Undercovered Overcoat

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She was little more than a whisper when she entered the room- his room, his space. Her physical presence was the manifestation of a recurring dream. Dreams, in fact. Shared dreams. Dreams so vivid they both lived them. They fueled each other’s imagination, ignited each other’s passions, set alight each other’s fire.

The first touch of her fingertip to his skin was a match to kindling. His skin came to life before his mind…The full length white trench coat she wore fell like a waterfall onto the floor revealing a landscape of unblemished beauty. Her auburn hair cascaded over her shoulders and fell over her plentiful breasts as she stood there in the dim morning light.

It took little more than sweeping the covers off of his naked body to rouse him. His eyes opened to the resplendent sight of her wide smile as she climbed atop the foot of the bed. There was hunger in her eyes. Her lips shimmered as she licked the red lipstick.

Her approach was deliberate and slow. Her finger nails dragged a long and winding path up from his ankles to his torso. His body swelled and heaved as she moved back and forth, teasing him with her nails, tickling him with porno indir her hair. Her warm breath followed close behind, smoothing the places where her gentle caresses had carved deep furrows in his desire.

Taking her time to look him over- reading his body like a map, examining every curve and contour- she struggled to suppress her desire to ravish him in that moment. Her mouth watered as she imagined sucking him into her mouth, biting him, scratching him, throwing herself on him…

But she came here with a purpose: it would be her pleasure to give him the greatest pleasure he had ever known. She had locked the door and turned off the phone. She intercepted his hands as they reached to touch her. She would permit no interruption. She would not allow any interference. She would take what she came for and not stop until she had enough.

Hot, wet lips touched his hip first. She placed her kisses with precision. Her mouth and hands moved as though she could read his senses. For a moment, she could feel the delicious sensations she gave as though she were in his body- as though she was pleasuring herself through him. His rokettube body rose to meet her every move. His breathing raced to keep pace with the chaos she stirred inside his body and mind.

Raising up onto her knees and pulling her hair away from her face, her eyes met his. He looked desperate, almost in pain. She saw the pain of unrequited desire painted over him and felt a surge of excitement rush over her. In this moment, his cock pulsed, nodding up and down reflexively, begging for her.

A devilish smile appeared as she slowly descended upon him, their eyes locked on each other. Her mouth opened wide as she took his cock into her hand. She commanded his body in a way that suggested ownership. In this moment, she owned him. He was hers to be used as she saw fit in this moment. His body shook when she took him into her mouth.

Hours passed in the span of seconds. Seconds crept along at glacial speeds. There was no time here. There was no world out there. There was but one single point of light emanating in the universe and it came from her. She was desire and satisfaction at once. She was hunger and satiation in an instant. porno Her body merged with his, their passions fusing.

She had never wanted to cum as badly as she wanted him to cum. She had never wanted him to cum more than in this moment. She had never been more satisfied making anyone cum more than she felt in this moment. She swallowed his cum as if she was swallowing his whole body, his whole mind. She swallowed him as entirely as she had been swallowed up in his desire.

His cum nourished her body with the passion he had given to revive hers. With every eruption, she drank from the fountain of lust, giving her new life. They were an offering and a prayer to each other.

She was cleansed, her desire purified in his satisfaction. The taste of his sexual essence was the most potent of pheromones, an aphrodisiac she swallowed hungrily, filling her reservoir which now spilled over its banks and down her legs.

Raising up to lower herself onto his face, she sat down slowly, feeling her swollen lips sloshing over his mouth as she set herself in place. It took just a few seconds before the eruptions began, but almost a minute for them to finish. Gushing her warm juices which ran hot like lava spewing, he slurped and swallowed eagerly, his own orgasmic afterglow heightened with her sustained climax.

Each of them slumbered heavily, their sex sated and their bellies filled with each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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