Unlocked Secrets Ch. 01

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I just returned from grocery shopping and barely made it through the front door to the house before…

“How many times do I have to ask you to lock the door when you go out?” Laura scolded me. “I’m alone in the house and anyone can just walk in.”

“No one is going to just walk in. We’re in a pretty safe neighbourhood and everyone knows each other.” I tried to calm her nerves. “Look at Brad next door. His garage is always open and I know he keeps his basement door unlocked.”

“Gere, just do it please?” Laura fumed exasperated.

I put away the shopping. The place where I go not only sells food but like many other places now sells clothes. If I go early enough, like this Sunday morning, I can buy some pretty things to add to my collection without other customers or clerks looking at me suspiciously. Self-checkout has become a real blessing to hide the purchase of my new intimates.

I was walking through the Superstore and came across a pretty bra and panty set. They were black lace with pinkish-white satin backing and I knew I just had to get them. And with my forms, the front clasping C-cups would form a nice cleavage to show off. The low cut, bikini panties would cradle my bum nicely. I quickly hid them with the rest of my stash lest Laura would discover them. I could barely wait to try them on.

Monday morning was pretty warm. As a contract program developer and currently between assignments, I didn’t have to get up for work. I just laid in bed as I watched Laura dress for the office. Laura, my girlfriend was incredibly sexy. She stood about 5′-5″ with short chestnut hair and emerald eyes. Her lips were full and rarely needed lipstick. Her body was athletic with perfectly curved round hips and perfectly shaped legs. I had to add some extra padding in the cups when I used to wear her 34D-sized bras.

I watched as Laura hooked her bra behind her back. My hand snuck under the sheets and found my usual morning, six-inch woodie. I moved my fist moved up and down as Laura pulled on a pair of red cheekie panties over her bubble bum and covered her nicely trimmed pussy.

“You know I can see you jerking yourself off in the mirror, you pervert.” Laura gritted a perturbed smile. She donned her silk shirt but did not button it. “Can’t you wait until I leave for the office?”

“I was so horny last night, but you said you were too tired and had to get up for work.” I justified. “Can you…?”

“Again?” Laura spat disgustedly. “You’re so sick sometimes.”

She moved to the foot of the bed and faced me. She slid her hands through the front of her shirt and placed them on her hips so her bountiful breast were proudly prominent. I kicked off the sheet and continued to stroke my cock as I drooled over her. I was never sure whether it was her or her bra and panties that got me off but I really didn’t care at this point. Pre-cum poured over my fist and lubricated my palm as I stroked.

“Come on! Hurry up or I’m going to be late.” Laura huffed a command. I loved the way that she sometimes ordered me about. Her angry, fiery eyes tried to burn through me, but the wet spot growing in the crotch of her panties belayed the fact that she was really, really angry. It only spurred me on more. My hand was moving fast and that familiar climatic feeling was imminent. “Two more seconds!”

I pinched my nipple hard. It acted as trigger and I started to shoot my load. We hadn’t had sex in a number of days and I had levent escort accumulated very full balls. The first wads splashed my face hard; then my chin; then my chest and finally my belly before becoming just a dribble.

“Fucking sick!” Laura tsked. She put on the remainder of her clothes as I panted and spasmed on the bed covered with my own cum. With my face still wet with cum, she wouldn’t kiss me good-bye before she left. “Don’t forget that I’ll be late tonight. I’m meeting Rebecca for dinner after.”

Laura’s heels clicked on the tiled floors as she marched out the front door. I heard the lock click and her car drive away. My hot cream had turned cold. I used my PJ t-shirt to wipe myself off and headed for the bathroom. By then, my stiff was soft enough that I could point it into the bowl and take a long piss. Then hot water streamed from the shower head and pelted my hairless body.

Since that one day when we showered together, Laura insisted that I remain hairless; totally hairless except for my head. Being Asian and not having a lot of hair anyways, Laura thought it would be sexy if she shaved me… arms, pits, legs, balls and ass. Afterwards, she coated me with lotion and gave me the greatest body slide sex I had ever experienced.

After my shower, I went to my secret stash in my home office and retrieved the new set of undies I had bought the day before. The bra was perfect (so were all my other ones) and pushed my expensive, realistic breast forms together into a perfect cleavage. I was right when I knew the panties would fit nice and snug. I worked out hard at the gym to give myself a nice bubble butt even for a guy. My semi-hard penis was tucked in tight.

I looked at myself in the mirror. “Oh! I think some stockings would go so nicely with this outfit.”

I hooked the six strap, black garter belt around my hips before slipping on the black opaque stockings. I made sure the thick white seam ran straight up the back of my legs before clipping them to the garters. I thought it more whorish when the straps were over rather than under my underwear. The adjusted straps were taut against my thighs and I could feel them as I moved.

I pulled on Laura’s pink housecoat and a pair of her black, pointed high heeled sandals. I love to hear the click-clack as I walked through the hallway to the kitchen. I put on some coffee and went to get the morning paper that always arrived after Laura left. I cracked the front door open and saw the paper at the far edge of the landing. I peeked out to see if anyone was around then quickly dashed out, grabbed the paper, rushed back in and shut the door behind me.

Dashing out like that had never failed to excite me. My heart was beating like Buddy Rich banging on his drums. With slightly rubbery legs, I walked back to the kitchen for my coffee. The back was completely enclosed and blocked by tree and bush so I had no worries about being seen. I could and have sat on the back deck to enjoy the sun dressed in my teenie bikini or even in the bra and panties I had on.

It was warm enough but I was too lazy to pull out all the cushions for the chairs. I poured a cup and moved to the living room to read the paper. I plopped down on the leather couch and kicked off my slippers so I could bring my feet up to stretch my legs. My housecoat parted and split open so I could see the garter clips holding up my stocking. I enjoyed my cuppa while beyoğlu escort I read the paper and rubbed my nylons together which never failed to get me hard.

“This is new.” I said aloud as I came across an advertisement for Scandals, an adult clothing and toy shop. The pretty girl was posing on a sofa and dressed in a pretty baby blue and pink teddy. The front had a deep Vee almost down to her tummy and I could tell the leg holes were high cut, French.

Mindlessly, I imagined myself in her outfit as I rubbed my hard on through my panties. Pre-cum made a slick wet spot that I used to lubricate my pee hole as my thumb massaged it around. I allowed my housecoat to fall open more so I could play with my tits. I know I couldn’t feel anything but the thought always got me hot. I pulled down my panties enough to pop out my erection. Clear nectar oozed from the tip which I collected on my middle finger. I carefully moved my hand between my legs and rubbed the slippery slime around my ass hole. I collected another big bead and rubbed it in some more until I could slip my finger through.

“Oh fuck!” I groaned. “That feels so good!”

As good as it felt, I wanted more. Back to my stash, I pulled out a number of things before going back to bed. Laura was a strong woman. She often mounted me and held my wrists down as we fucked, but that’s as far as her kinks went. Mine went a little further.

I attached and locked a two foot, titanium spreader bar to my ankles then a twelve inch one between my knees. My cock was still dripping and I used the drops as lube for my Lush. I pulled my panties aside and smeared the fully charged Lush around my back entrance before I slowly started to push it in. It spread my hole bigger and bigger until it was past the wide girth; then it just popped in. It would have stayed in anyways, but I pulled my panties back over them to make sure. I made sure to tuck my cock inside too.

The Lush is a Bluetooth enabled, remote controlled vibrating device with a control app on my cell phone. Being an IT guy, I was able to find a hack and modify it to react to my voice commands. I inserted in my wireless buds into my ears and connected them to the app on the phone. I tested them. “Low vibration.” Instantly, I felt a hum and grunted. “Uh!” And turned it off.

The next part was tricky. After much practice and nearly getting trapped a number of times, I figured out a configuration that was risky enough but allowed me to escape if needed. I used a harness to attach some padded, police grade handcuffs to the head board. I carefully hung the key from a string that dangled away from my hands. Once I locked myself in, I would have to work my fingers to hook the string and retrieve the key before I could open the cuffs. To enhance the risk, I tied a tight blindfold over my eyes so I would have to find my freedom by touch.

“Armageddon.” I commanded the Lush via the mic on my earbuds. With Laura at work and coming home late, I would have ample time to make myself cum at my leisure. I decided to enjoy myself to the max.

The “Armageddon” command initiated a thirty minute routine that slowly increase the pulse/wave combo intensity until it reached its maximum. The max level might last ten seconds or ten minutes. The rate of increased intensity would randomly vary so the max could be short or very long. After thirty minutes, it would pause for ten minutes before starting up kağıthane escort again and would repeat everything over and over again. This would keep going until the power died about three hours later or until I managed to escape my confinement. “Armageddon Override Stop Now” was the voice command to end the routine, but with the ball gag I put in my mouth, it would be almost impossible to speak.

My command started some gentle music and a barely perceptible hum. I felt around for the cuffs and tightly shackled them onto my wrists. As the music level and genre changed, the vibe in my ass increased. It went from a mild buzz to a stronger cascading pulse. The randomness of the pulse vs wave and increasing intensity hit against my prostate and had me writhing about. My bindings held tight.

“Gaaah…! Phuuuk!” Was all I could manage to babble. As it built to and reached maximum level, my entire body shook like a leaf on a tree during a windstorm. “Haaaa…! Gaaah…! Aaugh…!”

Then suddenly it stopped. The first routine ended. With the ball gag in my mouth, gasping for air was difficult especially as my body continued to spasmed. I had ten minutes to recover and get out or let it go again. I knew I could probably last at least one or two more iterations and I hadn’t cum yet. My aching erection strained inside my panties which was filled with pre-cum slime. It demanded relief but fortunately I was unable to provide any.

“Buzz…” The second iteration started.

“Uuuh…!” I muttered out. Even at this low level, my body already started to react wildly to it. I quickly realized I would be lucky to last the second Armageddon wave. I had time and I wanted this to last. I tried to abort the routine, but hopelessly I cried out “Arrh..gah..gon Ooo…i.. Auk Aaa…!”

The level escalated quickly. Much more quickly than I expected. At the ten minute mark, the high level made my entire body buzz. The powerful, random vibe/pulse combinations made my hips heave up and down in an attempt to hump air. Even if I could find the key, I wouldn’t possess the co-ordination to unlock my cuffs. Now at max, the Ultra-high level would last the remainder of the routine. I started to ejaculate inside my panties. My pelvis thrusted as I came. “Aauu…! Aauu…! Aauu…!”

Even emptied, my orgasm continued and lasted the entire final phase of Armageddon. My body jerked about like it was being electrified. I had no idea where I was or what was happening. Suddenly my ass assault stopped. While the vibes stopped, my body continued to convulse and spasm.

I managed to somewhat regain some of my wits and started to feel around for the key. Now I estimated I had less than five minutes to find it and free myself. “Got it!” I found the string and started reel it in to retrieve the key. There was no key! I started to panic. Three minutes to get out, but what was worse was how was I going to get out?

I struggled against my bonds to no avail. I was gasping in panic for air. My mind was going crazy. One minute left.

“Buzz…!” The third round started with a gentle, but definite vibe. My hypersensitive body twitched hard.

Then suddenly light hit my squinting eyes as I was free of my blindfold. Staring down at me was Britney, my next door neighbour. She had a huge Cheshire cat smile across her face. Between her thumb and index fingers was a key. The key to my cuffs.

I tried to speak as my eyes begged her for my freedom, but instead she was sitting back and taking a video of me on her phone.

The third Armageddon escalated slowly before building to a final crescendo. My body and my mind shutdown as I experienced my ultimate orgasm.

I awoke sometime after. My ball gag and ear buds removed. Britney was still waiting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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