Unexpected in Every Way Ch. 03

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I woke up in the morning, the sun shining in through the window, caressing her body with yellow light, making the dried cum scattered over her face, tits, and legs look like silvery drops of dew.

Or like I had busted a nut all over her, your choice.

Man, this had been an incredible night. I had fucked Shannon pretty much every way I could want. I had gotten the maximum possible satisfaction out of her mouth, tits, and pussy.

But then a series of suggestive images slowly drifted back to me from the night, images of her sweet curvy ass thrusting in the air, and I remembered that there was one more form of satisfaction that I had not yet had the chance to appreciate: I wanted to get in her ass really bad. I had never fucked anyone in the ass before, but had always wanted to. It was the ultimate fantasy for me, something I had always thought would remain in the realm of fantasy. I felt like I was never going to get a better chance at making it a reality than with this boyfriend-having, big-titted, semi-submissive cum slut.

I lay there trying to decide how to go about it. What was my strategy here—Should I wake her up? Should I ask her? Or should I just take her? I had definitely gotten the feeling last night that she liked to be dominated, that she liked to be shown the ropes. She had instigated this whole episode, but it may have just been a necessary tactic for her to get what she wanted, given my own passive persona when it came to pussy. In fact, her seeming indecisiveness over the whole thing may actually have sprung, I realized, from an innate submissive personality, and while she knew what she was looking for, she didn’t want to be the one in control.

Well, I could live with that.

While this insight gave me some new ideas, I still needed to figure out exactly how to go about this. Then, as if the gods of virgin-ass-fucking heard my prayers, she spontaneously rolled over onto her back, still in her sleep! While this deprived me of the spectacular view of the rolling hills of her tits, it certainly made my strategy of jump-right-in-with-the-ass-fucking a whole lot easier!

I obviously had a hard-on pretty much from the instant I woke up and saw her laying there with my dried cum on her tits and face. I carefully got up and straddled her thighs, putting my hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them apart slowly. They were fleshy, but tight like rubber balls—no sag, no jelly there, just firm ass meat. I looked at the dear little rosebud of her asshole, a clenched brown star in the middle of the sweet hemispheres of her ass. Was I actually going to be able to fit in there? And, more importantly in the present case, was I actually going to be able to get in there quickly enough to make my plan work? The plan being, of course, that rather than having her waking up to the brutal shock of being raped raw in the ass and calling the cops on escorts in london me, she would instead wake up to the magical wonder of my cock sensually transporting her rectum to a sexual plane of sublime ecstacy, instantly coverting her into a life-long ass-fuck lover. Hey, it was possible.

Well, no time like the present! I positioned my cockhead at the closed hole, then pressed in with all my might. I went in all the way in in one stroke. I don’t know who all these people are who talk so much about the need for lube when it comes to ass-fucking. “Plain” seemed to work fine, at least for me.

Well, you could say she woke up. Woke up yelling with a cock in her ass.

“What the fuck! Ohmigod! What the fuck! Ohmigod!”

Her brain was fuzzy at best, but she had enough sense to realize something was happening that was powerfully different from most of her mornings. She woke out of a deep sleep, probably not even remembering last night at all right away, and certainly not expecting or planning on this. She didn’t have a lot of time to figure out what was going on. I was slamming into her like crazy, determined to get all I could out of this in case I was wrong about her inner submissive desires.

But you don’t always get what you want, you get what you need. And what she needed (I thought), and what I needed (I knew), was a good ass fuck. So that is what she was going to get—eight inches of a fleshy tube spreading her ass cheeks apart, spreading her anal ring to obscene dimensions, goading her colon to open up and say “ahh.” Eight inches of a piston ramming all the way into its housing, and all the way out. Step two: repeat.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she howled repeatedly.

I couldn’t even tell what she was thinking yet. Was that a good “fuck fuck fuck fuck,” or a bad “fuck fuck fuck fuck”? I didn’t really care. Right now, I was concentrating solely on the amazing pleasure of having my fuckstick be in the tightest spot it had ever been. So damn warm. So….homey? It’s hard to explain, but my cock just felt like it was at home. Her sphincter was like a cock ring at the base of my rod, constricting the blood flow and making it feel even more bulbous with fluid than usual. Her cheeks felt so good crushing in on my pelvis. It was weird, tighter than a pussy, but it also felt like there was more room deep inside at the tip somehow. Halfway through I realized that I was holding her arms down on the bed so she didn’t thrash around so much. Her face was in the pillow now, biting down. Her back would spasm up and down and to the sides, but she wasn’t yelling any more.

I was in cock heaven, but it was destined not to last very long. After a few minutes, I felt my cum welling up in my balls, and I started to shoot, first filling her rectum with more than a few wet tablespoons of sperm, then I pulled out and blasted more thick ropes of escorts in london cum onto the rim of her still-wide-open asshole, where it dripped slowly back inside, then I finished off by laying a couple final white lines of cock-glue on her smooth, sweaty, palpitating ass cheeks.

I sat there and just languidly enjoyed the view for a second, watching her asshole close like a plant in a nature film, folding up at night in slow motion, the gelatinous strands of cum getting caught in its grip like bugs in a Venus fly trap, halfway in and halfway out. She lay there in shock. Then I figured, in for a penny, in for a pound. I shuffled up to her head, grabbed her chin and cheek with my hand, and turned it to face my way.

“Oh, man John, that was…”

Before she could come out with whatever she was going to say—”unexpected”?—I shoved my cock, still warm from the friction of her ass, into the just-as-warm cavity of her mouth. I wanted to see if she would go so far as to wash her shit off with her tongue.

Now, let’s take a second here to reflect. One might ask, aren’t you the guy who, just a little while ago, was talking so much about how he was conflicted about even getting involved with this girl, who didn’t want to screw over his friend who had been moon-eyed for this girl for his whole life, that guys just don’t do this kind of thing to their friends?

Yes, that’s me. But, you also have to remember that the saying “guys think with their dicks” is basically true. Or at least it’s true in certain situations, like this one. If my dick gets itself into a situation where its every wish is going to be fulfilled, then it will take over the rest of my brain in a second. One good example is from just a few seconds ago, where I took the frankly ludicrous step of deciding to ass-fuck this girl awake. What were the actual chances that this was going to work out in my favor? But the dick says, “if not now, never,” and blocks the brain from having any input whatsoever. And so we get into situations like this one, situations that are, shall we say, unexpected to the brain, because the brain would never do anything like this.

So my dick thought, let’s see if this slut is really going to go all out. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed in, once again sideways, like last night, puffing out her cute cheeks, jutting into her throat from exactly the wrong angle for it to go down easily–not that it wouldn’t go down, it just wouldn’t go down easily. She slobbered all over it, and tried to pull off for a second after the taste of shit reached her brain, but I held on and started thrusting, and soon she started sucking and licking the cum and shit juice off with gusto. Lucky for me, guys aren’t the only ones that think with their genitals—her pussy was definitely the one making decisions for her at this point!

Soon my cock was crystal-clean, and escort service ready to go for round two. I figured that it was time to satisfy her a bit more directly, so I reluctantly pulled out of her enthusiastically-gobbling mouth, leaving a quizzical expression on her now-unstretched face. But I stood up and pulled her up with me, so her legs wrapped around my body, and her cunt slid heavily down the tube of my cock, balls deep.

Damn, for a short girl she was heavy enough. Maybe I wouldn’t be able to pull this off after all. But I shuffled over to the wall and leaned her against it, and the extra pressure helped me to stay in position. I started fucking away, and I could tell the position was working its magic. Her eyes were looking deep into mine, and we were clearly telepathically communicating one thought back and forth to each other—”thank you for this!”

I slammed my cock up and out of her wet pussy, back battering against the wall, making tons of noise for all the neighbors to hear (who knows what they heard already!), cum doubtless sloshing out of her loosened asshole left and right, her considerable tits smacking up and down and around in a hypnotic gyration, my legs and back burning from the effort. She was squealing in high-pitched whimpers, and quickly came twice, right in succession, within only a few minutes. I finally let go of my last orgasm of the morning, like a stone that was finally released out of a slingshot after being held at full tension for an hour (not that it had been anywhere near that long), blasting way up into the depths of her pussy as its muscles throbbed and clutched themselves around my cock.

We collapsed on the bed, bodies heaving. We didn’t talk much, but it was clear that this had fulfilled a fantasy, hell, a whole ream of fantasies, for both of us. She told me that she had to go to work, and that her boyfriend would be home that night. I was welcome to hang out and sleep in a bit before I left, and she’d be glad to hear from me again some time. I reciprocated my own thanks, and told her I’d see her around some day.

She went to shower, and I thought about the voluminous cum dripping from her pussy and ass. What was my little slut doing with all that cum all alone in the shower, I wondered? That, however, was to remain a secret for a little while longer.

After she came out, I enjoyed the little show she gave me as she dressed, putting on a purplish-pink lace bra that held her tits up high and tight, with her nipples sticking out prominently as usual, then pulling a pair of sky-blue panties up her toned legs. She wore a form-fitting olive skirt that went down to mid-calf, and a button-down white shirt on top. I was already imagining fucking her ass and tits again now that the goods were hidden from view. Too bad I wouldn’t get the chance, with Mr. Boyfriend around.

So we said goodbye, and she walked out the door with a blown kiss. I lay back on the bed to rest before hitting the road for the rest of my trip. Suddenly, a thought hit me. A thought that was, shall we say, not coming from my brain.

To be concluded. Next up: It gets better. Better? Better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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