Upstairs Infidelities

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As the party droned on, Luna found herself thinking of Tony. She spied him across the ballroom standing alone and looking somber. Then the wine in her belly encouraged her to do something foolhardy, and she crossed the room towards him, feeling a little thrill race up and down inside of her.

She glanced around looking for Helen, Tony’s wife. When she didn’t see her, Luna decided to take a gamble and, without a word, took him by the hand and led him upstairs. The manor housed many rooms, and she pulled him into the first one she found unlocked. It was sparsely furnished with a chair and a day bed, which was more than enough for what she was planning.

Luna locked the door behind her, then turned back to Tony. In the dark of the room, she saw confusion play around his eyes and mouth.

“What are you-” but Before he could finish, she pushed him back onto the bed, and the question died in the fall. She took to her knees and began working his trousers open with eager fingers.

“I thought we agreed not to do this anymore.” If he was angry, she couldn’t tell. “We can’t do this anymore,” he whispered in protest, despite not putting up any resistance.

“Why?” Her fingers slowed as the question hung in the air, but never stopped.

“Because it’s wrong.” But Luna could hear the want stretched out in his voice as she finally pulled his cock free.

“Is that right?” She asked slyly and licked the crown of his head, Which made him sucked in air through his teeth.

“Fuck,” he breathed, then finally answered her in a weak voice. “Yes, this is wrong.”

Luna pulled at the open throat of her dress until her breast swung out like pendulums. Then she opened her mouth and let a long strand of saliva cascade down onto his cock before she began stroking him in a slow tease.

“Then tell me to stop.”

Tony watched for a long time while Luna worked him up and down. For a moment his mouth formed the word, and she thought he might actually mean it this time. Then his face relaxed, and he closed his eyes before letting his head fall back onto the bed in defeat. Luna smiled, spit on his cock again, then took him Betturkey deep into her mouth.

“God,’ he said, and Luna imagine that he was talking to her. She felt like a god, sitting pretty on her knees and making moan after moan roll off of the lips of someone else’s husband. She felt divine first hooking him with her eyes, then escaping away with him to do sinister things.

“You feel so fucking good.”

She’d only meant to tease him with a little excitement at an otherwise dull party, or at least that’s what she told herself. Then, when he was tense and about to cum, She’d pull up her dress and leave him with his pants around his ankles and her lipstick smeared around his cock. However, her plans change, and suddenly Luna wanted her pussy filled.

She climbed on top of him, tugging her dress up around her waist and pulling her panties to one side. When she lowered herself onto him, she sighed and felt giddy laughter bubble up her throat like champagne as the head of his cock pushed past the walls of her slick cunt. She rode him slowly, savoring the feel of him filling her from wall to wall, then at a brisk pace.

She kissed him clumsily, tasting the champagne and sangria on his tongue. She reached for his hands and placed them on her tits, trying to entice him further. His fingers were stubborn at first, but then his hands were all over her, clawing at her back, in her hair, and gripping her thighs, and she felt the last lingering hints of resistance fade from him entirely.

What was left in its place was tame submission, and the sight of him so malleable and willing made Luna’s breath catch in her throat. She clenched around his cock and felt her orgasm begin to plume before the sound of footsteps out in the hallway caught her attention.

For a moment, they’d heard others out in the hallway, and Tony sat up nearly throwing Luna off of him. For a moment, there was the brackish taste of spite in the back of her throat. She would not have this moment taken from her, not after she’d just coax him.

She placed a hand over his mouth and began riding him harder as if daring him to make a sound. The Betturkey Giriş approaching footsteps slowly for a moment and Tony eyed the door as if expecting someone to knock. Then they’d heard high mincing laughter of a woman before it trailed off and they’d heard another door shut.

Tony moaned into Luna’s palm before she finally uncovered his mouth.

“Tell me,” She struggled to speak. Tony wasn’t the biggest man she’d ever had, but god, he felt so good inside of her. “Is your wife’s pussy as tight as mine?”

He looked offended for a moment before she saw venom in his eyes. He reached up and slapped one of her breasts as if this was answer enough. The sting ran through her and Luna gasped through a tipsy smile.

“What’s wrong?” She said in a tone that invited more abuse. “Does she suck your cock like I do? Hmm? Does she do all the nasty things I do, or has she stopped trying to impress you?”

He slapped her other breast while she watched his face change from surprise to a scowl. She rode him harder, enjoying his struggle to keep himself composed.

“Does she clench around your cock?” Luna was on the cusp of a climax, and her voice sounded breathy and distant. “Does she let you fill her like I do?”

She felt his body tense under her and Tony grunted “That right,” she whispered feeling him pleasantly pump into her. “She knows, doesn’t she? Your cum belongs to me, not her.”

Her legs tingle as fireworks were going off inside of her before her body trembled as if she were bare in the wind. For a moment her sharp wit abandoned her, and Luna’s mind was filled with gray and glitter! Then he slapped her breast again, and the aftershock spread throughout her body in a pleasing wave.

When she climbed off of him, his cum spilled out of her and onto his trousers. “Hey,” he cried and tried to rub it out before it could leave a stain.

“Just tell her you spilled some champagne,” she said and couldn’t help but laugh to herself as she fixed her dress. Tony didn’t look amused.

When she finally unlocked the door, the hallway appeared empty. She put her hands on her hips and breathed out, feeling the barbed arousal of being a mistress constrict around her like a coset. Now that she’d sobered up she realized just how a thing she’d done. Tony needed to get back to the party, and she needed to retreat home, the last reward of being the “other woman.”

Luna turned to say goodbye, but Tony caught her about the waist and pulled her back into his arms. It surprised her, and Luna gasped like a woman assaulted by a gust of wind on an otherwise beautiful day. He fixed her with a look, and in his dark eyes, she saw love. Behind that love, sat something else that made her randy all over again.

She realized he wanted more; not just more sex, but more of her. It made a fire rise in her heart but did little to calm the smoldering between her thighs.

She’d imagine of days where it was just the two of them with only their passion to rule over them. She dreamed of whole days without clothes, without sneaking around, No furtive glances over the shoulder, and without restraints.

But those were just fantasies. In the end, Luna could borrow Tony, but she always had to give him back. Watching him go back to his little gem Helen always made her feel as if someone has filled her with thumbtacks, then shook her.

“That was amazing.” He said, and Luna stirred out of her thoughts long enough to melt a little under his gaze, the way she always did when he looked at her like she was his wife. But, before she could reply, she heard a door first unlock, then open from down a hallway.

Luna stepped out of Tony’s grasp just in time to see Helen stepping out of another room far down the hall. She stumbled for a moment before a giggle escaped her. Then, not one, but two men spilled out of the room behind Helen. Luna saw that they all wore drunken harlequin smiles across their faces before she recognized the look of Helen’s dress drawn up and disheveled around her waist.


Luna heard more confusion than shocked in Tony’s voice as she slowly began to back away. Helen, his wife, caught sight of him standing in the hallway and her smile fell right off of her face. All four of them caught eyes with one another and suddenly a thick quiet hung in the hall.

Then Luna was descending down the stairs, taking them two and three at a time before she heard an eruption of yelling behind her.

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