. This even extended into her opinion of herself, which had always vacillated between extremely confident and excruciatingly shy.

But her sudden sapphic attraction was a distant second to her desire in general to have a dominant of any gender push her to her limits of denial. To tease and edge her, make her earn asyabahis yeni giriş orgasms through taking good spankings or serving and pleasuring her Dominant. To have a dominant forbid her from orgasms, and then decide to eat her out for hours because they also couldn’t get enough of her taste.

She had even gone so far, in the last few weeks, as to fake orgasms with Gabe while in fact straining to hold herself back from having them. That had been one of the most delicious mindfucks of her life, and she had never had more pleasure-not even from those insane orgasms after sessions of denial. She had almost told him, but she knew that he was already bearing more weight than he let on from work, and she didn’t want to add to his pressure by telling him that all his time and efforts had been for naught.

“That sounds fun,” Maria said after a moment, unsure how well she was going to be able to hold back an orgasm with a vibrator sucking at her clit while Gabe pounded all of her favorite spots inside. That combination had always been a surefire one for her to have deep whole body orgasms. “What’s so special about tonight?”

“Silly girl, did you forget that it’s Valentine’s Day?” he asked, removing the device from its packaging. The bottom of the vibrator part was covered by a silver device with a small screen on it. As he lifted it out a small booklet fell to the ground. He picked it up, handing it to Maria while he examined the rings he’d be putting on his member shortly, giving them an experimental tug.

“Maybe,” she said sheepishly, reading the booklet to avoid his gaze-at first. The words quickly caught her eye.

Go to www.unlimitedpleasure.com and fill out our Pleasure Survey before use for best results. Then, scan the QR code with the device for custom pleasure patterns. Select users will win a once in a lifetime experience at one of our Resort Locations.

“This wants us to fill out a survey before use. That’s weird, right?”

“Maybe? I’ve never bought a sex toy before.” He looked it over, and found nothing overly suspicious about it. He handed it back to her with a shrug. “Can’t hurt, right? Hell, I would love a vacation at a sex resort, wouldn’t you?”

Thinking of all the women that she would see and have a chance to experiment with, Maria blushed and nodded. “So long as we’d agree to come back to monogamy when we got home, absolutely.”

Gave blinked. He hadn’t even expected her to broach the idea of non-monogamy while they were gone. But now that she had, he realized that he definitely wanted that. The idea of Maria being shared by other men, with him involved or him watching as her tattooed, ample, soft body was caught between them, made an erection start to press against his pants. “Agreed.”

They plugged in the device to charge before logging onto the website on their phones, quickly going through their surveys. The questions started out simple enough, asking about their preferred sensations, favorite parts of their bodies to be played with, etc. It wasn’t long before the questions got more intimate, asking about fetishes and fantasies, with an exhaustive list.

It included options for things they were interested in trying but hadn’t yet-a section that Maria filled out in great detail with emphasis on D/s, femdom, bondage, masochism, permanent denial, anal, and group sex. She blushed so hard that she could see the red of her cheeks in the dark screen of her phone as she looked at her QR code.

She grabbed the toy, turning it on. The screen flashed, then prompted her to scan her code. She held the phone screen up to the scanner. The screen flashed again, and then went black. Oh, it’d be just our luck, for it to break right after we spent all that time on those surveys.

Luckily, it lit back up after a few minutes. Waiting for partner 2.

“Your turn,” she said, handing it to Gabe. He took it from her, but set it aside. She noted with interest that he was also blushing as he typed furiously. After several more minutes, he also arrived at the page with his code. He scanned his code as well, and it again went black, before coming back up, this time red.

Setting aside the toy, Gabe grabbed Maria, bringing her in for a kiss. It started chaste at first, the pressing of their lips together a silky embrace. But with the slightest brush of her warm tongue against his mouth, asking for entry, he was quickly lost in the sensations. Her tongue played with his, teasing light strokes before retreating back to her mouth.

The taste of her started to permeate his senses and he pushed her back against the couch, one hand gripping her hair to hold her in place while the other explored her sensuous curves. She eagerly arched into his touch, her own hands busy undoing his belt and pants, eagerly pushing them out of the way. asyabahis güvenilirmi He jerked forward when she grabbed his rapidly hardening member, sliding her soft hand up and down its considerable length, swirling her palm across the tip on every up-stroke.

Maria moaned as Gabe moved from her mouth down to her neck, using the hand in her hair to manipulate her how he wanted. Each kiss he laid there sent goosebumps down her body, heat pooling in her core. The ache that had been her stalwart companion these past months began to throb, begging her to clench her pussy muscles down on it and edge. She obliged, the pleasure of doing so pouring up her spine as she arched, and then out her mouth in a loud moan.

Gabe’s thick cock pulsed and throbbed in her hands as she did so, and she knew that they were both hot and ready-so fast, so unbelievably fast. He withdrew, fumbling for the device with one hand and pulling his shirt off with the other.

As he slid the device down his shaft, pulling the longer of the rings behind his balls and the shorter around the base of his cock, she quickly undressed. Off came the blouse from work, then the skirt, leaving her in just thigh high stockings, heels, and a bra-all black, all contrasting with her creamy skin and the curls of her tattoos. The bra was made of transparent mesh intersected by black lines, looking almost like a harness hiding and highlighting her assets all at once. She had forgone panties, as her orgasm-denial addled brain had loved the idea of leaking her juices down her legs during work-a delicious secret for her alone.

The overall effect made Gabe stop mid-motion and stare, eyes wide. Words left his mouth before he was aware of them. “Wow, how did I get so lucky as to have you?”

She flashed a cocky grin. “I felt like slumming it one day, and then you gave me really good head so I kept you around.”

“Slumming it, huh?” he asked, sliding his hands up her legs. The contrast between his darkly tanned skin and hers as he swept his fingers closer and closer to her sex made his cock throb. “Well, let me remind you just how good I am at this then.”

He could smell her arousal and kissing the path his fingers had just traveled, this time giving teasing licks as he neared his goal. Sliding his tongue teasingly against her slick outer lips, the hair on her mound soft against his face.

Maria gasped, gripping his hair to hold his face in place, the teasing making her squirm. Her hips ground of their own accord, trying to get his skilled tongue exactly where she needed it. What he was doing was simultaneously too much and yet not enough. “More, god. More.”

His tongue slid out further, completely bypassing her throbbing clit and dipping down to her entrance, collecting her juices as he stroked against her most sensitive inner lips. They fully extended past her puffy outer ones, leaving them an easy target for such tortuous attention.

He groaned in pleasure as he tasted her, a fully realized version of the taste that kissing her mouth had only hinted at. Sweet, with a bit of a tang, he could spend hours just lavishing her here, lapping up all that she would give him. He flicked his tongue over her relishing in the different textures of the smoothly shaved lips, fully engorged clit, and fuzzy mound. Every stroke made her breathing change, and grind her hips harder against his face.

He gripped the soft flesh above her hips tightly to hold her in place with one hand while he slid two fingers deep into her with the other. She clenched down on him as he did, the slick textures of her pussy pulsing against him as he rubbed all her favorite spots. He kept stroking and alternating, going extremely deep till he ran into resistance all the way back to just barely teasing her entrance, over and over again, until his hand was completely soaked with her juices and her legs were trembling uncontrollably.

Then, and only then, did he pull his face back and withdraw his fingers from her. Freed from his other, restraining hand, she began to grind against the air. “Aww, sweetheart, if you’re so desperate to grind, I’ve got something much better than air for you.”

He settled himself back against the couch, letting her see that his c0ck was still rock hard, the erection bound by the toy and his own enthusiasm. It jutted against his toned stomach, long and thick enough that under normal circumstances he would have used more fingers to prepare her.

With a moan and a bite of the lip, she knelt above him, sliding his flared tip between her soaked lips just enough to tease herself slightly before allowing him into her tight channel. Even as aroused as she was, she still had to stretch a bit to accommodate his girth. Maria’s eyes rolled back in her head.

Don’t cum, she warned herself, slowly asya bahis giriş taking him in inch by inch. Her muscles spasmed around him all the way down. She was so, so, very close to tipping over into an orgasm that she knew would leave her dazed and mindless if she wasn’t careful. It’s been a long time since Gabe did that to me for that long, and holy fuck did I forget how good he was at it. I managed to hold back then, and I’ll be damned if I fail now. But…

“God, it’s so hard,” she moaned the final bit of her thought emerging unbidden from her lips. Gabe throbbed within her, causing another gasp.

“You like that, babe?” he asked wickedly, doing it again and again. He thrust up into her a couple of times for good measure. She’d adjusted to him, but it still felt amazing with her wrapped around his shaft. Sliding up and down her, feeling her juices begin to slide down from his cock and onto his balls, her pussy clenching helplessly the whole time got him close to orgasm faster than he cared to admit. A bit of shame colored his cheeks, but it didn’t last.

To distract himself, he started squeezing her breasts, digging his fingers into the ample, pliant expanse of them. He took care to pull and pinch and twist her nipples the way that he knew she enjoyed. Adding to the tugging that he was doing, she’d started to move as well. He kept his fingers tight around her nipples, taking her enthusiasm as a sign that his attentions were welcomed.

He squeezed harder before releasing one from his skilled fingers so that he could suck it instead. She arched and let out a loud moan as he did, and continued to moan and gush all over his shaft as he used his teeth to pull and bite gently at her nipple, while doing similar motions with his hands on the other breast before switching and repeating the whole process.

The vibrator of the toy turned on by itself, the screen glowing green. If either of them had had a clearer head, that might have struck them as odd, but they were too lost in the pleasure to notice.

Maria rose up and down rapidly, taking most of his length out of her before impaling herself on it again and again. He bottomed out with every stroke, hitting hard against her cervix. Instead of being concerned about any pain, though, Maria seemed to get more and more aroused with every thrust, the pleasure and the pain mixing into something that was neither and both, and greater than either. Combined with the attention Gabe was paying to her breasts and the occasional sucking vibration on her clit, she knew she would be lucky if she didn’t orgasm within the next few minutes.

I deserve it, she thought. It’s been ages since I last did, and Gabe feels so fucking good right now. An orgasm is just what I need-what we need to bond closer. Just one, and then I’ll tell him about all my fantasies lately. Him bringing in toys is a good start. Just gotta cum first. Then back to denial.

“I’m close,” Gabe gasped. He had never seen Maria like this, wild and wanton. Normally he did most of the work, even when she was on top. She was more likely to just grind than take him in and out so harshly. And was it his imagination, or did she seem to be getting tighter? The thought was lost in the waves of pleasure he was feeling, as his sperm started to surge up from his balls. It did get temporarily paused by the ring, but some combination of his natural genetics and the vibration allowed it to keep going, its momentum inevitable.

“No, wait, I’m not quite there, let me-oh god, I’m so close why can’t I cum?” Maria cried out desperately. She’d made her peace with letting herself orgasm, and it seemed that doing so had been enough to jerk her back from the edge. For the first time in a long time, she wanted to cry with frustration. She was on a razor edge, feeling the heat pooling in her core, rushing out to her whole body, the pleasure rising and rising but refusing to crest. All her muscles were primed to go in a mind-shattering orgasm, but something was preventing her, even as the toy sucked expertly on her most sensitive place.

“I’m-I can’t stop it, I’m-oh fuck-” Gabe’s words were cut off as he began to orgasm, pumping Maria full of cum. The orgasm didn’t end, going on far longer than he’d known was possible. His balls strained and strained and still somehow didn’t empty. Waves and waves of it, heat and release, pleasure beyond what he thought he would ever be able to withstand went on and on.

Finally, as though someone had turned a switch, it stopped, as abruptly and violently as it had started. Gabe opened his eyes. He was in a well lit room, many contraptions and toys he’d only seen in his most hardcore porn searches surrounding him. Maria was nowhere to be seen, despite the fact that he could still feel her juices drying on him.

His cock remained rock hard, a fact that he was too dazed by the orgasm to be embarrassed by as the most attractive man he had ever seen stood in front of him, a black remote of some fashion in his hand.

“Hello, and welcome to the Ultimate Pleasure Resort. My name is Ivaan. Are you ready to begin?”

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