Uncle Henry Ch. 03

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Henry had the A1A route this morning, driving northbound on the crowded four-lane with the ocean peeking out from the crowds of buildings to his right. Too bad city regulations made him run the air-conditioning; that sea breeze would feel real good right now. The sun was shining for the moment, but probably wouldn’t be for long. August in Florida generally brought plenty of showers with it.

He pulled up in front of the bus stop across the street from a strip mall and opened the doors to let his passengers out. He nodded at a few of the regulars as they wished him a good day. Incoming passengers fumbled with change and dollar bills, greeted him, and went off to find their seats. At the end of the line, a red-headed woman in her early twenties stopped and stared at him. She pressed her lips together, the pink lipstick forming one thin line, and looked him up and down without saying a word before she put her money in the machine.

Henry closed the doors and she went down the aisle to take a seat in the rear. The sun was still shining and Henry was thinking about his sister’s Fourth of July party and in particular that woman they had tried to fix him up with, Grace her name was. She was a librarian, and divorced with two kids. He couldn’t remember whether they still lived with her or not. Maybe he should give her a call. Henry missed being with a woman, and it had taken a teen-aged girl to show him that. He hadn’t heard from Mindy since that night a few weeks ago, and hoped things had worked out for her with that boy she had her eye on.

He slowed the bus to a stop again alongside a bus stop outside a beachfront hotel. As passengers exited the vehicle, the seat right behind him freed up. The red-haired woman leaped up from her place in the back and took the vacant spot before any new passengers could come in.

Henry glanced at her in the mirror, but she sat facing straight ahead and did not return his gaze. Her fingers clutched at her straw handbag, bright red nail polish ragged around the cuticles. Her shoulders were nice, if a little bony. Henry checked the traffic and pulled the bus out into the road again.

A few blocks türkçe altyazılı porno later, he came to another stop. As his passengers crowded around the exit, the redhead leaned forward and said into his ear: “You don’t look like that much to me.” Then she was gone, out the door and running away from the bus stop while Henry stared after her with his mouth open.

He launched the bus back into traffic with her words still ringing in his ears. He was still trying to make sense of her statement hours later, when he finished his shift and arrived home to see her bony figure in his driveway, leaning on the hood of the old Ford sedan.

Despite the girl’s earlier rudeness, Henry was compelled by his upbringing to be polite. His late mother had taught him there were just some ways you didn’t speak to a woman.

“Good evening, Miss. What brings you to my house?”

The girl spat her chewing gum onto the cement driveway. “I came lookin’ for you ’cause of what Mindy said. She’s goin’ around sayin’ she got her virginity taken by a real expert.” The girl eyed him up and down. “You don’t look like that much to me.”

Henry shrugged. He didn’t much care what he looked like to the girl, but he couldn’t stop his good manners from coming out. “You want some coffee?”

The girl stood up straight and put one hand on her hip. “Coffee, hell. I want more than that, old-timer. Let’s get inside and I’ll show you what I mean.”

Henry opened his front door and motioned for her to go in first. She paused in the living room and began unbuttoning her blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

“My name’s Rebecca. You should at least know that before you screw me.”

“Screw you? What make you think I’m going to –” But Henry stopped talking as her petite young breasts came into view. Two cream-colored mounds were topped by puffy pink nipples that beckoned to his hands. Henry’s breathing sped up at the sight of them.

“Nobody ever ate my pussy like Jake did,” Rebecca said. “That boy really knew how to use his tongue. And now I lost him to that damned Mindy, and it’s all your fault for fucking her.” She xnxx continued to strip, kicking off her sandals and pulling down her jeans.

Henry nodded his head sympathetically but he was no longer looking at her face. “I’m sorry you lost your boyfriend.”

The girl tossed her jeans aside and hooked her thumbs into the top of her thin pink panties with the little ribbon in front. “Yeah, well. Now you got to make up for what you did to me. Get over here.” She pulled her panties down to reveal her smooth, shaved pussy.

It must hurt like hell to get it so bald like that, Henry thought. Francine had never shaved her pussy and it had served him well for almost three decades. Henry shook his head. These kids today went to so much trouble, but a pussy is a pussy and Henry would happily dive into that one. His pants bulged at the thought of it.

Rebecca tossed her pink panties aside and pulled out a chair from the dining room table. It thudded across the hardwood floor as she turned it to face Henry and plopped herself into it. She opened her legs. “Kneel,” she said, pointing to floor in front of her.

“What?” Henry said.

“You heard me. But strip first. I’m not going to be the only one naked here. Take off your clothes, old man.” She licked her lips. “Let’s see what you got.”

The girl had a point. It wasn’t right that she was naked while he was fully clothed. Henry did as he was told, and soon his clothes lay in a neat pile on the couch.

Rebecca looked him up and down. “Not too bad. Now. Kneel.” She opened her legs as Henry got to his knees before her. “Move in closer.”

Henry scuffled forward on his knees and she grabbed the back of his head and pushed it into her crotch. He pushed his nose against her swelling clit and slipped his tongue into the wet heat between the soft folds of her pussy. Savoring every moment of the taste and feel of her, he devoured her womanhood with a passion he had never felt for any other meal.

“Oooh,” she cried, her legs twitching and her hips thrusting against his teeth. “Uncle fucking Henry, you sure know what you’re doing down there!”

Pressing one hand porno izle on the inside thigh of each skinny leg, Henry spread her apart and reached up with his tongue to caress her clit. He ran it around the protruding pleasure center and over it and felt her shiver at his touch. Then he took it in his mouth and sucked on it, teased it lightly with his teeth, swirled his tongue against it once more and sucked again, harder this time. He released it for a moment, then attacked it with greater vigor, pulling the swollen nub into his mouth and caressing it with his teeth and tickling the tip of it with his tongue.

Rebecca’s head snapped back and her mouth dropped open. A long, low moan came out. “Uncle Henry!” She gasped and reached for his head, pulling him away from her. “Stop now. I want your cock in me.”

By this time, Henry’s dick was hard enough to batter down a bank vault. He lifted the moaning girl off the kitchen chair and carried her into his bedroom. No man had ever put on a condom faster. He bent over her and moved in between her legs when she bounced away and pulled him over her so that he ended up spread-eagled on his back. She sure was strong for such a skinny little thing. She climbed on top of him and thrust her face down close enough for him to feel the heat of her hard breathing. “Who the hell do you think is in charge here?” she said.

Henry’s customary politeness had melted under the incandescence of his passion. “Shut up and fuck me, bitch!”

Rebecca smiled. “That’s more like it.” She lifted her hips, shifted to find Henry’s cock, and brought them back down again to totally envelop him.

It was a nice, tight fit. In and out, smooth and hot. She arched her back and rode the wave, up and down, flushed and sweaty, perky rose-tipped tits bouncing with joy at every thrust. Her little pussy muscles grabbed him and worked him over, sending electric thrills through his body with every twitch. And when the time came, they both yelled together.

She slumped forward, her head resting on his still-heaving chest. Their sweat mingled and ran down his ribs onto the bedspread. Henry’s cock slowly shriveled its way out of her exhausted pussy.

Rebecca sat up and sighed. She rested one hand lightly on Henry’s chest. “At least now I know Mindy was telling the truth. She really did lose her virginity to an expert.”

She put her clothes back on and was gone. Henry never saw her again.

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